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Pokemon Heart Gold Version Review :

The Johto Saga

by pikamander Aug 23, 2010

This game, in my opinion, is the best pokemon game so far! You can choose your gender,which was not available in Gold/ Silver, yet it was in Crystal. As usual, you must get the badges and challenge the pokemon league. Ho-oh and Lugia are still the important legends. Yet Suicune has a bigger role,. just like in Crystal,You must go to numberous cities and routes to track Suicune down. Red,the strongest trainer in any pokemon game, will be at the summit of Mt. Silver. so you can battle him. There are also new stuff to this game,such as the Hoenn legendaries,Rayquaza , Groudon and Kyogre. Deoxys has the rocks to change forms at Pewter city. Arceus and celebi have events you can do.There is the new pokewalker, a pedometer that lets you to walk with your pokemon. This game is so awesome!

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8Story line
The story line is the same, to get badges and go to the pokemon league, but there are also other stuff besides that.
The graphics are the same as pokemon diamond/pearl/platin um.There are a few glitches,such as the void and tweaking.other than at,pretty good.
The tunes are catchy, and the music for battling legends is awesome! the legend music is the same in the kanto.While the johto music is diferent.
I say it's pretty good, catching pokemon you haven't got, battling people, etc.Yes,there is the wi-fi club and the GTS.More wi, more I like it.
10Lasting Appeal
I SAY IT'S SO AWESOME!!! THE STORYLINE,THE GRAPHICS,THE POKEMON, EVERYTHING!!!In my opinion,this game is worth the money.
(Out of 10)


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