Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Time and Darkness Expedition Team Cheats

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Time and Darkness Expedition Team Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Time and Darkness Expedition Team cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 15 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 3 passwords, 3 unlockables, 6 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Time and Darkness Expedition Team on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Some Wmp's

by Antikuz Mar 31, 2009

Heres afew wmps that might help you

MR@0 +QC- 3CKTMtBristleF1 Gold mask (Increases Recruit rate)
6JRS =%SM %W4=MtBristleF2 Enigma part/mystery part (Needed to be able to see some legendarys
MNNQ 85%+ NJ@1MtBristleF3 Tight Belt (Taking more time to get hungry) (((USEFULL AT Skystairs/Bottomless sea)))
%%9J 9Y-5 1N7XMtBristleF4 Golden seed (increases lvl by 5)
=FQS 4T9C 34R4MtBristleF5 Recruits Rotom
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Code - Move Modifier

by Undertaker2009 Aug 20, 2008

Move Modifier First Pokemon
121ACCA4 00000xxx
121ACCAC 00000xxx
121ACCB4 00000xxx
121ACCBC 00000xxx

Move Modifier Second Pokemon
121ACED4 00000xxx
121ACEDC 00000xxx
121ACEE4 00000xxx
121ACEEC 00000xxx

Move Modifier Third Pokemon
121AD104 00000xxx
121AD10C 00000xxx
121AD114 00000xxx
121AD11C 00000xxx

Move Modifier Fourth Pokemon
121AD334 00000xxx
121AD33C 00000xxx
121AD344 00000xxx
121AD34C 00000xxx

Starred* moves are originally orb effects.
000 - Nothing
001 - Iron Tail
002 - Ice Ball
003 - Yawn
004 - Lovely Kiss
005 - Nightmare
006 - Morning Sun
007 - Secret Power
008 - Dig
009 - Thrash
00A - Sweet Scent
00B - Charm
00C - Rain Dance
00D - Confuse Ray
00E - Hail
00F - Aromatherapy
010 - Bubble
011 - Encore
012 - Cut
013 - Rage
014 - Super Fang
015 - Pain Split
016 - Torment
017 - String Shot
018 - Swagger
019 - Snore
01A - Heal Bell
01B - Screech
01C - Rock Throw
01D - Rock Smash
01E - Rock Slide
01F - Weather Ball
020 - Whirlpool
021 - Fake Tears
022 - Sing
023 - Spite
024 - Air Cutter
025 - Smokescreen
026 - Pursuit
027 - Doubleslap
028 - Mirror Move
029 - Overheat
02A - Aurora Beam
02B - Memento
02C - Octazooka
02D - Flatter
02E - Astonish
02F - Will-O-Wisp
030 - Return
031 - Grudge
032 - Strength
033 - Counter
034 - Flame Wheel
035 - Flamethrower
036 - Odor Sleuth
037 - Sharpen
038 - Double Team
039 - Gust
03A - Harden
03B - Disable
03C - Razor Wind
03D - Bide
03E - Crunch
03F - Bite
040 - Thunder
041 - Thunderpunch
042 - Endeavor
043 - Facade
044 - Karate Chop
045 - Clamp
046 - Withdraw
047 - Constrict
048 - Brick Break
049 - Rock Tomb
04A - Focus Energy
04B - Focus Punch
04C - Giga Drain
04D - Reversal
04E - Smellingsalt
04F - Spore
050 - Leech Life
051 - Slash
052 - Silver Wind
053 - Metal Sound
054 - Grasswhistle
055 - Tickle
056 - Spider Web
057 - Crabhammer
058 - Haze
059 - Mean Look
05A - Cross Chop
05B - Outrage
05C - Low Kick
05D - Ancientpower
05E - Synthesis
05F - Agility
060 - Rapid Spin
061 - Icy Wind
062 - Mind Reader
063 - Cosmic Power
064 - Sky Attack
065 - Powder Snow
066 - Follow Me
067 - Meteor Mash
068 - Endure
069 - Rollout
06A - Scary Face
06B - Psybeam
06C - Psywave
06D - Psychic
06E - Psycho Burst
06F - Hypnosis
070 - Uproar
071 - Water Spout
072 - Signal Beam
073 - Psych Up
074 - Submission
075 - Recover
076 - Earthquake
077 - Nature Power
078 - Lick
079 - Flail
07A -... 

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Unlockable - Wonder mail passwords

by flippar11 Jan 26, 2009

heres some passwords insert them after you finished chapter10

Unlockable:How to unlock:
golden seed=+2w 989y 2+-n 5j79 cx#n 8p34
golden mask@qyp sj@- n-j% th6= 4-sk 8p34
lush prairie(needs grass type)cc#n kyfx woyo 9&y2 =yyr @h92
serenity riverknc& pxx2 w59% f=x6 @-6r 2rs7
secret slabtx47 39q2 ttwc w#3q 6mts 6h8t
miracle chestfx19 9p@c w@-x k54q %462 8xt#
crobat joins team8ptk t6&& jykr s4k1 3q#@ 4-3m
dragonite joins teamys+- hw6w hhnt 7&1t kc1q 1n#m
sun stone2#30 0%&f 4k3p kp6h 8k74 q#wm
gold ribbon9#90 j8+& 7qr2 kowy 99nx =qht
charizard joins team5cj8 5ywm 60=5 =p4y =s9m +r73
blastiose joins teamt7&w 0ykq oj&o @f@0 9kp& pp9-
thunder stone2#&@ h4ty 57=j 1frt mw36 9=tk
therethat was a lot
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Code - Learn Every TM / HM code! well, close to that. TIME ONLY

by StaticShock Dec 25, 2008

first, use this code

94000130 0000fdff
9229ab5c 0000ffe0
da000000 022ad750
d4000000 ffffffff
d7000000 022ad750
d2000000 00000000
94000130 0000feff
9229ab5c 0000ffe0
da000000 022ad750
d4000000 00000001
d7000000 022ad750
d2000000 00000000
122ad6e8 00000097

it'll transform yourself into a mew. then, go to a dungeon, go to the end, save your game, and open up your game again. now, you can learn every move! save your game again, and put this code in your DS.

94000130 0000fdff
9229ab5c 0000ffe0
da000000 022ad750
d4000000 ffffffff
d7000000 022ad750
d2000000 00000000
94000130 0000feff
9229ab5c 0000ffe0
da000000 022ad750
d4000000 00000001
d7000000 022ad750
d2000000 00000000
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx is for entering your pokemon code, for turning back your pokemon into the pokemon previously. and NOTICE THAT THE MOVES THAT WAS LEARNED IN THE MEW FOR DIDN'T CHANGE! VIOLA! and there you have it! any pokemon can learn any move. you can look up the pokemon code code at

http://us.codejunkies.com/search/codes/cheat_codes.aspx?selp=17&game=Pokemon-Mystery-Dun geon--Explorers-of-Time&gameID=17826391&page=0

Hope I helped.

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Password - Golden seedz glore

by Cheater1013000 Mar 16, 2009

Just enter this in ur action replay

1229ae36 00010001 1229ae3a 0000005dall the golden seeds
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Secret - You must to know this if you want to finish the game.

by yegor Aug 25, 2008

after you beat darkai and you start de game again you see a picture of darkai and the other like regigas.
you see there is still 1 place for a picture but wich one?
its a picture of a golden box!
and if you want to see that picture you must to do some things.
the seven treasures!!!
you need the cheat codes for this if you want them you must to look to the other cheats.
you must to fight with:
articulo (i dnt knw how to spell)
and three others but i don't knw it anymore.
but they are on some places...
read this! read this! read this! read this! under
if you want to finish the game...
and here are some handy tips you also need codes for but you will find them on this site:
use so many gold seeds as can have.
im from lvl 50 to lvl 100 whit this seeds in 1 our.
use very much life seeds.
they have maked my hp 999 (max)
oran berry's are sucks in a boss battle.
becose they will kill you in 2 attacks use reviver seed.
go on very much sentry duty its easy and they give more than a mission if doing it good.
ehh... that all folks.
tommorow i will make a new cheat.

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Unlockable - Recruiting DARKRAI(easy)

by wondermail99 May 10, 2010

Bring one golden mask or amber tear give it to the team leader then go to miracle sea 3f, battle him and bingo! darkrai joins the team, he will be at the level 53. CAUTION!!!: dont let your teammate defeat darkrai, he will not join your team.

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Password - Wonder mail to win! #1

by gamer3445 Jan 07, 2010

Just go to wondermail on the main screen and type in these codes! the different codes are in different places i made it a little hard so you can get mare explorers points. leave a comment and tell me if you like it or what i can add to my second "wonder mail to win" post.

thnx :)

%K-K 9KFY =0#5 X=00 -7S# X4#Qamber tear (increases recruitment)
+=%R 410# 1435 S&Y& 8++& 73Q0golden seed ( up 5 lv.)
&@CX MRSY 16-R TCN2 08H0 T18&golden apple (fills up your belly + increases it)
&09F R&96 C58- KF1N 82=% S&HQrecruit rotom ( even though u cant recruit it in time u can get it time this will work)
@KS7 &S6M H@YP WT52 H09J @Q+#reviver seed (saves you when you faint)
Y=QK 7RQ6 9+CQ 6R&9 SC2T T%7Qsitrus berry (restores all your hp + raises max hp)
T7RX 6R66 7KKN 0XX1 6MW0 &W85x-ray specs ( lets you see all iteams + enemy's)
hope you like it :)pleasse leave a comment :)
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Secret - Zero isle west defeated!

by gamer3445 Dec 24, 2009

Get 16 golden seeds and eat them in the dungeon you'll be lv. 81 and the rest is a brezee

p.s. if your aloud to bring more items in a diferent zero isle bring a bunch more to beat the compitition!

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Secret - To beat palkia

by narutofreak1 Jul 31, 2009

OK it depends on what pokemon u have.But it doesnt realy matter because Palkia is a watter-dragon pokemon so the concepts are almost the same as beting palkia send me info 'bout your team so I can tell u what u need to do. :D

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Unlockable - Wonder mail items & dungeons

by Mew_Two Jan 23, 2009

Some rare items and dungeons you have yo have by Wonder mail

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Bottomless Sea (Dungeon)FN01HWN-00%F8678+XY@&%#3
Golden Apple (Item)6MNY=J@69TMY2KQ9W3T5#66%
Secret Slab (Item)@JQ@#X-W7KXRPR&#KTK-Y0&H
Mystery Part (Item)5N@==0M-&1TS&@Q-T@%WSWNY
World Abyss (Dungeon)WNWYJXTK&5C14N3-P4NM8KEC
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Secret - Legendnery pokemon hunter / hidden land easy completion.

by dragoonnit Sep 09, 2008

If you wanna get a Phione , complete post-ending chapter 3 and go back to the miricale sea. A phione will try to join your team.

To complete hidden land, go back to town and try to do missions or buy reviver seeds to go through the map. Your partner will say you muz go to hidden land but there is no time limit

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Password - Om groudon te krijgen

by wiebestein Jun 25, 2008

om in te typen bij wonder mail

q#9-wq+=c8j%9p&6n82rfh2=groudon leven op tien trap 10
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Secret - Easy way to defeat Primal Dialga

by TERRORS_R_US Aug 08, 2008

before going into temporal tower check storage take out alot of sleep and reviver seeds. save game, when fighting dialga throw a sleep seed at it attack relentlessly. when wakes up take a step back, repeat till you defeat it

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Secret - Secret- starters

by lolkid Aug 28, 2007

bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle, chikorita, cyndiquil, totodile, torchic, mudkip, treeko, turtwig, piplup, chimchar, skitty, and munchlax.


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