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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Time and Darkness Exploration Team Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Time and Darkness Exploration Team cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 125 cheats in our list, which includes 12 cheats codes, 12 passwords, 22 unlockables, 16 easter eggs, 9 glitches, 54 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Time and Darkness Exploration Team on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Turn bad luck into good!

by blaziken1234 Apr 25, 2008

He's a little tip that helps me a lot in dungeons:

If you ever get split apart from your partner (Example: Stepping on a Warp Trap.), you can find him/her/it, or you can hope your partner can hold itself up for a while! If your partner is especially strong, ditch him/her/WHATEVER for a while. After your partner walks around, check it's stats. Since the camera goes over your partner, the current area it's in will be luminated as if you explored it! This is helpful if you want to cover more ground and find the stairs faster! Try it! Once you get the hang of it, this might become one of your casual stategies!

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Code - Golden seed wondermails

by Pearl_Jay Jul 17, 2008

here they are, all at Mt. Bristle

Mt. Bristle 1st floor
-S&T S4TY 5#1J
1TRQ M&36 9=07

Mt. Bristle 2nd floor
QY=Q WK8X 501-
8C1W TR9% -K9C

Mt. Bristle 3rd floor
YS== T1-N &XX3

Mt. Bristle 4th floor
S-P0 3950 -&XN
FSH% P3%+ HQ6H

Mt. Bristle 5th floor
%2#1 3N5Q W67#
Q&66 =Y7- 5HYM

Mt. Bristle 6th floor
7C+5 PJTT +066
M#HP 88#R PQ@H

Mt. Bristle 7th floor

Mt. Bristle 8th floor
4K7& 6J@- 7&4%
TT77 9JHY 12W4

Same place, different codes

1st floor
=Y6W W091 N33F
TS2S FN4R N83&

2nd floor
+069 TS-1 M20R
40S9 Y75Q MM0H

3rd floor
9&9% =8QX -NXT

4th floor
300T #-NS K@65
X7F- #8TP P#F9

5th floor
X#9# W7R3 WFJX
+NHS 9K=# WJ&F

6th floor
TF-H K898 -88S
70YR 3YXR C2R1

7th floor
CJ%= 8%7H HFFM
=0JY P080 7T29

8th floor(finally)
&@NQ 1R@6 96WY
26@N @#65 #6CJ

for golden seedsraise u 5 levels
there r 16 codes therethat's 80 levels
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Unlockable - Pokemon Passwords

by Lugia27 Apr 22, 2008

Sorry the one before I screwed up on... >.>; These are the codes for the event pokemon

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Articuno4MP= K98# CT%Y R@-- &P7% %K86
MewX%8S WYY+ S-JF PFH@ @##K 5W8K
Groudon#&S6 NY2& YJN= 1P57 F0MN MH7Y
KyogreFN01 HWN- 00%F8678 +XY@ &%#3
RayquazaHW+8 66%T 5S51 +J5Y 4-K# H@P-
HeatranFH0T HYNH R0QF 86N8 +SY@ &%YN
GiratinaWNWY JXTK &5C1 4N3- P4NM 8K&C
Gabite78SR -H2M P0+4 Y6FY 1&Y+ #R9S ~ This mission is following the Anime Special of PMD2 in Japan. Gives you a mission to help Shinx's sister whom is sick and in need of a Gabite Scale.
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Unlockable - Legendaries

by msg Jun 09, 2008

here are some of the legendaries in the game
ss= secret slab
mp= mystery part

Unlockable:How to unlock:
jirachimarowak dojo final maze b23rd floor
suicunemarowak dojo final maze b29th floor
moltresmarowak dojo final maze b40th floor
uxiego back to steam cave pit and beat it
mespritgo back to quicksand cave, underground lake and beat it
azelfgo back to crystal crossing, crystal lake and beat it
dialgago back to temporal pinnacle and beat it
palkiago back to spacial rift bottom and beat it
regicego back to regice chamber and beat it
regirockgo back to regirock chamber and beat it
registeelgo back to registeel chamber and beat it
regigigasgo back to regigigas chamber and beat it
manaphywill ask after you beat darkrai
phionego back to the end of the miracle sea
cresseliawill ask after you beat darkrai
enteihold ss or mp and go todeep dark crater b10th floor
raikouhold ss or mp and go to concealed ruins b20th or b29 th floor
lugiahold ss or mp and go to surrounded sea b18th floor
ho-ohhold ss or mp and go to mount mistral 19th floor
deoxyshold ss or mp and go to shimmer hill 17th floor
mewtwo(explorers of darkness only)hold ss or mp and go toaegis cave pit b5th floor or dark crater b6th floor after manaphy has told you about the marine resort
celebi(explorers of time only)hold ss or mp and go to mystifying forest 10th floorafter manaphy has told you about the marine resort
zapdoshold ss or mp and go to amp plains 7th floorafter manaphy has told you about the marine resort
latiashold ss or mp and go to happy outlook 19th floor or spacial rift b10th floor after manaphy has told you about the marine resort
latioshold ss or mp and go to midnight forest b24th floor or deep spacial rift b5th floor after manaphy has told you about the marine resort
darkraihold ss or mp and go to mystifying forest 13th floor, miracle sea b3rd floor, lower crevice cave b2 floor,mount travail 17th floor or spacial rift b14th floorafter manaphy has told you about the marine resort
articunoat the end of mount avalanche
mewat the end of mysterious jungle
kyogreat the end of bottomless sea
groudonat the end of shimmer desert
rayquazaat the end of sky stairway
rotom(explorers of darkness only)midnight forest b10-b20th floor
heatranat the end of the giant volcano
giratinaat the end of the world abyss
shayminnot in the game
arceusnot in the game
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Glitch - Kecleon Attack Glitch

by blaziken1234 May 13, 2008

This glitch happened to me twice by accident:

Okay, sometimes if you see a Kecleon Shop in a dungeon, there might be several traps around the carpet that holds his inventory, right? Well, check every area around that carpet and if you find a Self-destruct/Explosion Trap you WANT to step on it. If Kecleon gets caught in the explosion, he'll take damage and will start going after you as if you stole from his shop. (The thing is, he will be at normal speed! But watch out for the high-leveled power of his!)

It's not necessarily a good glitch though. The following can still happen:

-Getting hurt from the explosion.
-Losing the items within the explosion.
-A voice randomly comes out saying "Help! I've been robbed by a theif!" as if you just stole from Kecleon. (Worse, you don't know where he and his buddies will appear.)

It isn't the best glitch ever, but a glitch is a glitch, right? Give it a try sometime! It's fun to do if you're curious! ^_^

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Secret - Version Exclusive Pokemon

by Sapphire_The_Eevee Nov 15, 2007

You have to be careful which version you choose. In each version are version exclusive Pokemon, So if you RREEEEEEALLLY wanted lucario, you should get the Time version.
Here is a list of exclusive Pokemon-- Remember, choose wisely...

Pokemon exclusive to Time Exploration Team:


Pokemon exclusive to Darkness Exploration Team:


Pokemon available after unlocking dungeon at Nintendo events:


You bet I'm getting Time version- Lucario ROX!

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Password - Wonder Mail!

by Sabertooth1000000000 Jun 02, 2008

These are WM codes for lots of great items! You can't miss out on these!

JFFS S@T9 N&97 5T#8 56#7 @&QHGolden Seed, levels up by 5
=3@T Y41X CX8R JR@W &7%K +C6TNectar, sharply raises IQ
P51T MK29 &KH0 21XS -@XH #QMNLink Cable, needed for evolution
9X17 49-7 1RX2 JFK% NWW4 1QPFLife Seed, slightly increases max HP
7MFR M7J4 &P-P =9P3 0HH& &8XQGinseng, makes set move stronger
818R NF98 JRT+ F#@+ 2QQ0 P-JSStairs Orb, locates stairs
6%Q% 5&%9 X-2+ S3&6 0%W6 T195Recruit Steelix
Q4M9 5YQX Y7YN Y+CH T%H% SRRQRecruit Rotom AND Golden Chamber Mission
J7P4 F95F =TXN FCNC PWM- FQ@0Recruit Riolu AND Golden Chamber Mission
KKYP 59=9 T7@F CS+1 J-Q9 F4W1Recruit Spiritomb
8%84 @J%S HC7- QF5H C@Y- R8PFGolden Mask, better chance of recruitment
T5WS PFXY P0TT Y#FF T&-9 FXC2Mystery Part
X&1J 79-7 1W#2 J0RR N764 1QY5Secret Slab
50-6 0HST FH8X F&TW SN3Q K0T+Lost Loot, sells for $4,000.00
369F T&NM 3W8R 68R5 4#HQ 2H7+Golden Apple, completely fills belly and increases it by 50
FWRH H451 &9J& 699% 198N @C-XWonder Gummi, sharply increases IQ of any type
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Easter Egg - Partners

by PikaHero2 Nov 26, 2007

when you choose your partner, you CANT have one the SAME type as you (ex. if you have totodile, you CANT choose your partner to be: squirtle, mudkip or piplup) and if you choose to be pikachu, meowth, skitty (yes, skitty IS a character) or munchlax your partner is chosen RANDOMLY

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Unlockable - The Ranks of Exploration Team

by Sakira Sep 15, 2008

Okay, just to keep people from forgetting, here are the ranks of Exploration Team:
Normal Rank
Bronze Rank
Silver Rank
Gold Rank
Diamond Rank
Platinum Rank
Hyper Rank
Master Rank

And that's how I think it is. If I made a mistake, please comment with the error. Thank you.

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Easter Egg - How to lvl

by danwolf7 May 23, 2008

ok here is a easy tip on how to lvl up

all you have to do is

a)go to marowack dojo and train train there for awhile


b) go to a dungeon that you beat that you thought was hard and go and train there

that should get your lvl up

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Secret - Turn bad luck into good! - #2

by blaziken1234 Apr 28, 2008

If you find that some of your food turns into Grimy Food, use it to your advantage! If you are a fire type, poison-type, or have a heal seed ready, eat the food! It will fill your stomach and get it out of the way! Fire-types can't get burned, and poison-types can't get poisoned! The other side effects can be cured with a heal seed!

If you don't feel sucure eating Grimy Food, feed it to your enemies! Whatever can happen to you can happen to them, right? Grimy Food works great as a throwing item! Just think of the Grimer trap as a blessing when it affects only not so important food like Apples or Plain Seeds, you won't miss them much when you have a offensive item instead!

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Secret - Primal dialga

by pokecrazeman2 Jun 12, 2008

ok bring about 7 reviver seed's 8 stun seed's your better off with fire and electric pokemon example chimchar and pickachu

throw a stun seed and it's best to use flamethrower and if u run out of stun seeds thats where pickachu comes in and stuns him fire is best beacause steel is weak aginst fire so the fire and electric combo realy help's

give a thumbs up if you like it ^-^

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Secret - Easy way how to defeat Luxray and his Luxios

by Piplupboy May 16, 2008

1st. go to http://upokecenter.com or look on the Outlaw or Mission bords for TM Wide Slash
2nd. Use Wide Slash on either of your teammates. (preferrably the one you are)
3rd. Recruit an Electrike. (he absorbs there electric attacks)
4th. Go and fight Luxray and Luxios!

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Easter Egg - Darkai and how to recruit it

by Lugia27 May 21, 2008

1. Beat Story mode (Eg. Beat Dark Dialga and endure the long credits)
2. Pass Graduation Exam (Eg. Beat All the Guild Members)
3. Do a few optional missions (missions on the Bulletin Board) And a Mr. Mime will apper next to the Kecleon Shop. He will talk to you about a Scizor who's been frozen for decades in a frozen dungeon. After talking to him, you will be able to rescue Scizor.
4. Do some more optional missions after that, and then talk to Sunflora back at the Guild. She's gab on about how they found the Surrounded Sea again... and you can explore there now. Get to the end (Not that hard) And retrieve the Manaphy egg. Next day it will hatch. You bring it to the Guild and it starts to cry. Now you have to get some Blue Gummies. (Craggy Coast, Kecleon Shop, Kecleon Dungeon Shop) You need 2. The Next day, Manaphy is on the beach, and passes out due to illness. You must go to the Miracle Sea (Again not that hard) and beat the outlaw Gyrados who's picking on the Phione. They will thank you and give you Phione Dew. Back at the Guild you heal Manaphy, and set it free (Omg so sad >.<)
5. Do a few more optional missions and go to the lowest floor on the Guild. Team Charm will be there, and they'll talk about how Wigglytuff was part of their team, they found a key like 5 years ago... your partner asks if you can go exploring with them. They say yes. Now here comes the hard part. Each ruin in the Cave requires Unown stones, held by that shaped Unown (the chance of them dropping one is 50% but if they're already holding another item forget it. You need to spell ICE, ROCK, STEEL. (Eg. The Regi Bros.) At the end, you fight Regigigas (and 6 Hitmonlee and 6 Bronzong)
6. Do more optional missions, and you'll have a dream about Cresselia (It's Darkai transformed) Tormenting you. Then, he will torment Azurill. You go get Drowzee and get him to help you. You enter his dream and encounter Darkai impostered as Cresselia. Drowzee helps you after the battle and Azurill awakens. That night, Palkia is being tormented by Darkai and is summoned to eliminate you. He brings you to Spacial Rift and you battle him (My method of beating any boss is throwing a Vile Seed at them =]) After you learn about Darkai and the real Cresselia appers. Palkia calms down and you're back to Treasure Town. You go to Dark Crater. (a bit tough) and you battle Darkai and 6 other Pokemon at the end (Bring lots of Reviver Seeds!!!)
7. Go back to the Hidden Land and Temporal Town, Recruit... 

continue →

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Glitch - Save a life

by pyromasteromegaz Sep 01, 2008

one of the most annoying thing about this game is that if you or your partner die in a dungeon,you`ll wind up losing a large chunk of your precious items and all the cash you`re larrying the trick to avioding this is makeing sure to save your game not just often,but insteal of saving at the start of every day,get all you set off one mission instead of saveing at the start of every day,get all your chores in treasure town done (buying/selling items storing casin,@ssigning team members and accepting missions) and then reture to your bed in the guild and save then,if you happen to die,you can simply reload your game and try again without having to redo any of the boring bit easy!

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Secret - Wheres my keys??

by modem-x Aug 11, 2008

dont think just because your in a small dungeon like beach cave that theres never gonna be a chamber, always have a key handy because you never know when a chamber will appear,dusk stone hm o1 fly and a shiny stone i found a golden chamber in the drenched bluff and it contained two boxes with golden seeds in them, then in amp plains i found a hidden chamber and it had a shiny stone, a dusk stone and htm 02fly

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Code - Very good missons-beach cave

by cody_rox_950 Jul 15, 2008

some very good items from missons set for beach cave.

Y118 3WYF 6HWF PKW1 7&C9 HWT0floor 1 gold seed
TJJH #26& CW&7 &%#4 9K4Y Q&F+floor 2 gold seed
4N@Q QK6X 6S4W 5NHQ 3S7# TRP4floor 3 gold seed
90KX 21CC S058 &S#M CP%4 =TKJfloor 4 gold seed
8#6T SYMH 7MFF FT8J 02Q8 6QSPfloor 1 gold mask
Q2SW QS6M J8-P WS56 H28T 8Q8Sfloor 2 gold mask
6Y+2 JW6W H+9T 7#1C K@+Q SNYMfloor 3 secret slab
M#=C 198X 5K@- 8=K5 T99% @K#Yfloor 4 mystery part
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Easter Egg - Do you wish to evo

by pyromasteromegaz Sep 01, 2008

To evo you have to beat up Plakia the 2nd time he with join your team then next go to luminous spring if you can`t evo you`re have to defeat Darkrai ( if you can`t defeat Plakia i with help you out you`wel have a strong electric or gr@ss tyre luck for you the,is strong etectric tyre,pokemon it with be very unlikely that pokemon with join you got wear the item ,golden mask the code is in am con-post it with be easy to ko`d palkia good luck.

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Password - Unlock awesome places

by dan May 05, 2008

First turn on your nintendo ds with your pokemon explorers of time or darkness then when it is all ready to go go to the menu that allows you to continue but don't select continue select Wonder mail and then select recive wonder mail after that select password and type in the following to get missions that you can do after you beat the game ps.some can only be used after you rescue scizzor hope it helps

2C%@ PF8S 75MP -3JR 383& 8P%J1000 point arrest
7&SK 8Y+0 C9YF 06KK NN+2 +F8K1300 point arrest
PXJ6 34F4 4Q3F QW&K YRX5 38+=Enigma Part
1PH1 TKH7 =9MJ NY2T 58-3 3Y90Get a golden apple
3JY0 #XHQ RK17 3X4- SY1M +HHXGet the golden chamber of hidden land
%H#N 33@F 66#5 6%CT 2H9W =4QFGet landslide cave
Get Lost wilderness
Get Lush Prairie
Get Mt Mistrall
Get Oran Forest
Get Secret Stoneplate
Get Serenity river
Get Water Harmonica recruits more water Pokemon
Get Fire Drum recruits more fire pokemon
Get ice Flute recruits more ice Pokemon
Get Grass Trumpet recruits more Grass Pokemon
Get Earth Cymbol recruits more Ground Pokemon
Get Flying pianaca recruits more Flying Pokemon
Get Rock Megaphone recruits more Rock Pokemon
Get Tiny Meadow
Y2YS W595 T=XJ 39Y0 TWW2 +RY0Get Eevee on your team
6@YW ST%H +TN& C0K7 Y7#& SQ-7Get Riolu on your team
2RP1 81%8 C1-@ 9XXX W = - + J82PGet Staravia on your team
37M& @X@K 8%KF 1FTX 1HQ& WNS5Get an egg
9R+% 0JP3 @=&F 0%TR 8P18 S9K&Get 700 Poke and 1000 points and ???
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Secret - The golden mask

by pyromasteromegaz Sep 01, 2008

unlock code :@QYPSJ@-N-J%TH6=4-SK32CR: This code is unlock the golden mask item index pokemon will join your team more likely P.S the leader much wear it

my common) it one of the best item in the game i hope"you injoy it?

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Unlockable - The seven legendary treasure

by pyromasteromegaz Sep 01, 2008

the legendary item than are wait to be unlock

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Mt Avalanche4MP=K98#CT%YR@--&P7%%K86
Mystery JungleX%8SWYY+S-JFPFH@@##K5W8K
Bottomless seaFN01HWN-00%F8678+XY@&%#3
Shimmer Desert#&S6NY2&YJN=1P57F0MNMH7Y
Sky StairwayHW+866%T5S51+J5Y4-K#H@P-
Giant VolcanoFH0THYNHR0QF86N8+SY@&%YN
World AbyssWNWYJXTK&5C14N3-P4NM8K&C
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Secret - Getting legendarys!

by cody_rox_950 Aug 12, 2008

when your battling a legendary that uses secret slab, when you see it put a reviver seed on the ground so it will pick it up then if it dosen't recruite it will revive so you get a second chance to recruite it.

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Easter Egg - Easy boss battles

by condapro Aug 11, 2008

usualy most people have trouble beating bosses in the game because of the obviouse reason (type matchups etc) so here is a simple way to defeat most bosses in the game

make sure you have 1 reviver seed just incase the boss has a stray hit

at the beging of a boss fight the boss is directly in front of you which is the perfect moment to throw a good ol X eye seed (make sure you have at least 1 seed per boss :D, throw the seed and attack as much as possible (the seed will give you enough time to KO it hope it helps ^^

by the way when fighting primal dialga you will need more than 3 seeds as it wears of quite easily :D

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Secret - Easy monster houses

by Lazyboys126 Aug 05, 2008

to defeat a monster house easy,get a pokemon with a move that hurts everyone in the room(excluding your partner or client)

a few moves:heat wave,ominous wind,silver wind,discharge,thunderbolt,earthquake.thats about all i can think of,but i think there is more.

just use a move above to beat monster houses easily.

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Secret - Kecleon stealing

by Lazyboys126 Jun 24, 2008

1)beat primal Dialga and watch the credits.
2)go to a dungeon where kecleon owns a shop in a dungeon
3)get a pure seed and an escape orb(and apples if needed)
4)enter the dungeon and find the shop(get x ray specs so you dont have to search everywhere for it)
5)take the items that you want and dont want(stay in the shop)
6)use the pure seed to warp to the stairs(dont use escape orb cause you have to make it to the next room.if u dont,then the items will disappear)and then go up the stairs.
7)after your on the next floor,use the escape orb,and you stole from kecleon.

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