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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 04 Sep 2007 by Sapphire_The_Eevee and is called "Learn any move". The Cheat have a rating -2 by 24 our users. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Sapphire_The_Eevee and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 68 other cheats for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, look them as soon as possible!

Glitch - Learn any move

by Sapphire_The_Eevee Sep 04, 2007

Move Slot 1
121140A6 00000XXX

Move Slot 2
121140AC 00000XXX

Move Slot 3
121140B2 00000XXX

Move Slot 4
121140B8 00000XXX

Replace the XXX with a code frome this list:

001: Iron Tail
002: Ice Ball
003: Yawn
004: Lovely Kiss
005: Nightmare
006: Morning Sun
007: Vital Throw
008: Dig
009: Thrash
00A: Sweet Scent
00B: Charm
00C: Rain Dance
00D: Confuse Ray
00E: Hail
00F: Aromatherapy
010: Bubble
011: Encore
012: Cut
013: Rage
014: Super Fang
015: Pain Split
016: Torment
017: String Shot
018: Swagger
019: Snore
01A: Heal Bell
01B: Screech
01C: Rock Throw
01D: Rock Smash
01E: Rock Slide
01F: Weather Ball
020: Whirlpool
021: Fake Tears
022: Sing
023: Spite
024: Air Cutter
025: Smokescreen
026: Pursuit
027: Doubleslap
028: Mirror Move
029: Overheat
02A: Aurora Beam
02B: Memento
02C: Octazooka
02D: Flatter
02E: Astonish
02F: Will-o-Wisp
030: Return
031: Grudge
032: Strength
033: Counter
034: Flame Wheel
035: Flamethrower
036: Odor Sleuth
037: Sharpen
038: Double Team
039: Gust
03A: Harden
03B: Disable
03C: Razor Wind
03D: Bide
03E: Crucnch
03F: Bite
040: Thunder
041: Thunderpunch
042: Endeavor
043: Facade
044: Karate Chop
045: Clamp
046: Withdraw
047: Constrict
048: Brick Break
049: Rock Tomb
04A: Focus Energy
04B: Focus Punch
04C: Giga Drain
04D: Reversal
04E: Smellingsalt
04F: Spore
050: Leech Life
051: Slash
052: Silver Wind
053: Metal Sound
054: Grasswhistle
055: Tickle
056: Spider Web
057: Crabhammer
058: Haze
059: Mean Look
05A: Cross Chop
05B: Outrage
05C: Low Kick
05D: Ancient Power
05E: Sythesis
05F: Agility
060: Rapid Spin
061: Icy Wind
062: Mind Reader
063: Cosmic Power
064: Sky Attack
065: Powder Snow
066: Follow Me
067: Meteor Smash
068: Endure
069: Rollout
06A: Scary Face
06B: Psybeam
06C: Psywave
06D: Psychic
06E: Psycho Boost
06F: Hypnosis
070: Uproar
071: Water Spout
072: Signal Beam
073: Psych Up
074: Submission
075: Recover
076: Earthquake
077: Nature Power
078: Lick
079: Flail
07A: Tail Whip
07B: Selfdestruct
07C: Stun Spore
07D: Bind
07E: Shadow Punch
07F: Shadow Ball
080: Charge
081: Thunderbolt
082: Mist
083: Fissure
084: Extremespeed
085: Extrasensory
086: Safeguard
087: Absorb
088: Sky Uppercut
089: Skill Swap
08A: Sketch
08B: Headbutt
08C: Double-Edge
08D: Sandstorm
08E: Sand-Attack
08F: Sand Tomb
090: Spark
091: Swift
092: Kinesis
093: Smog
094: Growth
095: Sacred Fire
096: Sheer Cold
097: Solarbeam
098: Sonicboom
099: Fly
09A: Tackle
09B: Explosion
09C: Dive
09D: Fire Blast
09E: Waterfall
09F: Muddy Water
0A0: Stockpile
0A1: Slam
0A2: Twister
0A3: Bullet Seed
0A4: Twineedle
0A5: Softboiled
0A6: Egg Bomb
0A7: Faint Attack
0A8: Barrage
0A9: Minimize
0AA: Seismic Toss
0AB: Supersonic
0AC: Taunt
0AD: Moonlight
0AE: Peck
0AF: Arm Thrust
0B0: Horn Attack
0B1: Horn Drill
0B2: Wing Attack
0B3: Aerial Ace
0B4: Icicle Spear
0B5: Swords Dance
0B6: Vine Whip
0B7: Conversion
0B8: Conversion 2
0B9: Helping Hand
0BA: Iron Defense
0BB: Teleport
0BC: Thundershock
0BD: Shock Wave
0BE: Quick Attack
0BF: Sweet Kiss
0C0: Thunder Wave
0C1: Zap Cannon
0C2: Block
0C3: Howl
0C4: Poison Gas
0C5: Toxic
0C6: Poison Fang
0C7: Poisonpowder
0C8: Poison Sting
0C9: Spike Cannon
0CA: Acid Armor
0CB: Take Down
0CC: Jump Kick
0CD: Bounce
0CE: Hi Jump Kick
0CF: Tri Attack
0D0: Dragon Claw
0D1: Trick
0D2: Triple Kick
0D3: Drill Peck
0D4: Mud Sport
0D5: Mud-Slap
0D6: Theif
0D7: Amnesia
0D8: Night Shade
0D9: Growl
0DA: Slack Off
0DB: Surf
0DC: Role Play
0DD: Needle Arm
0DE: Double Kick
0DF: Sunny Day
0E0: Leer
0E1: Wish
0E2: Fake Out
0E3: Sleep Talk
0E4: Pay Day
0E5: Assist
0E6: Heat Wave
0E7: Sleep Powder
0E8: Rest
0E9: Ingrain
0EA: Confusion
0EB: Body Slam
0EC: Swallow
0ED: Curse
0EE: Frenzy Plant
0EF: Hydro Cannon
0F0: Hydro Pump
0F1: Hyper Voice
0F2: Hyper Beam
0F3: Superpower
0F4: Steel Wing
0F5: Spit Up
0F6: Dynamicpunch
0F7: Guillotine
0F8: Vicegrip
0F9: Knock Off
0FA: Pound
0FB: Razor Leaf
0FC: Baton Pass
0FD: Petal Dance
0FE: Splash
0FF: Bubblebeam
100: Doom Desire
101: Belly Drum
102: Barrier
103: Light Screen
104: Scratch
105: Hyper Fang
106: Ember
107: Secret Power
108: Dizzy Punch
109: Bulk Up
10A: Imprison
10B: Featherdance
10C: Whirlwind
10D: Beat Up
10E: Blizzard
10F: Stomp
110: Blast Burn
111: Flash
112: Teeter Dance
113: Crush Claw
114: Blaze Kick
115: Present
116: Eruption
117: Sludge
118: Sludge Bomb
119: Glare
11A: Transform
11B: Poison Tail
11C: Roar
11D: Bone Rush
11E: Camouflage
11F: Covet
120: Tail Glow
121: Bone Club
122: Bonemerang
123: Fire Spin
124: Fire Punch
125: Perish Song
126: Wrap
127: Spikes
128: Magnitude
129: Magical Leaf
12A: Magic Coat
12B: Mud Shot
12C: Mach Punch
12D: Protect
12E: Defense Curl
12F: Rolling Kick
130: Substitute
131: Detect
132: Pin Missile
133: Water Sport
134: Water Gun
135: Mist Ball
136: Water Pulse
137: Fury Attack
138: Fury Swipes
139: Destiny Bond
13A: False Swipe
13B: Foresight
13C: Mirror Coat
13D: Future Sight
13E: Milk Drink
13F: Calm Mind
140: Mega Drain
141: Mega Kick
142: Mega Punch
143: Megahorn
144: Hidden Power
145: Metal Claw
146: Attract
147: Mimic
148: Frustration
149: Leech Seed
14A: Metronome
14B: Dream Eater
14C: Acid
14D: Meditate
14E: Snatch
14F: Luster Purge
150: Leaf Blade
151: Recycle
152: Reflect
153: Refesh
154: Revenge
155: Dragon Rage
156: Dragonbreath
157: Dragon Dance
158: Ice Punch
159: Ice Beam
15A: Fury Cutter
15B: Comet Punch
15C: Skull Bash
15D: Lock-On
15E: Rock Blast
15F: Cotton Spore
160: Struggle
161: Aeroblast
162: Volt Tackle
163: attack***
164: ?? ?? ***
165: ?? ***
166: -***
167: -***
168: Wide Slash
169: Excavate
16A: Spin Slash
16B: See-Trap
16C: Takeaway
16D: Rebound
16E: Bloop Slash
16F: Switcher
170: Blowback
171: Warp
172: Transfer
173: Slow Down
174: Speed Boost
175: Searchlight
176: Petrify
177: Stay Away
178: Pounce
179: Trawl
17A: Cleanse
17B: Observer
17C: Decoy Maker
17D: Siesta
17E: Totter
17F: Two-Edge
180: No-Move
181: Escape
182: Scan
183: Power-Ears
184: Drought
185: Trap Buster
186: Wild Card
187: Invisify
188: One-Shot
189: HP Gauge
18A: Vacuum-Cut
18B: Reviver
18C: Shocker
18D: Echo
18E: Famish
18F: One-Room
190: Fill-In
191: Trapper
192: Possess
193: Itemize
194: -***
195: -***
196: Hurl
197: Mobile
198: Item-Toss
199: See Stairs
19A: Long Toss
19B: -***
19C: Pierce

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