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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 113 cheats in our list, which includes 11 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 17 unlockables, 6 easter eggs, 11 glitches, 60 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Hints - How to evolve.... and go alone on dungeons and how to rieciut mew!!

by Espeon_Glow Mar 24, 2008

You must beat the game.. then you go out with your partner then caterpie will be standing in front of you caterpie will tell you snubull looks wiered!!!!!!! WIERD??? Your partner exclaims! You go to wishcash pond.. Then you see snubull or rather Cranbull Alakazam tells you all abought evolving! And how you can not change back to your Previous form! Then in order to evolve you onely need one member on your team not two but onely yourself!!!! When you are going to a dungeon you partner stops you and says how abought we be able to pick leaders and the leader can go alone if it wants You have to say yes! After that go to Wigglytuff club.. get the friend area........final Island! Then do a few rescue missions after that you will recive word abought it the new dungeon Buriued relices! So go in there make sure you have three spaces left in your invontory supplies! Then face those three regies Get what they drop!!! Make sure you have no one with you a friend bow and pleanty of Rievivier seeds!!! Then you get the music box! DON'T USE IT!!!!!! or you will not get mew Oh by the way there are 100 floors! find mew deafeat mew.. if mew does not jion your team do not shut it off there is no save points!! just go up another floor and see if mew is there if mew is fight mew... IF YOU ARE LUCKY!!! I repeat lucky!!!! Mew might jion your team!!! I know because I got mew without a Friend bow and with a level 40 pokemon when it was a diffrent pokemon! IT has a zero precent rate of you getting it when it is a diffrent pokemon! I guess I was lucky that day....

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Unlockable - Lendaries friend areas and how to get them

by kanebane20697 Apr 28, 2009

these are how to get some of the legndaries friend areas.i use a friend bow to get them.

Zapdo's friend areaLegendarie island get zapdos or moltres or articuno
Moltre's friend areaLegendarie island get zapdos or moltres or articuno
Articuno's friend areaLegendarie island get zapdos or moltres or articuno
Ho-oh's friend areaRainbow peak buy from wigglytuff
Enti's friend areaSacred field buy from wigglytuff
Raikou's friend areaSacred field buy from wigglytuff
that water-type dogSacred field buy from wigglytuff
Groundon's friend areaVolcano pit check
Rayquza's friend areastratos lookout recruit him
Latios's friend areasouthern island buy from wigglytuff
Latias's friend areasouthern island buy from wigglytuff
UnknownC's friend areaaged chamber AN buy from wigglytuff
UnknownD's friend areaaged chamber AN buy from wigglytuff
UnknownO's friend areaaged chamber O buy from wigglytuff
UnknownR's friend areaaged chamber O buy from wigglytuff
UnknownU's friend areaaged chamber O buy from wigglytuff
Mew's friend areafinal island buy from wigglytuff (need music box to find)
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Secret - Wonder mails

by bluerescuerocker Feb 01, 2008

go to this site:


and make ur wondermai anywhere for anything anytype

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Unlockable - The Legend of Mew

by Sakira Sep 22, 2008

Well, everyone wants to catch a Mew. Here's how to do it in Blue Rescue Team.

1.) Buy the Final Island Friend Area from Wigglytuff
2.) Go to Buried Relic, defeat the Regi Trio, and collect the 3 parts
3.) Combine the 3 parts and receive the Music Box
4.) Kill every enemy you find on floors 36F through 98F

And if you're lucky enough, Mew's disguise will wear off and it will ask you to recruit it.


Unlockable:How to unlock:
MewBuried Relic 36F-98F MUST HAVE MUSIC BOX
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Hints - Statues

by BlazeMaster2 Mar 09, 2007

Complete the indicated task to get the corresponding statue.
ytsd clar, gusgp.

Bonsly Statue: Complete all 21 mazes at the Makuhita Training Dojo.

Lucario Statue: Reach 15,000 rescue points and earn the "Lucario" rank. Then look in your mailbox

Mime Jr. Statue: Complete a * ranked mission in a 99 floor dungeon.

Weavile Statue: Complete a * ranked mission in a 99 floor dungeon.

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Hints - Hit enemies while confused!

by BlazeMaster2 Mar 06, 2007

If you are confused, use a gravelrock, stick, or a silver spike to throw at the foe. You will hit unless they dodge the attack.

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by vaporeonlover Oct 22, 2007

Enter into action replay to get wicked awesome stuff

0213c12c 0001869fMax/Infinite Money
12115542 000061a7 12115546 000061a8Max/Infinite Belly
0213c130 0098967fMax/Infinite Savings
d3000000 02115444 f2115442 0000002 d2000000 000000Infinite HP on lead pokemon
2211552c 00000063 22115532 00000063 22115538 00000063 2211553e 00000063Infinite PP on lead pokemon
0211544c 05f5e0ffQuick Level Up (Max) on first pokemon
d3000000 02115618 f2115616 00000002 d2000000 00000000Infinite HP on second pokemon in party
22115700 00000063 22115706 00000063 2211570c 00000063 22115712 00000063Infinite PP on second pokemon in party
02115620 05f5e0ffQuick Level Up (Max) on second pokemon in party
d3000000 021157ec f21157ea 00000002 d2000000 00000000Infinite HP on third pokemon in party
221158d4 00000063 221158da 00000063 221158e0 00000063 221158e6 00000063Infinite PP on third pokemon in party
021157f4 05f5e0ffQuick Level Up (Max) on third pokemon in party
d3000000 021159c0 f21159be 00000002 d2000000 00000000Infinite Health on fourth pokemon in party
22115aa8 00000063 22115aae 00000063 22115ab4 00000063 22115aba 00000063Infinite PP on fourth pokemon in party
021159c8 05f5e0ffQuick Level Up (Max) on fourth pokemon in party
a213c112 000003e7 d5000000 000003e7 c0000000 000000ee d7000000 0213bf36 d2000000 00000000All Items In Storage
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Cheats - Keys and Reviver Seeds

by BlazeMaster2 Dec 12, 2006

If you want a lot of Reviver Seeds and keys, you should go to Western cave because there are a ton in the dungeon but first u have to recruit Ho-oh!

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Cheats - Rescues requested!

by lit'lraichu Feb 27, 2007

Hey if u want me to save u then just put your password here! I will gladly take the ones with good rewards!

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Unlockable - Sky Tower and The Fly HM

by Sakira Sep 22, 2008

Everyone knows that, to get to Sky Tower after beating the main storyline, you need to have the Fly HM. Once you have it, you can either teach a flying-type the move or bring the thing itself.

Then you can gather yummy Gummis and recruit Rayquaza. :D

Here's where it is. And YOU NEED A KEY.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Fly HMWyvern Hill 30F: Treasure Room
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Hints - Lucairo/bonsley dolls

by snorlaxmonster May 04, 2007

to get a bonsley doll compleate all of the makuhita dojo challenges (excluding the 'team' challenges but including the ghost maze which is not availible untill raquazza is defeated). to get lucario doll get to lucairo rank (the final rank)which requires 16000 points.

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Code - Action replay codes for house/base{startes}

by PokeMaster54 Mar 18, 2008

in the action replay put in as a new code

2210FB27 0000000Fchanges your base to treecko
2210FB27 0000000Echanges base to chikorita
2210FB27 0000000Dchanges your base to bulbasaur
2210FB27 0000000Cchanges base to machop
2210FB27 0000000Bchanges base to cubone
2210FB27 0000000Achanges base to cydaquil
2210FB27 00000009changes base to torchic
2210FB27 00000008changes base to charmander
2210FB27 00000007changes base to psyduck
2210FB27 00000006changes base to mudkip
2210FB27 00000005changes base totodile
2210FB27 00000004changes base to squirtle
2210FB27 00000003changes base to skitty
2210FB27 00000002changes base to eevee
2210FB27 00000001changes base to meowth
2210FB27 00000000changes base to pikachu
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Cheats - How do u get cubone as yur leader in the beginin???

by zacp Nov 13, 2006

you need to be a boy and the lonely type or a girl and the impish type

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Secret - Action Replay codes

by pokemonmasterjustin Dec 23, 2008

Here are some action replay codes:

100% recruit:
94000130 ffff0000
b0000004 00000000
500d0000 600b0000
500d0000 600b0000
500d0000 600b0000
d2000000 00000000
Crazy Colors:
12115438 0000bbbb
Every pokemon Lv.100:
a673843d d2000000
unlock all dungeons:
94000130 fdcf0000
7300ffff 00000030
d300ffff 00000030
bdc02ccb 00000050
d2000000 00000000
Max/Infinite Money:
0213c12c 0001869f
Low game time:
0213c19c 0a000000
Max/Infinite belly:
12115542 000061a7
12115546 000061a8
Quick level up:
22135500 000000ff
Instant max level:
12135500 0000ffff
All items in storage:
a213c112 000003e7
d5000000 000003e7
c0000000 000000ee
d7000000 0213bf36
d2000000 00000000

I hope these codes help you, plese rate and comment.

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Unlockable - Starter pokemon

by carloscarangue Jun 19, 2007

read my cheat

Unlockable:How to unlock:
charmanderbe a hardy boy
bulbusaurbe a docile boy
pikachube an impish boy or a hardy girl
cyndaquilbe a timid boy
totodilebe a naive boy
torchicbe a hasty boy
treekobe a sassy boy
meowthbe a quirky boy
cubonebe a lonley boy
eeveebe a naive girl
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Hints - Stones

by BlazeMaster2 Mar 09, 2007

Deepseascale - Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea
Deepseatooth - Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea
Dragon Scale - Wyvern Hill 29F - 30F
Beauty Scarf - Western Cave 59F - Need key
Fire Stone - Fiery Field 29F
King's Rock - Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Leaf Stone - Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Link Cable - Many Places, after u have gotten an item that u need a key for, it should be in there
Lunar Ribbon - Northwind Field 20F - Need Key
Metal Coat - Southern Cave 49F - 50F
Moon Stone - Solar Cave or Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Sun Ribbon - Wyvern Hill 20F - Need key
Sun Stone - Solar Cave
Thunderstone - Lightning Field 29F
Upgrade - Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Water Stone - Northwind Field 29F - NO KEY!(you dont need a key)

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Hints - Recruiting Mewtwo

by BlazeMaster2 Mar 09, 2007

Mewtwo is at Western Cavern on the 99th floor. You can unlock it by recruiting all the Legendary Pokemon before him including the following: Ho-oh, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Kyogre, and Groudon. Western Cavern is a tough dungeon, and you will be able to recruit almost all of the fully evolved forms of the nine starter Pokemon. To recruit Mewtwo you must defeat him with only one Pokemon in your team. When you get to floor 98, dismiss two of them and prepare for a battle. Mewtwo has about 900 HP.

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Secret - Ability to evolve

by kevinlee Apr 06, 2009

To gain the ability to evolve your pokemon you must beat Rayquazza. After you have beaten Rayquazza and the credits have rolled, you will gain access to Luminous Cave which is found at Whiscash Pond just north of the Pokemon Square. There will be a commotion in Pokemon Square prompting you to go there and learn about evolution. Then the next time you try to leave and go on any mission, your partner will stop you and tell you how to change leaders and travel using just one pokemon. Enter Luminous Cave with just the pokemon that you wish to evolve. The pokemon that you are evolving must meet the required level for evolution and in some cases might need an item such as a moon stone or sun stone. A link cable can also be used. To check if your pokemon is capable of evolution, check it's summary page and under evolution it will be Possible, Not Now, or Not Anymore.

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Secret - X-Ray Specs

by patar123 Mar 19, 2008

Here is a great way to finish stormy sea and buried relic with X-ray specs.

Stormy Sea:Head to rooms with enemys in them. Note: If you see an enemy appear randomly, head to that room!

Buried Relic: Head to rooms with items in them.

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Glitch - MissingNo, 'M, or maybe a Bad EGG in Purity Forest...

by Unregistered Dec 24, 2007

Ok. This is just a glitch that I found in Purity Forest on the 13th floor. I was fighting a Togepi, and either MissingNo, 'M, or a Bad EGG turned the corner in it's ? form. The sreen got all fuzzy and scrambled with those weird glitchy noises (that in my opinion is REALLY annoying) and...yeah...I turned it off...I'm NOT saying that it will happen to you, just a warning to be carefull! (and get through the floors as quickly as possibe)

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Glitch - Friendly shopkeeper

by Unregistered Aug 27, 2007

find a kecleon shop in a dungeon while holding a pass scarf get beside him and get attacked by a enemy, if it hits kecleon he will follow u and attack enemys 4 u. if this happens that DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FROM THE SHOP if u do as soon as u leave the carpet he calls u a thief also he doesnt really join ur team and he only last till u leave the floor

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Hints - Evolved pokemon

by scizorslicer Feb 27, 2007

first go to mt.faraway 30F and use a key to get a friend bow give to the leader and you can now get evolved pokemon if they are on the recruitment list e.g golbat

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Hints - Get blastoise

by Unregistered Feb 16, 2007

when you bet raquaza go to whiscash pond with squrtle level 36 and evolve it twice

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Code - Wonder Mail

by Real_Pokemon_Master Jan 19, 2009

Wonder Mail codes for Freind Areas, Statues and additional Dungeons

P?2Y J1T? 4HPC K1?+ 0?56 64?WUnlocks the Friend Area
H?08 ?9S? ?Q64 ?P?! 84S0 +F?!Unlocks the Friend Area
0?0N M1S? ?06(F) N2?Y F4+0 NP?WUnlocks the Friend Area
2?0N 13+? ?36R MT?R 8420 MX?WUnlocks the Friend Area
??M1 CJY? 44?P HF?8 7J6R (...)M?1Unlocks the Dungeon
??MH CJ(...)? 44?P CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1Unlocks the Dungeon
??MS CJ(...)? 44?P MF?8 7J6R (...)M?1Unlocks the Dungeon
??M4 CJY? 44?P CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1Unlocks the Dungeon
1?NK (M)(M)F? 4SS9 MF?+ CNN0 JX?WGives You
F?C4 FHT? 440P M-?(M) 2CN0 JX?+Gives You
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Unlockable - The Ranks of Rescue Team

by Sakira Sep 17, 2008

Well, I HAD this game, but I lost it.....My apologies. That's beside the point. ^.^'

Anyway, here are the ranks of Rescue Team, complete with the number of points needed to attain the rank. :)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Normal Rank0-49 Rescue Team Points
Bronze Rank50-499 Rescue Team Points
Silver Rank500-1499 Rescue Team Points
Gold Rank1500-2999 Rescue Team Points
Platium Rank3000-7499 Rescue Team Points
Diamond Rank7500-14999 Rescue Team Points
Lucario Rank1500 Rescue Team Points
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