Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Cheats

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 113 cheats in our list, which includes 11 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 17 unlockables, 6 easter eggs, 11 glitches, 60 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - Items in walls

by Lugia27 Jan 08, 2008

There are some items hidden in the walls. Use the Mobile Scarf, and TM Excivate. Some really good stuff is hidden in there!

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Hints - Getting statues

by Unregistered Feb 19, 2007

lucario statue get 15000 rescue points.
mr. mime junior statue complete a misson in a 99 floor dungeon.
weavile statue complete a misson in a 99 floor dungeon.
bonsly statue deafeat all the challanges in mukuta dojo.

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Cheats - How do u get cubone as yur starter in the beginin???

by zacp Nov 13, 2006

you need 2 b lonely and a boy or impish and a girl

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Hints - Bonus Pokemon

by DIAMONDARUSEUS Mar 16, 2007

Meganamite lv.6
Abosol lv.20
Smergle lv.5
Latios lv.30
Latias lv.28
Gardivoir lv.5
Celebi lv.45

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Password - Friend Bow code

by Unregistered Oct 08, 2007

Enter the code and load the game, check storage and u should have 999 Friend Bows. Or seven. i dont know why, but the code for me gave me 7 friend bows in storage.

1213BF90 000003EFHave friend bow in storage
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Code - Codes For Action Replay

by Unregistered Aug 07, 2007

*If you Want more, meeage me on Pokemon Crater username: Manaphy the Prince of the Sea

Enter these codes into your action replay to get wicked awesome stuff

d3000000 02115444 f2115442 0000002 d2000000 000000Infinite HP on lead pokemon
2211552c 00000063 22115532 00000063 22115538 00000063 2211553e 00000063Infinite PP on lead pokemon
12115542 000061a7 12115546 000061a8Max/Infinite Belly on lead pokemon
0211544c 05f5e0ffQuick Level Up (Max)
a213c112 000003e7 d5000000 000003e7 c0000000 000000ee d7000000 0213bf36 d2000000 00000000All Items In Storage
1213bf42 000003e7Infinite Gravelerock
1213bfc8 000003e7Infinite Joy Seeds
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Hints - Menu

by rayquazafreak777 Apr 23, 2007

press L at the home menu and it will go away

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Hints - Recruiting Deoxys

by BlazeMaster2 Mar 09, 2007

After recruiting Lugia you will gain access to the Meteor Cave dungeon. Put only three huge apples in your inventory. Choose one Pokemon to enter the dungeon. It must be level 100. Defeat one mirage Deoxys per floor to advance to the next. Get to floor 20 and defeat Deoxys when he is in front of you. Deoxys will join your Rescue Team and you will gain access to the enclosed island friend area.

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Unlockable - Rares

by Pokemon_Freak_GoGo Jul 02, 2007

This hint is how to unlock the RARES p.s all these r after credits p.p.s all r more then i counter

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Lati doebuy southern island
3 BirdsGain 1 as friend and the island will apear on the map
3 Dogsget all birds[zapdos,articuno and moltress]
Ho-ohget throu all 3 dog dungeon
RayquazaComplete sky tower
Groundonunder ground dungeon
Kyogresea dungeon
Lugiacomplete deep sea current
The Regisall in ancient relic
Mewus music box in acient relic[floor 40 or more]
Celibiputriy forest[at the end][99 floors]
Jirachicomplete wish cave[at the end 1 wish][99 floors]
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Cheats - Absol on team

by PokemonTrainer2000 Mar 06, 2007

To get Absol on your team, you must beat Arcticuno. Absol is Level 20.

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Password - Rare codes for good items

by kevinlee Mar 24, 2009

Here are a bunch of codes to enter in wonder mail to get level'd up quick
PS it also gives a lttle money
PSS I put rare HM's to

(M) for male
(F) for female
() for

If a code does not work please tell me : sorry if i did :>

F?89 4(F)s? ?R?1 Q??F 6M66 RN?WJoy seed + money
F?89 6Kt? ?R?H 0M?? 6M66 RN?WJoy seed + money
F?89 65? ?R?3 (F)M?? 6m66 RN?WJoy seed + money
??8N W1X? ?8?+ -J?W 6466 R??WJoy seed + money
??8N PCF? 4P?H KF?7 6466 R??WJoy seed + money
??8N P5S? 4P?! FF?7 6466 R??WJoy seed + money
??-N TQX? ?8?! FH?8 64N6 4??WFly + money
??8N F4? 4P?! MF?P 64N6 5??WSurf + money
??-N F-+? 4P?X RF?P 64N6 M??WRock smash + money
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Code - Random codes

by CharizardLover18 Aug 25, 2008

(M)=male sign (F)=female sign Hope they help.

5?2YQW0??T0QJC?(M)FH16WR?WGives you the Friend Area Sky Blue Plains
X?7P(F)?+??XP6RJ?QFJC5?W??Makes Feebas a wild Pokemon in Blue Rescue Team
4?C... -1F? 43NJ MF?... 8J?T -W?WWeather Band + ?(Near Uproar Forest B7F Rank C)
??7Y (f)1+? ?-PQ HC?M S6?0 +Q?WPecha Scarf(Frosty Forest 8F Rank B)
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Secret - Get legendaries on first try

by Jasonater2 Jan 15, 2008

To get legendaries on the first try in Dungeons, they will need to have a positive-numbered get-rate (check Serebii.net for the get rates). Have a lv80+ pokemon and a friend bow and throw a gummi matching that pokemon's type to them, then KO them. I know this definately works for Lugia and Kyogre, and maybe Ho-Oh and Mewtwo too.

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Secret - Where to get Deoxes

by Unregistered Jan 11, 2008

To get Deoxes, You need to have provented the Medeors colision. Xato will eventually appear in front of your base with Blastrose(you need a high rescue rank). Blastose will say that he went into an unknown dungon and there are horible creachers in there(there are 1 on each floor and the are 1 of Deoxes's 4 forms). Xato will call it medeor cave. It is 20 floors long and Deoxes is on the 20th. You catch Deoxes in its normal form, but it changes forms on different forms on different floors. When it is not in a dungon, it is always normal form.

P.S. For the dungon it is easyer if you hare X-Ray Specs.

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Secret - Hint - Recruit Umbreon and Espeon

by zak123bish Aug 07, 2009

Grab an Eevee at the Joyous Tower (floor 12 to 17). Increase its IQ to four stars with white and orange gummies (check Mount Steel for these items). Once you do that, use the lunar or sun ribbon on this guy in the Evolve Cave.

The lunar ribbon is in Northwind Field, floor 20. You will need the associated key to this dungeon to access the item.

The sun ribbon is in Wavern Hill. You will need an associated key for this item.

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Secret - HM Fly

by Dragongirly Feb 08, 2008

Hi, if you seen my cheats before you know that it ripped me off. Well anyways Here is how you get HM fly: Go to "Wyvern Hill" With a key and you must be able to walk on water.Once you get to the 30th floor there should be a door.Unlock it with your key and walk over the water and you should see an item.Pick it up and it'll say its a HM fly.

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Hints - Spinda

by Pokemon Master The Fourth Dec 07, 2006

Once you get to the part where you go to Pokemon Square and there are only two Pokemon there, go as if you are going to Pelliper Post Office.Then, you will encounter Spinda.After, he will give you a Clear Wing.You then gain access to Firey Field.After you beat Entei on the 30th floor,you will then access Lightning Field.After you beat Raikou on the 30th floor also,you will then gain access to Northwind Field.You finally encounter Suicune.By that time your Clear Wing is now a Sunset Wing.Then comes Mt.Faraway.This time on the 40th Floor Ho-Oh is there.Though, you may not get the mirage pokemon on the first time, come back and he will probably join you then.Enjoy!:)

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Cheats - Unlock Secret Dungeons

by BlazeMaster2 Mar 12, 2007

When you have defeated Rayquaza unlock the following dungeons by completing the corresponding task.

Unlock Far-Off Sea:
Unlock Grand Sea:Purchase Calm Sea friend area.
Unlock Darknight Relic:Purchase Secretive Forest friend area.
Unlock Joyous Tower:Successfully clear Pitfall Valley. Must have Blue Sky Meadow friend area.
Unlock Purity Forest:Successfully clear Pitfall Valley. Must have Blue Sky Meadow friend area.
Unlock Howling Forest:Have Blue Sky Meadow friend area and complete Smeargle\\\'s rescue mission from the bulletin board.
Unlock Murky Cave:Successfully clear Stormy Sea and rescue Medicham. Talk to Ekans and Medicham after saving Medicham.
Unlock Buried Relic:Beat Stormy Sea and you will later receive mail talking about ruins being uncovered. Talk to Lombre then Shiftry.
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Hints - Raise ur IQ its realy usfull!

by Unregistered Nov 24, 2006

raising ur IQ is ecential to become a strong rescue team it helps you do alot of things!it can make you walk on ALL the elements when its high (water/lava/cloud)

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Unlockable - How to get Mew in Blue Rescue Team!

by blaziken1234 Oct 29, 2007

You're gonna need a lot of luck finding Mew. So following these steps!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Rock PartDefeat Regirock, it will drop this item.
Ice PartDefeat Regice, it will drop this item.
Steel PartDefeat Registeel, it will drop this part.
Music BoxHave the Rock, Ice, and Steel parts in your inventory. They will automaticly combine.
Mew, the New Spieces Pokemon!After you have the Music Box, DO NOT USE IT! If you do, it will crumble away into nothing, and you'll have to get it all over again. Just keep it in your inventory. You can find Mew on floors 36-99. But it's hard to get Mew. It doesn't always appear on a floor. You're lucky enough to find it! When you find it, recruit it the same way you do any pokemon. It's not a boss battle, just a rare pokemon you can find on the floors. Even when you do find it, it's still hard to recruit. I highly think you should give the leader a Friend Bow. After several tries, Mew will be yours!
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Secret - Wondermail Generator

by lil_shiny Oct 29, 2007

Use this to get any item you need


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Password - MAX hp!!! (finally!)

by Sapphire_The_Eevee Sep 03, 2007

Using action replay DS, enter this code:

12113FC0 00000999Gives you TONS of hp!!!
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Glitch - Weird glitch

by tabbysam Dec 08, 2008

if you enter theese wondermail codes, you get weird things:
poke in your toolbox?:
??1N 7MX? 48?8
N7?J 646R H??W

what? they gave me a used TM?:
??FN (female)K+? ?8?S
5Q?5 646R (male)??W

huh? grimy food?:
??FN P2T? ?9?8
Q+?P 646R +??W

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Secret - Three Ways To Defeat Monster Houses Easily

by CheatSheet123 Dec 04, 2008

Okay,now you know monster houses are annoying,so here are a few ways to defeat them easily:
*Fire Pokemon : Heat Wave
*Ice Pokemon : Powder Snow
*Earth or Steel Pokemon : Magnitude , Earthquake

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Secret - Extra item

by Lazyboys126 Oct 13, 2008

in meteor caveyou can only bring 3 items to help you.but there is a very simple way to be able to bring along four items.it's simple,all you have to do,is make the leader hold an item,and it wont count against you.Example:if you are a charizard and you want to bring x-ray specs,a friend bow,a reviver seed,and a huge apple,then equipt 1 item to the charizard and you can take four items.

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