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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 113 cheats in our list, which includes 11 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 17 unlockables, 6 easter eggs, 11 glitches, 60 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - How to get Kyogre on your team

by Mike23 Oct 15, 2007

First you have to get to Kyogre start to hit him with a good grass or electric attack
then weeken him with another atack such as thunder bolt or mega drain
now notice how his atacks are geeting weeker and weeker when that happens
use tackle or (the basic attack)all the way and he will ask to be on your team say yes and know you have one of the strongest pokemon in the game :note it works for groudon too

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Secret - All The Legends And How Big Of A Chance You Have To Get Them

by Venusaur26 Jul 28, 2007

Ok Lets Start Off With The Kanto Region:
Mew: F36-98 (Randomly Appears Inbetween Those Floors if You Have the Item Music Box in Your Invet.)
Chances: 0.9%
Mewtwo: Western Cave F99
Chances: 99.9%
Articuno: Frosty Grotto F5
Chances: 30.0%
Moltres: Mt. Blaze Peak F3
Chances: 30.0%
Zapdos: Mt. Thunder Peak F3
Chances: 30.0%

Ok Now For Jhoto:
Celebi: Purity Forest F99
Chances: 99.9% (Automaticly Wants To Join the Team After You Get To F99)
Ho-oh: Mt. Faraway F40
Chances: 99.9%
Lugia: Silver Trench F99
Chances: 99.9
Entei: Firey Field F30
Chances: 0.1%
Suicune: NorthWind Field F30
Chances: 0.1%
Raikou: Lightning Field F30

Ok Now For Hoenn:
Jirachi: Wish Cave F99
Chances: 99.9%
Deoxys: Meteor Cave F20
Chances: -10%
Rayquaza: Sky Tower Peak F9
Chances: -10%
Groudon: Magma Cavern- Deepest Grounds
Chances: -10%
Kyogre: Stormy Sea F40
Chances: 50%
Regirock: Buried Relic F15
Chances: 0.1%
Regice: Buried Relic F25
Chances: 0.1%
Registeel: Buried Relic F35
Chances: 0.1%

Well... Thats All The Legendary Pokemon For Now. Bye!!

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Hints - Good cheat

by white sox fan #1 Feb 05, 2007

In the buried relic on some of the floors there are the three Regi's so you should have levels 50 or above because after you beat the three regi's a little peramid shaped rok will pop out of them. When you have all three of them the game will fuse them together and it will have created a music box. Then you will face mew on one of the floors randomly. Mew will very likely use transform. So try to kill every pokemon on the floor that is past floor 38. I hope this helped you.

Ps. I like butter toast with lots of butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unlockable - Get Kecleon!

by Dbzpower Feb 18, 2008

35% chance to get Kecleon from Kecleon Shop.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
35% chance KecleonLucario Rank-FFriend Bow-Lv 100
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Code - Lvel up max

by Unregistered Dec 24, 2007

need a action reply

0211544c 05f5e0ff1st member gain lvs to lv 100 from 1 battle!
02115620 05f5e0ff2nd
021157f4 05f5e0ff3rd
021159c8 05f5e0ff4th
there boom easy way yo get all pokemon to lv. 100 all codes from ww.codejunkies.comnow ensted of waiting to make your poke mon evolve u can justenter theses in.
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Secret - Here is one of my best cheats:

by Garchompgirly Nov 12, 2007

once you beat the game in a dungeon if your belly is emty and you dont have any apples or gummies or anything click on someone else in your team press leader and you will turn into that pokemon with a full belly.

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Glitch - Friendly Kecleon??

by Unregistered Aug 07, 2007

I discovered something wierd about kecleon- If you are holding a pass scarf next to him, and an enemy attacks you, the attack may be passed off and hit keckleon. Then, he will defeat the enemy FOR you and follow you around like a teammate!!he will ocassionally hit you, but hey, you're wearing a pass scarf! However, this only lasts one floor. He is not a real team member. when you go to the next floor, he will be gone. I know... I thought I finally had him, too... :(

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Cheats - Get hms!!!!!!!!!!

by zapdosboy Feb 28, 2007

First, you need to beat the game and then talk to lombre then whishcash. You will then unlock stormy sea [you battle kyogre in stormy sea] and solar cave. You get hm dive from whishcash.. Go to solar cave and find keys. Use the keys to unlock the doors and find hms like waterfall and surf

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Cheats - Recruiting evolved pokemon

by scizorslicer Feb 27, 2007

to recruit evolved pokemon go to mt.faraway and get a friend bow on the 30th floor, you have to use a key to get it. After that give it to the leader of the rescue team and now you can recruit pokemon like: golbat,niderina,niderino and gloom. I tryed this and got a croconaw i got him further on in mt.faraway

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Cheats - Easy leveling

by Typhlosion556 Feb 23, 2007

to level up easier i highly recomend you go to western cave because you can start leveling up at the 40th floor.
be sure to pack reviver seeds and alot of huge apples.
bring at least 3 max elexirs if your moves have low pp.
its best to bring phycic and fire type pokemon.
to really enjoy beating up mewtwo, bring a friend bow and be a level 90-100 so you can beat him in one hit.
youll be suprised by the outcome.

PS:dont get to many friends our else mewtwo wont join your team.

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Cheats - Super Fast Heal

by Volcano Rescue Team Jan 04, 2007

If you hold down the buttons A and B, your team will heal really fast.

it speeds up the game also, so enemys will come to your location quickly.

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Secret - Part 1: Pokemon world

by KibazmasterZ Jan 12, 2009

When the game starts, you will be given a series of questions that relate to the Pokemon you want to start with in the game. So answer the questions wisely,for that when you have completed the Questions, choose a partner to take with u for help on your adventure. So it starts with your chosen partner, waking you up at a Forest setting. He asks you if you are okay, when your guy suddenly freaks out. Your Pokemon is surprised when your partner speeks to you. You explain to the Pokemon that you are a human. But your partner says "You look like a human in every way!" So the partner of yours introduces himself to you, and also asks for your name as well. Type your name into the box then confirm the name (Can be made up, or normal name). You will here a faint scream come from afar when a Butterfree confronts you for help. She asks you a favor. She wants you to save her darling Caterpie that has fallen down into a Fissure. So get ready, your first adventure begins NOW!!! Get to Floor 4BF!!!

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Secret - Oh la la

by Unregistered Jan 15, 2008

get team base looking like charizard ect.
Submitted by : bill 06-Jan-2007, 11:28:03 pm

after you see ninetails and return to doing normal rescue missions do them for a couple of
days and then help wobafet (sorry about spelling)and mankeys team will help you build
your team base but dont give them any more chestnuts then beat the game and evolve your
charmander into charizard and then give them two more chestnuts and they will make your
team base look like you and because your a charizard it will look like a charizard.

i hope this was helpful.

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Secret - 2 secrets

by Lazyboys126 Feb 23, 2009

1.i have discovered a mission on the mission board to escort a dusclops to a manectric for a mime jr. figurine.it might be a glitch.if not here is the password.

F?CY 93+? 4NT(F)
i havent finishes it yet,but there is an extra item with it and is rated with an S rank.It is also very strange because i already have the figurine,so ill try it....

2.i have also discovered a strange dungeon i have never heard of.it is called the Dojo Registeration.If anyone has this dungeon already,please comment on how to get it,because it is unknown to me and i have to unlock it before i can complete it.Here is the wondermail password.

S?2C RWY? 48F8
73?7 68SO P7?W

it is a 16 floor mission to rescue Blissey.The mission is escort Blissey to Blissey and is only rated with a D rank.it must be an easy dungeon to have 16 floors at least and be an escort mission and still be D rank.if anyone knows what dungeon this is or has unlocked it already,please comment how you do it and what pokemon are there.Thanks.

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Password - Starters

by Unregistered Aug 12, 2008


Telling you the starter pokemon lie

Venusaurrecruit as ivysaur in western cave floors 18-27
Charizardrecruit as charmander in fiery fielf F5-F10 Charmeleon floors 25-29 and recruit in western cave floors 80-99
Blastoiserecruit as squirtle at watwrfall pond floors 7-18 and recruit in western cave floors 80-99
Meganiumrecruit as bayleef at western cave floors 18-27 and western cave floors 80-99
Typhlosionrecruit as quilava at fiery field floors 18-24 and western cave floors 80-99
Feraligatrrecruit as totodile at waterfall pond floors 7-18 and in western cave floors 80-99
Sceptilerecruit as grovyle in western cave floors 38-50 and in western cave floors 80-99
Blazikenrecruit as combusken in firey field floors 25-29 and in western cave floors 80-99
Swampertrecruit as mudkip in waterfall pond foors 7-18 marshtomp floors 20-30 and in western cave floors 82-99
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Secret - Dungeons- Quick Completion

by Jasonater2 Jan 15, 2008

You will need an Action Replay. Have a Ghost pokemon (Eg Gengar) as your team leader and have the Infinite Belly code on. You will be able to walk through walls without your belly going down. This will allow you to travel without being disturbed by enemy pokemon, and you will be able to get around a lot quicker. I'd also reccomend only having one pokemon in your party (the leader).

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Secret - I have players giud

by Unregistered Jan 10, 2008

ok it says that pichu learns volt tackle at lv. 50 in this one cause i have it, PICHU DOES NOT LEARN IT, I WANT TO SEE HIM USE IT AS A ATTACK, BUT NOOOOOOO I CANT CAUSE STUPID PROGRAMMERS MADE PICHU NOT LEARN IT,is there a code for pichu to learn volt tackle?

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Glitch - Catchging legendary pkmn

by Unregistered Jun 18, 2007

go to a dungeon with a size 1 pkmn and let a wild pkmn join rescue team when you reach the besement level with the legendary pkmn switch the new member's tactics to go after foes and stay away from the legendary pokemon for a while be sure to make the other team member faint then walk diagonally then wait for the legendary pkmn come to you then finish it.(works on the 3 legendary birds most of the time)

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Hints - Hint - Mission Farming

by cGub Sep 29, 2006

At the "Wonder Mail" option in the main menu, enter this code:


The code gives you a D-Ranked Rescue Job in Mt. Thunder to find a Gold Ribbon for 200 Poke. Go to Mt. Thunder, and find the wanted item. Then, before you leave the dungeon, equip it to one of your Pokemon. When you leave the dungeon, the Gold Ribbon will NOT be handed over. Then, take the Gold Ribbon from your Pokemon and sell it for 2000 Poke! The Job will still be in your list, leaving you to repeat the mission as many times as you want, provided the client never gets the item.

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Secret - It IS possible...

by Unregistered Nov 12, 2007

Most third-form evolutions, like Blaziken, or Poliwrath (and even some second forms) cannot be recruited from a dungeon. You have to evolve other pokemon to get them. BUUUUUT, all the third-form water starters (Blastoise, Feraligatr, and Swampert) can be recruited. They're all in Western Cave, and to recruit them, you need to be Lvl. 90 with a Friend Bow. Blastoise is in the last ten floors of Western Cave, Feraligatr is on floors 49 to 58, Swampert is on 79 - 88. Note that the Grass and Fire third-forms can be recruited (darn it, I like Meganium xP). Also, they're still hard to recruit even if you're level 90 with the Friend Bow.

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Glitch - U cant

by Unregistered Dec 25, 2007

there is no cave cause i have the players giud, he probly ment to put it in the craters page. ok he is a M----R F-----R!

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Secret - U cant

by Unregistered Dec 24, 2007

u cant get all pokemon on your team if ur playing blue u cnat get the ones from red u just cant. and i am the best at yugioh i have the 3 gods no lie 1 god emp. and the best e-hero deck of all times.

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Cheats - The best all over start off combo

by Unregistered Dec 21, 2006

When you start be an impish boy and you will be pikachu
then pick cyndiquil as a partner.
YOU WILL HAVE TO TRAIN - but it helps beat Raquaza, I beat the game in like 5 days!!!and I started over 10 times 'cause I didnt like my combo.

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Glitch - Learn any move

by Sapphire_The_Eevee Sep 04, 2007

Move Slot 1
121140A6 00000XXX

Move Slot 2
121140AC 00000XXX

Move Slot 3
121140B2 00000XXX

Move Slot 4
121140B8 00000XXX

Replace the XXX with a code frome this list:

001: Iron Tail
002: Ice Ball
003: Yawn
004: Lovely Kiss
005: Nightmare
006: Morning Sun
007: Vital Throw
008: Dig
009: Thrash
00A: Sweet Scent
00B: Charm
00C: Rain Dance
00D: Confuse Ray
00E: Hail
00F: Aromatherapy
010: Bubble
011: Encore
012: Cut
013: Rage
014: Super Fang
015: Pain Split
016: Torment
017: String Shot
018: Swagger
019: Snore
01A: Heal Bell
01B: Screech
01C: Rock Throw
01D: Rock Smash
01E: Rock Slide
01F: Weather Ball
020: Whirlpool
021: Fake Tears
022: Sing
023: Spite
024: Air Cutter
025: Smokescreen
026: Pursuit
027: Doubleslap
028: Mirror Move
029: Overheat
02A: Aurora Beam
02B: Memento
02C: Octazooka
02D: Flatter
02E: Astonish
02F: Will-o-Wisp
030: Return
031: Grudge
032: Strength
033: Counter
034: Flame Wheel
035: Flamethrower
036: Odor Sleuth
037: Sharpen
038: Double Team
039: Gust
03A: Harden
03B: Disable
03C: Razor Wind
03D: Bide
03E: Crucnch
03F: Bite
040: Thunder
041: Thunderpunch
042: Endeavor
043: Facade
044: Karate Chop
045: Clamp
046: Withdraw
047: Constrict
048: Brick Break
049: Rock Tomb
04A: Focus Energy
04B: Focus Punch
04C: Giga Drain
04D: Reversal
04E: Smellingsalt
04F: Spore
050: Leech Life
051: Slash
052: Silver Wind
053: Metal Sound
054: Grasswhistle
055: Tickle
056: Spider Web
057: Crabhammer
058: Haze
059: Mean Look
05A: Cross Chop
05B: Outrage
05C: Low Kick
05D: Ancient Power
05E: Sythesis
05F: Agility
060: Rapid Spin
061: Icy Wind
062: Mind Reader
063: Cosmic Power
064: Sky Attack
065: Powder Snow
066: Follow Me
067: Meteor Smash
068: Endure
069: Rollout
06A: Scary Face
06B: Psybeam
06C: Psywave
06D: Psychic
06E: Psycho Boost
06F: Hypnosis
070: Uproar
071: Water Spout
072: Signal Beam
073: Psych Up
074: Submission
075: Recover
076: Earthquake
077: Nature Power
078: Lick
079: Flail
07A: Tail Whip
07B: Selfdestruct
07C: Stun Spore
07D: Bind
07E: Shadow Punch
07F: Shadow Ball
080: Charge
081: Thunderbolt
082: Mist
083: Fissure
084: Extremespeed
085: Extrasensory
086: Safeguard
087: Absorb
088: Sky Uppercut
089: Skill Swap
08A: Sketch
08B: Headbutt
08C: Double-Edge
08D: Sandstorm
08E: Sand-Attack
08F: Sand Tomb
090: Spark
091: Swift
092: Kinesis
093: Smog
094: Growth
095: Sacred... 

continue →

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Secret - Beat rayquaza wit cyndaquil

by Ho-oh45 Mar 21, 2008

what i did was keep on trying and i eventually got at a high enough level but if u dont want to take da time go to a place such as best buy and get a action replay

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