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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 113 cheats in our list, which includes 11 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 17 unlockables, 6 easter eggs, 11 glitches, 60 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Lapras / Mantine

by Unregistered Nov 12, 2007

Mantine and Lapras are two of the most powerful Water-types in the game, so I'd recommend recruiting one of each.
Mantine: *Red Rescue Team* You can enter Wonder-mail codes to be able to find it, here's one [(M) = the male sign, (F) = the female sign, (...) = the three little dots]:
Client: Kirlia
Objective: Escort to Mantine
Place: Tiny Woods B3F
Difficulty: D
Reward: 200 Poke
Wonder Mail:
4??N 22(...)? ?Q6J
H3?(M) 8470 JN?W
Anyways, complete this mission if you're in BLUE Rescue Team (if you're not, then you don't need to). Then go to 30F of Grand Sea (to unlock it, get the Serene Sea friend area, and bring Dive HM with you). They're fairly common; and they're two-star-size, so mae room!
Lapras: *Blue Rescue Team*
If you're in Red R.T., here's a Wondermail Code:
Client: Lapras
Objective: Help me.
Place: Tiny Woods 1F
Difficulty: E
Reward: Poke + Drought Orb
F?5? 6?T? 46?6
C!?? F4N6 R2??
Now, go to Far-Off Sea, which has the same requirements for unlocking as Grand Sea. Make sure to wear a Tight Belt here or bring Huge Apples! Bring Electric Types, NOT Grass types, since there are many Ice-types. You'll find it roaming around 45F to 50F. Bring a Key if you want Wide Slash TM on 50F.

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Code - Rescue Ranks

by kevinlee Mar 25, 2009

Here are all the rescue ranks:D

Normal Rank0-49 Rescue Points
Bronze Rank50-499 Rescue Points
Silver Rank500-1499 Rescue Points
Gold Rank1500-2999 Rescue Points
Diamond Rank7500-14999 Rescue Points
Lucario Rank150000 Rescue Points
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Secret - Yes u can

by yulikeme7 Jan 08, 2008

yes u can get shiny pokemon after u beat the game i think u can get skarmory and he is shiny

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Secret - Magma cavern

by Dmoney10 Mar 26, 2008

to beat magma cavern get your strongest water/grass/or ground type pokemon bring a few reveir seeds ice types are good to there are 24 floors in this dungeon yes groudon is at the peak he uses ground and rock type

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Easter Egg - Shelgon doing WHAT?!

by Unregistered Dec 25, 2007

if u have a shelgon make it so u can see one of its sides and DO NOT MOVE IT! What does it look like? Its H__U__M__P__I__N__G__! the invisable baby pokemon! when i saw it i laughed so hard.

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Easter Egg - Semi home made missions!

by Unregistered Feb 04, 2008

go to http://www.upokecenter.com/games/dungeon/guides/wondermail.php

you will be able to make your own missions!!!!

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Secret - How to get ur partner off ur team

by sakodo Mar 28, 2008

go to ur partners friend area and talk to ur partner it will say at the top:stand by. click on it it will say:(partners name) left the team to remain on standby in the friend area.

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Hints - Lucario

by swapert_lover May 31, 2007

You must first have Lucario rank.Then lucario will appear then he will challenge you if u win he will ask u if u want to join him (if u have space) if u choose him has a leader and go alone with his power of Ora u can see the stairways to go like this example:if ur in b45f find the stairways to go to b46f.
thats lucario special ability see the stairways even if ur not on the stairways room u can see it thats what my friend told me.

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Hints - Good ideas

by snorlaxmonster May 03, 2007

ok every body
if u ever want a sneasel or weavile on crater ask me as i find a lot of them.
and i noticed that every one was celebrating when they got a sinnoh pokemon on crater so here it is,

yay yay, i got a criketot!!!!
and it can evolve because its LV10
yay yay

and now for something compleatly differnt

just a reminder about my poke gif comp

also this site is getting boring cause everyone is going to p/d pages

and also i no this sounds weird but although i no that sinnoh means the new pokemon but is this the name of the reigion or some thing?
(like kanto or johto)

anyone who needs help in pmd blue or red just ask me cause i got the guide

i got a chatot on crater
also I have a good idea, mayby we could make this a universal pokemon page (for pokemon lovers far and wide that speak english). We could have an explorer or negotiator go to all the pokemon pages and convice them to come here.
Another thing is the home work help where we help each other out with trikey homework or progects

one last thing if u see blank that’s me (normaly doing random posts because thats y i made it)

and thats about it and can you please read this as i took quite awhile to type

now this may just be a repost with a few extra things but I posted it because I like these new ideas and I don’t know if anyone else read my posts.

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by 200pt Apr 14, 2008

you can recruit 2nd and 3rd evolution pokemon in dungeons like western cave that has Feraligatr,Swampert,Blastoise,Ivysaur,Shiftry and Bayleef but Alakazam and other evolved pokemon cannot join because i want Meganium

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Password - Lucario at tiny woods level 100 on b1f

by Unregistered Jul 23, 2007

on Action Replay DS

99999If your at Lucario Rank and if lugia is team leader
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by Randalf Dec 04, 2006

ok when u get confused by a pokemon use a stick, gravel rock, or a spike den it will hitt becuz if u hit sometimes it hits ur partner or sumpting ok peace out A-TOWN


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Password - Getting Celebi! (Cheat will also help get other pokemon in a high numbered floor like Mewtwo.) Action Replay Needed.

by Oreo1023 Apr 28, 2009

Have you ever wanted to get Celebi but could not get through Purity Forest unfainted Well heres your chance! With this cheat you should be able to change floors by using the buttons L and Up at the same time. Only use until the floors number in the top left corner gets to 98. The next floor should be Celebi's. Hint, Celebi will join your team without a fight.

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