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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 36 cheats in our list, which includes 11 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 17 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

PoInts from ranks B-S

by pokemonmasterjustin Apr 07, 2008

This will show the LOWEST amount of points you can get from ranks B-S

Unlockable:How to unlock:
60 pointsComplete a rank B mission
100 pointsComplete a rank A mission
300 pointsComplete a rank S mission
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by Cynder8 Jul 30, 2008

This will tell you where to get Eevee, and where to get it's evolution items. I'm just telling you WHERE, not HOW. And for your information, I'm talking about getting Eevee in the wild. For your starter, you need to get naive as your nature and be a female. I will not tell you how to get naive nature, because it would take to long to type. If you think I should make a walkthrough about this, comment. Also, if the colors I want show up on this cheat, don't ask me how here, PM (private message) me. Colors don't show up in the comments.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
EeveeJoyous Tower 12F-17F
Fire StoneFirey Field 29F
Thunder StoneThunder Field 29F
Water StoneNorthwind Field 29F
Sun RibbonWyvern Hill 20F
Lunar RibbonNorthwind Field 20F (Key needed.)
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leNdaries friend areas and how to get them

by kanebane20697 Apr 28, 2009

these are how to get some of the legndaries friend areas.i use a friend bow to get them.

Zapdo's friend areaLegendarie island get zapdos or moltres or articuno
Moltre's friend areaLegendarie island get zapdos or moltres or articuno
Articuno's friend areaLegendarie island get zapdos or moltres or articuno
Ho-oh's friend areaRainbow peak buy from wigglytuff
Enti's friend areaSacred field buy from wigglytuff
Raikou's friend areaSacred field buy from wigglytuff
that water-type dogSacred field buy from wigglytuff
Groundon's friend areaVolcano pit check
Rayquza's friend areastratos lookout recruit him
Latios's friend areasouthern island buy from wigglytuff
Latias's friend areasouthern island buy from wigglytuff
UnknownC's friend areaaged chamber AN buy from wigglytuff
UnknownD's friend areaaged chamber AN buy from wigglytuff
UnknownO's friend areaaged chamber O buy from wigglytuff
UnknownR's friend areaaged chamber O buy from wigglytuff
UnknownU's friend areaaged chamber O buy from wigglytuff
Mew's friend areafinal island buy from wigglytuff (need music box to find)
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ThE Legend of Mew

by Sakira Sep 22, 2008

Well, everyone wants to catch a Mew. Here's how to do it in Blue Rescue Team.

1.) Buy the Final Island Friend Area from Wigglytuff
2.) Go to Buried Relic, defeat the Regi Trio, and collect the 3 parts
3.) Combine the 3 parts and receive the Music Box
4.) Kill every enemy you find on floors 36F through 98F

And if you're lucky enough, Mew's disguise will wear off and it will ask you to recruit it.


Unlockable:How to unlock:
MewBuried Relic 36F-98F MUST HAVE MUSIC BOX
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SkY Tower and The Fly HM

by Sakira Sep 22, 2008

Everyone knows that, to get to Sky Tower after beating the main storyline, you need to have the Fly HM. Once you have it, you can either teach a flying-type the move or bring the thing itself.

Then you can gather yummy Gummis and recruit Rayquaza. :D

Here's where it is. And YOU NEED A KEY.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Fly HMWyvern Hill 30F: Treasure Room
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stArter pokemon

by carloscarangue Jun 19, 2007

read my cheat

Unlockable:How to unlock:
charmanderbe a hardy boy
bulbusaurbe a docile boy
pikachube an impish boy or a hardy girl
cyndaquilbe a timid boy
totodilebe a naive boy
torchicbe a hasty boy
treekobe a sassy boy
meowthbe a quirky boy
cubonebe a lonley boy
eeveebe a naive girl
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ThE Ranks of Rescue Team

by Sakira Sep 17, 2008

Well, I HAD this game, but I lost it.....My apologies. That's beside the point. ^.^'

Anyway, here are the ranks of Rescue Team, complete with the number of points needed to attain the rank. :)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Normal Rank0-49 Rescue Team Points
Bronze Rank50-499 Rescue Team Points
Silver Rank500-1499 Rescue Team Points
Gold Rank1500-2999 Rescue Team Points
Platium Rank3000-7499 Rescue Team Points
Diamond Rank7500-14999 Rescue Team Points
Lucario Rank1500 Rescue Team Points
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by Pokemon_Freak_GoGo Jul 02, 2007

This hint is how to unlock the RARES p.s all these r after credits p.p.s all r more then i counter

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Lati doebuy southern island
3 BirdsGain 1 as friend and the island will apear on the map
3 Dogsget all birds[zapdos,articuno and moltress]
Ho-ohget throu all 3 dog dungeon
RayquazaComplete sky tower
Groundonunder ground dungeon
Kyogresea dungeon
Lugiacomplete deep sea current
The Regisall in ancient relic
Mewus music box in acient relic[floor 40 or more]
Celibiputriy forest[at the end][99 floors]
Jirachicomplete wish cave[at the end 1 wish][99 floors]
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HoW to get Mew in Blue Rescue Team!

by blaziken1234 Oct 29, 2007

You're gonna need a lot of luck finding Mew. So following these steps!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Rock PartDefeat Regirock, it will drop this item.
Ice PartDefeat Regice, it will drop this item.
Steel PartDefeat Registeel, it will drop this part.
Music BoxHave the Rock, Ice, and Steel parts in your inventory. They will automaticly combine.
Mew, the New Spieces Pokemon!After you have the Music Box, DO NOT USE IT! If you do, it will crumble away into nothing, and you'll have to get it all over again. Just keep it in your inventory. You can find Mew on floors 36-99. But it's hard to get Mew. It doesn't always appear on a floor. You're lucky enough to find it! When you find it, recruit it the same way you do any pokemon. It's not a boss battle, just a rare pokemon you can find on the floors. Even when you do find it, it's still hard to recruit. I highly think you should give the leader a Friend Bow. After several tries, Mew will be yours!
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No. of points you get from ranks E-C

by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 26, 2008

View your job list and check the ranks, these are the ranks you get from E-C

Unlockable:How to unlock:
5 pointsComplete a E job
20 pointsComplete a D job
40 pointsComplete a C job
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unLock sky tower again

by Unregistered Nov 01, 2007

this is awsome get to sky tower without fly ok so most would know that bagon always wanted to fly and when you get a salamence he already knows fly or atlest you remember it from the link guy its awsome

Unlockable:How to unlock:
sky tower again (and really cool pokemon)okay all you have to do is get a bagon on your team evolve it into a salamence make it remember fly and enjoy
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alL ranks for pokemon mystery dungeon:BLUE rescue team

by NurseJoy Jun 27, 2007

OK,you may heard of scams from people for getting lucario,but im telling the truth how to get lucario,make sure you have lucario rank the go the the pokemon squere,lucario will ask to battle you,if you beat him he'll join you.IF!!!!!!!!!!!,you have a size of 1 *,so that means no ledgendarys,use your starter to get him,Note:this advice is well made for beginners of:pokemon mystery dungeon:BLUE rescue team

Unlockable:How to unlock:
bronze rank50 rescue points
silver rank500 rescue points
gold rank1,500 rescue points
platinum rank3,000 rescue points
diamond rank7,500 rescue points
lucario rank (special rank highest of all rescue teams)15,000 rescue points
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HIGhest Reqruitment rate

by Unregistered May 08, 2012

ok to get the highest reqruitment rate (sorry if i mispelled) you must have max IQ, LVL 100, LUICARIO RANK, And a Friend Bow. thats how you you get a high reqruitment rate

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ReWard Statues

by WaddleDee777 Dec 19, 2011

You can unlock special statues by completing in-game tasks.

Bonsly StatueDefeat all 21 mini dungeons in Makuhita Dojo
Lucario StatueObtain the Lucario Rank
Mime Jr. StatueDo one of two rare * Leveled missions in a 99 floor dungeon
Weavile StatueDo a * Leveled mission in a 99 floor dungeon
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by follow Dec 03, 2008

There is an easy way to get mew. Just go to buried relic and bring X-ray specs. When in the dungeon check every red dot in the rooms after you beats registeel. Mew does not appear out of nowhere so if a dot just appears dont go to it. If you dont have X-ray specs here is the ar code.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
1213BF56 000003E7999 X ray specs in storage.
A213C112 000003E7 D5000000 000003E7 C0000000 000000EE D7000000 0213BF36 D2000000 00000000999 of everything in storage
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unLock Howling Forest

by Unregistered Sep 10, 2007

U must have ur base changed in order to unlock this dungeon

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Howling Forestgo the bulliten board and look for the mision to rescue smeargle, select it for ur job list and u just unlocked Howling Forest. It has 15 floors
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GeT Kecleon!

by Dbzpower Feb 18, 2008

35% chance to get Kecleon from Kecleon Shop.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
35% chance KecleonLucario Rank-FFriend Bow-Lv 100
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