Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Requests

 [ NDS ]


Good cheats than can get you through dungeons easily

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Secret - This cheat is how to recriut Rayqauza!:

First beat the game make sure you reciut a Slamace or a flying type pokemon then beat rayqauza then after you wake up the next morning alot of blah blah talk will be going on then after that, also make sure you have a friend bow bring your strongest pokemon! Noledgendaireis!!!! Also once youi get to the save point dissmiss the pokemon that used fly to get you thier after that get your friend bow out eqiup it to your leader! Then save go all the way up to the summit beat Rayqauza! If he does not join. Turn the power of you will be back at the save point keep doing that and soon he will be yours!!!


You do not need a friend area.

This was made for FireWolf181!!!