Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness Cheats

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 19 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 3 passwords, 3 unlockables, 9 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Bosses throughout The Game

by pokemfreak Aug 25, 2008

Beach Cave =Koffing Lv6, Zubat Lv3
Mt. Travail= Drowzee Lv12
Steam Cave= Groundon Lv30
Amp Plains= Luxray Lv33, 8 Luxios Lv18
Quicksand Cave= Mesprit Lv18
Crystal Crossing= Grovlye lv44
Sealed Ruins= Spiritomb Lv37
Brine Cave= Kabutops Lv42, 2 Omastars Lv35
Hidden Land= Dusknoir Lv45, 6 Sableye Lv38
Temporal Tower= Primal Dialga Lv48
Mystifying Forest= Wigglytuff Lv50, Chatot Lv45, Others Lv35
Crevice Cave= Frosslass Lv41
Miracle Sea= Gyrados Lv46
Aegis Cave= Regigigas Lv49, 4 Hitmonlee 4 Bronzong Lv35,/Regice,Regirock,Registeel Lv46
Spacial Rift= Palkia Lv48
Dark Crater= Darkrai Lv53 Others Lv36, Mismagus Lv35

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Code - How to get Pokemons

by jakecoo Aug 10, 2009

And please add me i only have 2 frends.And i love pokemon and i have 6 pokemon games.

6@yw st%h +tn& cok7 y7#& sq-7get Riolu
0k3% 1y&w h3m4 4p6r &rw0 +-pwget Rotom
y2ys w595 t=xj 39y0 tww2 +ry0get Luxray
pmj- &t@9 =5h3 h4h0 +&x0 =@%jget Smeargle
wtn1 xq9c q8#4 qr%j n468 f8f#get Yanmega
4n%q 8m64 m3xq 8p03 70xw-xm3get Weavile
15+0 6-6q k2cn kr+# %9k@ %wy9get Ampharos
q-4p 6s69 6@13 p@s6 3p2m x@%tget Umbreon
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Secret - To Help Against Darkrai

by FireWolf181 Mar 17, 2009

Use seeds etc: Reviver, Azure, X-Eye. Anything to give him poor vision etc. Hunger Seeds maybe but i think he is immune to hunger seeds. Teach yourself a fighting TM. If your pokemon can learn Brick Break take advantage of it and teach it the Brick Break TM. If you dont have that TM use this wondermail code that i conveniently got from upokecenter.com :

T59X N&96 M5-J

it took me awhile to beat Darkrai. If everything i said fails just keep fighting everyone and get your level up more

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Secret - Cool cheat!

by pokemondancer Sep 22, 2008

when you make Uxie,Mesprit and/or Azelf part of you team talk to one of them in a dongen and they will say some thing like "I feel a oran berry one this flor"

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Password - Here are some wondermail / how to get ledgendaries

by blackUmbreon Feb 01, 2010

I will tell u how to get ledgendaries in explorers of darkness

articuno: Mt Avalanche peak
Zapdos: Amp plains 7F (with mystery part or secret slab in treasure bag)
Moltres: final maze B40F
Mewtwo: dark crater B6F (with mystery part or secret slab in treasure bag darkness only)
Mew: Deep mystery jungle
Raikou: concealed Ruins B20F (with mystery part or secret slab in treasure bag)
Entei: deep dark crater B10F (with mystery part or secret slab in treasure bag)
Suicune: Final maze B29F
Lugia: surrounded sea B18F (with mystery part or secret slab in treasure bag)
Ho-oh: Mt.mistral 19F (with mystery part or secret slab in treasure bag)
Celebi: mystifying forest 10F (with mystery part or secret slab in treasure bag time only)
Regirock: aegis cave
registeel: aegis cave
regice: aegis cave
Latias: Spacial rift B10F (with mystery part or secret slab in treasure bag)
Latios: deep spacial rift B5F (with mystery part or secret slab in treasure bag)
Kyogre: bottomless sea depths
Groundon: shimmering desert
Rayquaza: sky stairway
Jirachi: final maze B23F
deoxys: shimmer hill 17F (with mystery part or secret slab in treasure bag)
Heatran giant volcano
regigigas: aegis cave
giratina: world abyss pit
Cresselia: Sharpedo bluff (after u beat darkrai)
Phione: miracle sea bottom
manaphy: 3 or 4 days after u beat darkrai
Darkrai: miracle sea B3F (with mystery part or secret slab in treasure bag)
uxie: steam cave summet
mesprit: quick sand cave lake
Azelf: crystal crossing lake
Palkia: spacial rift bottom
Dialga: Temporal tower summet

PXJ634F44Q3FQW&KYRX538+=u get a mystery part
S=W73&8S2CSQ0-7YHP3+H260u get a secret slab
92MKQF2XM#HQ9T#1&KJ#W1K9Happy outlook gets unlocked
X7=CJ8+3FRWK+919H%09Y+F+Midnight forest gets unlocked
WY-48T0TC20YQ&+2%1CSS1XMMt mistral gets unlocked
MP5510F426HTTP1S4FMF&KSJSummer hill gets unlocked
FN01HWN-00%F85678+XY@&%#3unlocks bottomless sea
#&S6NY27YJN=1P57F0MNMH7YUnlocks shimmer desert
FHOTHYNHR0QF86N8+SY@&%YNUnlocks giant volcano
X%8SWYY+S-JFPFH@@# #K5W8KUnlocks mystery jungle
4MP=K98#CT%YR@- -&P7%%K86Unlocks mt.avalanche
WNWYJXTK&5C14N3-P4NM8K&CUnlocks world abyss
HW+866%T5S51+J5Y4-K#H@P-Unlocks sky stairway
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Password - Wonder Mail Codes(Pokemon)

by funnygirl99 Jun 30, 2010

When you go to the START menu, select Wonder Mail, and select "Receive Wonder Mail". Then select Password for your mathod of receiving the Wonder Mail, and then just type the codes in.
If you have any problems with the codes, PM me.

6@YW ST%H +TN& C0K7 Y7#& SQ-7Riolu
7Y9M KMR% WWKX +WCW 97## CJ17Dragonite
F=4X T7SH M8+3 #C62 Q37H 3JJ3Leafeon
0K3% 1Y&W H3M4 4P6R &RW0 +-PWRotom
Y2YS W595 T=XJ 39Y0 TWW2 +RY0Luxray
PMJ- &T@9 =5H3 H4H0 +&X0 =@%JSmeargle
WTN1 XQ9C Q8#4 QR%J N468 F8F#Yanmega
4N%Q 8M64 M3XQ 8P03 70XW -XM3Weaville
15+0 6-6Q K2CN KR+# %9K@ %WY9Ampharos
Q-4P 6S69 6@13 P@S6 3P2M X@%TUmbreon
@Q8S T1MF #YRP 6-32 MPKY 9#&&Glalie
F6YP -R6& N#0N 0NX4 TJ#2 HW3NAipom
4N%Q 8M64 M3XQ 8P03 70XW -XM3Weedle
N@34 8SM9 6-R6 2Q2K #MJ% -6+YPiplup(female)
8@3X FC1T &KJH =SH5 0=@W +==8Houndoom
Y2YS W595 T=XJ 39Y0 TWW2 +RY0Eevee
F6YP -R6& N#0N 0NX4 TJ#2 HW3NTotodile
7=W@ P2FX MK@0 N-H0 RWQ# K#8PCharmander
-7=5 8@%9 1@+4 T0-0 =9%C 7=8CDratini
99KN FFRS N7#P %K@K YW2C J9+TStraraptor
JXWM 2P6Y 1MST C-1& PQP# +1XSTyrannitar
4N%Q 8M64 M3XQ 8P03 70XW -XM3Weaville(female)
2J@7 PHST F2PX F=@9 @&22 N#X2Bonsly
10S0 -J#@ 1-N+ =+38 -PM% J289Electivire
H+5M 8JPY SKY+ %43M SJ&Q Y#+2Buneary
XR2Y #==@ JYX% 3@2F Q8FQ R@M#Burmy
1R3C C@%9 2QT4 T1%N 9=P% @=H5Farfetch'd
K%M1 W=69 5Q0= JCF0 53RH S90RGarchomp
W=1+ 7@24 2W9N -KP4 TW58 @NX1Gastrodon(blue)
@XY7 ST62 98XM 39P7 C3M4 7XM=Happiny
F=4X T7SH M8+3 #C62 Q37H 3JJ3Leafeon
KCT@ C&51 &2S&6%%W 0WYW #H0-Linoone
HP4W -@TF N7T7 5F#6 6H=7 #7R=Magmortar
HF4C J4&X =@16 56YJ C%5M +PRTMiltank
#S%K +NS8 =3=F 89@Q 3C%5 56&4Pachirisu
@T1K JYJ4 R4K+ NN@- RKKK JH34Rampardos
962& 5@91 Y-8H 212X FC@5 WK9-Combee
33SC 7WNH &P8F 8QFX %0#- 43R4Shiftry
J445 H1NT 051@ J++3 30#7 8Q&PLuxray(another one)
7R+M -&R7 Y2Y# RW5M CQS4 NSSSPichu(steel type pokemon required)
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Cheats - Wonder Mail Codes

by cGub May 09, 2008

To enter them go to the code option on the main menu.

You must pass Chapter 10 to use these codes.

*Warning may contain spoilers*

78SR-H2MP0+4 Y6FY1&Y+#R9SUnlocks Maze Cave Boss: Gabite Reward: Gabite's Scale
FN01HWN-00%F 8678 +XY@ &%#3Unlocks Bottomless Sea Boss: Kyogre Reward: Water Harmonica (Increases recruit rate for Water type Pokemon)
4MP=K98#CT%Y R@--&P7%%K86Unlocks Mt. Avalanche Cave Boss: Articuno Reward: Ice Flute (Increase recruit rate for Ice type Pokemon)
FH0THYNHR0QF 86N8+SY@&%YNUnlocks Giant Volcano Boss: Heatran Reward: Frie Drum (Increase recruit rate for Fire type Pokemon)
WNWYJXTK&5C14N3-P4NM8K&CUnlocks The Great Hole Boss: Giratina Reward: Rock Megaphone - (Increases Recruit Rate for Rock Pokémon)
X%8S WYY+ S-JF PFH@ @##K 5W8KUnlocks Mysterious Jungle. Boss: Mew. Reward: Grass Trumpet (Increases recruit rate for Grass type Pokemon)
#&S6 NY2& YJN= 1P57 F0MN MH7YUnlocks Shimmering Desert. Boss: Groudon. Reward: Earth Cymbal (Increases recruit rate for Ground type Pokemon)
HW+8 66%T 5S51 +J5Y 4-K# H@P-Unlocks Sky Stairs. Boss: Rayquaza. Reward: Flying Pianaca (Increases recruit rate for Flying type Pokemon)
R#F&=7R3R37X+Q+& 6FWK YJN5Oran Forest
YNP5Q&%9HP5+SWK560P0W1%WLost Wilderness
Q&+2%1CSS1XMWY-48T0TC20YMt Mistral
FCCS#09=5T+6Y#033P@YPQ#@Unlocks Tiny Meadow
PXJ6 34F4 4Q3F QW&K YRX5 38+=Enigma Part
S=W7 3&8S 2CSQ 0-7Y HP3+ H260Secret Stoneplate
PJC21R&J0H%2F6WK5MJS+%Q+Unlock Happy Outlook
1PH1TKH7=9MJNY2T58-33Y90Get a Golden Apple.
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Unlockable - Where all legendarys are

by mostextreeme Jun 28, 2008

this is the dungeons and floors that all of the legendarys are cept for arceus and shaymia

some would need the items secret slab(ss) or mystery part(mp)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
articunodo the mission for the 7 treasures
zapdosamp plains 7f (need secret slab or mystery part)
moltresfinal maze in dojo b40f
mewtwodark crater b6f (need ss or mp) darkness only
mew7 treasures
raikouconceled ruins b20f and b29f(need ss or mp)
enteideep dark crater b10f (need ss or mp)
suicunefinal maze b29f
lugiasurrounded sea b18f (need ss or mp)
ho-ohmt.mistral 19f (need ss or mp)
celebimystifying forest 10f (need ss or mp) sorry its in time only
4 regi'sthe regi's are in the chambers of aegis cave
latiasspacial rift b10f (need ss or mp)
latiosdeep spacial rift b5f (same as latias)
groudon kyogre and rayquazaall three are for the 7 treasure mission
jirachifinal maze b23f
deoxysshimmer hill 17f (need ss or mp)normal form oter forms are in temporial tower and are not recrutible
rotommidnight forest b10f-b20f
uxiesteam cave peak 2nd time
mespritquicksand cave:underground lake 2nd time
azelfcrystal crossing:crystal lake 2nd time
dialgatemporal pinnacle 2nd time(to get to hidden land 2nd time lapras is at the beach)
palkiaspacial rift bottom 2nd time
heatran7 treasures
giratina7 treasures
cresseliawill join at sharpedo bluff
phionemiracle seabed
manaphyget egg from surrounded sea and it will leave and come back later in the game
darkriadoes not disappear for good and appears in mystifying forest 13f(need ss or mp)
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Unlockable - Munch munch says (wonder mail)

by Unregistered Apr 13, 2009

# 1-8 can be done same dungeon

golden seed 1F6%2 F7NS XX7Y 17%M J+YJ K9QT
golden seed 2S6R9 S%SM %P0= JH#S %M%# 0#4&
golden seed 30FJ9 98+Q HK+& &RWM 9&KF H0JC
golden seed 4RJT7 +&6X 4FY9 M9R3 4JJQ P@02
golden seed 559Q0 XK8+ 43=Y R8RR PP+# @K+P
golden seed 627NN 43@F %=Q5 6FW% FCMC 8440
golden seed 7418M 4N3C QH6N Y321 KQT= F89%
golden seed 8#H8@ 2W9# M53@ NRR& +W02 4R8K
mystery part7=#- 2=FC M@F& P9PJ X8-N T780
secret slab@JQW 3@-W 70NR PX&S -WK- K08@
houndoom8@3X FC1T &KJH =SH5 0=@W +==8
rotomYKC0 T8+% NSYJ +%W- 3YR% @#N#
garchomp@QP4 QF4P X636 %YQ+ 2S7M 8122
dragoniteNWQF WCSR %Y9F 8+3& P95T 3612
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Secret - Beat Darkrai Easy!

by Unregistered Feb 23, 2009

If you're a pickchu learn discharge. when you start the battle throw an X-eye seed at darkrai. then try to beat Rhyperrior. then use discharge 2 times. all thats left is darkrai. use really good moves. when his status heals. throw another seed. Hope this helped:).

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Password - I hope this work!

by 1stPokeLover Nov 11, 2009

This is my my first password helper so WORK! Also i'm a female looking for new friend i started yesterday. Some worked and some didn't work. Friend code: 0775-4321-9399

N@34 8SM9 6-R6 2Q2K #MJ% -6+YPiplup (female)
F=4X T7SH M8+3 #C62 Q37H 3JJ3Leafeon recruitment
99KN FFRS N7#P %K@K YW2C J9+TSeceret!
1PH1TKH7=9MJNY2T58-33Y90Get a Golden Apple.
CQ@8 TMN- M46X2CFM 9YXH X5WKFriend Bow
F6YP -R6& N#0N 0NX4 TJ#2 HW3NRecruit Apiom
4N%Q 8M64 M3XQ 8P03 70XW -XM3Recruit Weedle
61sj #q7c ---8 mc&4 qj1f gmk5Secret!
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Secret - Defeating Bosses

by Unregistered Jul 28, 2008

Use x-eye seeds, sleep seeds, or totter seeds. If you use blinker seeds your opponent can still attack you. Orbs have ne effect!
*Guild* take out Chimecho and Sunflora first. Use a seed on Wiglytuff then go for Chatlot.after thats done help your partner! Take down Croagunk make sure Wigglytuff is still seeded. Finish the rest of the guild. Finally you and your partner take on Wigglytuff.

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Secret - Gummy places

by Unregistered Sep 15, 2008

hello iam monkey ed here are the the best places to find gummies: blue and royal-beach cave,waterfall cave and craggy coast for easy to obtain. grass gummies-mysterious junle and i am soo bord not writing any more (-__-)

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Unlockable - How to get zapdos

by mostextreeme Jun 28, 2008

this is the dungeon and requierments for the pokemon

Unlockable:How to unlock:
zapdosamp plains 7f need secret slab or mystery part
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Secret - IQ skills

by Treeko1998 Aug 13, 2008

Some Pokemon seem to have different IQ skills.One might have All-Terrain Hiker,but not PP Saver,while the other might have PP Saver,but not All-Terrain Hiker!

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Code - Job Cheat

by Prince190 Nov 16, 2011

...Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Awesome Cheat
022AF3E0 00010104
122AF3E4 00000101
122AF3E8 00000001
022AF3EC 0ttt0uuu
122AF3F2 00000006
122AF3F4 00000rrr
222AF3F8 00000000
ttt uuu rrr replace it with the hex code of the pokemon you choose (same)
Pokemon And hex Code List:

001Ivysaur Is Client And Will Join Your Team
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Code - Job Cheat

by Prince190 Nov 16, 2011

...Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Awesome Cheat
ttt uuu rrr replace it with the hex code of the pokemon you choose (same)

Cheat Is At The Code Section And Heres The Hex:

Ivysaur 002
Venusaur 003
Charmander 004
Charmeleon 005
Charizard 006
Squirtle 007
Wartortle 008
Blastoise 009
Caterpie 00a
Metapod 00b
Butterfree 00c
Weedle 00d
Kakuna 00e
Beedrill 00f
Pidgey 010
Pidgeotto 011
Pidgeot 012
Rattata 013
Raticate 014
Spearow 015
Fearow 016
Ekans 017
Arbok 018
Pikachu 019
Raichu 01a
Sandshrew 01b
Sandslash 01c
Nidoran (Female) 01d
Nidorina 01e
Nidoqueen 01f
Nindoran 020
Nindorino 021
Nidoking 022
Clefairy 023
Celefable 024
Vulpix 025
Ninetails 026
Jigglypuff 027
Wigglytuff 028
Zubat 029
Golbat 02a
Oddish 02b
Gloom 02c

022AF3E0 00010104 122AF3E4 00000101 122AF3E8 00000001 022AF3EC 0ttt0uuu 122AF3F2 00000006 122AF3F4 00000rrr 222AF3F8 00000000Its The Code To Get The Pokemon you Want by Job
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Code - Final Maze