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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 84 cheats in our list, which includes 25 cheats codes, 5 passwords, 12 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 2 glitches, 37 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Darkai walkthorugh

by Sliverlugia007 Jun 16, 2010

When you get to darkai first use petrify seed or somthing realted to that so darkai cannot see right then take care of his helpers with your strongest moves do not attack darkai or he will be able to see again. Then deal with darkai also have rreviver seeds

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Secret - Better chance of recruitment & one of the new pokemon!

by Unregistered Feb 20, 2012

in the quiz, if u select yes on the first question, u will have a better chance of pokemon recruitment and better chance of being phanpy, riolu, vulpix, shinx or eevee! ~team midnight signing out!

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Code - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Cheats

by DarkArceus567 Sep 16, 2011

94000130 FFFB0000 C0000000 00000003 021BA548 00986F70 DC000000 00000240 D2000000 00000000Max EXP Team
94000130 FFFB0000 C0000000 00000003 121BA536 000003E7 DC000000 00000240 D2000000 00000000Max IQ Team
94000130 FFFB0000 C0000000 00000003 021BA538 03E703E7 DC000000 00000240 D2000000 00000000Max HP Team
921BA52E 00000100 221BA621 000000FF 121BA622 0000FFFF D0000000 00000000View Enemies, Items, Stairs on Map
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Code - Some Custom Wondermail S Codes.

by pokexpert3334 Aug 03, 2011

Here. They are all American. Tell me if you need a European.

Taking Requests!

TQ7N3 JHX2TS- W@MN9 7%8PR #C69K+0 +@9J3TM Shadowball
N-NC@ -W=10-K #6-&2 8&FJK FC%7#X7 5W+X2Golden Apple (?)
2C2PX MKPRTQR C%P0Y 1M39H S4M9KWY +YT6FGolden Seed
&@T%9 WYSK30+ 5@7J5 44KJP 7F7N6-7 P6J5%Another Golden Seed
-&63W -7#J60X N%XJ% JR57T 8TNR=6H -1PPCLife Seed
8R49Q 8MCM4CT 385SX T@++Q 531P72Y P8QMTProtein
XF8M4 J-09M#F =MP%8 W6YYQ T2@PQ=N &12M5Secret Slab
HX4-# WC=C3TW 6H&24 #=+99 5Y7PH58 P&=P9Mystery Part
Q&JK0 KF4HRFW 3CKXC Y&NMS 9KH9N2+ &=#WCGolden Ribbon
0Q7KF @58S@XW 0P&NS Q&JCM W1P84XQ S%89TAnother Golden Ribbom
RXHK9 TSH24HC H#P-+ +H0YS @NQ&=F- Y&TFCAmber Tear
5582& 3YK7H-- PT4HT 96@4K 4&=81NY 2#TH#Golden Mask
5582& 3YK7H-- PT4HT 96@4K 4&=81NY 2#TH#Sun Ribbon
C37+1 @+QJR&2 6F4KS ==--Q H-6PXH2 HMF+8Lunar Ribbon
7087H R+%40P4 3JP96 RY5SC NKP9CFK X93T#Reviver Seed
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Secret - Beat Primal Dialga Easier

by skyp Jun 13, 2011

Ways to beat Primal Dialga easier.

1. Use Fire, Dragon, Ground and Fighing type moves.

2. Eat a "Violent Seed" to be stronger

3. Bring a lot of "Reviver Seeds"

4. Avoid Dialga's Special moves: ROAR OF TIME

5. Simple: train (a lot)!

Hope I helped!

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Code - Here are some!

by Unregistered Jun 06, 2011

Look below for the code!

FTQ-& QN0HXWW N44-PGet a Shadow Ball TM
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Code - Secret Slab/mystery part

by alexchan99 Jun 01, 2011

TO get a secret slab or mystey part input theses codes into the wondermail

secret slab-@@RNH Y3SX7K+ C%J6Q XRF49 69WRS#T F8QH@both are you help a spritomb on the first floor of beach cave
mystery part-3YH56 F#&#-HX R4=%6 T7KF8 %Y+P=XW -+71Tboth are you help a spritomb on the first floor of beach cave
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Secret - Easy Boss and Outlaw Defeats

by iMAN123 Dec 02, 2010

Having trouble with bosses such as Frosslass and Wigglytuff, or tough outlaws in tough dungeons?

Well, if you're nearly defeated with no Reviver Seeds or Oran Berries you can use a One-Shot Orb as your last resort.

"What does it do?" you ask.

Well, it defeats your opponent instantly, with effects similar to one-hit KO attacks(e.g. Sheer Cold, Fissure).

You can obtain it with these methods:


  1. Zero Isle West
  2. Zero Isle East
  3. Zero Isle North
  4. Zero Isle South
  5. Zero Isle Center (not confirmed)

b)Wondermail S Code:

=F20W PF&Q@J8 =X=T+

-SMH4 M86N5%M FNS2#

Job Summary:

Client: Bulbasaur

Objective: Rescue Bulbasaur

Location:Beach Cave B1F

Reward:One-Shot Orb+???

I hope this will help you.

Have Fun!!!

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Secret - Missions quickly done

by aidang1 Nov 26, 2010

well first put all your items in kangashan storage and money in duskull bank and go on a mission as soon as you are there give up!! you don't lose anything and you get missions done!!! (only use for notice board missions not real serios ones!!) :)

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Code - Wondermail Codes To Get Many Precious Golden Seeds (American)

by Spottedfire12 Jun 28, 2011

Hi guys as promised I have made more wondermail for Golden Seeds! Each job takes place in Beach Cave first floor and you prospect with a female Skitty, so you get TWO Golden Seeds per mission. Go nuts!

K5XP1 =%#40WY 8@HWN#2QCY =H77P1W 6CFQ8Two Golden Seeds
MMR71 K4MY#T1 T6&=T%7JPF P9T&6X& FCM6%Two Golden Seeds
+2067 019HPRY FQK%8HS61C N4970KS 7JY&&Two Golden Seeds
6WX-= -=%%7HQ 9Q%#1WP&NR 2C7NQ7Q QJY%%Two Golden Seeds
81@S= PY#YMW1 8CKC-%Y1H2 +6=R7KC 2N#P@Two Golden Seeds
@7%5N #-J-SJ+ FFKC2+YSJC K0767J- -7#15Two Golden Seeds
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Secret - Find seven treasures

by stingwolf1032 Jul 15, 2010

To get the treasures you need to go fight fosslass and save sizor and he will give you the secret badge and you will have to check the spinda cafe there will be a pokemon waiting for you.

note:sometime the pokemon will not be there

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Secret - Labryinth Cave

by Chewi105 Jan 21, 2010

For those of you who really want the job to unlock Labryinth Cave, heres how: Make numerous drinks at Spinda's Cafe and sooner or later, you will unlock Happy Outlook. Travel to Happy Outlook and while your making your way through it, be sure that you defeat at least ONE Togetec. After you have cleared the dungeon, make your way to Spinda's Cafe. There will be a Togetec offering a job to find the Gabite Scale, which you obtain for beating the dungeon. The second you take the job or open it, you will unlock Labryinth Cave. Wether you complete yhe job or not, is up to you.

P.S. I'm so sorry, the job dosen't come with a Wonder Mail S code so this is the only way to unlock :(

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Secret - Darkrai recruitment

by Unregistered Aug 02, 2010

If you want darkrai on your team you must have a mystery part/secret slab. Then go to mirical sea floor 3 you should find darkrai also you should have a golden mask because darkrai is very hard to recruit.

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Secret - Beat Primal Dialga

by Nickmajek Jan 18, 2010

Atack from a distance with moves like energy ball or flamethrower email me with any s ive beaten the game 7 times

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Secret - The Starter Pokemon

by lil_shiny Jun 08, 2009




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Code - Which pokemon?

by blessed12349 Aug 19, 2011

Tell me What Pokemon and ill give you code fairly simple actually lol

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Code - Stealing!

by skyp Jun 13, 2011

If there is some really good items in a kekleon shop and you can't buy it? Then steal it! Just get a pure seed go to a dungeon where you know there is a shop and take everything get out of the shop and say no then eat the pure seed go to the next floor and you will have all the items in the Kekleon shop without paying anything!

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Code - Simpe Ways To Deafeat Primal Diagla

by Unregistered May 02, 2011

It's pretty simple; all you need to do is fit this:

Hero: Fire Type (works best) Level: Above 50

Partner: Water Type (second best) Level: Above 50

Items: A lot of Oran Berries, 4 Reviver Seeds, and 1 Blast Seed

How to: Wait for Dialga (A), then eat Blast Seed. Low HP? Oran Berry. When out of Oran Berries or has fainted, either die or the Reviver Seed will activate and bring you back to life. After that, just use a lot of Fire Type moves.

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Code - Wonder Mail S Codes

by PokeExplSky Apr 19, 2011

Golden Seeds All Drenched Bluff Best if done at the same time also, if you want a special mission let me know in a PRIVATE message.

#JPY8 K03-QKP 2XF=7 R%=K2 R447XH8 P3X5K1 Gold Seed
X73#0 7S@XN+1 4671Q CNM&T P-NNX26 NT-1%1 Gold Seed
F5+89 ==-#NP5 F&97N 8T87M T+X&NKT 33-@51 Gold Seed
NXMK1 SHT05&5 -=HJ7 3W42R X428T6@ JNTH71 Gold Seed
@=6S2 X4NH@HY FXKT% 3SKWF 4PS766R =-RQ11 Gold Seed
1PCT% 287#Q%6 5+K@S 60JY5 N#J&YX5 SPJ@@1 Gold Seed
TW7PS -KX5P=- W=CN9 =S8NS 9N#9F=& MTHH31 Gold Seed
@N84& S8W#QHR =+K28 94286 1X89-KS 0P=SJ1 Gold Seed
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Code - Easy kill of Dialga(who needs to calm down)

by Unregistered Apr 11, 2011

To kill Dialga,you need two reviver seeds,two violent seeds,one vile seed,four stun seeds and the lvls to be...

Hero:Lvl 46

Partner:Lvl __(could be same as Hero)

First:Throw a stun seed.

Then:Throw a vile seed at him

After:use two violent seeds on you and partner

Then:Use dig on him.

After Impact:Repeat first

Finally:let your partner do the rest.

(You could use endevorner to lower him down to death then use dig.)

Hope it helps:)

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Secret - Gummis! FAQ

by skyp Mar 04, 2011

Understanding what IQ is and how it affects your Pokmon is a very important aspect of the Pokmon Mystery Dungeon games, whether Pokmon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky is your first foray into the series or you've been playing since Pokmon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Pokmon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. Get a brief introduction to IQ, Gummis, and how they can help you conquer dungeon after dungeon!

The Pokmon Mystery Dungeon games add a new dimension in Pokmon enhancement, moving beyond simply gaining levels and learning new moves. You can also raise your Pokmon's IQ-a stat that grants your Pokmon new skills the higher it climbs. These IQ skills include the ability to cross over previously inaccessible terrain, to target particular Pokmon during battle (such as enemies with the lowest HP), or to evade more attacks from foes than usual, among many others. Plus, there are other advantages to having a high IQ! Some Pokmon won't learn particular moves or evolve until their IQ is high enough, for example. IQ skills are enormously beneficial, and the earlier you start improving the IQ of your Pokmon, the easier later levels will be.

IQ skills can sometimes affect the behavior of your Pokmon in drastic ways and, because of this, they can be turned off or on at any time. You might find it beneficial to turn off a skill for a while then turn it back on when the time is right. For example, one IQ skill, Exclusive Move-User, makes a Pokmon use its Moves (not its basic attack) as much as possible-which isn't all that great when you're trying to conserve your Pokmon's PP. Additionally, you'll discover that most skills will work for anyone in your party, but there are certain skills that can be utilized only by the leader of your party or by one of his or her teammates.

All Pokmon that you befriend in the wild will have 0 IQ points to begin with. They'll know a few basic skills, such as Item Master (which gives them the ability to hold and throw items). As you nurture your Pokmon and its IQ rises higher and higher, it will gain new skills that you'll probably find much more useful.

Gaining skills is entirely independent of gaining levels, using particular moves, or holding items-the only way you can increase your Pokmon's IQ is to feed it Gummis. Gummis are tasty little snacks, and each time you feed one to one of your Pokmon, it will gain a little bit of IQ. Be sure to feed your Pokmon the Gummis-merely letting them hold Gummis won't do the... 

continue →

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Code - Defeating primal dialga

by Darkrai2010 Jan 06, 2011

first you change your partners tactics to go after foes then make sure you have about 3 reviver seeds (before you fight primal Dialga) okay if your main character is rioulu then use mostly force palm and make sure you also have some seeds that comfuse foes but be careful in case primal Dialga uses roar of time okay and it helps if you know dig or protect since roar of time won"t work. and don"t give up send a message to me if you get stuck on a speacial mission or darkrai hope this helps you get past.

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Code - Wondermail!!!

by Bramblefang Nov 18, 2009

If you want to do some missions, type these codes in to get some missions!

CK9XSC-PQMSK4F48H 00XTN-=46719T&WK1Sky Stairway 40F Challenge Mewtwo
4C-NRH@R4+J6+@F0 7R&2MXFF739S8&##JMount Avalanche 17F Reward: Sun Ribbon +
CNJJN9-PSJNXX-NFH N2XT@XS2501K565KPBlizzard Island 13F Reward: Lunar Ribbon
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Code - Training Really Fast

by skyp Jun 13, 2011

1.Get some reviver seeds, Max Elixirs and a bunch of apples.
2.Go to some dungeon that you want to train in.
3.(In the dungeon) Open the menu and go to team, after that, have your team of 3-4 Pokemon to have their Tactics set to "You go the other way" or "Get away from here"
4. Go to a room and Hold B+A till your belly is empty or something is stirring.
5. Go to the next floor if something is stirring and eat something to fill your belly
6.Repeat Steps 4-5 till you want to stop or the dungeon is finished. And thats how you train fast! Good Luck!

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Glitch - Ghost Glitch

by Unregistered Nov 23, 2009

You know how when you defeat a Pokemon it goes into taking damage stance, flashes for 1 second, then disappears Well, continue holding the R button along with two directions on the control pad (as if you were walking diagonally) when you defeat a Pokemon. If done right, the defeated Pokemon will flash like normal, but keep flashing, then in 5-7 seconds, it goes back to normal stance and still flashes! Release buttons to allow Pokemon to "disappear". P.S.: Glitch does not always work but mostly does. Unknown if it works on bosses or outlaws. And possibly (just possibly) increases recruit rate. (It's sorta my lucky charm for recruiting Pokemon.)

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