Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Cheats

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 42 cheats in our list, which includes 25 cheats codes, 5 passwords, 12 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

BoRed here are some new wondermail codes to try out

by blackUmbreon Feb 08, 2010

If ur bored in the game and have no jobs to do here are some codes listd below

P4W4X -8T6PPS 63H3H 866Q= Y3J&M19 =XR+Cgives u the hm surf
1N6NQ H45JY62 @4-T@ CWTP= 8&-PQ0+ TJSXPwailord joins ur team
YJ4SC 1Y8Y+KX Y#08X P@%#6 P3P8JQT 9F=08salamence joins ur team
5N1P4 0YYRX=H M42C7 &5XMP @&NN&3M =WJ#Mtyraniter joins ur team
-Y-#5 M--T7WH TTM2M #T5CX 4#48T&7 YW#X+metagross joins ur team
F82RY T443#&Q SJHW# CC+F3 %S26H44 3=C=6u get a purple bow
=99-@ 6KN=7%S 33XC5 XJKRK %+-N913 2914Cu get a violet bow
-H6J5 X6#T&JX N6F5% +56N% NP5RY0P M@3NNu get a fuchsia bow
%H=5K 52WNF6& %=@H7 PPTS2 XQ=R3S2 MS&JXu get a viridian bow
-RJ&0 7JXHQR& @@YP+ MSJSQ 0T9NX1X P#R#6u get a sky blue bow
M51KM @1&N60= S2Y=X 5KXT# KMCP++7 @=183u get a blue bow
#9S1Q RYCTM#M +JRNS =M+91 J4WR139 T@XS4u get a gobalt bow
HFKCN 5W6Q##4 JRWQQ 2Q=NR KCJNFTJ QNS-4u get a orange bow
RR+PX 3S@+%SW 02846 T1YJQ -636W1+ 5KY@Su get a yellow bow
P49P# +HT1M4X C2%HR 3CCQY 9--75JC @&3=@u get a minty bow
292RM 8@CX836 %@578 YP83M R-=P07M &H6=3u get a silver bow
&&T@Y 0SSYCK+ 5-1M5 9SK-H +0XN3-S 4C94Yu get a green bow
2J#=@ 3T5NC91 #HN#4 &&=QS P4NRH-8 34%KWu get a red bow
Q-YSX %HX3%FH 3N+=@ +NK5N 7&JPNY8 &J1RXu get a pink bow
W4TPP M9H26CW 2J8+6 +C2-C Q%FPF9S XR%+0dragonight joins ur team
R071S T3+NQY2 X1J&N 4Y%57 &PS98X1 R73HQaltaria joins ur team
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MiRacle chests / golden mask / golden seeds excetra

by blackUmbreon Feb 10, 2010

Ive seen alot of people asking codes for golden masks excetra so i decided to give u my codes for them

Q7SS9 =%PJN8W -R=71 FS7#+ PQ=8K%= 8M6W@gives u a golden mask
2YH44 HY3NWFT HRX55 N&HK0 C9MF8 T2QPWgives u golden seeds
NS9K# #C1=Q44 0%8M3 #W521 5K2N-NF T6F=Tgives u golden seeds
1H9MS %CP@R5J 45MX# 5%50F X=SNJR6 5@%X8gives u golden seeds
=CX%4 S9486F7 Q9X4# 4N@K% H#58WJ= 8%NP9gives u golden seeds
2YH44 HX3NWFT H2X55 N&HK@ C839T&N KM-PWgives u miracle chest
=599J 296S86S 3@S05 2SQMM 9YFNQ4- N+9-Ygives u miracle chest
81KC4 CCRP-K8 H&QYX =H@XN FPN92%8 6#M&Jgives u miracle chest
Q=N6H KCTMM8= P@W2C &O5R- T59&=W- NH&J#gives u a golden apple
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SeCret Slab & Mystery Part

by Bramblefang Mar 09, 2010

Go to The "Wonder Mail S" section on the Main Menu.
Then pick "Receive Wonder Mail"
Then choose "Password"
Finally, type in the passwords that are near the bottom of this cheat.

Job Summary (Mystery Part)
It's a peculiar mechanical part, veiled by legendary mystery. Let's team up to find it!

Client - Ivysaur
Objective - Prospect with Ivysaur.
Place - Mystifying Forest 11F
Restrictions - None
Difficulty - *4 (600)
Reward - 550 Poke

Job Summary (Secret Slab)

The slab is supposed to keep an incredible secret. Help me in my quest to find it!

Client - Anorith
Objective - Prospect with Anorith
Place - Tiny Meadow 4F
Restrictions - None
Difficulty - D (15)
Reward - 150 Poke + Something else
Credit goes to www.friendcodes.com/ forums/ for the codes.
These are tested and work.

C3574 F31T72& 6F0%Q &MN52 4F1NTPF H6F1+Secret Slab
#@9H6 J4WQXNQ XH5YR 7QH8@ R=99T0H &S6+5Mystery Part
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A Challenge from entei!

by legacy214 Apr 18, 2011

Challenger: Entei

Objective: Defeat Entei

Place: Beach Cave B1F

Restrictions: None

Difficulty: E (10)

Loot: ???

47CRC 74N#7FF TT8P7 XH61+ =#-7+93 6W1R8Recruit Entei
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by DALEX Mar 04, 2010

We are a Master *** Rank with only 26110 more points to go!
Both theam members are level 100!
Want a mission with any reward We also make custom missions!
We only except missions that don't involve leveling down.
There must be a reward worth or equvalent to 500 poke.
This is how a mission request should me filled out:

Clinet: ***
Place: *** **F
Reward: ***
Wounder Mail S:
If a request lacks the following:
It will not be excepted

First three missions...will get a free Darkrai
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Cheats


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