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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 42 cheats in our list, which includes 3 easter eggs, 2 glitches, 37 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

MoNster House!

by Pokemaniac7 Jan 07, 2010

Let's think that you are in the depths of a dungeon with low HP or PP and you find a Monster House. Here's a way to avoid it without losing HP, PP or Reviver Seeds:
When you encounter the Monster House, use a Petrify or a Foe-Hold Orb. That way, every enemy on the floor will be petrified and it can't move until it's attacked. Then switch off all your partner's moves, so that it doesn't attack your enemies because they will no longer be petrified if they are attacked. Finally, walk carefully to the stairs without hitting anyone. Remember that since you don't hit them, foes will stay there and they won't move!

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If you need any item, seed, gummie, ect. tell me!

by TeamCuteCharm Jun 15, 2010

Just right what you need (yes i can even give you members for your team :) just right it down, i can give you wonder mail that looks something like this:

i fainted blah blah please help me!

Cleint: Eevee
Objective: Rescue Eevee
Place: Beach Cave 1F
Difficulty: E (10)
Reward: (Whatever you want)

Sound fun??!! Then type what you want so i can give you the wonder mail s code!!!
Also if you want to do eight missions at one time then tell me and the dungeon will be changed to water fall cave since
1.this dungeon has exactly 8 floors
2.you can take 8 mission at one time
3.therefor 8 jobs + 8 floors + 8 rewards = a very happy you :)!

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PiTfall Traps and Secret Bazaar!

by Pokemonfanxoxo Dec 21, 2009

Okay if u fall into a pit fall trap more than taking u under the floor ur in it takes u on the next floor! And the damage is only 5! So its awsome being in a pitfall trap! haha!!! Oh yea and the Secret Bazaar when im on like Threshround Forest and Mt. Horn the Secret Bazaar i got into is NEAR the stairs so it might be near the stairs!

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LoOk Alike Items

by Bramblefang Jan 07, 2010

Some lookalike items may be helpful, and some might not be helpful.

Note: The words in parenthesis are some dialogue of what the Pokemon or game will say when the item is used.

Oren Berry ~ Damages a Pokemon by 10HP when eaten.

Reviser Seed ~ Revives a Pokemon, then they faint again.

"I thought it was the right one..."

Slip Seed ~ Allows the eater to walk across water *Only on the floor it was eaten*

Dough Seed ~ More Poke will be on the next floor when eaten

"It's someone's luck day!"

Mix Elixir ~ Restores the PP of Linoone

Gone Pebble ~ Gives the eater a Counter Status

"I once had a friend..."

Gravelyrock ~ Raises the IQ of Bonsly and Sudowoodo

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StEal from Kecleon Market in Dungeon

by Airo Jan 04, 2010

There are several ways to steal from a Kecleon Market. I'll start with the hardest way and most simple way. Take any kind of item(s), step outside of the Market mat, and have insufficient funds or refuse to pay. The Kecleon will attack, as will other Kecleon that come by on the same floor. You'll probably die unless you're Level 100. However, this is the only way to recruit Kecleon, if you beat him/her. Another one is get all items on mat, then eat a Pure Seed. Go upstairs. WARNING: Your teammates will be left behind of course, so you may want them to stay back from the Kecleon before using Pure Seed. You can use an Escape Orb ONLY ON THE NEXT FLOOR if you came just for items. If you use an Escape Orb as soon as you pick up the items, you'll escape, but lose the stolen items. Another way is after picking up items, eat Vanish Seed and go to stairs. Only recommended if location of stairs is already known. WARNING: If you go up stairs BEFORE invisibilty wears off, you lose stolen items. The easiest way is to go near the stairs and use a Trawl Orb. All unclaimed will surround you, so it is recommended to pick up all items other than Market items. Hope I helped!

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A Trick 2 get lots of stones and other stuff

by blackUmbreon Feb 04, 2010

Here ill tell u how 2 get heaps of stones and other stuff without having the hassle of finding the right wondermail code for it

possible places: midnight forest or mystifying forest

wat u need:
1. Trawl orb (a thrawl orb draws all items on the floor to the user)
2. enougth space in ur treasure bag/storage

wat to do

1. go to mystifying forest or midnight forest and find a kecleon shop
2. find the stairs but do not go 2 the next lv
3. stand as close to the stairs as close as possible
4. use the trawl orb
5. quickly pick up any stones u see on the ground before the kecleon comes
6. then go up the stairs to the next lv
7. look in ur treasure bag and they will be there

tip: the further away the stairs are the more chance u get to pick up the stones
note: after u go to the next floor dont worry about the kecleon because it will not be able 2 get u when u go 2 the next lv

u can use this cheat in pokemon mystery dungeon blue/ red rescue team aswell as pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky

if u want other stuff like gold ribben go to other dungeons.

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AlL The Special Episodes

by Bramblefang Nov 18, 2009

To make sure you have unlocked all of the Special Episodes, check this list. These are all of the Special Episodes you can unlock and the main characters in each episode.

Bidoof's wish-Bidoof
Genius Igglybuff-Igglybuff
Today's Oh my Gosh-Sunflora
Team Charm's Arrival-Lopunny
In The Future of Darkness-Grovyle

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((NDS - EOS)) Making Custom Missions!

by Dark-Lugia Apr 26, 2010

I've found alot of useful cheats for various games on this site, So I decided to contribute back! :D

I will be giving out codes for Custom Missions for FREE-- I can get you missions to add a particular pokemon or recieve a rare item, although I cannot get you legendary pokemon (I can tell you all of there locations, though!)

Simply post here what pokemon/or/item you want, and I'll send you a Wondermail code via PM. :D

(( Again, I cannot give you missions for Legendary Recruit, But I can give you there locations and level. xD ))


Main Menu --> Wonder Mail S --> Receive Wonder Mail S --> Password --> then Input your code.

PLEASE notify me of you Code does not work, and I will Make a NEW one for you!

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TiPs on making gameplay easier

by Unregistered Jan 04, 2010

Hi! This post has tips for making the game easier to play. I'm sorry if these are obvious and old, but some people seem lke they should know. Feel free to add your own tips on this post. And, if at anytime you want to ask me something directly (which probably won't happen; if it does, then it probably won't happen often) address your question to "pokemonfan". And jsyk, I'm a girl. Does that surprise you

Tip 1: This tip is to help reduce the use of Max Elixir and making sure your partners don't use unnessacary moves. First, open up the menu by pressing X. Then go down to "Team". Select a team member's name and go to "Check IQ". Unswitch the "Exclusive Move-User" skill. That way, your partner won't use moves every time if you battle; they'll use their regular attack move.

Tip 2: This tip is to help in battling. Okay, when you're battling a boss like Dialga. keep the "Exclusive Move-User" skill on. Then switch any moves you would like your partner to use in battle. That way, your partner will use the moves you want them to use. I also like switching on moves like Endure first, switching it off, and then switching on attack moves. So, my partner (Riolu) will be protected throughout the battle unless I repeat that process.

Tip 3: This tip is to help keep your Reviver Seeds when your need them. I personally don't like using my Reviver Seeds on my teamates other than my partner because if your other teamates die, it doesn't matter. You'll only get kicked out of the dungeon if you or your partner dies. So, do the same thing in which you go to the list of your teamates' IQ Skills. Switch off "Item Master". Then your teamates won't have used up a Reviver Seed if they die because if they die, it doesn't really matter.

Tip 4: This tip is to organize your Treasure Bag and Storage. You probably already know this, but the button in the bottom left corner of your Treasure Bag and Storage menu that looks like stairs organizes and groups the items on your Treasure Bag and Storage.

Tip 5: Just so you know, this tip isn't my own. Anyway, this tip is to help with Monster Houses. When you encounter a Monster House, try to go into a hallway, or pathway. This way, you'll battle one pokemon at a time rather than like 6 surrounding you.

Tip 6: This tip explains a secret about the Marowak Dojo. If you complete all of the mazes, a secret maze will open up. It took a long time to get through it and a lot of tries so good luck!

Tip 7: This tip is to help... 

continue →

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HoW to beat Post-Game bosses easily

by ThebigO Dec 21, 2009

First of all, you need a mudkip at the start of the game. Secondly, when it gets to about level 45 let it learn the move endeavor, in PMD explorers of time i was mudkip versing dialga endeavor makes the receiving pokemon take damage all the way down to what your hp is at the time. It worked for me and it is also useful for others like froslass, wigglytuff, regigigas and Darkrai.

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SkY Jukebox

by Bramblefang Jan 05, 2010

You may have found out about the "Sky Jukebox" in the instructions manual of the game.

Question:How do you unlock the Sky Jukebox

Answer:You need to climb Sky Peak that is reachable by going into Shaymin Village.

After you get back home after completing Sky Peak, you'll unlock the Sky Jukebox.

The Sky Jukebox includes 141 Songs that you can listen too. You can listen to the music from dungeons, bosses, etc.

I hoped this helped!

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StArter Pokemon Follow You!

by Bramblefang Sep 07, 2009

I found some pictures that say the Starter pokemon actually follow you! They sometimes can find items and there are quite a lot of different pokemon that can follow you. Only one can follow you at a time. I found this information in Seribii.net.

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by skyp Jun 22, 2011

You can get Shaymin on your team! After you have gone to the top Of the Mountain in Shaymin Village, go back to the top again. There will be Shaymin. Talk to it and accept it on your team. I have Shaymin on my team so it does work!

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PrE Release info

by lil_shiny Jun 08, 2009

Pokmon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky is a continuation of the previous games; Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness. Featuring the same Dungeon crawling gameplay, Explorers of the Sky expands upon the story showing what happened to Grovyle the Thief after the storyling and also shows how the Wigglytuff Guild comes together and even has you as playing as some of the founding members of it outside of your Pokmon and your Partner.

The full extent of the story is not yet known nor is it known how many areas or characters from the previous games will return. This game removes 2 of the starter Pokmon from previous games and adds 5 more; Vulpix, Eevee, Phanpy, Shinx & Riolu. It is also expected to feature Shaymin and its forms as well as the new forms of Giratina & Rotom that were introduced since the last game.

This game is expected to be released in Spring of 2009 in Japan and we'll have more info added from now to then.

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HoW to get loads of reviver seeds really quickly!

by Unregistered Oct 19, 2012

To use this secret, you need to have either beaten the main game or be able to recycle for reviver seeds at Spinda's Cafe. So...

If you've beaten the game, simply go to the Guild, sublevel 2. In the bottom left-hand corner, you'll see Loudred standing by a hole. Talk to him, and he'll ask you if you want to do sentry duty. Say yes. Complete the minigame, then reap the rewards. If you got all six questions correct, but you didn't beat your high score, you should get a Def. Scarf, a Heal Seed, 300P, and.... a Reviver Seed! Repeat this several times and watch the seeds flood in.

If you haven't beaten the game, but you can recycle for a reviver seed at Spinda's Cafe, go to Marowak Dojo. Enter one of the mazes. It helps if you have a type advantage, but it's not essential. If you have a pokemon who knows the iq skill Acute Sniffer, this is also useful. However, remember not to take in any items. If you have Acute Sniffer, you should be told how many items there are on the floor. If you don't, just search every room until you have all the items. Conveniently, the only items you'll find in the mazes are Oran berries, Escape Orbs and money. When you've completed all five floors of the maze, exit the dojo, bank your money and go to Spinda's cafe. First stop, the recycle shop. You can recycle two escape orbs for one reviver seed, so go ahead. Then, go to the juice bar. If you drink enough oran berry drinks, your hp might get boosted! Then go back to the maze and repeat as many times as necessary.

Hope this helped!

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LiKe the easiest way to steal from Kecleon!

by Shinyskitty Jul 23, 2012

The only way you can steal from Kecleon is in Mystery Dungeons!

So here are a few ways to do so after you spot a Kecleon Market:

1. Have an escape orb and take everything in the market and exit, Kecleon will come after you and start attacking you for not paying but use an escape orb to exit the dungeon before he defeats you!

2.Get 2 Pure Seeds 1 for you and 1 for your partner, so after you take every thing from the market first use the Pure Seed on your partner and then on you , then go up the stairs and you stole from Kecleon!

3. Make sure there is a Kecleon Market on the floor your doing this to. Then find the stairs. Get right beside them and use a Trawl Orb which pulls in all items on floor. Carefully pick them up and go up the stairs!

4. (The hard way) You have to be a ghost type or have a Mobile Scarf equipped to you to do this. Okay find a Kecleon Market Take every thing from market then head to the nearest wall and go on it to escape from Kecleon! But when your on a wall your belly goes down a LOT so carry a LOT of apples, Gummis, and berries!

I hope this helps people who wanna steal from Kecleon!

PS: If you wanna know something about Kecleon its that he is a level 100 and he can 1 shot u!Enjoy the cheats!

, Shinyskitty

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*sTeal from keckleons in dungeons*

by cjack68 Jul 03, 2012

first, get lots of apples, one escape orb, and a dark or ghost type leader. first, find the stairs BUT DONT GO UP THEM! find the keckleon market,get the items u want,and step off the mat. u either deny to pay or dont have the money. then, run through the nearest wall, and eat apples as u go along(u get hungry really fast when walking through walls). then, go up the stairs, use escape orb, and viola your home free with items u didnt have to pay for!

plz comment and dont hesitate to ask any questions

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HoW many floors in some dungeons

by FlameMaster123 Jan 06, 2012

world abyss- 30 floors (battle Giratina)

mystery jungle- 30 floors (battle mew)

Oran forest- 5 floors

marine resort- 20 floors

beach cave- 5 floors

bottomless sea- possibly 40 to 50 floors

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HoW to cause more damage per hit

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2012

This may only happen with some pokemon (skitty's the one I'm sure of)

-go into the menu and select moves choose the move you want to use and press the "A" button and then select use!

-this may take more time but its worth it I belive that it causes about 20 more damage to the enemy if done this way.

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GuMmi item pokemon any !!!!!!!

by shinxz6 Jul 13, 2010

Tell me what you want yes even sky gift but no ledendary pokemon i will give you pokemon money tms gummis healing items any item tell me i can give u 2 items a mission plus money tell me what mission you want (if you want two a mission it has to be prospect w someone if you do not tell me the pokemon asking for the mission it will be an espeon)

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DaRkai walkthorugh

by Sliverlugia007 Jun 16, 2010

When you get to darkai first use petrify seed or somthing realted to that so darkai cannot see right then take care of his helpers with your strongest moves do not attack darkai or he will be able to see again. Then deal with darkai also have rreviver seeds

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BeTter chance of recruitment & one of the new pokemon!

by Unregistered Feb 20, 2012

in the quiz, if u select yes on the first question, u will have a better chance of pokemon recruitment and better chance of being phanpy, riolu, vulpix, shinx or eevee! ~team midnight signing out!

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BeAt Primal Dialga Easier

by skyp Jun 13, 2011

Ways to beat Primal Dialga easier.

1. Use Fire, Dragon, Ground and Fighing type moves.

2. Eat a "Violent Seed" to be stronger

3. Bring a lot of "Reviver Seeds"

4. Avoid Dialga's Special moves: ROAR OF TIME

5. Simple: train (a lot)!

Hope I helped!

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EaSy Boss and Outlaw Defeats

by iMAN123 Dec 02, 2010

Having trouble with bosses such as Frosslass and Wigglytuff, or tough outlaws in tough dungeons?

Well, if you're nearly defeated with no Reviver Seeds or Oran Berries you can use a One-Shot Orb as your last resort.

"What does it do?" you ask.

Well, it defeats your opponent instantly, with effects similar to one-hit KO attacks(e.g. Sheer Cold, Fissure).

You can obtain it with these methods:


  1. Zero Isle West
  2. Zero Isle East
  3. Zero Isle North
  4. Zero Isle South
  5. Zero Isle Center (not confirmed)

b)Wondermail S Code:

=F20W PF&Q@J8 =X=T+

-SMH4 M86N5%M FNS2#

Job Summary:

Client: Bulbasaur

Objective: Rescue Bulbasaur

Location:Beach Cave B1F

Reward:One-Shot Orb+???

I hope this will help you.

Have Fun!!!

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miSsions quickly done

by aidang1 Nov 26, 2010

well first put all your items in kangashan storage and money in duskull bank and go on a mission as soon as you are there give up!! you don't lose anything and you get missions done!!! (only use for notice board missions not real serios ones!!) :)

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