Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Cheats

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 84 cheats in our list, which includes 25 cheats codes, 5 passwords, 12 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 2 glitches, 37 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Extra Dungeons

by cGub Nov 03, 2009

After completing Chapter 10, you can unlock extra dungeons through different methods. These dungeons have Treasure Chests on the last floor everything you clear them. Some even have Treasure Chambers that require a key to open and Legendary Pokemon that appear if you have the Secret Slab or Mystery Part. Note: The Spinda's Juice Bar Cafe activationswill happen at random.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Bottomless SeaGet the Secret Rank and receive the job from Spinda's Cafe
Destiny TowerBeat the game and make drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar
Giant VolcanoGet the Secret Rank and receive the job from Spinda's Cafe
Happy OutlookBeat the game and make drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar
Inferno CaveGet Guildmaster Rank
Labyrirth CaveBeat the game and find a job with ??? for the Place
Lake AfarMake 100 Recycles
Landslide CaveMake 3 Recycles
Lost WildernessBeat the game and make drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar
Lush PrarieMake drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar
Midnight ForestBeat the game and find a job with ??? for the Place
Mt AvalancheGet the Secret Rank and receive the job from Spinda's Cafe
Mt MistralBeat the game and make drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar
Mystery JungleGet the Secret Rank and receive the job from Spinda's Cafe
Oblivion ForestGet Master 1 Star Rank
Oran ForestMake 60 Recycles
Serenity RiverMake drinks at Spinda's Juice Bar
Shimmer DesertGet the Secret Rank and receive the job from Spinda's Cafe
Shimmer HillBeat the game and find a job with ??? for the Place
Sky StairwayGet the Secret Rank and receive the job from Spinda's Cafe
Southern IslandsGet Master 3 Star Rank
Star CaveClear Special Episode 1 and get the Secret Rank, then get Jirachi's Challenge Letter from Spinda's Cafe
Tiny MeadowMake 25 Recycles
Treacherous WatersGet Master 2 Star Rank
World AbyssGet the Secret Rank and receive the job from Spinda's Cafe
Zero Island CenterGraduate from the Guild and do 150 Recycles
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Secret - Monster House!

by Pokemaniac7 Jan 07, 2010

Let's think that you are in the depths of a dungeon with low HP or PP and you find a Monster House. Here's a way to avoid it without losing HP, PP or Reviver Seeds:
When you encounter the Monster House, use a Petrify or a Foe-Hold Orb. That way, every enemy on the floor will be petrified and it can't move until it's attacked. Then switch off all your partner's moves, so that it doesn't attack your enemies because they will no longer be petrified if they are attacked. Finally, walk carefully to the stairs without hitting anyone. Remember that since you don't hit them, foes will stay there and they won't move!

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Password - Bored here are some new wondermail codes to try out

by blackUmbreon Feb 08, 2010

If ur bored in the game and have no jobs to do here are some codes listd below

P4W4X -8T6PPS 63H3H 866Q= Y3J&M19 =XR+Cgives u the hm surf
1N6NQ H45JY62 @4-T@ CWTP= 8&-PQ0+ TJSXPwailord joins ur team
YJ4SC 1Y8Y+KX Y#08X P@%#6 P3P8JQT 9F=08salamence joins ur team
5N1P4 0YYRX=H M42C7 &5XMP @&NN&3M =WJ#Mtyraniter joins ur team
-Y-#5 M--T7WH TTM2M #T5CX 4#48T&7 YW#X+metagross joins ur team
F82RY T443#&Q SJHW# CC+F3 %S26H44 3=C=6u get a purple bow
=99-@ 6KN=7%S 33XC5 XJKRK %+-N913 2914Cu get a violet bow
-H6J5 X6#T&JX N6F5% +56N% NP5RY0P M@3NNu get a fuchsia bow
%H=5K 52WNF6& %=@H7 PPTS2 XQ=R3S2 MS&JXu get a viridian bow
-RJ&0 7JXHQR& @@YP+ MSJSQ 0T9NX1X P#R#6u get a sky blue bow
M51KM @1&N60= S2Y=X 5KXT# KMCP++7 @=183u get a blue bow
#9S1Q RYCTM#M +JRNS =M+91 J4WR139 T@XS4u get a gobalt bow
HFKCN 5W6Q##4 JRWQQ 2Q=NR KCJNFTJ QNS-4u get a orange bow
RR+PX 3S@+%SW 02846 T1YJQ -636W1+ 5KY@Su get a yellow bow
P49P# +HT1M4X C2%HR 3CCQY 9--75JC @&3=@u get a minty bow
292RM 8@CX836 %@578 YP83M R-=P07M &H6=3u get a silver bow
&&T@Y 0SSYCK+ 5-1M5 9SK-H +0XN3-S 4C94Yu get a green bow
2J#=@ 3T5NC91 #HN#4 &&=QS P4NRH-8 34%KWu get a red bow
Q-YSX %HX3%FH 3N+=@ +NK5N 7&JPNY8 &J1RXu get a pink bow
W4TPP M9H26CW 2J8+6 +C2-C Q%FPF9S XR%+0dragonight joins ur team
R071S T3+NQY2 X1J&N 4Y%57 &PS98X1 R73HQaltaria joins ur team
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Secret - If you need any item, seed, gummie, ect. tell me!

by TeamCuteCharm Jun 15, 2010

Just right what you need (yes i can even give you members for your team :) just right it down, i can give you wonder mail that looks something like this:

i fainted blah blah please help me!

Cleint: Eevee
Objective: Rescue Eevee
Place: Beach Cave 1F
Difficulty: E (10)
Reward: (Whatever you want)

Sound fun??!! Then type what you want so i can give you the wonder mail s code!!!
Also if you want to do eight missions at one time then tell me and the dungeon will be changed to water fall cave since
1.this dungeon has exactly 8 floors
2.you can take 8 mission at one time
3.therefor 8 jobs + 8 floors + 8 rewards = a very happy you :)!

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Secret - Pitfall Traps and Secret Bazaar!

by Pokemonfanxoxo Dec 21, 2009

Okay if u fall into a pit fall trap more than taking u under the floor ur in it takes u on the next floor! And the damage is only 5! So its awsome being in a pitfall trap! haha!!! Oh yea and the Secret Bazaar when im on like Threshround Forest and Mt. Horn the Secret Bazaar i got into is NEAR the stairs so it might be near the stairs!

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Secret - Look Alike Items

by Bramblefang Jan 07, 2010

Some lookalike items may be helpful, and some might not be helpful.

Note: The words in parenthesis are some dialogue of what the Pokemon or game will say when the item is used.

Oren Berry ~ Damages a Pokemon by 10HP when eaten.

Reviser Seed ~ Revives a Pokemon, then they faint again.

"I thought it was the right one..."

Slip Seed ~ Allows the eater to walk across water *Only on the floor it was eaten*

Dough Seed ~ More Poke will be on the next floor when eaten

"It's someone's luck day!"

Mix Elixir ~ Restores the PP of Linoone

Gone Pebble ~ Gives the eater a Counter Status

"I once had a friend..."

Gravelyrock ~ Raises the IQ of Bonsly and Sudowoodo

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Secret - Steal from Kecleon Market in Dungeon

by Airo Jan 04, 2010

There are several ways to steal from a Kecleon Market. I'll start with the hardest way and most simple way. Take any kind of item(s), step outside of the Market mat, and have insufficient funds or refuse to pay. The Kecleon will attack, as will other Kecleon that come by on the same floor. You'll probably die unless you're Level 100. However, this is the only way to recruit Kecleon, if you beat him/her. Another one is get all items on mat, then eat a Pure Seed. Go upstairs. WARNING: Your teammates will be left behind of course, so you may want them to stay back from the Kecleon before using Pure Seed. You can use an Escape Orb ONLY ON THE NEXT FLOOR if you came just for items. If you use an Escape Orb as soon as you pick up the items, you'll escape, but lose the stolen items. Another way is after picking up items, eat Vanish Seed and go to stairs. Only recommended if location of stairs is already known. WARNING: If you go up stairs BEFORE invisibilty wears off, you lose stolen items. The easiest way is to go near the stairs and use a Trawl Orb. All unclaimed will surround you, so it is recommended to pick up all items other than Market items. Hope I helped!

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Secret - A trick 2 get lots of stones and other stuff

by blackUmbreon Feb 04, 2010

Here ill tell u how 2 get heaps of stones and other stuff without having the hassle of finding the right wondermail code for it

possible places: midnight forest or mystifying forest

wat u need:
1. Trawl orb (a thrawl orb draws all items on the floor to the user)
2. enougth space in ur treasure bag/storage

wat to do

1. go to mystifying forest or midnight forest and find a kecleon shop
2. find the stairs but do not go 2 the next lv
3. stand as close to the stairs as close as possible
4. use the trawl orb
5. quickly pick up any stones u see on the ground before the kecleon comes
6. then go up the stairs to the next lv
7. look in ur treasure bag and they will be there

tip: the further away the stairs are the more chance u get to pick up the stones
note: after u go to the next floor dont worry about the kecleon because it will not be able 2 get u when u go 2 the next lv

u can use this cheat in pokemon mystery dungeon blue/ red rescue team aswell as pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky

if u want other stuff like gold ribben go to other dungeons.

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Code - Wondermail To Get Many Precious Golden Seeds (American)

by Spottedfire12 Apr 04, 2011

Obviously, you will get rewarded a Golden Seed for doing each mission, and you are prospecting with a female Skitty, so you will get two Golden Seeds per mission. Also each Golden Seed is located on the first floor of Beach Cave. I will post more codes for Golden Seeds if rated well, or if you need some Items, PM me and I will post many codes for that Item. Have fun!

Also, I will post another cheat for some more Golden Seeds for your partner Pokemon.

7T=#N Y+MCM%R PJ5PPNQP8& 70FN1H6 0X1X1Two Golden Seeds
8@-MQ 65RNPN8 H52MX%YXX# SH297C0 KCS65Two Golden Seeds
KHNS2 J-F&FWX 6+61R5&8K2 032PW85 T4J#STwo Golden Seeds
0K==K 832C+-X Y8&Q%#K+57 JH36%SC 5T=YFTwo Golden Seeds
FK+RK &%-#555 F59&N8K-72 6++&+9= 3-C@5Two Golden Seeds
X#Q00 %5KWTHH JHY020XYKX CN1R@ST N0418Two Golden Seeds
R6FH+ J36M@MX 9WC9&S55-M TT8&H@1 MTNH5Two Golden Seeds
4H=+Y +-S&5M9 =#JC+K+607 +W4N89N 2YNFRTwo Golden Seeds
CX9K8 9WCP650 34M#&4&RHY NY96J1# 2MM@QTwo Golden Seeds
+K#97 +3=N&&0 -2Y=T@9&01 M&3P1&H 924RTTwo Golden Seeds
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Unlockable - More wondermail pokemon recruits

by blackUmbreon Mar 03, 2010

Here are some more wondermail pokemon recruits hope u enjoy doing them

arcanine5Q4Y6 9HPFXRC 0MKS6 %KM1= KP19 - M& SYRQ+
gengar@1642 &4NPWKY F5 - T% 3WKW# 9P17600 QX+Q1
raichuXN@Q2 XCKYF=H J - 4#2 +RW13 NNXRYP- X%918
ninetailsP#9P0 #+PMT4= M8R+Q F8#FY 46W8SXR 5H9%0
KingdraSR70P NFF#WM4 F#WQ6 RFTQ= Q#=776S 5077S
drapion8TQ=% W4%Q7N# Q - J&S 6%-RH +%&RR#1 R%37F
aerodactylQW0RH 43J-1%& 4TQ97 5J08Q 6PWR673 208T1
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Password - Miracle chests / golden mask / golden seeds excetra

by blackUmbreon Feb 10, 2010

Ive seen alot of people asking codes for golden masks excetra so i decided to give u my codes for them

Q7SS9 =%PJN8W -R=71 FS7#+ PQ=8K%= 8M6W@gives u a golden mask
2YH44 HY3NWFT HRX55 N&HK0 C9MF8 T2QPWgives u golden seeds
NS9K# #C1=Q44 0%8M3 #W521 5K2N-NF T6F=Tgives u golden seeds
1H9MS %CP@R5J 45MX# 5%50F X=SNJR6 5@%X8gives u golden seeds
=CX%4 S9486F7 Q9X4# 4N@K% H#58WJ= 8%NP9gives u golden seeds
2YH44 HX3NWFT H2X55 N&HK@ C839T&N KM-PWgives u miracle chest
=599J 296S86S 3@S05 2SQMM 9YFNQ4- N+9-Ygives u miracle chest
81KC4 CCRP-K8 H&QYX =H@XN FPN92%8 6#M&Jgives u miracle chest
Q=N6H KCTMM8= P@W2C &O5R- T59&=W- NH&J#gives u a golden apple
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Secret - All The Special Episodes

by Bramblefang Nov 18, 2009

To make sure you have unlocked all of the Special Episodes, check this list. These are all of the Special Episodes you can unlock and the main characters in each episode.

Bidoof's wish-Bidoof
Genius Igglybuff-Igglybuff
Today's Oh my Gosh-Sunflora
Team Charm's Arrival-Lopunny
In The Future of Darkness-Grovyle

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Password - Secret Slab & Mystery Part

by Bramblefang Mar 09, 2010

Go to The "Wonder Mail S" section on the Main Menu.
Then pick "Receive Wonder Mail"
Then choose "Password"
Finally, type in the passwords that are near the bottom of this cheat.

Job Summary (Mystery Part)
It's a peculiar mechanical part, veiled by legendary mystery. Let's team up to find it!

Client - Ivysaur
Objective - Prospect with Ivysaur.
Place - Mystifying Forest 11F
Restrictions - None
Difficulty - *4 (600)
Reward - 550 Poke

Job Summary (Secret Slab)

The slab is supposed to keep an incredible secret. Help me in my quest to find it!

Client - Anorith
Objective - Prospect with Anorith
Place - Tiny Meadow 4F
Restrictions - None
Difficulty - D (15)
Reward - 150 Poke + Something else
Credit goes to www.friendcodes.com/ forums/ for the codes.
These are tested and work.

C3574 F31T72& 6F0%Q &MN52 4F1NTPF H6F1+Secret Slab
#@9H6 J4WQXNQ XH5YR 7QH8@ R=99T0H &S6+5Mystery Part
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Easter Egg - New Area in Treasure Town

by NinjaUmbreon Jun 16, 2009

There is a new building in Treasure Town which has shops call Spinda's Drink Stand and Explore Recycle and Big Treasure. The building's name is Spinda's Cafe.

Spinda's Cafe is located near the exit of Treasure Town. It gives you access to the Unexplored Land once you get to a certain part of the game. In Spinda's Drink Stand, you can turn Apples, Seeds, and Berries into Drinks for a wee price. Drinks will have new effects once you drink them in Dungeons.

The other stall is a two-function stall owned by a Wynaut and its evolution, Wobbuffet. Explore Recycle is run by Wynaut. It allows you to trade excess Items that you have for other items. The quality of the Items increases with the more Items you exchange in so be sure to keep coming to the stall. The other stall that's run by Wobbuffet, the Big Treasure stall, has you enter lottery for a certain price... The prizes for this lottery vary so what you get will be random...

Any questions

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Secret - ((NDS - EOS)) Making Custom Missions!

by Dark-Lugia Apr 26, 2010

I've found alot of useful cheats for various games on this site, So I decided to contribute back! :D

I will be giving out codes for Custom Missions for FREE-- I can get you missions to add a particular pokemon or recieve a rare item, although I cannot get you legendary pokemon (I can tell you all of there locations, though!)

Simply post here what pokemon/or/item you want, and I'll send you a Wondermail code via PM. :D

(( Again, I cannot give you missions for Legendary Recruit, But I can give you there locations and level. xD ))


Main Menu --> Wonder Mail S --> Receive Wonder Mail S --> Password --> then Input your code.

PLEASE notify me of you Code does not work, and I will Make a NEW one for you!

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