Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Requests

 [ NDS ]
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how to get get asecret part or secret slab

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Password - Secret Slab & Mystery Part:

Go to The "Wonder Mail S" section on the Main Menu.

Then pick "Receive Wonder Mail"

Then choose "Password"

Finally, type in the passwords that are near the bottom of this cheat.

Job Summary (Mystery Part)

It's a peculiar mechanical part, veiled by legendary mystery. Let's team up to find it!

Client - Ivysaur

Objective - Prospect with Ivysaur.

Place - Mystifying Forest 11F

Restrictions - None

Difficulty - *4 (600)

Reward - 550 Poke

Job Summary (Secret Slab)

The slab is supposed to keep an incredible secret. Help me in my quest to find it!

Client - Anorith

Objective - Prospect with Anorith

Place - Tiny Meadow 4F

Restrictions - None

Difficulty - D (15)

Reward - 150 Poke + Something else

Credit goes to forums/ for the codes.

These are tested and work.

C3574 F31T72& 6F0%Q &MN52 4F1NTPF H6F1+Secret Slab
#@9H6 J4WQXNQ XH5YR 7QH8@ R=99T0H &S6+5Mystery Part

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Code - Secret Slab/mystery part:

TO get a secret slab or mystey part input theses codes into the wondermail

secret slab-@@RNH Y3SX7K+ C%J6Q XRF49 69WRS#T F8QH@both are you help a spritomb on the first floor of beach cave
mystery part-3YH56 F#&#-HX R4=%6 T7KF8 %Y+P=XW -+71Tboth are you help a spritomb on the first floor of beach cave