Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Review

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Review

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Review :

Airo's avatar

Sep 06, 2010

Everyone knows Pokemon, right? Those powerful (or cute, depending on specific Pokemon) creatures that sadly have a language that humans cannot translate? Well, if you haven't played a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game before, you should look at this. A game where you get to be a Pokemon that can talk and communicate with other Pokemon! Though you probably already knew that, otherwise you may not have even been looking at this review. Anyway, this a unique game, unlike most RPGs out there, consid...

ziko's avatar

Sep 09, 2010

This game is good without a doubt. It just fells better to be a pokemon then a human.The story is nearly the same as the last ones but is slightly changed .You get to chose your friend and have to answer questions in the beginning then off you go.So if you do not have the gameyour in for a special treat that isnt often made so read my comments and see what you think....

pikamander's avatar

Dec 20, 2010

This is a marvellous game! Yes, it is the same as Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/darkness, however,there are extras added. Like the secret bazaar. You can find that in any dungeon, but it is hidden. There is also the secret room, with 5 deluxe boxes. There are 4 ranks higher than master rank. Riolu, Vulpix, Phanpy, and Shinx are now added to the starter list. Eevee can now become a hero or a starter, unlike the previous game. Bottles wash up at the beach. Spinda's cafe will open.Shaymin ...

Spottedfire12's avatar

Mar 31, 2011

For all you Pokefans out there here is something fresh and new! Unlike the previous Pokemon games like LeafGreen, Ruby, Platinum, and the others, you get to actually BE a POKEMON! Pokemon Explorers of Sky is an extended version of Time and Darkness. It has new features, like there is more Pokemon available to be the hero and/or partner. Also Shaymin is now recruitable. At the ending this game makes me cry, no matter how many times I've seen it. Another feature is Spinda's Cafe, where y...

Bramblefang's avatar

Sep 09, 2010

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky is the third installment of the Mystery Dungeon series and is a remake of Explorers of Time & Darkness. Mystery Dungeon transports you to a whole different world where you are the Pokemon. This created a unique games series in Pokemon. Now, Explorers of Sky features a few differences from it's predecessor. One is that an area called Spinda Cafe opens up near the crossroads at some point in the game. In this cafe, a Spinda mixes Gummis for you an...

Angel138's avatar

Aug 24, 2010

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games... Certainly different, I'll give them that much. For once you do not capture and train pokemon but instead you actually ARE the pokemon, making up your own cute little team of pokemon explorers, much like in every other PMD game ever made. This game is quite fun, and the mini episodes are OK, although some parts seem to repeat themselves and the game is awfully slow with far too much talking and not enough action. You certainly need patience on your side for...

skyp's avatar

Nov 10, 2010

<-Japanese It feels good to be a Pokemon. That how it is in the game series Pokemon Mystery Dungeon! In the series, you are a human but by traveling through time, you turn in to a Pokemon and have no memory except for your name. At the beginning, you take a quiz that determines what Pokemon you turn into. There is a special cavern in Explorers of Sky that isn't in any before it located at the cross before the Guild. Its called Spinda Cafe. On one side of the cavern, there is Spin...

iMAN123's avatar

Dec 02, 2010

The ENTIRE game has improve little since Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, but it still catches the attention of players worldwide. Many Pokemon games are internationally renowned such as the main series on the DS and the Wii series. However people have thought: "What if you WERE the Pokemon?" The Mystery Dungeon series answers that common question by letting you explore a world with no humans and just Pokemon. It is considered and exceptionally special series of not only Po...


Jun 06, 2011

Me in particular, I enjoy the newer version. First of all, it combines mystery dungeon EOD AS WELL AS mystery dungeon EOT, this way you can get ALL legendaries, not excluding Celebi in Darkness or Mewtwo in Time. Also, as an added bonus, there are more IQ skills, and brand new dungeons! Not to mention they came up with a few new items too (this includes lookalike items). Plus, you can recruit Shaymin, and they've made items that are harder to find, easier. Even more! They added in secret ro...


Jul 14, 2011

This game is one of the good games. it just feels better to like become a pokemon than human and well you guys don often see pokemon which talk right ? like all the other mystery dungeon games you get to choose your partner but before that you would have to answer some questions which will determine what pokemon will you become. There are serveral storyline and 5 special episodes. This game is one of a kind.as you seldom get to play as a pokemon but your play as a human with pokedexs all these r...

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