Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Review

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Review :

A New Adventure

by Bramblefang Sep 09, 2010

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky is the third installment of the Mystery Dungeon series and is a remake of Explorers of Time & Darkness.

Mystery Dungeon transports you to a whole different world where you are the Pokemon. This created a unique games series in Pokemon.

Now, Explorers of Sky features a few differences from it's predecessor. One is that an area called Spinda Cafe opens up near the crossroads at some point in the game. In this cafe, a Spinda mixes Gummis for you and makes a drink that is way more effective than the average Gummi. The other stand is a place where recycle items you don't need anymore and you get an items in exchange or a chance to earn prizes. This is where your team (Besides you ad your partner) will stay until you go out on a mission.

The battle system is very different from other Pokemon games. You and your team will head into a dungeon which is filled with wild Pokemon. This dungeon is a turned base area. When you move, every other Pokemon in the dungeon will move, unless if they're asleep. To get into battles, you just have to walk up to a wild Pokemon and the attacking process begins. It's usually, you attack, your party attacks, then the opponent attacks. you also have to plan out strategies for your items and your health so you won't end up dying in the dungeon.

The storyline is pretty good if you haven't played Time or Darkness (If you did, the game would be repetitive) You wash up on a beach...lost....no memory of who you are except your name. Another Pokemon finds you and eventually becomes your best friend in this weird world. The story continues on to you becoming a Rescue Team and the days of you being one.

This is still a great game but if you already have Time or Darkness, I would think about the other options you have. I was kinda edgy once I started playing this, but it's your decision.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
9Story line
The storyline of all the games are based around one thing. You have become a Pokemon and you need to find out who you are. You meet this Pokemon who eventually becomes your partner and you form a rescue team, and you help other Pokemon while finding out what really happened to you.
They're not bad nor they are really good. They are acceptable but I think it could use some improvement.
It's not really a strong point since music is reused often in the game but some are pretty...emotional for some.
Again, it's unique from past games. You need to manage items, level, your health, PP, and money to be able to get though the game. The battle system is different, but it's not bad at all.
7Lasting Appeal
If you have not played Time and Darkness, you have a strong lasting appeal there yet the game doesn't really go well once the story stops. It's a bit boring after you defeat the final boss.
(Out of 10)


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