Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Review

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Review :

Another Day, Another Mission

by skyp Nov 10, 2010


It feels good to be a Pokemon.

That how it is in the game series Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!

In the series, you are a human but by traveling through time, you turn in to a Pokemon and have no memory except for your name. At the beginning, you take a quiz that determines what Pokemon you turn into.

There is a special cavern in Explorers of Sky that isn't in any before it located at the cross before the Guild. Its called Spinda Cafe. On one side of the cavern, there is Spinda. It mixes up your gummis into a shake that is more powerful that the gummis. On the other, there is Wynaut and Wabbafett. You can give them an unnecessary item for a new item. At the entrace, there may be a Pokemon that may give you a Wonder Mail letter.

You can go in a Poke-filled dungeon. The dungeon is like a grid. After defeating a Pokemon, it may want to join your team.

If you have played Explorers of Darkness of Time, you already know the story line.

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9Story line
You are a human with your partner, Grovyle. Pokemon think that Grovyle is a villian. While traveling through time, you turn into a Pokemon and are sepperated from your partner. You can only remember your name. Later, you are reunited with Grovyle, and square of against the real villian, Dusknoir.
The graphics are actually very good as my opinion says. But, they could possibaly be better. Acceptable.
The music kind of makes me sad when you are learning about your your past. It is really amosional. Its pretty cool when your battleing some one important, like Drowzee.
It is alot like the games before it. But, Explorers of Sky has Spinda's Cafe, which makes it funner. You can use Items, such as Orbs, to out smart and defeat your apponants.
10Lasting Appeal
This is an awesome game. I kept on playing it until I got Explorers of Time. If you have never seen or played one of the games before it, you will be "stuck" on it.
(Out of 10)


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