Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Review

 [ NDS ]

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Review :

A game that will allow pokemon fans to have fun

by isaac1097 Jul 14, 2011

This game is one of the good games. it just feels better to like become a pokemon than human and well you guys don often see pokemon which talk right ? like all the other mystery dungeon games you get to choose your partner but before that you would have to answer some questions which will determine what pokemon will you become. There are serveral storyline and 5 special episodes. This game is one of a kind.as you seldom get to play as a pokemon but your play as a human with pokedexs all these right, catching pokemon is not necessary here whereas you recruit them to your team you can recruit pokemon from legendaries to non legendaries pokemon.

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9Story line
This story is about a human who turned into a pokemon due to an incident while traveling in time . there are time gears which help time flow properly and your will embark on a quest to become a explorer.
The graphics has not changed a bit since the last game i guess they should at least change it a bit as when players see the same graphics would get a bit bored i believe
The sound is good quite nice to hear the sounds and with some nice hearing music as your passed through the game.
The gameplay in fantastic this is one break from all the other games where your would have to throw pokeballs to catch them instead your recruit them here. there a everlasting jobs to do and tons of outlaws too.
10Lasting Appeal
it was a nice game i have played a few mystery dungeons games myself (red rescue team). Nice storyline nice jobs and the special episodes too when combined together it make a great pokemon game
(Out of 10)


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