Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Cheats

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 21 cheats in our list, which includes 7 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 6 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

WoNder Mail Codes (Mystery Part code included)

by Bramblefang Sep 08, 2009

Enjoy these codes! The place where each mission takes place is varied so good luck!

PXJ6 34F4 4Q3F QW&K YRX5 38+=Mystery Part
K%M1 W=69 5Q0= JCF0 53RH S90RGarchomp recruit
1PH1TKH7=9MJNY2T58-33Y90Golden Apple
7&SK 8Y+0 C9YF 06KK NN+2 +F8K1300 Rescue Point arrest
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by Moonstar_Leader May 26, 2008

For action replay use only. Take out the action replay before using some codes. it may freeze the game.

0229c120 3b9ac9ffMax/Infinite Money
0229c128 3b9ac9ffMax/Infinite Money In Bank
9237211c f7ff0800 121acc52 000003e7 d2000000 00000000Restore HP (Press Y)
9237211c f7ff0800 121acc54 000003e7 d2000000 00000000Max HP (Press Y)
9237211c f7ff0800 121acd86 000003e7 d2000000 00000000Max Belly (Press Y)
9237211c f7ff0800 021acc60 3b9ac9ff d2000000 00000000Max EXP (Press Y)
921acbbe 000003e8 121acbbe 00007fff d2000000 00000000Wind Never Gusts (Infinite Steps)
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UnLock legendary pokemon

by pikapikachu123 Jul 28, 2009

X-HY NSM8 6&3&
2Q&P 520# 7WQ8

You have to get a secret slab first and there is the job for it. Rescue a typhlosion at treeshroud forest
floor 7. And you have to have the secret slab in your bag to get the pokemon.

Zapdos lv 49Amp Plains (7F)
Celebi lv 44Mystifying Forest (10F)
Darkrai lv 53Miracle Sea (3F)/Lower Crevice Cave (2F)/Mt Travail (17F)/
Darkrai lv 53Spacial Rift (14F)/Mystifying Forest (13F)
Entei lv 47Deep Dark Crater (10F)
Ho-Oh lv 43Mt Mistral (19F)
Latias lv 44Happy Outlook (19F)/Spacial Rift (10F)
Latios lv 44Midnight Forest (24F)/Deep Spacial Rift (5F)
Lugia lv 45Surrounded Sea (18F)
Raikou lv 46Concealed Ruins (20F)
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WoNder Mail Dungeons

by Shinyskitty Jul 16, 2012

Most of the Wonder Mail Dungeons are posted below

Please if this works or if you like the wonder mail codes please press like!!

Hope this helps!!

20SR T5+- X&QC P9@2 ==X9 P#NHunlocks Midnight Forest
R#F& =7R3 R37X +Q+& 6FWK YJN5unlocks Oran Forest
YNP5 Q&%9 HP5+ SWK5 60P0 W1%Wunlocks Lost Wilderness
3PNY =#87 NC45 @CW- S7%H J6T5unlocks Lake Afar
%H#N 33@F 66#5 6%CT 2H9W =4QFunlocks Landslide Cave
+9RK 4X-& 0YFR P51H X3Y7 H+P&unlocks Happy Outlook
3JY0#XHQRK173X4-SY1M+HHXunlocks Golden Chamber of Hidden Land
8#QX 4Q&X WWFK R17% -#9F 5=C9unlocks Shimmer Hill
PQ1R -KQ@ CFXC WF55 0XN1 6H0Cunlocks Serenity River
#PS9 QK50 3PPN F@+Q TX#-HQ7Tunlocks Tiny Meadow
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MaX Partner Cheats

by Eeveeloutionmaster Apr 16, 2013

These codes will help your partner. I have used them before and i love them. My partner, torchic, i don't even have to worry about when i step on a warp trap or get separated from her. These codes work. Saves you a lot of frustration. The max EXP code, if you were wondering, levels you up to level 100 automatically!

9237211C F7FF0800 121ACE82 000003E7 D2000000 00000000Restores HP (press Y)
9237211C F7FF0800 121ACE84 000003E7 D2000000 00000000Max HP (press Y)
9237211C F7FF0800 221ACE81 00000004 D2000000 00000000Max IQ (press Y)
9237211C F7FF0800 021ACE90 3B9AC9FF D2000000 00000000Max EXP (press Y)
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QuIck Experince gain!

by ginga1234 Jul 23, 2012

Here is a action replay code for 999 experience points! LEGIT!

9237211c f7ff0800 021acc60 3b9ac9ff d2000000 00000000Makes you level up until lvl100
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woNder gummi codes

by SCATMAN88 Jun 30, 2011

these are wonder gummi codes, to obtain them you need to unlock amp plains

wonder gummis instantly give you an iq skill no matter how useful it is

you can vote in comments for another dungeon and or item

also it wont only give you a wonder gummi it will give you 2 more items

26&C 9&TY 47NJ 1HF9 M&M0 Y=0%arrest tauros, amp plains F1
+WYW @SPX 7CK3 95Y3 QRC= 7X8Rarrest tauros, amp plains F2
W2M+ JCKY &KJP %5H1 RM=M KWK3arrest tauros, amp plains F3
P6TQ 35&& JT@R S=%+ 3+08 P-36arrest tauros, amp plains F4
Q4FY 4RR# NR73 K9P= F#K9 F@60arrest tauros, amp plains F5
#K%H 4MNT Y8FY 10QM JCRQ K9#Rarrest tauros, amp plains F6
91Y% 8W+P C=XF 066N NYS2 89@6arrest tauros, amp plains F7
6WK6 0@QJ 8-S5 7@+# 8M3T N1K+arrest tauros, amp plains F8
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Cheats


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