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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 19 cheats in our list, which includes 1 easter egg, 1 glitch, 17 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

EaSy rank gaining!

by Unregistered Sep 18, 2008

When you find a mission wanting you to find an item make sure you have the requested item. Then,if you have that item, take it with you, take an escape orb,accept the mission and go to the mission's dungeon. When you start, use the escape orb and the pokemon which asked you to do that mission will take the requested item and give you the reward and some rescue points (if you use this trick on hard dungeons, you can take tons of rescue points!) (works on mystery dungeon blue and red, too). If you liked this trick please rate! :)

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CrEvice Cave

by Bramblefang Jan 07, 2010

After completing Blizzard Island, you'll find the entrance to Crevice Cave.

On this dungeon, there are 10 floors then a checkpoint. There is then 4 more floors, and then the 5th is the boss room.

You'll mostly find Ice Types and Water Types.

I recommend bringing 2 Fire Types or moves, and two Electric Types or moves to prevent them from dieing from the Water Types.

Pokemon You May Find


That isn't all of them but that gives you a good idea of what type of Pokemon you'll be facing.

On the last floor, you'll face Froslass. Just use Fire Types against her Ice-Ghost Type Combination. They'll do quite a bit of damage and will eventually knock her out.

When defeated, you'll find Scizor, frozen. He'll thaw out and will give you the "Secret Rank" back in Treasure Town.

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WaNt to know Darkrai's level?

by Kawaii Oct 27, 2008

Darkrai is level 53, and i'm very sure of it. So next time when you want to defeat Darkrai make sure you are level 53 and above.

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A Good move + AR cheat

by brian-dean Aug 10, 2009

Enter this code into your AR...
max IQ press Y

94000136 fffd0000
221ae2a5 00000004
d2000000 00000000

turn cheat on, have the move "return" use cheat, use the move... you'll use the move AND coz the power differ on how much IQ you have it will be MAXED OUT so the power of the move will KO any pokemon in you way! (it helped me with the boss luxray and the 8 luxio's) have fun wipeing ass plz rate thumb's up!

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NeEd help to evolve Visit this!

by qweboost23 Apr 13, 2009

1. Defeat Darkrai, but Cresselia has to be in your team to vs Darkrai.
2. Recruiting: Dialga, Palkia, Cresselia, Manaphy.
3. Unlock the Marine Resort, but to unlock it, do a few Missions around 3 or 4 and Manaphy will tell you the place.
4. You can now evolve like me!
I evolve my Squirtle all the way to Blastiose. and my partner only once Pikachu use Thunderstone to Raichu.
Tell me if you need to be rescued!

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hoW to evolve

by Travguy Oct 28, 2008

To actually evolve you beat darkrai then you do a job and go to bed three times then you reunite with manaphy after that do a job and go to bed three times the he will tell you about the marine resort then go to the spring and boom your partner and your hero can now evolve.

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EaSy leveling up. ( takes quite a while)

by ima_firin_mah_lazor Feb 01, 2010

First complete the game lol, then keep completing dungeons and checking the job board, until you find a golden chamber.
Be a water pokemon that is quite a high level or a pokemon with all terrain IQ skill, then get the box's open them at exatu appraisal and if one has a golden seed, its 5 levels up! :3

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HoW to defeat dialga

by pikapikachu123 Jul 28, 2009

- any move you want

Pikachu is weak against dialga correct

Some how pikachu can beat dialga..
Have a lvl 50 -60 pikachu then you can parlyze it ALOT and have ur partner as treecko or any grass type
Then you can defeat dialga easily. Well thats what happened to me.
Moves you should have
Moves your partner should have
wide slash

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EaSy monster house

by Pokesprite Nov 06, 2009

Everyone has been in a monster house at least once, and they're a pain in the neck BUT i have found a secret to survive:

1. stock up on spurm orbs before you go into a dungeon.

2. when/if you run into a monster house use a spurm orb

3. continue playing as normal and if you run into another monster house do the same thing (starting from step 1)

hope this helps!)

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BeAting Dusknoir

by dialga78 Aug 10, 2012

Now,first get 1 stun seed.Throw it at Dusknoir.Then take out the sableye,and then surround Dusknoir.Then keep attacking him and you win! /_/

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DeFeat Dialga!(Version 2)

by dialga78 Aug 09, 2012

First get 2 stun seeds.Make sure u have over 130 life,walk towards your partner.(Get ready for roar of time....Have reviver seeds in case!)Throw a stun seed at Dialga,walk all the way to the bottom of dungeon.(Make sure you are a fire type,that know dig or your partner!The best combination in my opinion for dialga is Mudkip and Charmander.)Face dialga and keep using flamethrower until he is directly in front of you.You can use anymove now,i suggest dig.

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by dialga78 Mar 25, 2011

first,you should put all the reviver seeds you earned into storage and save them for dialga.(i fainted A LOT.)get lots of stun and sleep seeds. that way he'll slow down,giving you more time to use your super effective moves. get totter seeds if you need them.(they can confuse dialga.)hope you enjoy!please comment!:)

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4gEt Ar codes (the REAL way for beating dialga)

by Uzamaki66 Jul 07, 2009

Its all on the move TYPES u use

1.ground type (my stater was a pikachu so i taught him dig and his crit hit does like 350)
2. Fight type (my partner was a squirtle so i taught him brick break HIS crit does 275-300)


1. Dragon
2. Fire
3. Ice (im not sure if ice does anything 2 steel so its reg damage or 1/2)

Not very effective


NO EFFECT (do NOT use)

1. Poison

BTW. most starters can learn dig such as charmander pikachu treecko and mabye more.....same with brick break

if you have no money to buy these tm's OR have trouble getting them use this site http://www.upokecenter.com

that site (if you go to the mystery dungeon 2 section) can generate wonder mail (such as choose ur client place AND reward) I hope this helps because once u beat dialga the credits roll then u can get the 3 lake pkmn 2 recruit (if u battle and beat them) TAKE CARE "IM STUCK ON DIALGA NOOBS" (jk =D)

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TaLk to YOUR chartar (spelling bad)

by brian-dean Aug 10, 2009

Later in the game, chimcho will let make ppl of your team be the leader (example: you are skitty partner chimchar it can go like this you chimchar parnter skitty so you and partner are changeing place's) then go in a dungon and talk t your chartar he'll/she'll say "....."! mine was like this...Brain:"....!"

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EaSy Rank Gaining!!!!!

by Unregistered Sep 18, 2008

Find a job wanting you to find an item in a hard dungeon and check if you have the recuested item. If you have it take it, take an escape orb, accept the mission and go into the dungeon. When you start, use the escape orb and voila! When you get out, the pokemon that asked you to do that mission will give you your reward and tons of rescue points!! (Works in Blue & Red rescue team, too) :)

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hoW to beat dialga

by arceus718 Nov 17, 2008

first u need to put 2 ar codes (partner and hero max hp) then get to dialga and hopefully with your 999 hp it should be harder for dialga to beat you and easier for you to beat him
hope it helps

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eaSy beat

by geodude794 Aug 01, 2008

at beggining of game pick fire for a partner. this will help later in the game, espesially when fighting dialga which is a dragon/STEEL type. as most of you know steel is weak to fire. however, fire attacks wont be as powerful as when fighting just a steel type but will be more powerful than just fighting a dragon type. play your cards right, and....VIOLA! you got an easy beat!

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