Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Review

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time Review :

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time Review

by Shinyskitty Jul 16, 2012

The game Pokemon mystery Dungeon Of time is a great game which has a story line that it sticks to so well its very hard to say something without giving the storyline away!!! I really recommend this game to any Pokemon Fans or any somewhat non -Pokemon fans!!! This game features almost every legendary up to 4th generation, All normal Pokemon up to 4th generation , a cheat code system of its own , A brilliant storyline, and a lot more!! I think its one of the best Pokemon games what do you think?And the other version Darkness has a few different exclusive features too. (same storyline) Also at the beginning instead of picking the Pokemon you are you take a quiz like thing and it says what Pokemon you are, As well as the starters available they also added Meowth, Munchlax , and Skitty.

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9Story line
This game has a 12 part multiple chapter story on how your charecter was a human and turned to a Pokemon and dosent remember sanything!After meeting a kind Pokemon you both set off on an incredible journey to help your charecter who heshe is!This game seems as if the story line is almost endless!!!
This game has good graphics for a DS game and for a game made in 2008 but it could always feel like there could be more special effects added to make the picture more exciting to play even though the storyline covers the exciting part!Out of 10 I would truthfully give it 5.5! But if it was 2008 7.0!
The music was okay but sometimes it just bursted into random music well randomly andd in some dungeon it changes music almost every floor so it seems like the dungeon changes every time as well! The sound effects were good like the shocked sound effect because there was a movement included with it..
The game is kinda tricky but make it a longer game.The pokemon bosses are mostly Legendarys but that can be a perk. There are side missions called jobs which are acually entertaining when your bored or finish the storyline.I does have a mini game called Sentry Duty it doesnt sound fun but it is!!!!!
9Lasting Appeal
This game would appeal to any Pokemon fan I think its because that you arent a human! And not like other games it doesnt feel like your playing Pokemon it feels like your playing something better! This game would probably still be popular in 5 years because of that!!!!!!!It 1 of the best Poke games
(Out of 10)


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