Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Review

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Review :

This Could Have Been Better

by Ebonwulf Sep 30, 2013

When I heard that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity came out, I got curious and I was interested in the story after watching some people's "Let's Play" videos on YouTube. So eventually I bought the game by digital download and see how it turns out to be. The starting Pokemon of choice seem nice, especially Axew who is the ultimate game-breaking Pokemon.

However, this game lacks far too many Pokemon to be recognized as a PMD game. The previous titles would usually consists most of the existing Pokemon, allowing you to utilize your dream team. But this game lacks of it greatly and there are hardly any Pokemon outside of Unova.

To those who are thinking about buying this game, please do not buy it; the story is awfully short, Axew is probably going to be your most awesome starter (along with Pikachu), and the DLC are probably not worth the purchase.

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9Story line
The storylining is great and is full of surprises the more you progress (with the Requests). With the 3D appearances, the body language of most Pokemon go with what they say and how they react. However, there is no extra story in postgame.
The company did a good job in making this localized PMD game into 3D. However, when the Pokemon attacks, it's still the same as its previous titles; generic tackling and so forth. But a lot of moves were improved in graphics and effects. Which is nice.
While this game has remixed music and jingle from its previous titles, PMD stays true to it. The music in dungeons are smooth and flawless. The SFX of attack moves are somewhat recycled and partially remixed. It's decent.
This game features something why I would like to point out Axew's Dual Chop can outclass Dragon Claw. This is not like the original Pokemon Black & White game you've been playing. This feature allows you to improve the move's attack, accuracy and PP the more you use it. An amazing feature.
10Lasting Appeal
If you are a true Pokemon fan and you do not want to miss out the adventure, no matter how good or bad it is, then this game is for you. I'm not saying anyone who isn't a Pokemon fan shouldn't play it, but try to get to know more of the PMD series.
(Out of 10)


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