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Pokemon Pearl Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Pearl [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 21 Jan 2008 and is called "Legendaries n more". The Cheat have a rating 0 by 2 our users. Also 1 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 162 other cheats for Pokemon Pearl, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Legendaries n more

by Unregistered Jan 21, 2008

now 1st lets get 1 thing strait LUCARIO is NOT a legendary
ok Dialga/Palkia (lvl 47): 1st get rock climb (behind a house and the left side of route 217) then go2 oreburg or hearthome enter mt coronet from 1 of them citys then just keep goin untill u get 2 this bit outside where its snowing and theres a cave on ur rite a rocky wall infront and 2 the left of u now heres where ppl r stuffin upthere is a guy bloking a hole and he has no pkmn stuff him leave him alone cause 2 get 2 the peak u gotta go outside again and up the left rocky wall keep goin left till u reach a spot where theres no wall but path (south) then theres a cave there go in and ull find ya way from there

Azelf (lvl 50): surf at lake valor (at the lake) and ull c a cave go in 4 azelf (after u finished with palkia)

Mestprit (lvl 50): at lake verity do the same thing and inside there will b mesprit (ull c a picture and then it flees)

Uxie (lvl 50): lake acuity

Heatran (lvl 70): after beating league go2 stark mt and meet buck at the top and he'll take the magma stone then go2 survival area and the house next 2 the PC (pkmn center) and talk 2 him and he'll take it bak up and wen u get there ull c heatran (then u get buck as partner at battle tower)

Giratina (lvl 70): after beating league go2 spring path (rite of route 214) and go till u find a cave then go in and keep goin 4ward (need rock smash with ya) untill u get 2 a room with
sum giant freaky thing standin there and thats giratina

Regigigas (lvl 70): beat the league then go2 celestic town and the elder shows u a picture of dialga and then u shud hav completed ur pkdex (if not keep lookin 4 wat u need) then go2 rowans lab and oak will walk in then the pal park will open now u need pkmn emerald ruby or saphire 4 this bring ur 3 regis ova (if u hav em if not next part tells u) then go 2 the snowpoint temple and candice will come along and tell the b!tch ur aloud in then keep goin down till u come 2 ALOT of ice and in the middle u will c a colourful statue go up 2 it and theres riting on it and if u hav the regis sumthin happens and then it comes 2 life so u battle it

Registeel (lvl 40) on sapphire n ruby: 1st go2 pacifilogue city and go 2 the currents take the rite path and u will c a dive spot dive down and keep goin till u c a brallie read it then go up and u will b ina cave dont look at the 1s round u just go 4 the 1 on the wall at the end read it then use dig and it will smash open go in then u need relicanth and wailord put relicanth in the front of ur party then wailord at the bak read the brallie and u will cause an earthquake then u hear 3 doors open...thats rite u just unloked the regis now go 2 lilycove city and go left till u c puddles and then u will c a stair way and at the top a pond and in the rite corner theres realy long grass go thru it and then u will c hiker and a rock that now has a hole in it go in the middle and use fly then the wall will smash open then go in and say hello 2 registeel

Registeel (lvl 40) pokemon emerald: instead of fly use flash

Regirock (lvl40) pokemon sapphire n ruby: go2 the desert and go down untill u come 2 the end ull c a cave there go read the brallie then go down2 and rite2 (mite b left) and use strength then it smashes open go in so u can say yo 2 regirock

Regirock (lvl 40) emerald: instead of strength its rock smash

Regice (lvl 40) sapphire n ruby: go 2 dewford and surf upwards but stay on the left and envetuly find the cave go in read the brallie and wait 4 2 mins and it opens and go in say hows it goin regice

Regice (lvl 40) emerald: instead of waiting 2mins u need 2 RUN not walk not on bike RUN
around the outside (the caves outside ur still inside the cave) and bak 2 the brallie and it opens

Cressilia (lvl 50): after u get the national dex go2 canalave city and the sailors house and kid is asleep and wont wake up till u get the feather thing go out of the house and talk 2 the sailor and he takes u 2 fullmoon island and u find cressilia u c a picture then she flees like mesprit but she leaves behind a feather take that 2 the sailor then go2 canalave and give the feather 2 the boy he wakes up and then u go hunting 4 cressilia (use the marking map 2 find her and mesprit)

Rotom (lvl 15): go2 eterna city inbetween 10:00pm and 4:00 am (change the clock on ur DS
settings) then go 2 the room down stairs and u c a ghost he floats away then go upstairs and on the door way at the rite (or the 1 b4 it) and u c a lil girl (ghost aswell) she leaves then go2 the room with the TV wich is the room next 2 the 1 at the far left and rotoms in there

Drifloon (lvl 22): u DONT need 2 go at nite just go2 the valley windworks east of floaromora and its just standin there

Arceus: u go2 a pkmart and theres a guy standing next 2 the counter i think u need 5 stars on ur trainer card or its the event and he gives u an azure flute and u go2 spear pillar and on the yellow platform b4 the stairs and u play it and a ghostly staircase apears u go up there is none other than arceus

Phione n Manaphy: 2 me they r mythes no idea where 2 get em im not sure u can with out gamesharks

Masterball: the leader of galactic gives it 2 u and u can get another by wining the lottery

More Masterballs: migration make a pkmn hold it and migrate same with rare candys

ok this has takin me 45 mins i hope u find it usfull if i had more time i wud think of more but i dont so cya l8a

Cammo waz ere!

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