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Pokemon Pearl Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Pearl [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 23 Jan 2008 and is called "Legendaries n More-Volume 2". The Cheat have a rating 2 by 4 our users and has been commented 1 times. Also 6 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 162 other cheats for Pokemon Pearl, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Legendaries n More-Volume 2

by Unregistered Jan 23, 2008

ok i remember sum more now
Darkrai n Shaymin: a nintendo event i think

Drifloon (lvl 22): now i was 2 busy tellin every1 bout the stupid thing of it bein at nite i 4got 2 tell u its only on friday

Sheildon (lvl 20): use the explorer kit 2 go underground and wen ur diggin u mite find an armor fossil take it 2 the musium in oreburg city and the guy exstracs it 4 u he'll say hes in the process of exstracting the fossil GET OUT NOW just walk out and strait away walk bak in and he says u kept us waitin UNACEPTABL and u get sheildon

rare pkmn (1): go2 sandgem town and talk 2 dawns/lucas' lil sis and she tells u where there r swarms (a bunch of pkmn) and theyre rare 2 the game

rare pkmn (2): go2 snowpoint city after getting the nash dex and talk 2 the sailor and
he'll take u 2 the fite area and on that island ull find heatran and lots of other rares
(if dawns lil sis tells u bout a swarm of pidgey theyre on this island and theyre lvl 49-54!!! give 1 2 rare candies and itll evolve 2 pidgeotto then pideot

rare pkmn (3): go2 route 224 and there r lots of good pkmn there

a lil trik i like: go underground and get an ember or fire tool and a charmaander doll then put the charmander sumwhere in ur base and the tool in front of it then u go up 2 it and say aww hello wittle charmader and get closer and go aww...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
hehe its scared of u so it ataked lol i luv doin that

get hoenn n kanto starters: migrate with a blaziken or sumthin and put it in the daycare
wit a ditto and c if they get along if they do u get an egg but dont just bring 1 ova because u cant just migrate then go2 palpark catchem and doit again wit the same game so bring a swampert or sumthin from ur other game and try it cause my blaziken didnt get along wit the ditto but my swampert and infernape did so i got another mudkip and chimchar try it with ur infernape empoleon or torterra and who knows mayb even ur monferno prinplup or grottle will work

rilou egg: go2 iron island and go with riley thru the place then u get a egg (rilou and lucario r not legendary so stop sayin it is if it was it wouldnt evolve or b evelution and ther would only b 1)

happiny egg: talk 2 the hiker guy at the bottom rite of hearthome city (i think)

alot of coins: weneva a pkball comes up wen ur playin the slots a clefairy mite pop out
either a very freakey 1 with pinholes as eyes and always happy and has none of those frekle things or a normal 1 (lol) and its kinda good luck wen its standing there and wen u get 3 7s in a row or 3 galactics it starts pointing 2 different sides if it points left u press Y points rite u press A and up u press Band u will get 15 points if u get 3 Rs in a row

Deoxys forms:i think its south of soleon or wateva its called there r craters and each 1 represents a deoxys form

ruin maniac: keep collecting the unown alphabet and the ruin maniac keeps digging wen u bout 1-4 left there will b a hole at the end of the tunnel in there u should find the last of the unown and theres also a hole 2go outside and u end up at solaceon town ruins but ur at that top bit

fuego iron works: go 2wards the valley wind works from floramora and half way there thers a bridge thats about 3 steps long go on it and surf west then north till u rech fuego

sunyshore city: if u saw my 1st cheat list i told u how 2 catch palkia well u need palkia 2 get ther if not then look in hints and secrets

legendarys: if havin a tuff time put em 2 sleep and use false swipe then theyre caught easier

tip bout migration: do NOT change the time settings on ur DS or u will hav 2 wait another 24 hours 2 migrate and i did it 1ce then i let the settings stay and im still waiting 2 migrate 4 days without migration (or masterbaation BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA just kidding)

the contest place at resort area: i think u need 2 complete master rank at a contest

snopoint temple: complete national dex and regigigas is in there but u need regirock regice and registeel 2 get it

now thats all i know 4 now but keep lookin 4 volume 3 (lol)

Cammo waz ere!

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megaman10001    wrote on nov 18, 2009 2:06 am


Pokemon Pearl Cheats


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