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Pokemon Pearl Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Pearl [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 15 Feb 2008 by AC/DC rules and is called "Legendaries n More (volume 3)". The Cheat have a rating -3 by 3 our users. Also 1 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up AC/DC rules and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 162 other cheats for Pokemon Pearl, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Legendaries n More (volume 3)

by AC/DC rules Feb 15, 2008

its bin a while since i submited 1 of these
and 4 those who didnt know im cammo (registered version)
now 1st we have....
Shaymin: go2 the event and get oaks letter or go2 route 224 (i think thats it) andthen go2 the white rock and use the action replay walk thru walls cheat and walk thru it and ull c shaymin go up 2 it and it will dissapear then follow the path (seabreak path) and then ull c flower paradise and the bush in the middle of the island is shaymin
Darkrai: go2 the event and get the members pass and go in2 the harbour inn and ull fall asleap 4 weeks but u duno and ull end up at newmoon island and then catch/defeat darkrai and u wake up or go2 fullmoon island and use the walk thru walls cheat and go across the ocean (east ---->)and dont worry bout the mystery zone worrys u wont get lost if u stay goin east (get on ur bike wile in mystery zone and wen ur on the island u go faster) untill u reach newmoon island and go in2 the trees and theres darkrai
Arceus:go2 the event and get azure flute (or use action replay 2 get azure flute) then go2 spear pillar then go on the yellow thing infront of the exitand itll start playin then a ghostly staircase will apear (dont go on the platform up top without savin cause as soon as u touch the platform u hear arceus' cry and u automaticly walk ova 2 it)
Manaphy:get it on pkmn ranger and trade it ova
Phione:put manaphy and ditto in the daycare and they lay a egg
Regigigas:get registeel regirock and regice then go2 snowpoint temple and go thru and ull c a big statue and then regigigas awakens if u hav the other regis
Weavile: giv sneasel the razor claw and lvl up in between 8:00pm and 4:00am (on the clok on ur pokech it will be 20:00-04:00)
Magnezone: lvl up magneton in mount corenet
Probopass: lvl up nosepass in mount corenet
Rhyperior: give rhydon the protector and trade it and wen it gets 2 ur friend (or if ur bro or sis has a ds and u hav diamond and pearl u could do this) itll b ryperior
Togekiss: give togetic a shiny stone
Electivire: give electabuzz the elecralizer and trade
Magmortar: i think its called the magma booster, give that 2 magmar and trade
Leafeon:go2 eterna forest and go near that rock with moss ova it and lvl up eevee
Glaceon:go2 the icy rock on route 218 (behind a house) and lvl up eevee
Gallade: give male kirlia a shiny stone (or its dawn stone) and instead of just psychic u get psychic and fight type
Dusknoir: give dusclops the reapor cloth and trade it
Froslass: give a female snorunt a dawn stone (or its shiny) and instead of just ice type u get ice n ghost
Rotom: go2 the old chatou inbetween 9:00 pm and 2:00 am and go2 the room upstairs with the TV and rotoms inside
Drifloon: go2 the valley windworks on friday and its just standin there outside (evolves at lvl 28)
Drifloon (glitch thing):go behind drifloon b4 u catch it and then go bak a few steps lol its shadow gets bigger (and it grows ears)
Hikers (glitch thing): go behind a hiker 2 or 4 steps and his eyes grow
Happiny egg: a hiker in hearthome
Finneon: now this is 4 those tryin 2 beat the sinnoh dex tryin 2 get the evolution of fineon (lumineon) u need 2 beat the dex 2 get a super rod just catch fineon with good rod or battle a trainer in between sunyshore and victory road
Survival and Resort area: beat the sinnoh dex (get nash dex)
a familliar tune: if uv bin in the kanto region u woulda hear this tune and know wat time 2 tap em, 1st rub on the badges in ur case till they all have 4 stars then do this:
5-3-2-3-8-6-7-6-5---3-1 the badge on the top left is 1 bottom rite is 8
hear pkmn cries: on the calculator on ur poketch, put in the number of a pkmn then press the = button and ull hear it
all poketch apps: try get the 1st 1s and the other 5 (i think) will b in sunyshore city wen u giv that person the nature he wants he gis u an app and in jubilife city go2 the company and the owner gives u 1 4 every gym u complete so beat a gym and go bak or leave it 4 all gyms and u get all 8
Contest items: go2 amity square and puton ur app that says how many steps u dun and wen it reaches 200 talk 2 ur pkmn every 200 steps its holding sumthin
Mr. Goods: complete every gym and he will give u a statue 4 ur base
The Gold Flag(underground): go2 a friends secret base and go2 their computer and take their flag and go2 ur base and register it 2 ur comp and keep doin this till u get gold and then u get 2 remove 10 bouldors and place 15 items in ur base
Spiritomb:go2 hallowed tower and go underground and greet sum1 32 times and come bak up and at hallowed tower (crumbled) u get it

thats bout it 4 now but i got more comin

Cammo waz ere!

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