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Pokemon Pearl Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Pearl [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 17 Jun 2009 by JeremyBarber and is called "Maxed out shiny box 1". The Cheat have a rating -3 by 5 our users and has been commented 2 times. Also 4 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up JeremyBarber and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 162 other cheats for Pokemon Pearl, look them as soon as possible!

Code - Maxed out shiny box 1

by JeremyBarber Jun 17, 2009

This lets you get the first 30 pokemon in the national dex all shiny all level 100 all awesome moves most if not all different trainer id

94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E0000890 00000294 03E30044 03E30045 03E30046 03E30047 03E30048 03E30049 03E3004A 03E3004B 03E3004C 03E3004D 03E3004E 03E3004F 03E30050 03E30051 03E30052 03E30053 03E30054 03E30055 03E30056 03E30057 03E30058 03E30059 03E3005A 03E3005B 03E3005C 03E3005D 03E3005E 03E3005F 03E30060 03E30061 03E30062 03E30063 03E30064 03E30065 03E30066 03E30067 03E30068 03E30069 03E3006A 03E3006B 03E3006C 03E3006D 03E3006E 03E3006F 03E30087 03E30088 03E300D5 03E300D6 03E300D7 03E300D8 03E300D9 03E300DA 03E300DB 03E300DC 03E300DD 03E300DE 03E300DF 03E300E0 03E300E1 03E300E2 03E300E3 03E300E4 03E300E5 03E300E6 03E300E7 03E300E8 03E300E9 03E300EA 03E300EB 03E300EC 03E300ED 03E300EE 03E300EF 03E300F0 03E300F1 03E300F2 03E300F3 03E300F4 03E300F5 03E300F6 03E300F7 03E300F8 03E300F9 03E300FA 03E300FB 03E300FC 03E300FD 03E300FE 03E300FF 03E30100 03E30101 03E30102 03E30103 03E30104 03E30105 03E30106 03E30107 03E30108 03E30109 03E3010A 03E3010B 03E3010C 03E3010D 03E3010E 03E3010F 03E30110 03E30111 03E30112 03E30113 03E30114 03E30115 03E30116 03E30117 03E30118 03E30119 03E3011A 03E3011B 03E3011C 03E3011D 03E3011E 03E3011F 03E30120 03E30121 03E30122 03E30123 03E30124 03E30125 03E30126 03E30127 03E30128 03E30129 03E3012A 03E3012B 03E3012C 03E3012D 03E3012E 03E3012F 03E30130 03E30131 03E30132 03E30133 03E30134 03E30135 03E30136 03E30137 03E30138 03E30139 03E3013A 03E3013B 03E3013C 03E3013D 03E3013E 03E3013F 03E30140 03E30141 03E30142 03E30143 03E30144 03E30145 03E30146 03E30147 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 E0000DAC 000000A0 03E30011 03E30017 03E30018 03E30019 03E3001A 03E3001E 03E3001F 03E30020 03E30021 03E30022 03E30023 03E3002B 03E3002C 03E30026 03E30027 03E30028 03E30029 03E30012 03E30013 03E30014 03E30015 03E30016 03E3001B 03E30024 03E3002A 03E3001C 03E3001D 03E30025 03E3002D 03E3002E 03E3002F 03E30030 03E30031 03E30032 03E30033 03E30034 03E30035 03E30036 00000000 00000000 E0000D7C 00000030 03E30089 03E3008A 03E3008B 03E3008C 03E3008D 03E3008E 03E3008F 03E30090 03E30091 03E30092 03E30093 03E30094 E0000F88 00000034 03E30037 03E30038 03E30039 03E3003A 03E3003B 03E3003C 03E3003D 03E3003E 03E3003F 03E30040 03E30041 03E30042 03E30043 00000000 E0000B24 000000C8 000101AC 000101AD 000101AE 000101AF 000101B0 000101B1 000101B2 000101B3 000101B4 000101B5 000101B6 000101B7 000101B8 000101B9 000101BA 000101BB 000101BC 000101BD 000101BE 000101BF 000101C0 000101C1 000101C2 000101C3 000101C4 000101C5 000101C6 000101C7 000101C8 000101C9 000101CA 000101CB 000101CC 000101CD 000101CE 000101CF 000101D0 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 E000BC94 000000EC 76FD76F8 BF370000 0A13172D 2CB1BC0B AFA5E1AD 9903D228 473203D8 01465878 B8314143 3ADDDC9A F23C22B0 4FD8572D C1F6FA51 24210E41 DA4EA5AA F697489C 8F9447B7 655CFA87 A4377E46 98CBB938 07CB646F FD445797 1541FDD2 602F16C5 41103A0C A5990E11 37BB3A57 F9C8E54A 60D46B35 2BF0D7C8 CAD458E9 08F2805D 535B8000 6D0CC32A 69F5DFFB 312CAE78 66EEAD63 C593F94C 38E997CF 8B0014D9 64DEB8A1 A8CC1A8B F2E167BA EC2BD727 B58922CA 7F96636B D88F4AB9 6759B65F 430EC82A E8BE6284 8D45EDCC 3F69F24D 8E9A2BEF 450597CE C7E26959 EF2023B2 2DDF155A C7537772 1809471E 00000000 E000BD80 000000EC 1628AF0A F6360000 38C16EDB A52AF96F 4F48ABCD 7412F334 5DFF5A97 CA1E4BAB 31759370 EC9A5DC1 2CFAF4BF 0015799F 89AAFCF0 CDE91579 DD8D57E8 1876D5D5 1E991E20 C09560F5 CF1DD28D 20766222 9A921F9E 131D59F1 67A7214A 3BFCAECB D112EC4E D64CDA97 1C401D2D F7B4328D C3C0F9F1 0DD6AA17 80B0F80C AE225F5C EF2AEE8E 03829B8D D1CEC063 3EE255C6 EF3B8BEC E4389B48 377B0562 585F3AF2 998650A8 1B668D9C 92AFFFCD 1DC06482 F7FA9E8E 2BA511F8 BA9A04CD 96175E10 38611730 57224171 03A7F017 3665796C 4570A3CA B1D04950 1DCD13F2 AEAEFCFC A682864A 36E500B6 7BE8F296 00000000 E000BE6C 000000EC 03882010 40750000 85A3A2BD 9A6D588D CCE70778 E10AC61A B13932C0 E9C87F54 3B095A5D 83891F29 2E6D3197 369E15CA A6585B76 CF834BA6 A9B12681 F2D245C6 B1A86ED4 3E59D760 E4FBB5EC F6621E5E 6CC94942 3E5B86E2 2090E3C2 3B806923 F876F79B B1FC3848 E9A8A67C 67198EFA B907EB71 F0474F74 CD0C28A4 7D76CBA0 64A0E309 C2F56C04 A9BDD71A 979C716F 536F8958 0F213634 419C6212 E107C5D1 392C6CA1 48BF2B5A AB7DBA47 324DA79A 6933368F 25BB4E37 85B56E54 8C7F981A 5D2401E4 FA23981B 079B8AD3 5B27C6FB BCB70B0C 2E259A96 EB593928 2B365C58 09AA3E02 FD94F2F0 615FB78A 00000000 E000BF58 000000EC BD70F9FC 5A370000 E504D81E 9CF6209E BD72822D 13FBC469 787EABC8 33498FCF 69B133F0 43798CD3 1ED7D321 947DEAFE 775DAB2B BB4BF702 2C9BE30F F16A4C2E 7C1B8472 38BAB55C 0F73C6C5 2F2D8194 901CF479 69D69BE6 F6EAAD3D A3DDBEF5 F46CE18C 8D7FCEAD 2E9C60F4 8883D3DE 41679E99 A7A93289 A998C397 141C7B3D 472FD30C 39857BF5 BCAE6A2D F7454A97 121102A0 CF0E59DC 67121D48 E979858D 5DD85030 0E780831 6ECF0057 A66A5FC0 C7644CBD 8C776542 921D04D5 7060AB5C 7742FD41 25E79CC2 54E55564 866D0DE9 73228235 C8DC3601 B8A83256 73C64322 A3775F64 4DCEFDC4 09EA2090 00000000 E000C044 000000EC EE0A2CDC B7900000 A065C0B2 BB137A2E 6E5E62A7 EF291C1C B6B6B99E FF047CAC 66AB9BCC C64CEC5C E22337DB 82B7A8B5 CC3A9336 C66FDC6B 3A4B4B84 E97A0124 78E7BFFB 57BD6FB6 A23E9800 314507E9 8EF02B8D B9C0157B FEEC07E0 8B57F017 5FED1732 4833A734 E3586DBA 319B9ECA 3E6F9D9A 80C48CC1 F38A8F23 E160FF50 E64B979E 6A30CF78 C5DF0228 A0EA0064 C1D74C84 928420CC 5BE45EF3 12F52305 B161F119 5EB43177 1DD3610F D5665ACC 90FF49E4 81614F33 3B4A95A0 0676C4D6 4AB846DC 5F53FC4F C0FA944F 0D28185A A5AA29A9 9D8D3CCC 18D5A19F AAA3A8C3 09B98D46 B978401F 95CF9CA4 00000000 E000C130 000000EC 0EB76AFE 77FA0000 92106B52 A9195BBA 34473428 883F3E90 5F2D2C9A E7D6E579 6F9C2E94 24059372 17DB2163 12F4835C E9DB7426 D77C0CFB 0210D6E6 992341E1 4E6BB32F 73B19928 39F255A0 33BE2524 BBE6905E D140B719 12EDE2A3 A60A84F6 8BD26DDA 926E04AB B26D0468 AD922C9D 5CE47DF1 366C59D5 E4863648 38277EFD 1FD04D7A 27BA638E 79D26526 CFE7AAB9 D4D819CD D2F961A0 FE66D8D4 C08B02BF 8D145313 69A6FDCA B40224A7 7E8B08D6 21415E70 EDB248EA 5E7132BE 2F0F6FCE 97ABB94B FF96E329 ECA0FE6B 510140CA B001D181 71D0D445 392106B4 B191D1C1 2BD91FE3 05606A10 5AAC90D5 00000000 200013BA 00000000 200013B9 00000002 E00013BB 00000018 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 01000000 200013D3 00000001 D2000000 00000000

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Pokemon Pearl Cheats


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