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Pokemon Pearl Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Pearl [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 27 Aug 2007 by ArceusBlue and is called "It says it below! This has been pasted from one of my typed up pages ". The Cheat have a rating 3 by 5 our users and has been commented 7 times. Also 9 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up ArceusBlue and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 162 other cheats for Pokemon Pearl, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - It says it below! This has been pasted from one of my typed up pages

by ArceusBlue Aug 27, 2007

Action Replay
Arceus, Darkrai, and Shaymin Locations
By: ArceusBlue

If you are wondering how to get either of these exclusive Pokemon from the Diamond or Pearl versions with the Action Replay Devise, here is how to do it!


To get Darkrai, the Pokemon of nightmares, you must follow these steps in order in which they appear.
1. Have the, “run anywhere” cheat on.
2. If you have not been to Fullmoon Island in the place you see Cresselia, it might be difficult to reach the place where Darkrai is. Newmoon Island is where he is.
3. If you are at Fullmoon Island and have just arrived there, Head east until you hit another island. The island you reach is Newmoon island.
4. Now that you have reached here, you will notice the captain is there! It’s like he teleported but, he didn’t however. Go on land they you normally you would walk on without cheats and SAVE! If you don’t have a Master Ball with you, I recommend you save 100%! He is a legendary and he won’t reappear again if you miss the opportunity to catch him.
5. Go into the forest and get ready to face your worst nightmare!
I have provided you with some tips on how to catch him when not having a Master Ball in your bag.

Catching Darkrai is incredibly frustrating if you’re impatient because your rate of catching him is approximately 5% so get ready for a long battle! As they always tell you to, whittle his HP down to red and I recommend this since he is very hard to capture. Dusk balls work very well on him. Heal balls, Pokeballs, Great balls, Dive balls, Luxury balls, Premier balls, and Net balls are the worst ones to use. I think the Luxury balls might be far the worst but, the Dive and Net balls are just as bad come to think of it. Watch out for Darkrai’s Hypnosis attack! Have a lot of sleep recovering items with you because Darkrai has a strategy when it comes to putting Pokemon asleep. When he uses his Hypnosis attack successfully on you, he will begin to torment you with his Nightmare and Dream Eater attacks. Be aware of his Bad Dreams ability also because when your Pokemon is asleep, you take small amount of damage. When your in a nightmare, you will be dealt a massive amount of damage over time plus the effect his Bad Dreams ability makes a pretty bad bruise on your Pokemon. His regular attack stinks however but, I kinda forget. Sorry, folks! Try to put him in certain condition which are sleep or paralyze. Don’t put him in condition that does damage every turn or you’ll kill him! Keep on trying to catch him and sooner or later, Darkrai is yours for keeps and you will bring others nightmares for them to experience! Bwaa ha haha!
Darkrai Appears at level 40.


Shaymin is the bringer of Nature and isn’t hard to find at all!
Follow these steps in order to get your own Shaymin!
1. Have the, “Run Anywhere” cheat on.
2. There are two simple ways to reach Shaymin. One is to go to Snowpoint City and head east till you reach land or Go to the polished mirror rock at the end of Route 224 and just go up from there until you see Shaymin, however, this isn’t the real one. It’s just a glitch in the game that makes it a hologram of it. Ignore it and move forward but save on land first!
3. If you took the polished rock way, you get to experience the very long route to get to Shaymin but, it’s worth the travel since it’s a long fun ride. The people who take the Snowpoint City route will find it easy to get there and will end up on some part of land. At the very end of the path, you will reach Flower Paradise, this is where Shaymin lies. I hope you saved before coming because this might be a little hard to catch it.
4. Meet Shaymin and get ready to battle!
Here’s some info of how to catch Shaymin without a Master Ball.
Alright, you don’t need frustrated here because Shaymin isn’t as harmful as Darkrai is but, still has slim chance of catching it. There isn’t much I can say here but, this is much easier to catch compared to Darkrai. It should not be as difficult with pokemon who have resistances to grass types. Shaymin is a grass type level 30 pokemon that has all grass type attacks. Fire type pokemon are not such a good choice because you may K.O. Shaymin in simple or critical hit. Make its health as low as possible for a great rate of capture. It isn’t an excellent pokemon but, it makes a punch! Net balls and Nest balls work very well against Shaymin so expect you to get a couple of those balls or maybe even more if you think it might be too little. Since Shaymin is on a low level, this battle would go by pretty quick if you know what you’re doing. I forget it’s attacks but I know for sure they don’t do a lot of damage so you don’t need to get too concerned about what Shaymin might throw at you, however, keep in mind that Shaymin has impressive statistics all the way around so be cautious!

I do know where to get this really hack Pokemon. I found a cheat and it has worked. However, when you get him, you might have urges to not play your Pokemon game anymore. Great in battle and kicks tail big time!
1. You must have the Azure Flute in bag to even continue to read this!
2. Go to Spear Pillar were you caught either the great Palkia or the unbeatable Dialga.
3. Next, use the Azure Flute on the tile that has a picture of the Azure Flute engraved in it. MAKE SOME NOISE!!!
4. A stair case will appear and before you take even a step up. SAVE YOUR GAME!!!!!! This is the ULTIMATE legendary Pokemon that has ever lived! And it beats all the other legendary levels, it’s on LEVEL 80!! It’s got the best balanced stats, its worth to die for!
5. Head up and get ready… for the most heart pounding, spine tingling, and most INTENCE battle in the HISTORY OF POKEMON!!!
NOTE: If what I told you didn’t work, it’s probably because there might be something you need to do also before you head for Arceus. Information here! Got Arceus and know how to catch it! He is a Beast that knows Recover, Refresh, Hyper beam, and Future Sight. His Hyper Beam can deal some massive damage to your Pokemon if it hits. It has balanced stats and very good health and awesome moves. He knows Judgment at Lv. 100. Super awesome mega move that becomes whatever the type of the plate he holds. His Multitype ability also changes his color and type according to the type plate it holds. A team of Arceus of different type could just about be an undefeatable party.

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