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Pokemon Pearl Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Pearl cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 373 cheats in our list, which includes 54 easter eggs, 33 glitches, 286 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Pearl on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

No grass in the grass

by hounddoom Jun 13, 2007

When u walk in the grass below veilstone were there is long grass were a collector guy is if u walk to the end of the grass by the rocky wall thing there is grass but u r not walking in it. Also when u run to the left or right or in the middle the collector guy will look were u r runnning. its really messed up.

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ExPloring the unknown

by ArceusBlue Aug 20, 2007

Codes needed: Walk Anywhere. Ok, you need the Explorer kit to even try this glitch. If you already have it, I will show you the unlucky glitch! I recommend you don’t even try this glitch at all unless you have the guts to do it! WARNING: This glitch may not get you back into the games boundaries forever! Please keep in mind that I am not responsible for your actions. You are the one that is completely responsible for what you do! Alright, you ready for this POINT OF NO RETURN glitch? Now go into the Mystery Zone with the Explorer Kit registered. While still in the black zone, keep heading in the direction you went. I prefer you go into the Mystery Zone in a building for insurance on getting this glitch. Now if you hit Jubilife City and I should tell you that this place is not the real one and is just a glitch in the game for anyone who wonders, stop and try to fly somewhere. You can’t! It’s odd but the game won’t allow you to fly anywhere if you’re in this black area. Now for the Point of No Return, use your Explorer Kit here. Now your game has been corrupted from a connection error and you will then be sent back into the start screen. Don’t forget that now that you’ve saved your progress in the black area, you are now stuck in there. Now, if you start your game, back tracking your steps is obsolete (I like that word) because there is no way to go back from where you left off. Starting to have that really angry feel? You will have to restart your game if you don’t have the Marking Map on your Poketch. If you have it, you might get lucky if you are extremely patient. The only way to head back home is to keep heading south non-stop. Make sure you have the Marking Map on your Poketch so you know where you’re headed. If you ever hit even a single bump, you need to restart. Use your bike so you can reach home faster. If ever happen to come upon a miracle and you appear on the far northwest corner of the map, you might make it back home while lost in the dark Mystery Zone! Keep heading south, without hitting a single bump, and if your lucky and you happen to reach Canalave City and hit land, CONGRATULATIONS! You have made it back safely from your trip in another one of the Mystery Zones unknown areas!!!

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waLk away from a certain someone

by WolfPup34 Jan 05, 2009

you know that man in jubilife city where you can dress up your pokemon? talk to him. when he ask you what pokemon you want to dress up, don't click anything!! if you're in the front of him, go either left or right. if you're on the right (near the picture of you're latest pokemon you dressed up) go up i think (do the same with left) and then choose your pokemon. when you go in it's like you're walking through the wall. no code or anything!!!!

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clOning-underground base items

by nirmal_93 May 20, 2008

in pokemon diamond and pearl, if you off and on the game while you are underground, you will be left where you were you went underground from.
some people think this is a bad thing, but you can also use it to your advantage.

all you have to do is save it first then go underground and then go to your base, get
out the items you want to clone and give them to a friend underground.
right now you wont have the items SO DONT GO UP OR YOUR FRIEND WILL HAVE THEM!!!.
next what you do is off the game and on it again.
when you continue game, you will be above surface, so go back underground.
when you get to the underground, check your 'goods pouch' and you should still have your items with you, and your friend will still have the items you gave him(but they are sort of like the clones)

i found this out by accident when i gave my friend some items and my game froze... lol.
p.s, this trick may not work with dolls because when i trie, the game wouldn't let me trade dolls.
happy cloning(sort of)

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blUe town

by lou15 Oct 31, 2008

here is how to get to a blue town in pokemon pearl also works in diamond go to any town lets say jubilife city use the action replay code walk through walls and walk as far as you can through the trees and hey presto youre there

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waLk through the fat guy

by magnemite Apr 04, 2008

in the building in hearthome city with the fat guy that lets you dress up pokemon before it shows your party were you choose a pokemon press the right control pad then you will walk through the fat guy

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loSeing pokemon in wifi

by Gibby Apr 04, 2008

while in the middle of trading on wifi you can turn your ds off and you will lose that pokemon and the other persons pokemon at any time while in the trading screen
hope this helped

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RaIsing Pokemon Without Daycare Or Training

by Alvaromia Jul 17, 2007

There Is A Way:By Buying The Action Replay For Nintendo DS
This Is The Code
Name:Rare Candyx999
Code:94000130 fcff0000
b21c4d28 00000000
b0000004 00000000
00000dac 03e70032
d2000000 00000000

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StAnding on top of someone

by jimster Jun 25, 2009

This only works underground and u are with a firend

Either you and your friend go down in the same spot or you or your friend stand outside either one of your bases when you or your friend exits their or your base your friend will be stadng on top of you or you on top of your friend

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amUlet coin

by sariac Jul 03, 2008

to get the amulet coin go to amity square and go to the old caves go into the one on the left then turn left and press A you will have the amulet coin

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hoW to use mystery gift

by Unregistered Apr 21, 2008

the mystery gift is to get a item of an event without go to the event
EX:to get the azure floute (floute to call areceus) in the day of the event use mystery gift click on get a gift from wfc.

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caTching pokemon with ar code birdcage

by chaoticmax658 Aug 19, 2008

when u are captuing the trainers pokemon using the ar (action replay) code, and ur cature the second pokemon or the ones after the first, the name of the first pokemon, bad egg, or ?, may come up when u name it.

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sqUare pokemon shiny

by Unregistered May 12, 2008

if u have the AR turn walk/run anywhere now if you have to walk with someone like for example maria walk in the water she will not follow u but thats the fun part when u are in battle with another pkm there will be 2 of u and your partner will bring out a square pokemon with a wierd pokeball(the pkm will be shiny)the text will be weird 2. the enemy will also have a the same square but in the and its patner will always be a golbat.

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WhEn you trade on wifi

by Gibby Apr 22, 2008

in any way you will sometimes trade big pokemon that are tall,fat,or shhort if you trade short pokemon you wont notice but if you look and you trade a tall one thats like 10feet or so you will notice that the pokeball is bigger itll be as big as the pokemon even though it is way bigger than the pokemon

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by cammaster11 Feb 27, 2008

missingno or bad egg is a glitch in your game that makes it go BOOOOOOOM if u know wat i mean there is 2 ways to get missingno or bad egg 1st lets start with bad egg u get walk through walls cheat and go into the unoin room wothout a wirless adapter and heres a hint it hatches into missngno but that is a 1 out of 100% and missingno u get buy having walk through walls and start new game go out and see a pokemon and then you sends out missngno andu can make ur game so glitchy u can find in ur pc while its invisable
i am a missingno master

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eaSy way to get 100 wins at battle tower

by ILVLAMP Feb 11, 2008

First go 2 battle tower, save, turn ds back, use the Action replay code that let's you restore your pokemon's health during battle, and then start the game. start battling. when your opponents pokemon attack's your pokemon (w/ an attack that does damage), press start. just keep doing that till you gots a 100 wins (or more).

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ThE Dark Zone

by Poke-rs-master Feb 04, 2008

WARNING:if you ever do the walkthrough walls cheat on an action replay, bewar! if you walk in a building, you may get traped in the "dark Zone" a totaly empty zone were you cant escape ATT ALL! so DO NOT SAVE in their!!!

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ClOning Pokemon in Union Room!!!!

by Unregistered Nov 07, 2011

First you go to the union room with your friend. Then you trade a good pokemon for a useless pokemon. (Make sure it's useless because it will vanish!!!!) the person who traded the good pokemon do NOT save and turn the power off. the other person saves and turns off the power. Now both people turn the power on. If successful, you should both have the exact pokemon, with the exact stats, and the exact moves!!!

Note: a good use is if you want to keep a pokemon but your friend wants it, and vice-versa!!!!

Hope I helped!!!!!

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elIte 4 1 battle to win the shinno chapionship

by Gibby Apr 03, 2008

if you have a action reply with walk anywhere you can simpl walk through all the bared doors till you get to cynthia the shinno champion when you battle her your pokemon will all be the same as when you switched pokemon in the PC so i hope you enjoyed this

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reAl cheats not fake

by lucas1991 Feb 29, 2008

Wild Pokemons Are Shiny just type this in and it works
621c4d28 00000000 02066b90 47004800 02066b94 02000001 e2000000 0000003c 6800480d 490b6840 88011808 9c0d8842 40510c24 20074061 04244041 940d430c 21001c28 f067aa0d 4801fc9b 46c04700 02066b99 000002e0 021c4d28 00000000 d2000000 00000000

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go from 1 town 2 the other

by Unregistered Jan 29, 2008

this is a duble glitch now 1st u need action replay (best thing eva made) cause im australian i dunno where u can exactly get em i got mine off ebay
1st use the walk thru walls cheat go2 the pkmn league (after victory road not b4) go upstairs of the pkmn center now talk 2 the lady 2 go in2 the union room walkin thru the thing freezes game and then make sure theres no1 in there cept 4 the person in the corner thats always there then exit and go bak in but this time walk thru the door and theres ur 1st glitch theres like 50 ppl there (not really)do NOT talk 2 em or ya game will freeze then leave and ! how did she get there! thats rite 2nd glitch go outside.

Cammo waz ere!

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clOning glitch

by shadow95 Mar 17, 2008

1. go to gts
2. log on
3. deposit pokemon (if it is ur first time use junk pokemon)
4. look to the clock in the right bottom side
5. when it reaches the 8th spin turn ur ds off
6. do the 1st and 2nd steps
7. retrieve pokemon
8. check ur pc box or party and u should have 2 of the same pokemon

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miNing with a friend

by Unregistered Sep 03, 2007

go underground with a friend and talk with him when hes mining and mine yourself then when your friend mines the pickaxe/hammer will mine with u

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hoW to get arceus (the cheat way)

by cranidos1up Apr 25, 2011

First you need an action replay next you need the clone people code and you need to go to solaceon town Pokemon center (Doesn't have to be solaceon but it's easier) first you take one step away from the person on the bottom right corner then clone the person 8 times then talk to one of the clones (without taking a step) then you walk over to the counter (your controlled) and you hear arceus' cry then you battle an arceus (REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!)

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GeNgar in pearl

by pokemonnecro May 27, 2009

Ok basicily all you have to do is make sure you put in your fire red or leaf green make sure your DS pick up that fire red is in go to te old chateu and go into the room were the picture stares at you run around and you have gengar!!

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