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Pokemon Pearl Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Pearl cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 507 cheats in our list, which includes 60 cheats codes, 23 passwords, 51 unlockables, 54 easter eggs, 33 glitches, 286 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Pearl on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - The Snowpoint temple's secret

by pokemonmasterjustin Dec 17, 2007

The secret: If you've ever been wondering what that statue was at the bottom of the Snowpoint temple, It's acully a pokemon! A pokemon called Regegasis, this is how to awaken it. First you need to bring all three of the originol regi's ( Regirock, Registeel, and Regice ) and bring them to the statue press A on it, it should awaken. But its on Lv. 70 so bring a lot of ultra balls!

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Unlockable - The Poketch Apparatus

by Dark_Fire22 Jul 27, 2007

How to get the poketch apparatus (ill not give some app. coz u get them after u get the poketch)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
memo padpresident of poketch company if u have the 1st badege
partyavailable from beginning
pokemon historyobtained in from a resident in solaceon town
counterveilstone dept store
anlogue clockresident in celestic town
happiness checkerwoman in eterna city
item finderdawn/lukas on route 207
berry checkerberry master route 228
wireless searcherpresident of poketch-5th badge
calendarobtained in the girl in sunnyshore-serious nature
breeding checkerdaycare center in solaceon
type chartpresident- 7th badge
pokeradar checkerprof.oak in palpark
ill give some more soonok??????????
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Secret - Pal Park

by shinyho-oh Jul 14, 2008

First get national dex(see all sino pokemon)

Next fly to pal park.Have gba in slot.

Save game and turn off.make sure u have the 6 pokemon in pc.they cant have a hm as a move

Turn on ds. go to where u select continu game.DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING!!!

go done til u see migrate.click` pick the pokemon u want.click migrate

exit.click continu. talk to the guy at the counter start catching pokemon.

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Secret - Finding the 'good rod'

by Unregistered Aug 29, 2007

go to 'hearthome city' and exit out of the bottom right walk througth building thingy then talk to the fisherman with his back to you and say yes

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Secret - Get Glaceon or Leafeon

by PiplupGuy Mar 02, 2009

After you complete the Sinnoh Pokedex you go to Bebe's house and she gives you a Eevee. If you go to the moss rock in Eterna Forest and level up Eevee in the patch of grass around the moss rock your Eevee evolves into a grass type Pokemon called Leafeon. If you take it to the frozen rock around Snowpoint City on Route 217 and level it up there in the same patch of grass the rock is in your Eevee will evolve int a Ice type Glaceon. These are the two new evolutions of Eevee.

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Secret - Catch giratina

by fisherface1 Mar 02, 2009

After you deafet the eleat four or pokemon league a new area of land called sendoff spring will apear on your map right above pastoria.Inside of sendoff is turnback cave.Inside turnback cave is a maze unlike the cave the unown are in.After you get throug the maze right in the middle of the room is giratina!After tou talk to him the battle is on!Back at the spear pillar when you captured palkia you might heve wanted to save your master ball,because Giratina is tough as heck!If you did'nt there is still a chance to capture him.First send out palkia and make him use special rend and then use a weak attack like surf or flamethrouger.Then use a dusk ball at least six to thirteen.If you do these simple instructions i bet you will do great.Have a nice day!:)

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Secret - How to use Mystery Gift and where to find it

by PiplupGuy Feb 18, 2009

If you go to Jubilfe Cities TV Station or whatever, you will see a man on the 3 floor. You put in the words "Everyone Happy" then "Wi-Fi Connection" and boom Mystery Gift! Now this is how it works. You could use this to get a Special Event Pokemon and if you go to the Mystery Gift screen it will say 3 things but I forgot what they were but those are ways to get the Event Pokemon. Hope this helps!

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Secret - Deleting HMs!

by Luxray Mar 18, 2008

I forgot this.In Canalave city, the boat one, there is a house in front of the poke centre and left. You can delete HMs there :)

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Unlockable - Earning Stars and Colours for your Trainer's Card

by dgmm7797 Oct 08, 2008

The following tasks can be completed in any order, and are not linked to any particular trainer card colour. You gain one star for completing any single task, up to a cumulative total of five stars for completing all of the following tasks:

- Beat the Elite Four.
- Win any one Master Rank Super Contest
- Win 100 consecutive battles in Battle Tower
- Earn a Platinum flag in the Underground (Capture 50 flags)
- Capture all 482 Pokemon (excluding event-only Pokemon)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Black CardEarn 5 stars
Blue CardEarn 1 star
Bronze CardEarn 2 stars
Gold CardEarn 4 stars
Red CardYou start with this card
Silver CardEarn 3 stars
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Unlockable - Many unlockables for pokemon D and P!

by ArceusBlue Aug 28, 2007

These are some of the thing that you can obtain in pokemon diamond and pearl.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
National PokedexComplete the Sinnoh Pokedex by seeing all pokemon in the region.
GTS StationGet the First Badge
Resort Area Ribbon BuildingObtain 10 or more different ribbons on one of your Pokemon
Pal ParkComplete the Sinnoh Pokedex
SpiritombGreet 32 people in the underground
Fight AreaBeat the Elite Four
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Easter Egg - Ghosts

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2009

To find the ghosts you have to go to Eterna City, then go to the left which leads to Eterna Forest. You will see three small trees (if you first do this the gym leader will be there). Cut a tree and follow that path. You will see a big house, enter the house. This place is called the Old Chateau. Go into the room where the big, long table is. Sometimes you will see an old man (he's really a ghost). Now, go to the room with lot's of bedrooms. Go to the room second to last on the east (right). Sometimes you will see a girl (she's a ghost too). There is also Rotom. To get Rotom (this must be done at night), go to the room with the TV. Push the A button in front of the TV. Then Rotom will come out (remember you have to do this at night).

Level: 15
Type: Ghost/Electric
Location: Old Chateau

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Secret - This is about the shortest i can get it

by ShadowLord Jun 11, 2008

AR needed
L+R to activate
replaces 1st poke in box 1

94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
E000C370 00000088
8EE8BED5 A1F80000
B396789A 521F8D5B
34978983 8A706BF0
D13E2F33 BAF17EF2
D783CAB8 3E6C682F
7D92D8D1 24C9A1F6
38FAB152 ECB21E05
903B6A39 E43BEB98
81B287AB 87846606
709BF0CB A205D299
7C2E93B8 83493B7E
8810D736 7F0744DC
84A398D4 7709A0CC
22424364 4A0F1B4F
74CA7E15 4CF47182
D2000000 00000000

hope that is short enough

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Easter Egg - Have more chance of catching a pokemon

by joegibbs May 28, 2008

when you throw a ball at the pokemon the ball will open when it dose say gotcha! into the mic and you will have more chance of catching the pokemon!

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Glitch - Cloning-underground base items

by nirmal_93 May 20, 2008

in pokemon diamond and pearl, if you off and on the game while you are underground, you will be left where you were you went underground from.
some people think this is a bad thing, but you can also use it to your advantage.

all you have to do is save it first then go underground and then go to your base, get
out the items you want to clone and give them to a friend underground.
right now you wont have the items SO DONT GO UP OR YOUR FRIEND WILL HAVE THEM!!!.
next what you do is off the game and on it again.
when you continue game, you will be above surface, so go back underground.
when you get to the underground, check your 'goods pouch' and you should still have your items with you, and your friend will still have the items you gave him(but they are sort of like the clones)

i found this out by accident when i gave my friend some items and my game froze... lol.
p.s, this trick may not work with dolls because when i trie, the game wouldn't let me trade dolls.
happy cloning(sort of)

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Secret - Friendship-long but faster growth.

by nirmal_93 May 20, 2008

if you keep losong pokemon battles, your pokemon's friendship is low or you just want to boost your pokemon's friendship for whatever reason, there are 5 things you can do:

1)keep the pokemon you want to boost the friendship of on your team and just do what you would normally do and dont take it off your team untill its friendship is maxed out.
2)if you get some eggs from day care, keep the eggs on you along with the pokemon you want to max out the friendshhip of and use the straigh tpath in solaceon town(even if the eggs hatch, continue using it.
3)use berries(ones that boost friendship, but lower a stat) or poffin(ones that the pokemon likes) on the when the friendship needs a boost.
4)take the pokemon to the daily massage parlours(2nd one in resort area)every day and follow #2.
5)if your pokemon is one of the 11 allowed in amity square, go to amity square and spent a lot of time there and talk to your pokemon every 200 steps to take the item off it so it can pick up another.

these are the methods that i prefer but if you know other ways, you can use them aswell.

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Secret - Gym leader weaknesses

by videogame123445 Mar 31, 2008

ROARK(oreburg city)
his type:Rock recommended types: water,grass

GARDENIA(eterna city)
her type:grass recommended types:fire,flying

MAYLENE(velistone city)
her type:fighting recommended types:flying,psychic

WAKE(pastoria city)
his type:water recommended types:grass,electric

FANTINA(hearthome city)
her type:ghost recommended types:ghost,dark

BYRON(canalave city)
his type:steel recommended types:fire,water

CANDICE(snowpoint city)
her type:ice recommended types:fire,flying

VOLKNER(sunyshore city
his type:electric recommended types:ground,grass

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Secret - Hatch eggs faster

by dialgakiller Mar 26, 2008

go to hearthome city and get on your bike and follow the path and POW!!!!

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Secret - Route 224

by adi888jesse Jan 10, 2008

Ok. It is so easy to get to route 224. First, you should have beaten the Elite Four. After, you need to have a pokemon that knows the moves, rock smash, strength,rock climb and defog. Next, go to Victory Road. Go south until you see a wall that you can use rock climb on. Use Rock Climb. Head west until you go to the first turn. Head north. Go to the stairs on the left. Pass the bridge and go to the entrance.When you are inside, Pass the 2 stairs and go again to the entrance. That entrance needs a defog. Use defog. Do not use surf!! Just head north until a girl will accompany you. Use strength. Get ready! You will battle a lot of trainers! After battling the first batch of trainers, Do not go to the stairs on the east! Just head north until you battle trainers. Head east and again battle! Go north and battle other trainers! After you battle, Go down the stairs.Head east and battle trainers! Again, Go down the stairsUntil you see a fighter battle them.Head east and go the stairs on north. When you see a door, Go inside just head north and you are on Route 224!

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Easter Egg - Drakrai and Shaymin

by GamerGirl999 May 27, 2010

(You need action replay) First, to get darkrai turn on walk through anything and go to Canalave. Chat to the sailor who takes you to Fullmoon (where you see cressella) then use action replay to run east for a while. Than you'll reach New Moon Island. Go to the clearing and you'll see darkrai! save and embrace battle. He's lvl 40 so don't use a lvl 100! He not hypnosis, nightmare, pursuit, and the last one I forgot. His special ability is bad dreams, which take away health whenever their asleep. For shaymin, go to the pokemon league. Go right through the small trench and you'll wind up on Route 224. try to avoid the trainers and go up to reach a polished stone. Go north and you will reach seabreak path. it is very long so get your bike and go into fourth gear. after about 1 min. then you'll reach flower paradise. That's where he is. Please rate!!!

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Password - Max mula$$$$$$(NEED ACTION REPLAY FOR THIS CODE)

by mypokemonpwn Apr 17, 2009

any one get tired of running out of moneyi do so i found this cheat and it realy works!!!!!enter this code with a space between every eight numbers.Press L+R to activate it.

94000130 FCFF0000LINE ONE
B21C4D28 00000000LINE TWO
B00000004 00000000LINE THREE
000002E4 000F423FLINE FOUR
D2000000 00000000LINE FIVE
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Secret - Darkri

by Gibby Apr 03, 2008

if you want a darkri and have an action reply just use the walk anywhere cheat and go right on the closest island to snowpoint city and if not this is how;get the mystery gift mambers pass then go to canalve city the housethat used to say the doors are locked tight are now open inside a dude will put you in a bed you will fall asleep and y ou will be on an island with that boat guy go intothe woods and save you will battle darkri i suggest levle 100s for your whole team or lot and lots of revives bacause he will knock out your pokemon no matter what levle unless they cannot be harmed by sleeping so bo ready i hope you enjoyed this

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Easter Egg - No snow

by Unregistered Feb 12, 2008

if you go to where the 7th gym leader is on january 12 you will see sparkles instead of snow this is called diamond dust

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Secret - It says it below! This has been pasted from one of my typed up pages

by ArceusBlue Aug 27, 2007

Action Replay
Arceus, Darkrai, and Shaymin Locations
By: ArceusBlue

If you are wondering how to get either of these exclusive Pokemon from the Diamond or Pearl versions with the Action Replay Devise, here is how to do it!


To get Darkrai, the Pokemon of nightmares, you must follow these steps in order in which they appear.
1. Have the, “run anywhere” cheat on.
2. If you have not been to Fullmoon Island in the place you see Cresselia, it might be difficult to reach the place where Darkrai is. Newmoon Island is where he is.
3. If you are at Fullmoon Island and have just arrived there, Head east until you hit another island. The island you reach is Newmoon island.
4. Now that you have reached here, you will notice the captain is there! It’s like he teleported but, he didn’t however. Go on land they you normally you would walk on without cheats and SAVE! If you don’t have a Master Ball with you, I recommend you save 100%! He is a legendary and he won’t reappear again if you miss the opportunity to catch him.
5. Go into the forest and get ready to face your worst nightmare!
I have provided you with some tips on how to catch him when not having a Master Ball in your bag.

Catching Darkrai is incredibly frustrating if you’re impatient because your rate of catching him is approximately 5% so get ready for a long battle! As they always tell you to, whittle his HP down to red and I recommend this since he is very hard to capture. Dusk balls work very well on him. Heal balls, Pokeballs, Great balls, Dive balls, Luxury balls, Premier balls, and Net balls are the worst ones to use. I think the Luxury balls might be far the worst but, the Dive and Net balls are just as bad come to think of it. Watch out for Darkrai’s Hypnosis attack! Have a lot of sleep recovering items with you because Darkrai has a strategy when it comes to putting Pokemon asleep. When he uses his Hypnosis attack successfully on you, he will begin to torment you with his Nightmare and Dream Eater attacks. Be aware of his Bad Dreams ability also because when your Pokemon is asleep, you take small amount of damage. When your in a nightmare, you will be dealt a massive amount of damage over time plus the effect his Bad Dreams ability makes a pretty bad bruise on your Pokemon. His regular attack stinks however but, I kinda forget. Sorry, folks! Try to put him in certain condition which are sleep or paralyze. Don’t put him... 

continue →

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Easter Egg - Shiny Hunting-No Hacks or Glitches!

by KatieTraxie Dec 04, 2009

First of all,you need a PokeRadar.
Next,loads of Max repels
Next,loads of PokeBalls

Now if u want a shiny electric pokemon,have an electric pokemon at the front,and back of your party,with the ability Static.This increses your chances.

Once you you have the PokeRadar,start.An ideal place to look for shinies if your a beginner at chaining(i will explain this)is the first routes.

Chaining-Chaining is an application on your PokeWatch.(you need to find this somewhere)It is number 20 or 22.
Back to chaining,u just follow patches,if u go to plain,non-shaking patches,ur in bad luck,its harder.shaking patches ar easier.a SHINING GLITTERING patch is a shiny pokemon.usually silver or blue or gold.

I own 1 shiny non-hacked!i was looking for a teddiursa and i got a shiny chingling!my other shinies,i got from a friend

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Easter Egg - Free accessories

by cupman Dec 02, 2009

Go to Veilstone city, take the route to the gym but before you get there, there is a staircase, go up there, go in the 1st house, chat to the lady. She will ask you if you would let her massage one of your pokemon. When she's done, she will find an accessorie. There is another way for easy accessories. Go to Hearthome City, go to amity square, in order to get inside amity square, you got to have any of the following pokemon {Pikachu, Clefairy, Psyduck, Pachirisu, Happiny, Buneary, Drifloon, Jigglypuff, Torchic, Skitty, or Shroomish}. You have to take a certain amount of steps in order to get an accessories. You have to face the pokemon, press A, it will say "look [name of pokemon] is holding something". For some pokemon, it may take 100 steps, for others it takes 200 steps, or a few pokemon it takes 300 steps. The accessories you get will really help you in contests.Hope I helped.

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