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Pokemon Pearl Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Pearl cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 507 cheats in our list, which includes 60 cheats codes, 23 passwords, 51 unlockables, 54 easter eggs, 33 glitches, 286 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Pearl on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Breeding pokemon

by Dragongirly Feb 05, 2008

If you want to breed pokemon first get a ditto and a pokemon you want to breed.Then go to Solaceon town.Next take those two pokemon and put them in the daycare.Then walk around for a while and then you'll have an egg.

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Secret - Get Rotom

by dragonfollower Sep 10, 2007

In order to get Rotom, you will need to have the National Poke'dex. Go to the Old Chateau (Eterna Forest) and go up the steps on the right hand side and go in the room in the middle upstairs. Go to the room with the television (second room on the far right) and it should say something like "there appears to be a poke'mon inside - want to thump the television?". Say yes and Rotom will appear at lvl 15.

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Secret - How to catch an evee

by Unregistered Jul 20, 2007

beat the elite 4 and obtain the nat. dex. then either catch 1 in the trophy gardens i dont know what level it is, but probably 5 or higher. Or the easiest way is to just go talk to bebe and shell give u 1

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Unlockable - Leafeon & Glaceon

by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 23, 2009

Do the following to get Leafeon & Glaceon

Unlockable:How to unlock:
LeafeonGo to the Entera Forest with and Eevee and go to the strange looking rock the Moss Rock and Level up your Eevee by one level Then you will have Leafeon!
GlaceonGo south of Snowpoint City on Rt 224 and go to the house that has the strange looking rock in the back the Ice Rock and level up another Eevee by one level Then you will have a Glaceon!
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Code - Ultimate team (Action Replay)

by pokefreak437 Jan 13, 2009

This will give you the ultimate team (My team) in Pal Park. Sorry for the length!
94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E000BC94 000000EC F9FBF9FA 2D290000 AA06655C 75B0015E EFEEC7AA B19EE9E4 88A9801A 258E7F54 3ADF847A 90354F24 CEE8D945 A41E0991 FA433D68 BF7FECCA 396E9672 0C2ECCA8 7CBBB876 8EDA3A56 7D452B86 26274085 B6CE6EB3 C2E60538 6F7178FF 3AB96E2E 8D02476D 8175B607 9D51FCBD 469003DC B2C679F5 FA1B00E6 3F0436CC 0FC11C06 8C372DC1 B30AB693 AA6C07CF 16F72C5A 8912B369 106360C3 F89B3774 FFADD404 DF6F5F6F 44DA50C4 50058424 E7A3943D F372A50F E6F194CC CAAD8097 C263743E F8C14716 6D96E5A6 71ACE6CB 33A51C70 B38A2314 4EF398B5 EDF2EADC 392764D1 3BA0A251 F7779833 D25353DA 00000000 E000BD80 000000EC A72F32F0 B71D0000 324B350A DFC845C1 65AAC86B 8E6E7A4C B30873B6 EFFA525A 23911E20 EB099F0F BF4E7CAC 25B83E6E 13BA54A9 521B5C73 57C1545E 6BD6C497 3A125C01 D20A46FC B433A461 3A910B00 55F807D9 AD1C13C9 A2C8C18E ABD51ECB 5B43CB53 B531774C 0C42A55C 67535357 374B92AC AB749323 CAB03E80 D6ED7026 A2E5498D 63A0B6ED FC5EE63E 06690F0C 21AE0215 1A491D2D 5FB00A1D 4A2B7B24 654F8E44 5B40FED1 D1EA5D00 320DAE8D 67E5055C 63C70B26 4E87B4CB 0BF4A707 55AD1F91 830DC0F1 87113C96 DB5ED5EB 87CEEA7D 48305E77 8E23D1F5 D32A2B05 EF76194E 03F413AC 8A9CBD4F 00000000 E000BE6C 000000EC 0E9CD7F6 37E60000 B6F4B288 7086C6AD F2C984CD D7219587 6506EFE7 57E2FDEE 4D00A92B 965082BB FF3B07A2 5648B9F9 31CCCB55 C002370F 44611E7A 5BEB2BBA 6F82B762 0108EFCE F2AD109A 9BB6F423 3C57C98E 80593AD6 6676BDE5 739881EA A80B1CE4 6170D4F0 DAFC0D8A 65D2A853 863C8CB8 9B4DCC0C B27A4D58 24D039AF 1C67FE07 D572EFE6 576980D9 BCCA4968 C1EDCBDC 427A7B5F A0B73AFE 354B5052 F8F0DBA8 4C9C768F 2551BEAF 199C4618 46E8ECC0 5092E951 DC710A88 7CB9CFBA FD582E31 1B450284 D65A9818 62A82E67 4C6C42C3 3A1076B2 E9DB7E12 253465A3 79B309B3 28508DF8 F56562DA 00000000 E000BF58 000000EC BA60F7F0 D7B70000 9B69909F CD0CC5CF 63317238 55DA6B9D 10269568 E4D6535E 0D22FC40 E154CF01 B3F38B1B 2B179E36 3CE41186 71E4306B 9B253CF7 907EB43E 4B1637DE 4E52FBD1 6459B2AC 5BD48D4E D501598F 7D62957B 63952E84 C96E2FDF 699C463C 7F171EBB 2693C31B 7DBDE377 9C0263C5 07C22E72 58D23985 202998A5 DC1B2F06 6CFFF84B 764A9A75 9D095F20 03A07AC0 016F6978 77E853A1 8AA2AF21 C8E129F5 C4ED20AB 68E3F131 2A05E68E 49E201FE 0B6F3D26 EFF517DF B6029B70 84C84628 7885DDBC 38E7C3D2 709667A0 753CA08E 41CC712F A0D6B71C 1B1FF36A 7EEB70DC AE88E7F7 691F2EA4 00000000 E000C044 000000EC F41233F6 4A2E0000 E20E257D D6D3C0DC A5D38551 E574FC16 18C9222B 8FE6414C B4D0CBA0 A03DE457... 

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Unlockable - Legendaries (you don't need Action Replay for this)

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2009

You need to beat the Elite 4 to get these pokemon:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Giratinago to Veilstone, go down until you see an opening (Spring Path) and find Giratina in the cave
Heatrango to Stark Mountain, and go to the very last openening and Heatran will be there
Azelfgo to Lake Verity and go into the middle of the lake, there is cave, go in the cave
Uxiego to Acuity Lakefront (do the same thing as you do to find Azelf but here)
Mespritgo to Valor Lakefront (same thing as Uxie but here)
Cresseliago to Canalave, go in the house to where you find a sick boy, talk to them, and then talk to the sailor
Palkia (Pearl version)go to Spear Pillar
Dialga (Diamond version)go to Spear Pillar
Rotom (not a legendary)go to Eterna City, then, go left until you see two small trees you can cut, cut them, and go to that mansion (Old Chateau), go to the TV and push A (this works at night)
OthersMigrate them from Pal Park
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Code - Master ball x999

by leftoverjim666 Sep 23, 2008

pressl+r to activate need action replay

94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 00000f4c 03e70001 d2000000 00000000masterball x999
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Code - Manaphy

by leftoverjim666 Sep 22, 2008

go to the mineing museum hit l+r when you go in to it and talk to the guy at the counter

94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 10001170 000001ea d2000000 00000000get manphy
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Unlockable - How to get cressalia

by megamanfreak123 Sep 03, 2008

first you need to beat the game and get the national pokedex(and become the champion).go to canalave city and go to where the boats are.go to the bottom house and talk to the mom and kid.after that go talk to the man in front of the boat he will take you to fullmoon island.just fallow the path and you will run into cresselia!!!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
how to get cresseliabecome th e champion and get the national pokedex.
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Password - Good code action replay needed

by wwerules May 19, 2008

ar needed for this

9223b55fa 00002101 1223b5fa 00002100 d2000000 00000000catch trainers pokemon
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Unlockable - Unlock Cool Stuff

by Poke_Sparda Apr 19, 2008

How do unlock some things

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Poke RadarComplete Sinnoh Dex Then go and get national Dex. You will receice Poke Radar
National DexComplete Sinnoh Dex (excluding Manaphy) and go and see Prof.Rowan in his lab
Pal ParkGet national Dex and then go to where Pal Park is it will be open
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Unlockable - Items and places

by cyberdark Jun 29, 2009

Complete the national pokedex - unlock survival area and resort area.
Complete the national pokedex - unlock stark mountain to catch Heatran.
Complete the national pokedex - unlock send off spring to catch Giratina.
Complete the national pokedex - unlock fullmoon island to get cresselia to run off.(go to canalave city and go to the sailor and talk 2 him, then go in the house then talk 2 the boy in the bed and then the sailor guy will walk in and let you go 2 full moon island to get an item, ive forgotten wat it was called).

Adamant orbIf you have pokemon diamond got to where you caught dialga and the will be a pokeball with the adamant orb in it.
Lustrous orbIf you are playing pokemon pearl, go to where you caught palkia and there will be a pokeball with the lustrous orb in it.
Rare bonego to where you caught Giratina and there will be a pokeball with the rare bone in it.
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Secret - You may not need a Ditto!

by ~Yuumi~ Nov 26, 2007

If you have a pokemon that is female, just put it in the day-care with any male pokemon, and you will get a pokemon the same as the mother! Hope this helps! ;D

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Secret - Double Catching Rate

by joe_is_pokemon Sep 03, 2007

When you throw a pokeball at a wild pokemon, say "gotcha" into the Microphone and it will double the chances of the pokemon getting caught.

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Secret - The... Amulet Coin

by teriboomer Nov 27, 2007

This is a working cheat. You go to the city where you walk with cute pokemon go to the place you walk the cute pokemon. you remeber these stone house's? the 2 you can access? yeah it is in one of them. look everywhere inside. It should be in one of them. Trust me it will work. ^_^

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Unlockable - Pokemon

by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 15, 2008

A bunch of pokemon that can be found in the game

Unlockable:How to unlock:
MagizoneLv. up Magmiton 1 lv. at Mt. Cornet
LickilickyLv. up Lickitoune 1 lv. while KNOWING Rollout
RhyperiorTrade Ryidon with a Protector
TangrowthLv. up Tangila 1 lv. while KNOWING Ancintpower
ElectriveTrade Electrbuzz with a Electritazre
MagmortarTrade Magmar with a Magmataizer
TogekissUse a Shiny stone on Togetic
YagmagaLv. up Yanmga 1 lv. while KNOWING Ancintpower
LeafeonLv. up Eevee 1 lv. at the Moss rock
GlaceonLv. up Eevee 1 lv. at the ice rock
GliscorLv. up Gligar 1 lv. while holding a Razor fang at nighttime
MomoswineLv. up Poswine 1 lv. while KNOWING Ancitpower
Porygon-ZTrade Porygon2 with a Dubilick dick
GalladeUse a Dawn stone on a Male Kirlia
ProbopassLv. up Nosepass 1 lv. at Mt. Cornet
DusknoirTrade Duskcollopce with a Repar's cloth
FroslassUse a Dawn stone on a Female Snowrunt
RotomGo to the Old Cantu's t.v. at night
Quick warning:You need the Nathonal dex for all of these!!!!
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Easter Egg - The Special Pokemon

by Palkia07 Jun 25, 2007

Make Sure You have a Sneasal or weevil On you and Teach itFalse swipe It will always leave 1 hp left on your opponents Health use it On a tough to catch pokemon Or legend then use ultra balls cause I always use ultra balls on ma old pokemon games i have about 600 on each game

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Unlockable - Basic things i struggled with finding...

by Unregistered Aug 29, 2007

Nothing (Unless directed)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Fishing rodTalk to the people !!! 1st fishing rod- Jubilife City heading towards Canalave City- When you enter the guard building leading towards the water west of Jubilife City there is guy who asks about if you like fishing . Agree with him and you will receive an Old rod... use that old rod in the water and once the ' ! ' appears above his head you pull the fish in using the X button on the DS then you should be put into a battle with a magikarp if you use the rod straight away.
HM08When heading towards snowpoint city there are some houses and there is one house with a guy complaining about his lost HM or hidden machine... look around the back of the house to find it and then return to him and he will give you a TM !!! .. (kinda weird to give a TM and a HM but its still on your side isnt it XD)
Lucario (Need some tough pokemon level 43+)When heading to iron island from canalave city you should leave one pokemon behind because after finishing the iron island cave your friend Riley should have a Pokemon Egg for you which will hatch into an unevolved form of lucario !!!
National DexObviously you cannot have dialga if you have pearl version correct? but after obtaining or defeating palkia travel back to celestic town and look in the biggest house in the town and speak ot the old woman in the house she should show you a picture of dialga and the rest of the pokemon are easy to spot... if your a tough trainer (Tip: to see all pokemon you must battle trainers as they hold pokemon you cannot ever see unless traded or imported somehow to the game)
BicycleIn Eterna City you should head to the Team Galactic building and defeat all the enemies inside visit your new found friends bike shop and he should reward you with a new bike... press 'B' to get into different gears incase you skipped him saying so
Different backpacks on MenuChoose a girl or a boy will decide which backpack you have (XD what a tip)
Cathching hard PokemonInstead of buying ultra balls from celestic town i reccomend buying timer balls !!! ... To catch hard Pokemon i suggest maybe putting the pokemon to sleep or freezing the pokemon then using some strong moves to deplete its main life supply then get your weaker Pokemon or learn teh move false swipe (Available at the Department store in Veilstone city) because it cannot faint a Pokemon which is excellent for catching pokemon.. either way you can false swipe the pokemon for ages and ages to... 

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Code - Secret Areas Accessed with Walk Through Walls

by Unregistered Sep 30, 2013

Newmoon Island-Capture Darkrai there. Go east from fullmoon island.

Seabreak Path-A long path with a ghost shaymin. Go to Route 224 then head north.

Flower Paradise-Capture Shaymin here. Go to Seabreak Path then go north.

Pal Park's Secret Garden-Capture pokemon like Floatzel and Gastrodon. Fly to Pal Park then head north (go around the building).

Snowpoint Secret Lakes-Nothing interesting in particular here. Fly to Snowpoint City and head northwest.

Jubilife City (destroyed)-A creepy version of Jubilife City that has weird pixel panels and floating doors. To access, you must first fly to Oreburgh City. Then you head west. DO NOT GO INTO THE CAVE.Go around it. Jubilife City will have changed when you walk into it. To turn it back, just fly somewhere else and come back. You can do this with other places, such as Prof. Rowan's Lab and Veilstone City.

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Secret - Palkia

by phantomsaber Sep 24, 2012

If you lose the first fight against Palika, don't worry. Later on you can go back and he will appear again!!

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Easter Egg - Manaphy egg giveaway!(limited time only!!)

by Kanade_Tachibana Apr 23, 2012

i have a cheat that gave me a box of manaphy eggs! i will end this giveaway on December 30, 2012. i would like to trade my manaphy egg for an eve egg. i picked an eve egg because i want it to turn into one of its evolutions, most of all a leafeon! i'm here in the philippines so for those who are in different countries, TOO BAD! so, hurry! grab your manaphy eggs, NOW!

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Secret - Mystery gift help

by pikachumaster908908 Apr 16, 2012

to get the mystery gift do these simple steps

  1. fly to jubilife city.
  2. go to the tv station
  3. go to the 3rd floor.
  4. talk to the man standing next to the lady
  5. tell him "everybody happy" then "wi-fi connection"
  6. then tada you have the mystery gift

enjoy the mystery gift

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Secret - How to get shiny pokemon

by jimster May 18, 2011

Shiny Pokemon are ultra rare and you might a be lucky to start off with a shiny starter or to find a shiny legendary, however shiny Pokemon will only appear once out of I believe its 8,000-9,000 encounters. I personally have found three shiny Pokemon one shiny Magby on stark mountain, One shiny Floatzel also on Stark Mountain, and a shiny Caterpie in my Gold version regular Gold not heart gold.

Just because I said they appear once out of so many encounters doesn't mean anything the first Pokemon you see could be shiny, and ultimately its the games decision on whether or not you find shiny Pokemon some claim they found ways to improve your chances and they could be right but for the most part shinnies are RARE and you are lucky to find one, and you can find them anywhere. I train Pokemon in Stark mountain so most of my time is spent there that's why I have found 2 shinnies in Stark mountain.

My tip for you is if you want a shiny pokemon, lets say you want a shiny Garchomp, well then you go where you find Gible under cycling road and you spend ALOT of time there until you find a shiny Gible, the more time you spend the better your chances, you might even find a shiny pokemon right after a shiny pokemon who knows but the thing is look for the shiny pokemon you want and you might find it.

If you catch one you don't want then try and trade it on the GTS for a shiny that you do want or better yet use friend codes, this gurantees you get what you want, when I said GTS I meant find a shiny pokemon up for trade and trade with them or at least try

This is how you find shinies by luck and alot of encounters, and hard searching

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Easter Egg - How to get Spiritomb

by GamerGirl999 May 27, 2010

A lot of people are frustrated because they can not catch Spiritomb.
Well, remember that crumbling tower thing south of Solaceon Town?
If you go west from Hearthome City, go through the little building, and go south as soon as you can, there will be one of those "Black Belt" trainer guys.
However, he isn't a trainer. Chat to him to get the Hallowed Key.
Now, chat to 32 people underground. (Not those Hiker guys that trade stuff for Spheres-they do not count.)
An easy way to do this is to get a friend, go underground, chat to him, then go back up, go back down, chat to him - (It does take a long time, but it is faster than meeting with him every week or so and talking to him once!)
Once you do that, go to that crumbling pillar south of Solaceon Town. Press A on it, and a message will come up saying that you place the Hallowed Key into the tower.
The Hallowed Tower is restored!
Now, press A on it again (you may need to do this at night) and Spiritomb will appear.
You only have 1 chance to catch him!
NOTE: You can also dig up the Hallowed Key underground once you get it from that black belt guy.
I am not sure if you must chat to 32 more people underground again for a 2nd chance, as I caught him the 1st time I saw him and saw no need to catch him again.
So there you have it- Spiritomb! He's Ghost/Dark like Sableye
, so nothing is supereffective against him. Plus, Psychic and Fighting- type moves have no effect! He starts at Lv25 though, so you probably want to level him up a bit before you do a lot of battling with him.
I am not sure if you must win the Elite Four before you catch him or even get the Hallowed Key.

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Secret - Everything About Arceus

by ArceusFromSaintsM4 Apr 22, 2010

At level 100 Arceus learns judgement, the most powerful move in the game. It's move will change type by the type of plate the user is holding. Also, every ARceus will have the ability Multitype. This will also change Arceus' type if the user holds a type of plate. (It has to be a plate, not an inscence or anything like that) When it holds a plate, Arceus' yellow spikey thingeys and sometimes his eyes will change colour to match the type. Also, the green gems will also change colour. Arceus is the 493th pokemon in the Pokedex (National). If you hack the Azure FLute for Arceus, you will not be able to use it until you unlock the National Dex. It will be Lvl. 80 when summoned. If you didn't pick up the orb from where Dialga or Palkia was out of control, it will not appear. However, if you go back in the cave and back out from where the stairs appear (using the flute creates steps to Arceus) the steps will disappear if you battled Arceus and either defeated him or caught him. Running to the end then will show the pokeball with the orb from the game you use. Arceus cannot be used in the Battle Tower due to the rules. Getting infinate Arceus' IS POSSIBLE. You just got to use aa Ditto and an Arceus in the day care. If you like, it is 50/50 reccomended you use Instant Breeding. It will give you an Arceus instantly, but it won't stop giving Arceus', so you can't go over to the lady to get your Arceus back because if there is an egg she will tell you that her husband needs you. However, it will stop when the hack is deactivated. Also, we reccomend you use fast egg hatch for quicker hatches. Arceus is also the most powerful GOD.

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