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Pokemon Pearl Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Pearl cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 373 cheats in our list, which includes 54 easter eggs, 33 glitches, 286 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Pearl on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

MiCrofone Cure

by BlackFire22 Sep 11, 2007

You can say certain things into the microphone to cure your Pokemon of various statuses. You can cure Sleep by saying "Wake up!" a few times and Confusion by saying "Snap!".


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AnOther way to raise Pokemon in the Daycare.

by clevakid10 Dec 17, 2007

Everyone goes on about how if you go up the middle of Solaceon town and down again your Pokemon will grow loads of levels, but there's another way.

1. Put the two Pokemon that you want to raise up in the Daycare.
2. Fly to Floaroma town.
3. Go West to route 205
4. Surf on the river and follow it East, then North until you reach Fuego Ironworks.
5. Follow the arrows around until you reach one that doesn't send you onto a different arrow.
6. Hold down B and the directional pad and run toward the arrow.
7. Put the DS on charge and weigh the two buttons down.

Leave it on overnight and you're Pokemon will be much higher levelled.
When you run toward the arrow it will send you back to the wall and allow you to run again.

Do not use blue tack (or anything that can get into the DS and jam it up) to hold the buttons down.

PLEASE!!! Rate this cheat.

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HoW to get Phione!

by Torchic Girl Jun 18, 2007

You'll need a Ditto and a Manaphy to get Phione. Got to the Pokemon Daycare and put Ditto and Manaphy in together. Walk or ride your bike for a couple of minutes then go talk to the Daycare Man.(Make sure you leave space in your party)He'll give you an egg containing Pione. Now all you have to do is hatch it. Go up and down on your bike for a while. Watch T.V or somthing while your doing this because it takes quite a long time. You'll have to take 9165 steps for the Pione egg to hatch. Have fun with your Pione!

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DaIly things to do.

by clevakid10 Dec 24, 2007

This is a list of everything that you can do daily (I may of accidentally missed some):

1. Get a berry off of the berry master (route 208).
2. Get a berry off of the girl in Floarama town.
3. Get a berry off of the girl in Pastoria city.
4. (If you have access to it) get a spa treatment in the Resort area Ribbon Club.
5. (If he/she is there) battle your rival (fight area).
6. Catch Pokemon in the Great Marsh.
7. Catch Pokemon in the Trophy Garden.
8. Catch Pokemon in Pal Park.
9. Show the man in Solaceon town the Pokemon he wants.
10. Show the man in route 221 the level pokemon he wants.
11. Get a Pokemon from the Swarms (a girl in Sandgem tells you where some Pokemon are).
12. Get a ribbon from telling a story to the girl in Sunyshore.
13. Get a massage for your Pokemon (Veilstone City).
14. Listen to a trendy saying (Snowpoint City).
15. Get a lottery ticket (Jubilife TV station).
16. Battle the trainer in Jubilife TV station (there's a new one every day).
17. Battle the trainers in the seven stars resturant (there are new ones every day).

Hope it helps!!!
P.S. Please Rate!!!
P.P.S. Please tell me if I missed any out!!!

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poKemon mansion rares

by Unregistered Jun 13, 2007

after you see all 150 pokemon and beath the elite 4,go to the pokemon mansion and talk to the owner. say yes to both of his questions.he will tell you he saw a rare pokemon in his garden.
the pokemon can be jigglypuff,porygon,pikachu, etc.

hope this helped!

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ReAlly just a hint: what tha big rock in 224 is for.

by Pyro7 Jun 25, 2007

It's for an event with Shaymin

P.S. I'm answering a request, so please dont do thumbs down!

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by Tom-Ato Jun 06, 2007

These are all of the "Eeveelutions" and how to get them.

Flareon: Fire Stone
Vaporeon: Water Stone
Jolteon: Thunderstone
Espeon: Happiness and Lv. up in Daytime
Umbreon: Happiness and Lv. up in Nighttime
Leafeon: Lv. up by the Strange Rock in Eterna Forest
Glaceon: Lv. up by the Strange Rock in Route 217 or 218 (the one closer to Snowpoint)

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TeAch pokemon old moves

by Pyro7 Jul 16, 2007

First, make sure you have a heart scale (you can find them underground). Next, fly to Pastoria city. After that, go to the house close to the water, (the one with the guy that says he's exactly in the middle of the city in front.) go inside, talk to the guy inside, if you have a heart scale, he'll teach one of your pokemon a move that it forgot (or never learned)! You have to give the guy a heart scale in return, though.

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ShIny swarm pokemon

by leaf blade Jul 16, 2007

when Dawns/Lucas little sister tells you that there is a swarm of a certain pokemon like
surskit,if you look a super long time then you will find the shiny form of the swarm pokemon.

while i was looking for a certain pokemon at lake verity,there was a swarm of surskit and while i was looking for that certain pokemon i found a rare black surskit!and i caught it.

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by Tom-Ato Jun 27, 2007

Go to Mt. Coronet and to the 4th Floor by the waterfall. Get right by the splashes it makes and use the SUPER Rod. Keep doing this until you find a Dratini or Dragonair.

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MoRe Rotom

by Pyro7 Jun 18, 2007

All you need is a Ditto, and a Rotom. Put both of them in the Day- care, and, eventually, they'll lay an egg! It's a Rotom egg.

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a Few secrets!

by pokemonmasterjustin Dec 24, 2007

I'm going to tell you a whole bunch of stuff today!
2nd Masterball:
As you know you get the 1st masterball after you defet Cyrus in Team Galatic's base, you get the second one by going to Jubilife city's t.v. station, go to the lady standing behind a desk ( this is the lottery counter ) you know the IDno. of a pokemon she will draw an IDno. and if she says all 5 of the numbers correct in the correct order she will give you a masterball, but you'll be very lucky if you do!
How pokemon get experience from the day-care center:
Your pokemon you left at the day-care, for every step you take your pokemon in the day-care gets 1 exp. point each.
Darkrai ( event pokemon ):
You get it with an nitendo event and trough-out the event you will get something, after that go to any pokemart and talk to the guy in the green shirt and he'll give you the Membership card. After getting that item go to the house behind the pokemon center ( the house that was looked ), but with the Membership card you can open the door there will be a man saying some strang stuff, then you takr a rest in his bed, but when you wake up you'll br on Newmoon Island go in the path you will see a pokemon it's going to be Darkrai go up to it then you'll battle it ( it's on Lv.40 but it's still hard to catch.
Shaymin ( event pokemon ):
Go through an nintendo event then go to any pokemart and talk to the guy in the green shirt, he will give you oak's letter, it says " go to Rt.224 " i'm going to tell you how to get there go to victory road ( north ) the guy blocking that entrence there will be gone go through that path there'll be a girl you have to help her get out of the cave. When you get out keep going north till you see Prof. Oak standing next to a white rock talk to him he wants you to say what you give your thanks to write anything you want, after that a small thing will come up and after that glow or whatever this weird pokemon will apere fpllow it up the really long path that's called the Seabreak path. When you finally come to the end ( Flower pasrade ) you find that same pokemon, this pokemon is Shaymin ( It's on Lv.30, but hard to catch )

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GaLlade (You Need the National Dex)

by Tom-Ato Jun 06, 2007

First, go to Route 203 and use your Poke' Radar. Step on the part of the grass that shook and a wild Ralts may appear. If it's a male, catch it. It should be at lv. 3, 4, or 5 so use a Dusk Ball at night for my favorite way xD. Evolve it into Kirlia at lv. 20 and use a Dawn Stone on it. Your Kirlia should evolve into a Gallade! DO NOT get it to lv. 30 unless it's holding an everstone, or it will evolve into Gardevoir even IF it's a male!

**************************************MALE RALTS ONLY!************************************

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RaRe Pokemon...

by Unregistered Jun 29, 2007

Giratina is in turn back cave,
this is in the spring path, it opens up once you fill your pokedex, upgrade your dex, then go to the path, keep going till you find the cave, Im not sure how the maze works but once you find the maze in the cave go the direction the arrows or lines point(they point two ways so you have to chose)
I randomly went through the cave so Im not sure what the real way is, but once you reach a room with pillars with wrighting on them keep going forward you will eventually reach Giratina(hes level 70 so come prepared)
Also when your in the mansion in Eterna forest the second last room on the right has a painting of a ghost pokemon, its eyes are glowing red, if you stand right in front of it its eyes stop glowing, Im not sure if this does anything, or if theres a pokemon there but I just decided to put it in this cheat...

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HoW to Clone

by killa01 Jan 12, 2009

step 1: go to the GTS center in Jublife city.

step 2: have five or less pokemon in your party.

step 3: talk to GTS lady, she will lead you inside a room, next deposit the pokemon you desire to clone. (WARNING: when depositing for cloning, make sure you offer for a pokemon NO ONE will trade for. e.g. a level 100 wurmple...beware of hackers...)

Step 4: press yes and you will notice a tiny "loading" clock, toward the right on the top DS screen. This is the hardest part. right before the trade is being accepted, you have to shut off your ds. To make this easier, you have to offer you pokemon to be traded a few times to see what time it takes for your ds to trade the pokemon. Usually its around 7-8.5 rotations for the little clock. WHen you find out the time your game accepts trades, shut DS off a tick before the trade is accepted. (e.g. if the little clock stops at 7.5 spins, shut it off at 7.25 spins)

Step 5: when you turn on your DS, you'll notice an "corrupt file"
don't worry, your save file is safe because pkdiamond double save, so you have a backup save file. Go to back in the GTS room, and go to summary to check up on your pokemon. You will have a pokemon in the summary and a pokemon in either your party, or your pC box. the end. BE CAREFUL THOUGH. i heard a rumor going around about nintendo banning people from GTS, but i'm not sure if this is true. other than that, enjoy.

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HoW to evolve combee

by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 24, 2008

WARNING: You must have a female combee for it to evolve

Then get the female combee and rise it to lv. 21 then the combee you got will evolve ( the name of the evloved form is Vespiquen )

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AlWays hatch female or male Pokemon from eggs

by Dragongirly Feb 19, 2008

If you have a egg and want to hatch it into a female hatch it at Hearthome city or Floaroma town.And if you want to hatch your egg into a male hatch it at Solaceon town.

Hope I helped

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HuGe spheres fast (without combing,if you did they'd be as big as he!!)

by debomb49 Apr 08, 2009

Alright I'm going to tell you how to grow spheres as bigger than he!!
Step 1. Go underground and bury the spheres you want to grow in an easy place to remember.
Step 2. Go back up and save.
Step 3. Turn off DS.
Step 4. Go to DS optins and change the clock to 23:59.
Step 5. turn off DS then on and get on pokmon(you have one minute to do this so hurry if you dont make it repeat steps 3-5. also you can add more time to do thing like daily stuff jst make sure you get on before 00:00)
Step 6. Wait until clock says 00:00. once it says that repeat steps 2-6.

Note:If you do this for just 5 mintes your spheres will have grown 30-40 sizes!!!!!!!

Hope this helps you get bigger spheres, i got a full inventory of size 99 spheres using this method!

P.S. Please rate this hint if possible and add it to your cheatbook!

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by Goldgary123 Sep 21, 2009

1.repels(opcional)so pokemon wont pop out
2.the move cut

ok step one fly to eterna city and go left the eterna forest.

step two use cut on the treesnear the place you just entered from go in the house

step three go to the kitchen (room infront of you only room downstairs)keep going in and out untill you see a buttler ghost walk left he dissapears after

Step four go to the door in the middle up stairs and walk right.enter the second to last room in and out untill you see a little girl walk out the room to the right.

some people say thay see another ghost walk down the stair i dont know if thats true anyways rate and dont give me a thumbs down please

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LeNgendaries are not so loveable

by Unregistered Nov 06, 2007

When you catch legendaries they run away from you on your friendship app.So it takes along time from them to like you.If you use them allot in battles and contests they will warm up to you more.if you want to do it the long way just never really use it but keep it in party.PS:this works for regular Pokemon too but its not as long.

(I hope you have a close bond with your Pokemon!

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hoW to get rotom

by Unregistered Jun 22, 2007

you have to fhinsh before doing this.go to the enterea forest there should be a manshion (spelling) first go to the door on the bottem keep going in intell you see a man then go up then go in the door in the middle door go in the door in the far right if you see a lady go to the tv if you don't see the lady you can't catch a rotom

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by bigsista85 Jul 07, 2008

Go underground and hit anywhere with the pick once.Then press:LLLRRRXABY. Switch to the hammer hit near where you hit with the pick.You are sure to find something good everytime.

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AmUlet Coin

by themystery Jun 27, 2008

When you go to hearthome city go to aminty square (need to have a cute pokemon with you )walk to the far right and there are steps turn left and go straight to the broken castles go inside the castle on the right and ont the left side of the wall press a and youwill have the amulet coin hope this makes you richer

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PoRygon evolutions

by Dialgakilr49 Mar 24, 2008

Here is the secret way to get porygon!
1. get a few pokeballs, ultra balls, great balls, whatever.
2. go to Mr. Backlot's house.
4. after you saved the game, talk to him.
5. say yes to the first 2 questions.
6. he will say there is a rare pokemon in the garden, if it is not porygon, shut it off and talk to him again.
7. repeat this process until he tells you there is a porygon in the garden.
8. once he has told you, go into the trophy garden.
9. find one, but use a low lvl pokemon or you will kill it.
10. once you catch it, give it an Up-Grade that you got from professor Oak.
11. trade it to someone.
12. once your porygon evolves, tell your partner to trade it back, then you will have a Porygon-2!
13. according to the National Pokedex, there is a final evolution of Porygon.
14. attach the dubious disk to your newly obtained porygon and trade it back to your partner.
15. tell them to trade it back again.
16. after that, you will have the final evolution of Porygon, Porygon-Z.

This actually works!

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by Bramblefang Dec 14, 2009

Well, I have listed some rarenot obvious items (Pokemon hold items, randomly found items, etc.) here in this cheat.

Black Sludge-Wild Croagunk and Toxicroak can be holding these when battling them.

Quick Claw-A person in Jubilife City will give this to you.

King's Rock-Wild Poliwhirl hold there.

Dragon Fang-Wild Bagon may be holding these sometimes.

Amulet Coin-You can find this hidden in one of the small buildings in Amity Square.

Leftovers-Found in the Victory Road. (The part that is blocked off by someone until you get the National Dex)

Life Orb-An area in Stark Mountain.

Master Ball-(Besides getting it from Cyrus)You can get this in the Lottery Corner in Jubilife City. It is the top prize and the lotto number has to exactly match your Trainer Card.

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