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nov 07, 2009Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

how do i get shiny pokemon???

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Secret - How to get shiny pokemon:

Shiny Pokemon are ultra rare and you might a be lucky to start off with a shiny starter or to find a shiny legendary, however shiny Pokemon will only appear once out of I believe its 8,000-9,000 encounters. I personally have found three shiny Pokemon one shiny Magby on stark mountain, One shiny Floatzel also on Stark Mountain, and a shiny Caterpie in my Gold version regular Gold not heart gold.

Just because I said they appear once out of so many encounters doesn't mean anything the first Pokemon you see could be shiny, and ultimately its the games decision on whether or not you find shiny Pokemon some claim they found ways to improve your chances and they could be right but for the most part shinnies are RARE and you are lucky to find one, and you can find them anywhere. I train Pokemon in Stark mountain so most of my time is spent there that's why I have found 2 shinnies in Stark mountain.

My tip for you is if you want a shiny pokemon, lets say you want a shiny Garchomp, well then you go where you find Gible under cycling road and you spend ALOT of time there until you find a shiny Gible, the more time you spend the better your chances, you might even find a shiny pokemon right after a shiny pokemon who knows but the thing is look for the shiny pokemon you want and you might find it.

If you catch one you don't want then try and trade it on the GTS for a shiny that you do want or better yet use friend codes, this gurantees you get what you want, when I said GTS I meant find a shiny pokemon up for trade and trade with them or at least try

This is how you find shinies by luck and alot of encounters, and hard searching