Pokemon Pearl Requests

 [ NDS ]

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nov 07, 2009Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

how do i get shiny pokemon???

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sep 17, 2009Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

could someone give me hints on where items are? Not the ones that r so easy(pokeball) or known by mosto everyone(lustrus orb)

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jun 12, 2009Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

Hello. I would like to know if there is a AR code to get all berries. Thank you.

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jun 05, 2009Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

Um can someone plz give me the WHOLE national dex.....or at least some of it....

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apr 14, 2009Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

can someone plz give me the cheat for five star trainer card i will submit a cheat for you if i can find it pm me the cheat

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feb 10, 2009Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

can anyone help me learn to trade through wifi? and can anyone spare lugia and/or typhlosion?

feb 04, 2009Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

Can you get Deoxys on pearl?

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dec 27, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

how to get manaphy egg

dec 08, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

how do u get past the guy blocking your way to sunyshore city

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jul 31, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

how to get member pass?

jul 17, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

can someone tell me where to get a bagon?

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jul 15, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

Any1 no how to get a friend code??? Plz tell me

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jun 06, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

shiny mew, level 60, nicknamed Abbas, OT Banner. Please let the code not be to long!

jun 05, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

how can my pokemons be shiny without ar

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jun 03, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

Hi all, I just have 2 questions. Does Pokesave give viruses to your computer? My step counter has frozen, is there any way to fix it (or delete it)? Thx, Kornblume

jun 02, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

hey can someone give me the all pokemon are shiny code? if u can make it lvl. 100 then kool if not then oh well

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may 31, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

how do you unlock all cheats if you dont have an action replay and were do you find a ditto and mew

may 24, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

How 2 get Mesprit

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may 13, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

any mega pokemon with max stats

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apr 30, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

A cheat that makes you have PERMANENT shinys.

apr 30, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

could anyone explain to me how to trade from me leaf green fire red to my new pearl on the ds

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apr 21, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

How do you get a friend code??????????????????????? please tell me

apr 17, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

Which way is it to Spear Pillar because if orgoten the way

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apr 10, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

how to get giratina

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apr 01, 2008Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Submitted

Will someone make or help me make a code for a Darkrai, Lv.100, Max stats, Ability:Wondergard,and all ribons,& moves: Dark Void,SpacialRend,DracoMeteor,andDoomDesire This would be BIG help thankz ^-^

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