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This cheat for Pokemon Platinum [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 31 Aug 2009 by GleshClen and is called "Pokemon that Evolve by Stones, Happiness, and Trading". The Cheat have a rating 6 by 8 our users and has been commented 6 times. Also 17 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up GleshClen and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 179 other cheats for Pokemon Platinum, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Pokemon that Evolve by Stones, Happiness, and Trading

by GleshClen Aug 31, 2009

Pokemon that evolve by trade

Poliwhirl - Politoad, if it's holding a King's Rock
Kadabra - Alakazam
Machoke - Machamp
Graveler - Golem
Slowpoke - Slowking, if it's holding a King's Rock
Haunter - Gengar
Onix - Steelix, if it's holding a Metal Coat
Scyther - Scizor, if it's holding a Metal Coat
Porygon - Porygon2, if it's holding an Up-Grade
Porygon2 - Porygon-Z, if it's holding a Dubious Disc
Dusclops - Dusknoir, if it's holding a Reaper Cloth
Seadra - Kingdra, if it's holding a Dragon Scale
Clamperl - Huntail, if it's holding a DeapSeaTooth
Clamperl - Gorebyss, if it's holding a DeepSeaScale
Magmar - Magmortar, if it's holding a Magmarizer
Rhydon - Rhypherior, if it's holding a Protector
Electabuzz - Electivire, if it's holding an Electrizer
Sneasel - Weavile, if it's holding a Razor Claw

Pokemon that evolve by happiness
Chansey - Blissey
Riolu - Lucario, while training in daytime
Pichu - Pikachu
Eevee - Umbreon, while training at nighttime
Eevee - Espeon, while training at daytime
Golbat - Crobat
Cleffa - Clefairy
Igglypuff - Jigglypuff
Budew - Roselia, while training at daytime
Buneary - Lopunny
Munchlax - Snorlax
Chingling - Chimecho, while training at nighttime
Azurill - Marill
Togepi - Togetic

Pokemon that evolve by stones

Fire Stone
Growlithe - Arcanine
Vulpix - Ninetales
Eevee - Flareon

Water Stone
Poliwhirl - Poliwrath
Shellder - Cloyster
Staryu - Starmie
Eevee - Vaporeon
Lombre - Ludicolo

Thunder Stone
Eevee - Jolteon
Pikachu - Raichu

Leaf Stone
Exeggute - Exeggutor
Weepinbell - Victreebel
Gloom - Vileplume
Nuzleaf - Shiftry

Shiny Stone
Togetic - Togekiss
Roselia - Roserade

Dusk Stone
Murkrow - Honchkrow
Misdreavus - Mismagius

Dawn Stone
Kirlia - Gallade, only if it's male
Snorunt - Froslass, only if it's female

Sun Stone
Sunkern - Sunflora
Gloom - Belossom

Moon Stone
Skitty - Delcatty
Nidorino - Nidoking
Nidorina - Nidoqueen
Clefairy - Clefable
Jigglypuff - Wigglytuff

If I missed any, tell me.

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