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Pokemon Platinum Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Platinum cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 335 cheats in our list, which includes 53 easter eggs, 14 glitches, 268 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Platinum on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

MaGkikarp is a king!

by Angel138 Aug 10, 2009

At the Resort Area you will see this fat guy sitting in a pool. Talk to him and he will say something about a king of the sea or something. What he is really talking about is that if you fish at a certain part of the Resort Area, VERY strong Magikarp will appear. My highest catch was a lvl 69 Magikarp! My friend claimed to get a lvl 78 one! The certain area is on a bridge in the middle of the Resort Area! Catch him like a normal Magikarp! No Masterballs needed!
P.S This is true because it says it in THE POKEMON PLATINUM OFFICIAL GUIDE BOOK! So please don't put thumbs down on me saying that I am lieing! :(

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HoW to get the base form

by wesley12sosa Jan 06, 2010

How to get the base form of evolved pokemon that you captured Easy ! You will need a ditto . First put the evolved pokemon on the pokemon day care (ex. fearow ) then add ditto . Walk many steps then talk to the husband of the pokemon day care . He will give you the egg .Again walk many steps so the egg will hatch . Viola !The base form of the pokemon !

P.S : My Id :60240 Name: Wesley
P.S.S: I am a breeder . I can trade to you starters and other pokemons except for legendarys and migrated pokemons.


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neW things in game

by danwolf7 Jun 12, 2008

ok there are going to be a lot new things in this game and i will put down what i know so far

the trainers have new cloths because of the sudden change of climate in shinnoh
a diffrent story line
2 new pokemon
giritana has a orgin forme
shaymin has a sky forme in this game
new places like a castle and the demiesion giritana comes from torn world witch takes the ds's 3-D capabilaties to the extreme
and much much more

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HaPpy Birthday Message from Dawn/Lucas

by iMpErSoNaToR_280 Mar 25, 2009

After beating Elite 4 if you play the game on your birthday or if you set the DS clock to your birthday and talk to Dawn/Lucas she/he will wish you a Happy Birthday

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FrOntier Brains

by Illumise27 Feb 23, 2009

Battle Tower - Palmer - Streak 21 - Dragonite, Milotic, Rhyperior - Streak 49 - Heatran, Regigigas, Cresselia

Battle Stage - Keito - Streak 60 - Random Pokemon - Streak 170 - Random Pokemon

Battle Factory - Nejiki - Streak 21 - Random Pokemon - Streak 49 - Random Pokemon

Battle Caste - Cochran - Streak 21 - Staraptor, Houndoom, Empoleon - Streak 49 - Gallade, Empoleon, Entei

Battle Roulette - Daria - Streak 21 - Dusknoir, Medicham, Ludicolo - Streak 49 - Togekiss, Zapdos, Blaziken

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AnOther old chateau story

by mamadoodoo07 Dec 23, 2009

I know theres alot of story's about this place but on certain games them selfs somthing strang happens i had pearl but still have platnium.

on pearl something very strange happend some how i battled a trainer but it was a woman with grass types i didn't notice at first but then it seemed wirde.

in platnium there was a man in the biggest room with the massive table in it there was a man on the other side i went round then he walked off i chased him but he was gone. about a month later i saw him againhe was on top of the stiars the screen looked at him he walked into another room but when i went in therethere was nothing buta type of plate i think it was a dread plate but im not sure.

sos if some of my spellings are wrong but please comment if something like this has happend the you its just because i have spent a very long time trying to find way not to cheat but still get rare things.

thank you

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HoW to get a strong Gyarados.

by Fireredboy Apr 15, 2009

Things needed:
Access to the RESORT AREA
and a SUPER ROD.
First, you need to fish using a SUPER ROD at the RESORT AREA. Then catch a Magikarp. BEWARE:The Magikarp in this area are STRONG. The highest levelled Magikarp i encountered was LEVEL 70(seventy). When you have a strong Magikarp, level it up once by battling or by using a rare candy. Then you will have a STRONG GYARADOS. This should work because my POKEMON PLATINUM is ORIGINAL and has NO CHEATS.

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HiDden Items

by Unregistered Apr 06, 2009

Jubelife City-If you walk into the city from the southern route you will see a little area you can walk into and find a Stardust.
Eterna City-Behind the Statue of the legendary pokemon use the Dowsing Machine Application and when you find a Draco Plate.
Pokemon League-When you get all the way through Victory Road you will see a waterfall and 2 statues use the Dowsing Machine Application and you will find a Sky Plate.
Solaceon Ruins-On almost every small area with a rock you will find an item.Some include Water Stone, Fire Stone, ThunderStone, ect.
There might be more that is all of them I know of that seems tricky to find.Comment more secret items.

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GeT Mystery Gift

by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 30, 2009

Go to Jubilife City and go into the TV station Go to the 3rd floor where you see two people standing there talk to the man and he will ask what your opinion is on TV When he asks you say EVERYONE HAPPY Then he will ask your feedback on TV then you say WI-FI CONNECTION When you Save and turn off the game go back to the Pokemon Platinum menu and you will see the Mystery Gift event!

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ChAining tips

by Unregistered May 04, 2009

There are in fact easy ways to chain.Have a Pokemon with the Magnet Pull ability in the front of your team and Steel type pokemon come more often.Have a Pokemon with the Static ability and Eletric Pokemon appear more often.I know these as facts because Icant even get a Bidoof chain to 40 but with a Flaaffy at the front of my team I was able to make 2 chains of Shinx(One to 46 and the other to 42)Both of them combined I found 2 Shiny Shinx.8)Also I am not a noob because I know that people call others noobs although they played longer then they have.I have experience of Pokemon since it first came out...IN JAPAN.I had all 151 Pokemon cards from the first generation in both English AND Japanese.Ive been playing the gamed since Red Blue and Green(Japan)so dont call anybody a noob.

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GyM Leaders

by Illumise27 Feb 23, 2009

1. Roark - Geodude Lv.12 Onix Lv.12 Cranidos Lv.14
2. Gardenia - Turtwig Lv.20 Cherrim Lv.20 Roserade Lv.22
3. Fantina - Duskull Lv.24 Haunter Lv.24 Mismagius Lv.26
4. Maylene - Meditite Lv.28 Machoke Lv.29 Lucario Lv.32
5. Wake - Gyarados Lv.33 Quagsire Lv.34 Floatzel Lv.37
6. Bryon - Magneton Lv.37 Steelix Lv.38 Bastiodon Lv.41
7. Candice - Sneasel Lv.40 Piloswine Lv.40 Abomasnow Lv.42 Froslass Lv.44
8. Volkner - Jolteon Lv.46 Raichu Lv.46 Luxray Lv.48 Electivire Lv. 50

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EaRning Easy Money

by Unregistered Nov 23, 2009

Do you own a Villa Or you're just trying to earn lots of money, but you find it too hard to make a lot Well, I'm here to tell you how you can make easy money.

HM Fly
Pokemon above level 61 [just to make things easier]
Amulet Coin
Vs Seeker

OK, you will need these [you don't have to have the HM Fly, but if you're a fair distance away from the place, it will be best if you had it]. I will give you the steps to earn EASY MONEY:

1. Check that you have all of the required equipment
3. Equip the leader of your party the Amulet Coin
4. Now, go down the hallway towards ROUTE 212
5. Go all the way down towards the entrance of the POKEMON MANSION [the gate]
6. To the left of the gate are 2 elders [male and female]
7. If you have not versed them, battle them with the Pokemon equipped with the Amulet Coin
8. If you have defeated them before, use the Vs Seeker near them
9. Both of them should be looking for a battle, but if not, don't worry
10. The second time you verse them they will give you around 18,000 Poke Dollars
11. The third time you verse them, they will give you around 24,400 Poke Dollars
12. Every other time you verse them, they will give you 24,400 Poke Dollars
13. So, when you verse them both, they will give you 48,800 Poke Dollars [with the Amulet Coin]

BEWARE: Every time you verse them, their level will increase. This stops when they are at level 61

I hope I have helped.
Please rate up, since this is my 1st hint I have done. I will also add other cheats some other time. :D

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FiNding Shiny Pokemon -Pokemon Platinum Version

by cupman Nov 23, 2009

How to: If you put both an international pokemon & one of your own in the daycare, your chances of finding a shiny are lowered from 1/8932 to 1/2000. This may sound high but you will definitely notice a difference.

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HoW to stop Pokemon Evolving

by tailsprowler Jul 02, 2009

When your pokemon is evolving (starting to change form while it's white) press the B button and your pokemon will stop evolving. Put when you level up the pokemon again it will try to evolve.

Good Luck

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MoW the Lawn

by iMpErSoNaToR_280 Mar 25, 2009

You can use Pokemon with the Cut ability to cut the tall grass you encounter in your quest Just use the ability when you are near a patch of tall grass

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FiNd shinies easier!

by ckjkj Dec 10, 2010

The Pokemon that you are seeking a Shiny form of must be a Pokemon that is able to be found in the grass with the PokeRadar.
Alright, every time you increase your streak of finding the same Pokemon with the PokeRadar, the chance of the next Pokemon of that kind being a Shiny will increase! HINT: If you go to the tile farthest away from Lucas/Dawn when you use the PokeRadar, the chance of the Pokemon hiding in there being the same as before greatly increases.
For example, if you can get a streak of 40 Starly, the chance of the next Starly found with the PokeRadar will be 1/204, MUCH less than the chance of finding random shinies, which is 1/8192!
Happy Hunting!!!

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GeT your own Villa!

by pokemonmasterjustin Apr 30, 2009

When you reach the Resort Area, go to the east and you will see this boy. The boy will show you and take inside his Villa. Then he will ask you to purchase a Table ( don't worry about sependding any money, its free ). Then he says that he wants to go on a pokemon adventure, so he's leaving his Villa behind. SO then you will have your own Villa!

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NaTional pokemon

by jmario1 Oct 12, 2009

First go to the trophy garden and talk to the owner he well say lots of stuf and say yes the second time you say yes he will say something press a and he will say some national pokemon came ruuning up to him[castform,ditto ect..]and his butler well say that pokemon is not in the garden and then you will be able to catch the pokemon there[the first time you get an encounter it may not be that pokemon so keep tring]

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"FRee" Pokemon

by Lugia27 Nov 04, 2008

In D/P, all you got was a Riolu and an Eevee (only after you got the national dex)

Well, in Platinum, you can get Riolu, Eevee, Togepi, and Porygon even before you get the national dex. All of them are young, so Exp. Share is recommended.

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Pokedex entry - Manaphy

by pokemonmasterjustin Jun 09, 2009

While you are filling up your Shinnoh pokedex, you might find some trouble with no. 151. That pokemon is Manaphy. To get Manaphy's pokedex entry, you must go to the Pokemon Manshion at any time of the day. Go into the Master's room and you will see a book on the other side of the desk. Look at the book! After reading it will show you a picture of Manaphy. Then when you check your pokedex, go down to no. 151 again. You will see Manaphy's pokedex entry!

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ItEms to be found Underground!!!For all P/D/P

by KatieTraxie Oct 07, 2009

Underground Special Items!Some only after Nation dex(only 2 fossils)

Rare Bone
Old Amber
Root Fossil
Claw Fossil
Skull Fossil(Diamond or platinum)
Armour Fossil(Pearl or Platinum
Odd keystone(comes in handy if you sold ur other by mistake)
Red Shard
Yellow Shard
Blue Shard
Green Shard
All plates(eg,Zap plate.Draco Plate)
Max Revive

That's all I can think of.Plz rate and comment!

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Re-battleing Mars and Jupiter

by pokemonmasterjustin Apr 08, 2009

When you see Buck at Stark Mountain, go up to Stark Mountain and enter in the cavern. You should see Galatic Goones inside! You will see 2 grunts, "The new boss", Mars and Jupiter. Then Mars will ask for a battle ( but you'll have to do in anyway ) and fight her. Then Jupiter will ask for a battle as well, and she will rematch. Then you will re-battle them!

NOTE: Their pokemon are on the mid 50 levels now, so bring tough pokemon.

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diAlga and palkia... IN PLATINUM!

by jenny333 Apr 27, 2009

There is a lot to do before these pokemon are yours:

1) Get the eighth gym badge, and get the HM Waterfall.

2) Go to Mount Coronet

3) Go up the waterfall, and into the secret cavern. (Just go up the mountain, you will notice the waterfall.)

4) Get the two orbs that belong to Dialga and Palkia, they are inside the small cavern.

5) Talk to the elder of Celestic Town.

6) Go to Spear Pillar! (Very top of Mount Coronet where you found the Distortion World.)

7) You will see a blue light. That's DIALGA! (After you beat/catch Dialga, enter the Mount Coronet, then step back out, there will now be a Pink Light which is PALKIA!)

Note: You might have to beat the Elite Four first, I'm not sure. Both Dialga and Palkia will be Level 70

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NeW pokemon game release!!!!!!

by ultimaSephiroth7 Sep 21, 2009

In china theres been rumours of two new games based on the johto region being released, and there true!!! the games are called pokemon heartgold and soulsilver, and are remakes of the two games, pokemon gold and silver, with ho-oh and lugia starring as the main pokemon!they have already been released in china ans japane already on the 12th of sep. europe and america releases come in the early time of 2010 spring, so maybe 5 or 6 months to go! pls give thumbs up im desperate for good comments!

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PoKemon that you can't see in trainer battles or in the wild

by platinummaster8 Feb 15, 2010

#114 Unown

The first one that you likely will not see is Unown. No trainers have this alphabet Pokmon, and the one place that it inhabits is seldom visited. Although Defog is placed at the bottom of Solaceon Ruins, Unown does not appear to activate until you get to the bottom. As such, people who escape rope out of the ruins will not get to battle this Pokmon

#151 Manaphy

Manaphy is an event Pokmon that is only obtainable in conjunction with the two Ranger games. Due to this, many people will not have it and so you cannot battle it. In order for it to be seen in your Pokdex, go to Mr. Backlot's Mansion in Route 212 and into his main room where he is. On the desk there should be a book and if you examine this book, Manaphy will be seen and added as such to your Pokdex

#152 Rotom

Rotom is not owned by any trainers within the game. You do however walk past the area it inhabits whenever you leave Eterna Forest. Rotom resides in one of the Televisions within the Old Chateau. It is only available from 8pm in the day and there is only one so you have to be careful when fighting it if you wish to keep it.

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