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Pokemon Platinum Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Platinum cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 335 cheats in our list, which includes 53 easter eggs, 14 glitches, 268 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Platinum on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

WhEn you know you've got a shiny

by cheats4thewin May 04, 2009

Very rarely, you can find a patch of grass while using the pokeradar, that will shake twice, stop then shake twice again, you 100% absolutely have a shiny pokemon (worked for my twice ^.^) and good hunting :DD

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DiAlga and Palkia

by tiger209 Apr 13, 2009

Dialga and Pakia

1) Get the eighth gym badge, and get the HM Waterfall.

2) Go to Mount Coronet

3) Go up the waterfall, and into the secret cavern. (Just go up the mountain, you will notice the waterfall.)

4) Get the two orbs that belong to Dialga and Palkia, they are inside the small cavern.

5) Talk to the elder of Celestic Town.

6) Go to Spear Pillar! (Very top of Mount Coronet where you found the Distortion World.)

7) You will see a blue light. That's DIALGA! (After you beat/catch Dialga, enter the Mount Coronet, then step back out, there will now be a Pink Light which is PALKIA!)

Note: You might have to beat the Elite Four first, I'm not sure. Both Dialga and Palkia will be Level 70.

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RaRe pokemon called --------

by Unregistered Aug 23, 2010

You need the poke modifier dont type in anything in calculator. Hold L+R and run in the grass. The wierd pokemon will appear. The only moves that effect it is 1 hit KO moves. It wont faint but it uses struggle and it faints. You can only catch it with a Master Ball. DO NOT IF YOU DONT HAVE THE MASTER BALL CHEAT, DO NOT CATCH IT. IT WONT BE IN YOUR BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OnLy real missingo

by goldenhacker Mar 29, 2010

First you ne to have an action replay with the walk/run/bike through walls cheat active. Then you go to Canelava city. (sorry if my spelling is off) Go to the place where you can sail. Use the walk through walls cheat to go in the boat behind the man. Talk to him and sail somewhere. The ship will leave but you will stay where the boat was. When the ship reaches its destination, you'll be there too.

This is my first cheat so please give me thumbs up.

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tuRn your self to a missingo!

by Unregistered Apr 29, 2009

use the walk through walls cheat on AR. go to jubilfe city and get on your bike. go east until you get to orbergh city. get off your bike and you will be a missingo. get on it and you will be inviceble. (I think) funny!

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&qUot;Dark void"

by Kaiser43 May 07, 2012

this glitch i found out while hunting shinys(ive only got one=D). first,catch a dark type pokemon(one type only) and addit to your party. then, fly to route 222 from sunnyshore city .Go until u find two fishermen(three trees behind them) and ride your bike between them in a rectangle. then, go to your right and find that there will be a huge void. use your poketech berry map as a guide to go to fullmoon island through the void. you will meet alot of invisable barriers, but go throu them. then ,swim west of fulmon island annd keep going until u hear jubilife city music. you have arrived at the Second Dimension. you can go thru any thing here. u can catch darkrai and shay min. sadly, it doesnt work for the second time u go there. still, I think it only works if you have a event pokemon.(i personaly dont recomend you do this. there are places in the void where you freeze and the music goes on forever.good luck!)

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MoDifier and sometimes missing no!

by echogirl May 03, 2010

Theres this pokemon modifier code. this is for AR, R4, and TT. I dont know the code for the AR but at least search for it. okay, ill tell you the step. 1: press L 2:on your caculator poketch, push in the number of the pokemon NO only by national dex form. no sinnoh dex. 3:push in level 4:push in R. sorry but you might either get an missing no or the pokemon you wanted. i mostly think its missing no. so for step 3 and 4, reverse it just in case. but if you save avd caught an missing no, there will be a glitch. so never do that! i wonder what will happen if you saw an missing no and ran and saved but be sure not to do it just in case every time you see a pokemon, its missing no.

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meW slot 5

by lolzperson Apr 14, 2009

heres the code for mew in slot
594000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
E0000464 000000EC
56A95F71 91600000
FE24FD02 232DB849
402227C4 057214C9
94A36380 23BC9B93
F9C09114 951E75CD
1F09FA90 56FE2CB1
1E2B9AE6 3D57237D
30B6863C BCB0D17F
F65E7E89 680EEB87
D57D7189 E0F6F9D2
52AB249A 2458E2D0
62287F88 5F0E7FB5
1D58820B 9E0F8ADC
4F731F72 3823001C
690A73E6 BDB4D112
8368C0DD 8F5789CC
3CDCFDAC 36251237
5FE20398 40091411
E6F39B60 E2877B8D
73DE2158 6E99B134
CF032FEE FD530B81
B4230447 906489EC
3150205F 35EAF781
BE9F4157 90C59E80
63143F40 8545A761
D27A6DBA FD246418
947762DD F6B60B9A
88DA485D 535EA99E
5D371AE8 194346A7
C7B57BD2 00000000
D2000000 00000000
I know the code is long but its pokesav generated

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AlL The Arceuses

by Chewi105 Sep 10, 2009

Okay, first of all, i haven't tested this cause Arceus hasn't come out yet, so don't get mad. What You Need: a 2 DS Pokemon Games (Pokemon Diamond,Pearl,Platinum), a second DS, a mystery gift. (if you don't want to restart your game, disregard this cheat)The Arceus movie will come out next year, so this cheat will activate then. When the 12th Movie Event Arceus comes out, use the mystery gift WiFi(because if you go to Toys 'R Us 17 times, the might get suspicious ;) ) and get the Arceus and Picu(shiny) then trade the Arceus over to your Pokemon Platinum, Diamond, or Pearl. Then restart your game you got the Arceus from. Play the game until you are able to get the mystery gift. Repeat. Keep on doing this until satisfied with amount. Don't worry, you have enough time. this will run on for about 2-3 months(I know because serebii.com posted when it started and when it ends, and the Japanese wouldn't get a longer time then the U.S. and Europe but if they do, I'll post an apology). This can work for any DS game that has a Pokemon giveaway.

obviously this is my best cheat ever if it works =D

P.S. If your a fan of Shiny Pokemon but can't find any like me, I THINK it'll work the same way with the Shiny Pichu. What makes it easier if you want both, I THINK, repeat, THINK (emphasize the THINK) that they are given away at the same time, since they are both 12th Movie Event Pokemon.

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LeGendary's at the Battle Frontier!

by Rubencheathanger Jul 08, 2013

Some of you haven't heard of this but when you head to the Battle Tower (or another facility don't know)choose Battle with friend or Double or Single battles sometimes you will be lucky that a trainer has ROTOM!'It's impossible but a trainer at the battle hall had Regice in his party so it's possible that Legendary pokemon's can appear at the facility's!

Note:Palmer uses Legendary's too at his 2nd battle with you!

This was something cool i found out in Platinum


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BeAts cheat ever gives u any i think it works 4 platinum

by blazeboi Jan 05, 2010

94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
10000F28 00000XXX
D2000000 00000000

the numbers for this code are the same as the numbers for Diamond and Pearl I believe. Here they are!!! Put the numbers in where the X's are for that pokemon. I find it is easier to re write the code on your AR manually than have all of them in your AR. Just touch the "pencil" icon to modify the numbers or name of the code.Press L+R to activate the code.

Bulbasaur 001 Ivysaur 002 Venasaur 003 Charmander 004 Charmeleon 005 Charizard 006 Sqirtle 007 Wartortle 008 Blastoise 009 Caterpie 00A Metapod 00B Butterfree 00C Weedle 00D Kakuna 00E Beedrill 00F Pidgey 010 Pidgeotto 011 Pidgeot 012 Rattata 013 Raticate 014 Spearow 015 Fearow 016 Ekans 017 Arbok 018 Pikachu 019 Raichu 01A Sandshrew 01B Sandslash 01C Nidoran (Female) 01D Nidorana 01E Nidoqueen 01F Ninoran (Male) 020 Nidorino 021 Nidoking 022 Clefairy 023 Clefable 024 Vulpix 025 Ninetales 026 Jigglypuff 027 Wigglytuff 028 Zubat 029 Golbat 02A Oddish 02B Gloom 02C Vielplume 02D Paras 02E Parasect 02F Venonat 030 Venomoth 031 Diglett 032 Dugtrio 033 Meowth 034 Persian 035 Psyduck 036 Golduck 037 Mankey 038 Primeape 039 Growlith 03A Arcanine 03B Poliwag 03C Polywhirl 03D Poliwrath 03E Abra 03F Kadabra 040 Alakazam 041 Machop 042 Machoke 043 Machamp 044 Bellsprout 045 Weepingbell 046 Victeribell 047 Tentacool 048 Tentacruel 049 Geodude 04A Graveler 04B Golem 04C Ponyta 04D Rapidash 04E Slowpoke 04F Slowbro 050 Magnemite 051 Magneton 052 Farfetch'd 053 Doduo 054 Dodrio 055 Seel 056 Dewgong 057 Grimer 058 Muk 059 Shellder 05A Cloyster 05B Gastly 05C Haunter 05D Gengar 05E Onix 05F Drowzee 060 Hypno 061 Krabby 062 Kingler 063 Voltorb 064 Electrode 065 Exeggcute 066 Exeggutor 067 Cubone 068 Marowak 069 Hitmonlee 06A Hitmonchan 06B Lickitung 06C Koffing 06D Weezing 06E Rhyhorn 06F Rhydon 070 Chansey 071 Tangela 072 Kangaskhan 073 Horsea 074 Seadra 075 Goldeen 076 Seaking 077 Staryu 078 Starmie 079 Mr. Mime 07A Scyther 07B Jynx 07C Electabuzz 07D Magmar 07E Pinser 07F Tauros 080 Magikarp 081 Gyarados 082 Laparas 083 Ditto 084 Eevee 085 Vaporeon 086 Jolteon 087 Flareon 088 Porygon 089 Omanyte 08A Omstar 08B Kabuto 08C Kabutops 08D Aerodactyl 08E Snorlax 08F Articuno 090 Zapdos 091 Moltres 092 Dratini 093 Dragonair 094 Dragonite 095 Mewtwo 096 Mew 097 Chikorita 098 Bayleef 099 Meganium 09A Cyndaquil 09B Quilava 09C Typhlosion 09D Totodile 09E Croconaw 09F Feraligatr 0A0 Sentret 0A1 Furret 0A2 Hoothoot 0A3 Noctowl 0A4 Leydyba... 

continue →

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No banned pokemon in battle frontier action replay code

by bburton360 Oct 15, 2009

120F05BE 00000000
C0000000 00000009
020F05C0 00000000
DC000000 00000004
D2000000 00000000

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by Unregistered May 24, 2010

For this you need an action replay and the walk throught walls code. oh and you need to be able to go to the battle area thingy.anyway, activate the walk throught walls at snowpoint city and stand inside the ship and speek to the man who takes you to the battle area thing. say yes and let him drive off, and congratulations, you are invisible. this wears of if you go into a cave of building i think. happy glitchin guys =]

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HaHa this is not cool. Also come here if you don't know what AR means

by stabright1 Aug 31, 2009

If you have ar ( Action replay) You may find the code to kill pkmn with one kill. But it's 78% luck if the guy dies. I don't know if you have this on your AR pkmn pltm but, on mine, the pkmn turns invisible and you have to keep killing him. -And I saw Shaymin and um... I was on the -walk through walls- cheat code and I saw shaymin on land form while walking on water and I didn't know how to catch him/her (help me on this one plz)

I know I didn't know what all the numbers ment untill my friend told me what actionreplay was. It's a device you can buy at gamestop that can help you on almost any game! Cost 25.99$ at game stop.

You only have to add cheats to the game on the pc if it ruins your ds or ds lite. NOTE: I FORGOT TO TELL YOU THAT IT ONLY GOES ON DS OR DS LITE.

How does it ruin my DS/DS LITE
I happens on alot of the ARs'. If you ad a cheat code from your ds and happen to spell it wrong, it won't let you add any more cheats from your ds. Instead you would have to connect any free USB cord to your Action Replay and install. I only took me like a few mins.

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