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Pokemon Platinum Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Platinum cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 495 cheats in our list, which includes 67 cheats codes, 4 passwords, 89 unlockables, 53 easter eggs, 14 glitches, 268 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Platinum on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Pastoria Gym Walkthrough

by cjsworld9000 Nov 10, 2010

Go down and to the left once u enter. up the stairs there's a orange button, step on it. go down the 2 sets of steps and DO NOT STEP ON THE GREEN BUTTON! just keep going (there's only one way until the top of 2 sets of stairs). there, a green button is, and u hav 2 step on it. go bak down one set and go to the right (again, only one way you CAN go) click the blue button on the landing with the sailor man. and go the only way possible AND DO NOT STEP ON THE ORANGE BUTTON! keep going, the only way possible until u see the fisherman. near the fisherman should be a green button. step on it. go the only way possible (without the water at the bottom)AND PASS THE GREEN AND ORANGE BUTTONS SIDE BY SIDE ACROSS 2 BOARDS, DO NOT CLICK THEM! if u pass them, u will see an orange button AT THE END of that landing thing. as u can guess, step on it. go back the way u came to the 2 opposite staircases (past the other green button and fisherman) and go all the way down and go the only way possible (if going the right way, wake should be above u as u pass. keep going and up both new stair sets to a new sailor guy witha new blue button, click the blue button. go on and DO NOT PRESS THE GREEN BUTTON! just go to wake, the board should be level and u can cross. now ur ready to fight Crasher Wake! if ur starter pokemon was...

Piplup- Just train a bit and you'll be good. ur probubly alredy better than wake but just to make sure bring a bunch of decent pokemon with u in ur party as well.

Chimchar- Train REALLY hard and try and get some good grass pokemon :)otherwise, ur skrewed lolz

Turtwig- ur totally fine, pretty much nomatter wat, but dont get cocky! bring a few decent others along too

so yeah, hope you liked it, thanks 4 everything! :D


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Secret - Shards

by FCSNAKE Jul 26, 2010

First, make sure you have access to Iron Island and Fuego Ironworks.

Now, go to Iron Island and collect Star Pieces. Heres the list (Hidden items, restock themselfs daily)

Find Star Piece southeast of the house, in the small rock.

Find Star Piece on the first floor down (to the right from the entrance), near
the center, to the right of a rock and two barrels.

Find Star Piece on the second floor down (the smaller area to the right from
the elevator), near the southeast corner, a few steps to the right of the

Find Star Piece on the second floor down (the larger area to the left from the
first elevator), toward the southwest corner, on raised ground, south of Worker

Find Star Piece on the second floor down (the larger area to the left from the
first elevator), toward the southeast corner, in the right of two rocks.

Then go to the ironworks and trade the Star Pieces with the man for one of each shard

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Secret - Kittylover- everlasting pokerus

by Unregistered Jun 14, 2010

You try so hard to get that rare virus, but it only lasts for a day. pretty nice, huh? theres one way to keep pokerus attached to your pokemon. all you have to do is memorize the time that you got pokerus (if your game is time-dependent) and then like five minuets before that same time rolls around, store them in your pc. im not sure if after the pokemon gets over it, if the effects still cling to the pokemon, so please tell me, also if i missed something.

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Glitch - Invisibility

by Unregistered May 24, 2010

For this you need an action replay and the walk throught walls code. oh and you need to be able to go to the battle area thingy.anyway, activate the walk throught walls at snowpoint city and stand inside the ship and speek to the man who takes you to the battle area thing. say yes and let him drive off, and congratulations, you are invisible. this wears of if you go into a cave of building i think. happy glitchin guys =]

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Secret - Plates 4 arceus

by c477um12 Apr 29, 2010

If u want arceus 2 change coulour/type here is where to find the plates once obtaned give the plate to arceus ok here they are and where 2 find them

1. Draco Plate- Behind the Eterna City Statue. You will have to use the Dowsing App.
2. Dread Plate-In the 2nd Floor, in the last room to the left in the Old Chateau
3. Earth Plate- In the Basement of Oreburgh Gate
4. Fist Plate- Next to a Black-Belt Trainer in the mid-section of Route 215
5. Flame Plate- In the interior of Stark Mountain. It is on a narrow walkway in the mid-Westside of a big room
6. Icicle Plate- Is Given to you from a guy on route 217. You need to give him the HM08 from behind his house
7. Insect Plate- on the right of the Old Chateau
8. Iron Plate- located south in a hole in the room of Iron Island in which you have a lot of double battles with Riley
9. Meadow Plate- Floaroma Meadow/ next to a waterfall under a bridge on route 210
10. Mind Plate- Located in the final room of Solaceon Ruins
11. Sky Plate- Near some flowers which is near the exit of Victory Road
12. Splash Plate- Located on Route 219 on a miniature island. keep surfing down south to find it
13. Spooky Plate- Located on a cliff in Amity Square. Use the Teleporters. Take one step in the Teleporter and then move to the right. Keep doing this until you find it.
14. Stone Plate- Located in a cave above a waterfall in Mt. Coronet 4F. The cave also has the 2 orbs for Palkia & Dialga. It is hidden on a rock. Use the Dowsing Machine if you need to.
15. Toxic Plate- In Area 2 of the Pastoria Great Marsh Use the Dowsing Machine
16. Zap Plate- Zap Plate- In front of the Sunnyshore Lighthouse. It's hidden outside on the cliff

note all credits go 2 wiki

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Code - Restore health in battle

by sherytheawesome Apr 27, 2010

Press start during battle and restore health its simple your max hp will be 999 you can use it again and again

can anyone tell me how to catch arceus I caught it once but i cant catch it again for some reason.

94000130 fff70000 62101d40 00000000 b2101d40 00000000 10047604 000003e7 10047608 000003e7 d2000000 00000000restore health in battle
94000130 fffb0000 621bfb0c 00000000 b21bfb0c 00000000 1000504c 00000001 d2000000 000000001 hit ko (select)
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Secret - Ways for lots of money and EXP. Points

by Unregistered Mar 02, 2010

Have a weak pokemon with you.To level it up faster,have strong LV.100 pokemon,and an EXP.Share.I suggest battling the Gym Leaders,your rival(Sat-Sun),or the Elite Four.They all have powerful pokemon and give you lots of EXP.Points.That=lots of leveling up.

Try having the Amulet Coin on a LV.100 pokemon and battled Gym Leaders,your rival(Sat-Sun),the Elite Four or Rich People.They give lots of Money and the Amulet Coin Doubles it!

Both: This is my best ever.Go to Route 222 to the Rich Boy Trey (Near the Grass) and battle him.I suggest any LV.100(Dialga works best)that knows Aura Sphere.It's even better when his Luxray is at LV.61.Use Aura Sphere on it,and it's a 1-hit KO.$19529 shall be given to you if your pokemon holds the Amulet Coin.Not only that,but if a pokemon is holding EXP.Share,it will gain 1900 more EXP. Points!Double in one battle!My event Jirachi leveled up each battle until it reached the thirties.This was discovered when I didn't have enough Coins to win TM Psychic for my traded Porygon-Z.

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Secret - Octillery & Feebas

by Bramblefang Mar 01, 2010



Octillery are found only in certain bodies of water in Sinnoh. You need a Super Rod to catch one and some places where you can fish for it are the Pokemon League, Sunnyshore City, and Pastoria City.


Feebas are found in the water of Mt.Coronet. The room it is found is foggy when you enter it and almost the whole right side of the room is covered with water. You need a Super Rod to catch it and only certain water tiles hold Feebas. (I find it quite rare to catch)

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Easter Egg - Info on Battle Frontier.

by platinummaster8 Feb 16, 2010

Here's info on the battle frontier of platinum version.

First, Banned Pokemon: Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus.

Now for all the battle facilities' frontier brains.

Battle tower: Palmer

After a 21 battle win streak:
Dragonite, Milotic, and Rhyperior
After a 49 battle win streak:
Heatran, Regigigas, and Cresselia

Battle Factory: Thorton

Team is unpredictable

Battle Arcade: Dahlia

After 21 battle win streak:
Dusknoir, Medicham, and Ludicolo
After 49 battle win streak:
Zapdos, Blaziken, and Togekiss

Battle Castle: Darach

After 21 battle win streak:
Houndoom, Staraptor, and Empoleon
After 49 battle win streak:
Empoleon, Gallade, Entei

Battle Hall: Argenta

After 50 battle win streak:
You can choose the type of her pokemon
After 170 battle win streak:
Same as 50 win streak

Now for the scratch off cards...
Possible Prizes: Berries that weaken supereffective move types or a nugget

Battle shops now...
Left side: The training stall
Hp up, Protien, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Carbos, Power bracer, power belt, power lens, power band, power anklet, power weight, toxic orb, flame orb, white herb, power herb, brightpowder, choice band, choice scarf, focus band, muscle band, scope lens, focus sash, razor claw, razor fang, and rare candy.

Right side: the move stall
Toxic, Thunder Wave, Will-o-wisp, Attract, Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Bulk Up, Calm Mind, X-scissor, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, Draon Pulse, Stone Edge, and Earthquake.

And that's all about the Battle Frontier.

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Secret - HM locations

by platinummaster8 Feb 15, 2010

* HM01 (Cut) - As you come back from the pokemon statue in Eterne City (on the northeast side), a trainer named Cynthia will give it to you
* HM02 (Fly) - Found in an Item Ball in the Galactic Warehouse (Veilstone City)
* HM03 (Surf) - The Elder of Celestic Town gives it to you after you beat Cyrus (in the ruins)
* HM04 (Strength - Riley gives this one to you at Iron Island's cave entrance
* HM05 (Defog) - Inside an Item Ball in the heart of Solaceon Ruins
* HM06 (Rock Smash) - A hiker gives it to you as you go through Oreburgh Gate
* HM07 (Waterfall) - After beating Volkner, Jasmine (of the Johto Region) gives it to you on Sunyshore Beach
* HM08 (Rock Climb) - Inside an Item Ball behind a cabin on the left side of Route 217

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Secret - Knowing Your Enemy: Elite 4 Team

by cyberdark Feb 05, 2010

Here are the Pokemon of the Elite 4:


Yanmega lv49
Scizor lv49
Vespiquen lv50
Heracross lv51
Drapion lv53


Whiscash lv50
Gliscor lv53
Golem lv52
Rhyperior lv52
Hippowdon lv55


Houndoom lv52
Flareon lv55
Rapidash lv53
Infernape lv55
Magmortar lv57


Mr. Mime lv53
Espeon lv55
Bronzong lv54
Alakazam lv56
Gallade lv59

Champion Cynthia:

Spiritomb lv58
Roserade lv58
Togekiss lv60
Lucario lv60
Milotic lv58
Garchomp lv62

Hope i helped =]

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Secret - Trade Star Pieces

by Bramblefang Jan 07, 2010

You may find Star Pieces randomly in the game. (From using the Dowsing App, digging underground, etc.) You may trade them in for Shard Pieces in the Fuego Ironworks building.

First, you need Star Pieces with you. You will need to Complete the Fuego Ironworks first or else you need to battle all of the trainers before you get to the guy you'll trade Star Pieces for Shards. Go to the guy near the furnace. Talk to him and he'll ask you if you want to trade Star Pieces. Say yes. He'll give you a Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Shard! You get each for every Star Piece you give him. This is helpful if you want your Pokemon to learn moves from the Move Tutor.

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Secret - Frontier Brains

by mysteryofsky101 Jan 04, 2010

Well it's pretty hard to beat them as well as just getting TO them. I would use pokemon with covered weaknesses for example:

-a pokemon that is x-treme tough that you love to battle with and can kick butt
I suggest Torterra knowing: crunch, earthquake, a powerful grass move, and another powerful grass move

-now that you might be starting with torterra, take it a little further with a flying pokemon, just make sure it knows: aerial ace, and I might be a little insane but quick attack, and for the other 2 you can pick I guess it won't really matter

-since you have a staraptor use a fighting pokemon knowing different moves like lucario knowing: dark pulse, aura sphere, dig, dragon pulse

I haven't ever battled the frontier brains (cuz of AR) so I can't tell you what it's like. . . . GOOD LUCK!


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Secret - Lvl 100 magikarp :0!!!!!!!!

by seanlord Dec 14, 2009

Its true there is 1 lvl 100 magikarp and RARE do not say im lying i saw it in the oficial pokemon platinum guide book

its in resort area in back of the pokemon center (the bridge ) use super rod in the left side try and try and try there ar olso strong magikarp like lvl70
require mentsto resort area:
finished in pokemon league
complete sinohh dex
well, its kinda lame on me because u cannot make it evolve bacause its lvl 100 already but its RARE

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Unlockable - Egg Moves

by JackZ Dec 09, 2009

Some basic Pokemon have special moves only available through Egg Moves. Have two Pokemon with the same Egg Group (for example, a female Salamence and a male Kingdra). If the Kingdra knows Hydro Pump, and they are bred, the baby Bagon will know Hydro Pump when it hatches. The following is a list of some good Egg Moves:

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Secret - Battling your rival

by cupman Nov 24, 2009

Every Saturday and sunday your rival will be standing outside of the cafe in the Survival area. On these 2 days he will want to battle you.

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Secret - Honey tree locations

by cupman Nov 24, 2009

1. Floroma Meadow
2. Route 205 (Floroma City side)
3. Valley Windworks
4. Route 207
5. Route 208
6. Route 209
7. Route 210 (Solaced Town side)
8. Route 211 (Celestic Town side)
9. Fugeo Ironworks (Surf needed to access)
10. Route 212 (Pastoria City side)
11. Route 212 (Hearthome City side)
12. Route 213 (Rock Smash needed to access)
13. Route 214
14. Route 218 (Canalave City Side)

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Secret - Munchlax

by cupman Nov 24, 2009

If you breed a Snorlax and a ditto/Snorlax without the Full incense you will have a baby Snorlax, although if you attach a Full incense then you will have a baby Munchlax.
Walk 10500 steps and you will have a munchlax.

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Secret - Trophy Garden Pokemon

by cupman Nov 24, 2009

Here is a complete list of the Pokemon that appear in the Trophy Garden.

14Mime Jr.

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Easter Egg - US Arceus Event [11/7 - 11/14]

by Metagross555 Nov 09, 2009

Starting today,ending on the 14th of November,Arceus is unlockable!Go to your nearest Toys R' Us store and go to the Game corner. Start up your game,and when it goes to the Log in screen,go down to Mystery Gift.

[If you don't know how to get the Mystery gift,go to the Jubilife TV corner thing,go up till there are camera's a man and a women Standing together,talk to him and for the first question answer; ''Every happy'' then for the next answer put ''Wi-fi Connection'' and save,shut off your game then go to it]

Ok,now your at Mystery Gift,go to ''RECEIVE GIFT'' then ''GET VIA WIRELESS'' After that,it will say ''ARCEUS has arrived!" Then go to your game,talk to the Mystery Man in green and he will give you Arceus,the God of Pokemon! {NOTE: You must have a space in your team}

Also,this must ALL be done at Toys R' Us; Except for talking to the man in Jubilife city.

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Secret - How I beat Quagsire(not Wake's but this will help!!)

by Unregistered Oct 26, 2009

Well if u get a kirlia in the wild grass catch it;it will come in handy
As soon as you get it take it to the place where there are wild pokemon with levels like your kirlia
For example;If you catch a level 16 kirlia go to somewhere where the wild pokemon have around those levels
Then Battle loads until ur kirlia levels up about 5 ish
Move to a place where wild pokemon have a bit higher levels

Then just carry on battling
when ur kirlia gets to lvl 30 ish (thats when mine evolved) let it evolve into gardenia (i think thats what its called)
I battled against someonse quagsire- around lvl 32
I used magical leaf and.... The Quagsire fainted just after that!!!!!!
so if u just can't get past Crasher Wake (don't worry I couldn't I only just beat him) Use ur magical leaf from that pokemon on Quagsire

More hints from me comin' soon!!!!!

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Password - A Wicked Seviper (L+R)

by Unregistered Oct 12, 2009

This code gives you a lv 100 seviper with max evs&ivs, shiny,all 4 OHKO moves, compoundeyes to increase accuraccy, and his name is in japanese cuz it looks cooler. This code only works with action replay ds.
L+R to activate. (WARNING: this code overwrites the 1st pkmn in your party.) This is my first code posted on any site. Pokesav generated, Enjoy!

94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E00000B4 000000EC A81FB7FE 1D500000 2703058B 5E29A9CB 0D867397 7E783428 213FB1F3 D8C52852 CA46F902 DD2E30F6 6583EED6 80FE90F5 E517F28E 9BEEFBA3 259AACC2 3423FA69 C517535A D3E28929 9F0283EF 0E2E3A6A 88C1767A 55EC48C6 C1A2D299 1A1F57BD BAF93B8C 9615608A 6CF7D54F 58C7CA08 63737598 3C7CD8D5 D4BF9C00 D9C00D9F D24F4898 A68A4DC4 DDEB0C05 8D975366 A8E56BDE ECEE2331 CEEDF033 02F119C6 30E91467 383BAC3A A02BB94A B56CC51F 0FA254BA 8DCCFF8C 423F2599 DB1ED45C E26B8930 4929D143 23289A62 D5732D21 4F769024 C74F4D9A EBF78F2C 241A11E5 4ED5E2E8 23C0F6E4 D1E3D1B1 00000000 D2000000 00000000

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Secret - Breeding rotom

by gormor777 Aug 31, 2009

Hey this is my first hint i found in the game
breed rotom with ditto and you'll get an egg after about 500 or so steps

hope this helps


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Glitch - Haha this is not cool. Also come here if you don't know what AR means

by stabright1 Aug 31, 2009

If you have ar ( Action replay) You may find the code to kill pkmn with one kill. But it's 78% luck if the guy dies. I don't know if you have this on your AR pkmn pltm but, on mine, the pkmn turns invisible and you have to keep killing him. -And I saw Shaymin and um... I was on the -walk through walls- cheat code and I saw shaymin on land form while walking on water and I didn't know how to catch him/her (help me on this one plz)

I know I didn't know what all the numbers ment untill my friend told me what actionreplay was. It's a device you can buy at gamestop that can help you on almost any game! Cost 25.99$ at game stop.

You only have to add cheats to the game on the pc if it ruins your ds or ds lite. NOTE: I FORGOT TO TELL YOU THAT IT ONLY GOES ON DS OR DS LITE.

How does it ruin my DS/DS LITE
I happens on alot of the ARs'. If you ad a cheat code from your ds and happen to spell it wrong, it won't let you add any more cheats from your ds. Instead you would have to connect any free USB cord to your Action Replay and install. I only took me like a few mins.

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Secret - The advanced way to get shaymin sky forme

by Unregistered Aug 31, 2009

Everyone is saying once you get the flower from the lady in floaroma town you just give it to your 11th movie shaymin. Well theres something more to it. You can only get the shaymin in sky forme between the times of 4.oopm until 8.oopm. you must also make sure that when you give the grecidea flower to your shaymin that it is in the first pokemon slot, and that it isnt holding anything.You can only give it to it if you go into your pokemon and click to give it an item and then go to the grecidea flower, not go to the grecidea flower first and try, because it will say the grecidea flower cannot be hold. it does work the other way around though. Have fun, hope it helped a bit more if you were puzzled over why it may not of bin working.

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