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Pokemon Platinum Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Platinum cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 495 cheats in our list, which includes 67 cheats codes, 4 passwords, 89 unlockables, 53 easter eggs, 14 glitches, 268 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Platinum on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Secret moves 3

by Unregistered Jul 20, 2009

1.Go 2 the water Jim.Go to the house by the water.Give her a heartscale.[Yo can find em under ground]& she can teach pokemon old moves,2.or go to the house by the mud with a pink lady with an umbrella.Go inside & give the man 6-10 shards [any color] & he'll teach pokemon COOL moves like ice punch & fire punch.3.Go to the daycare center & put a diddo with any pokemon [either gender works] & wait a few hours & then get the egg from the husband.The pokemon will no cool moves, like chimchar will no scratch leer thunder punch & flamethrower.

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Easter Egg - Pokemon mansion trophey garden

by Unregistered Jul 02, 2009

Go to the pokemon mansion and talk to mr.backlot and listen to his story. when he asks u if u r envious, say yes. he will continue with his story. again, he will ask u if u r envious, say yes. he will keep telling u his story. after talking about a specific pokemon, the old man next to him will say that the pokemon doesnt exist in the garden. after a private discussion, the old guy will leave. exit the room and come back; he will be back to. now u know that the pokemon mr.backlot was talking abouut really does exist in the garden, as long as u bisit the garden. any pokemon he says he saw does exist. if u catch one and talk to them, u wont get anything. doing all of this will just inform of a pokemon u can catch at the pokemon mansion. if u talk to mr.backlot everyday, he will talk about a different pokemon each day. enjoy!

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Secret - Secret Key Use

by lordmommo Jun 08, 2009

Got to a wifi hotspot and get the secret key from the green guy in a pokemart. then go to eterna city and walk inside the galactic building. On the first floor walk to the far left top corner and press A. a door should appear. inside there are 5 machines a microwave, fan, lawn mower, fridge, and washer. rotom will go into any of these machines and learn a certain move that he can only have in that machine. He'll leave the machine if you go to wifi or battle frontier. rotom is in the old gateau in eterna forest. Kick the tv in one of the rooms on the 2nd floor and rotom will appear.

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Secret - Rotoms Hiding Place

by Unregistered Jun 08, 2009

Only works after 8 in the night.
Are you looking for Rotom Let me tell you where he is. Fly over to Eterna City and enter the Forest. Near the exit (The path to the City) there is a Mansion. Go Upstairs into the Middle Room and you will be in a big Corridoor with lots of Doors. Enter the Sencond One (To the Left) and you will be in a Small & Tight Bedroom With a T.V. in there. Go up to the T.V. and press Button A. Choose the option to Whack the T.V. then you will go into Battle Mode with Rotom. It is Immune to most Fighting Attacks but using Sleep on it then Weakening it Might do the Job!!!
Good Luck on your Pokemon Adventure and have fun!

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Secret - Item finder

by jacknhoho Jun 05, 2009

When acceding MT cornet to fight team galactic, use it and fight allota stuff.
In Floroma meadow when you go thru da back use it, i got allota honey
And finally in Team galctic headquarters use it in the bedroom

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Secret - Battle Frontier!!!!!!!!!! Take the challenge!!!!

by pokemaster12 Apr 20, 2009

Battle Tower:Same as D/P
Battle Hall:In this facilitie YOU choose the type of pokemon you want to battle.
Battle Factory:Same as emerald(you rent pokmon and you can exchange them through your challenge)
Battle Castle:In here you choose 3 of your pokmon and battle BUT your pokmon dont get cured after the battles you get CP(castle points) wich you use to heal your pokmon's HP,PP or rent them an item or see your enemy's pokemon,moves or summary OR make them go 5 Lv's up(1 CP) or down them 5 Lv's but if the pokemon you battle is lv 55 youll get more CP.
Battle Arcade:In this facilitie you spin a roulette before every battle the efects may vary(Foe's pokemon are posioned,burned paralyzed or your pokemons are poisoned,burned paralyzed or it has efects in the next roulette)
Battle Shops:here you can trade your BP for:Scratch cards(1 BP=3 of them),TM'S and items.

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Secret - Giratina origin form

by Unregistered Apr 14, 2009

When you first catch giratina in the reverse dimention it should be the altered form.To get the new origin form,go to sendoff spring right under veilstone city on the map and go into the cave,Cynthia was blocking.Once you are in,keep going straight.Most of the rooms are foggy so you will need one of your pokemon to know defog plus there are some rocks blocking your way so you will need a pokemon to know rock smash.When you get to the green room,enter the portal and go into the reverse dimention and find a pokeball.The pokeball will contain the orb that was created for giratina.Finally,give it to your giratina to hold and it should be in its origin form.

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Secret - Battle Castle

by AttackDuckyAttack Apr 13, 2009

When inside the Battle castle, you have to choose 3/4 Pokmon and you'll be put into the contest. At the beginning of the battle you have a chance to alter items and things like that onto your Pokmon, but you have to pay. You also have to pay to heal. Once you complete 7 battles, you are rewarded with 2 Battle points. Once you do 20 battles, your 21st Battle will be with Castle Butler Cochran. If you defeat him, you get the Silver Print. Do another 28 battles, and face him for the Gold Print.

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Secret - Defeating tyson when you first play

by saltormore Mar 24, 2009

if you have a piplup tyson will get turtwig if you do pick piplup bring tyson turtwig attack down and he will also keep using withdraw to make your attack useless so use growl to make his attack weaker and keep using pound if you have turtwig he will use chimchar no need to fear he is going to keep using leer and attack after 2 leers so tackle him once then use withdraw then keep attacking it worked for me if you pick chimchar he will pick piplup keep using leer ( about 2 times) then use scratch you maybe knock piplup out in three or two moves

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Unlockable - Hints for underground

by Unregistered Feb 14, 2011

ok here are the items that are underground (credit goes to serebii.net) ALSO 2 more cheats at the end!

blue sphere size 1-10common
blue sphere 11-21common
green sphere 1-10common
green sphere 11-21common
pale sphere 1-10uncommon
pale sphere 11-21uncommon
prism sphere 1-10uncommon
prism sphere 11-21uncommon
red sphere 1-10common
red sphere 11-21common
armor fossiluncommon (only if your trainer ID is even)
claw fossilrare (only after national dex)
dome fossilrare (national dex)
helix fosslrare (national dex)
old ambervery rare (national dex)
root fossilrare (national dex)
skull fossiluncommon (trainer ID odd)
dracoALL very rare
blue sharduncommon
damp rockvery rare (pokedex) rare (national dex)
ever stonevery rare (pokedex) uncommon (national dex)
fire stonevery rare (pokedex) uncommon (national dex)
green sharduncommon
hard stonesame thing as ever/fire stone
heart scaleuncommon
heat rocksame
icy rocksame
iron ballvery rare
leaf stonerare
light clayvery rare
max reviveVERY rare
moon stonerare
odd keystoneVERY rare
oval stonerare
rare bonevery rare
red sharduncommon
smooth rockrare
star piecevary rare
sun/thunder/water stonerare
yellow sarduncommon
#1 dig up all tresures even if you dont want it. SELL ITset off traps. get them out of your way
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Code - Cheat codes that i know

by Unregistered Jan 24, 2011

here are my codes that i used in pokemon platinum

94000130 fcbf0000 62101d40 00000000 b2101d40 00000000 00000d00 03840001 00000d04 03840002 00000d08 03840003 d5000000 03840005 c0000000 0000000b d6000000 00000d0c d4000000 00000001 d2000000 00000000you will have all poke balls 900x (UP+L+R)
94000130 fcbf0000 62101d40 00000000 b2101d40 00000000 d5000000 00630148 c0000000 00000063 d6000000 000009a0 d4000000 00000001 d2000000 00000000all tms and hms press (UP+L+R)
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Unlockable - Croagunk

by skyp Jul 08, 2010

Croagunk can be found in the Safari Zone:
There are 2 ways to tell if there is a Croagunk in the Safari Zone;
Way #1;
Go to the top floor of the Safari Zone Entrance. Go up to 1 of the bonoculars. Put 100 Money in and you will look around. If it shows a Croagunk in the bonoculars, there is at least 1 Croagunk in the Safari Zone!
If you din't fell like using 100 Money, Do this;
Way #2;
Go out of the Safari Zone Entrance building and go to the Croagunk board thingy. Put you face through it. If nothing happens, there are no Croagunk. BUT, if a Croagunk comes out of the Safari Zone, there are Croagunk!

This changes DAYLY. So there aren't going to be Croagunk EVERY day.

CroagunkDo above-----^ {Do either the the board/sign thing or look through the bonoculars}
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Code - Action Replay Event Celebi

by hankola May 11, 2010

This is another Event Pokemon in my list of ones to do that I want...It is an action replay code and it would help you out to use the media manager cut and paste since it is a bit long. As with all of my code pokemon, I am looking for legal and trade-able. This is my personal protest to Nintendo for non-events to the older games. I missed out, so now you don't have to. This is a 10th Anniversary Celebi. It is at level 70, and knows the moves: Ancient Power, Future sight, Baton Pass and Perish Song. These are not great moves, nor is it holding anything; however it is tradeable and move tutor can teach them moves. This is also one of those pokemon that you will get that once you activate the code put it in a box and it will come out correct. (one of my first codes, so stats are a little messed up)

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Unlockable - Ledgendary Catching

by PokeFan909080 Apr 22, 2010

This cheat will lead you to catch ledgendarys works with sinnoh games sorry with dialga and palkia it only works with diamond and pearl sorry i do not know with the distortion world

UxieAfter Capturing/Defeating Giratina Go back to the lake that Uxie lives
MespritAfter Capturing/Defeating Giratina Go back to the lake that Mesprit lives NOTE: This pokemon will run away Find Mesprit using your app
AzelfAfter Capturing/Defeating Giratina Go back to the lake that Azelf lives
DialgaDiamond Style: Go to Spear Pillar, Before you go capture Dialga, You must Defeat those punks NOTE: Do not use Great Ball and poke ball
PalkiaPearl Style: Go to Spear Pillar in Mt. Coronet (same as Dialga) Before Capturing, Defeat those punks
GiratinaSearch at Youtube for Distortion world walkthrough) At the Distortion World Follow Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf To put the Boulders into the place where Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf then find them again Until you are done, Cynthia will be there waiting, After, talk to her then go to giratina, Before Capturing Giratina Defeat that Annoying Stupid Guy
CresseliaI do not learn this kind but After you talk to it , it willl leave the place and it will leave a SPECIAL FEATHER
DarkraiAfter you talk to Cresselia , it willl leave the place and it will leave a SPECIAL FEATHER ,After go talk to the boy then blah blah blah, go to ??? moon island ( what moon new or full?)
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Unlockable - Rotom

by platinummaster8 Feb 15, 2010

To find a Rotom in Pokemon Platinum, you must first beat Gardenia, the gym leader of Eterna City, as well as have the HM Cut taught to one of your Pokemon. Now head back into Eterna Forest. You will see Gardenia standing in front of some trees which can be cut with HM Cut. Talk to her, and she will leave. Now cut down one of the trees and go up; you will have found the Old Mansion Area. If you head to the upper floor of the Mansion, there will be a room with a TV. YOUR TIME MUST BE SET BETWEEN 8PM AND 4AM! Press A when standing in front of the TV and choose to thomp it. Rotom will come out, and you will be able to catch it.

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Secret - Focus Sash

by Bramblefang Feb 07, 2010

Focus Sash:

It allows the Pokemon to survive a 1HKO Move if it has full HP.

There are two places that I know where you can get them and keep them.

Battle Frontier:

You have to trade in 48BP at the Battle Frontier for one.

Route 221:

On Route 221, there is a man in a house. He asks you to show a Pokemon with a certain level every day. After you show him the right Pokemon, he'll give you an item.

The prizes go in a cycle.

1.Black Belt
2.Expert Belt
3.Focus Sash

After you get the Focus Sash, it starts all over and you get the Black Belt, Expert Belt, then Focus Sash again.

That's a couple the ways to get a Focus Sash.

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Easter Egg - The Plate [Unique Plate] and Ev items that give big stats

by Jstar18 Jan 11, 2010

Catch an Arceus with a regular pokeball[it may be hard but worth it]
Have Power Weight:Route 201 only battle bidof [p.s you have to be near level 50 to work]
Have Power Bracer:Route 204 only battle machop[p.s you have to be near level 50 to work]
Have Power Belt:Oreburgh Mine only battle geodude[p.s you have to be near level 50 to work]
(S.P Attack)
Have Power Lense:Eterna Forest Mansion Only Battle Gastley[p.s you have to be near level 50 to work]
(S.P Defence)
Have Power Band:Pastoria Pond Only Battle Tenticool[p.s you have to be near level 50 to work]
Have Power Anklet:Route 201 Battle only Starly[p.s you have to be near level 50 to work]

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Secret - Fun Facts 8

by Bramblefang Jan 07, 2010

My recent Fun Facts are not being approved by the moderators. If it continues, no more fun facts :( So, hopefully you'll be able to read and get to see this cheat. (Credit goes to Seribii for Fun Facts)

*Venonat was originally supposed to evolve into Butterfree. Notice their similar features.

*Pikachu couldn't learn Thunderbolt in Red and Blue

*Mewtwo kind of looks like Frieza *From Dragon Ball Z* in its Perfect form.

*Tangela couldn't learn Vine Whip in Red and Blue.

*Voltorb can be mistaken as a Pokeball, but it's a foot higher than one.

*Even though they are supposively mortal enemies, Zangoose and Seviper can breed with eachother.

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Secret - Regi Locations

by Bramblefang Jan 05, 2010

You need the event Regigigas if you want to awaken and battle the three Regi's.


Rock Peak Ruins~At the top end of Route 228. You can find a cave somewhere up there.

Rock Throw


Iceberg Ruins~Found somewhere in the path in Mt.Coronet that leads you to Route 216.

Icy Wind


Iron Ruins~The last cave that leads out of Iron Island's Mine place.

Metal Claw

~Special Thanks~

-To Bulbapedia for the Regi's Moves

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Secret - Darkrai

by cheatgurugye Jan 04, 2010

If you have a Action Replay ,you can get Darkrai in two ways ,
1:If you have the Walk Through Walls cheat ,go to Fullmoon Island ,then using the cheat walk right of the island intl you get to a island.There should be an opeaning in the trees so go into it and floting in front of you should be Darkrai.
2:Thier's a cheat on this sight that gives you the Members Pass.When you use the cheat ,go to the house in Canalave Citythat you can't open ,you should now be able to go in.when you enter ,their's a gye in the house (Hes a ghost!)he'll say some stuff to you ,then you sleep in the room and youdream your on a island.so go to whear you can go into a set of trees and when you enter Darkrai should be there.
If there are any problems let me know.

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Secret - Easier Berry planting

by cupman Nov 24, 2009

Plant a berry in a rainy area( near pastoiria) and put the quick mulch or dry mulch suff and it will take half the time to grow.

PS no need to water it

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Password - Sky form shaymin (L+R)

by hollypoke1 Oct 12, 2009

Long but worth it


moves:spore, judgment, magic coat, heart swap

ability:wonder guard

it will take up the second slot in your party

press (B+R) to activate walk/run through walls

94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E00001A0 000000EC 949F8575 35300000 11666287 2B377216 3A430C60 52A7CA91 5BEE3FCC ED594379 EBC465B4 D0779027 79B91D22 BA1C2D41 399E6393 E51A9BA0 AA2A661C 417A15DB F0F07B60 C00C46C8 3311AFBB C64A0DA0 97B25702 B6291DCE 5FBFEF93 292CD377 AA2C76C2 55207C7D B945E0CD 5D395056 7B54C218 0F09171C 6709403F 81001063 94218BC1 F0551D42 F33ED013 1BAF3739 C6F72AF7 57A0C629 DE73114B 24A3D303 5139BFDB 6DF16B44 88A063D5 16C86AE4 049A0CAE 6826F228 C9B55C82 AD90DADE 58D584CF F9FF689D 3F477A5B 4817B951 94168354 699EB9F6 F69D83B8 7A2BA3A3 E25DABF6 C91D44CA 6C106DD5 00000000 D2000000 00000000sky form shaymin
94000130 fefd0000 12060b90 0000e00a 12060bf6 0000e001 12060c94 0000e008walk/run through walls
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Unlockable - Well...

by Unregistered Sep 14, 2009

You get a silver print if you beat a frontier brain once and if you beat them twice you get a gold print.

Vs. the Battle Hall Brain(Agatha) and get a silver printget a streak of 50 (each time you do it you do 10 battles so do it 5 times without losing).
Vs. the Battle Tower Brain(Palmer/your rival's DAD) and get a silver printGet a streak of 21. So each time you do 7 battles so basically you do it 3 times.
Vs. the Battle Arcade Brain(Dahla) and get a silver printSame as Battle Tower.
Vs. the Battle Factory Brain(Thorton) and get a silver printSame.
Vs. the Battle Castle Brain(Darach) and get a silver printSame.
All of the 21 streak battle facilities:Gold printget a streak of 49
Battle Hall:Gold Printget streak of 170
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Secret - Easy way to catch the 3 birds, mesprit, and cressilia

by crowfeather Aug 31, 2009

First you have to have all of them flying around sinnoh. get a dugtrio with the arena trap ability. this willl keep the 3 birds from running away. have him first in your slot and fly to floraroma town. walk out there like your going to valleywind works. keep checking your marking map. if no pokemon is there on the route next to windworks then fly back to floraroma. continue this and keep on the legends. if you need me to explain in more then please leave me a message. thank you and i hope it helps.

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Unlockable - Mr goods items

by PokemonFannumber1 Aug 06, 2009

Complete the following to unlock items from mr goods get all of them rate

GTS globeconnect to the nintendo Wi-Fi connection.
gym statuedefeat all the 8 gyms
cute cupbeauty cup win the cute masterrank contest.
smart cupbeauty cup win the smart masterrank contest.
tough cupbeauty cup win the tough masterrank contest.
cool cupbeauty cup win the cool masterrank contest.
beauty cupbeauty cup win the beauty masterrank contest.
blue crystalmeet 100 people in the underground.
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