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Pokemon Platinum Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Platinum cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 495 cheats in our list, which includes 67 cheats codes, 4 passwords, 89 unlockables, 53 easter eggs, 14 glitches, 268 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Platinum on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - More contest items

by PokemonFannumber1 Aug 06, 2009

Unlock pal park and migrate pokemon to get items you can also get some items and apps

TiaraHave Leaf Green in GBA slot and talk to a lady
CrownHave Fire Red in GBA slot and talk to a lady in Pal Park.
Kicthen TimerShow girl a Snorlax
Colour ChangerShow girl a Kelceon
Sky BackgroundTalk to lady upstairs
deep sea backgroundTalk to lady upstairs with sapphire inserted into gba slot
Fiery Cavern backgroundTalk to lady upstairs with ruby inserted into gba slot
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Secret - Daily events

by Lazyboys126 Aug 06, 2009

There are daily events in platinum that can help you throughout the game. you can only do these once a day, so do em all in one day and wait till the next day to do em again.

1. After you beat the elite 4 and go through all the stuff afterwards, talk to dawns sister in Sandgem town. She will tell you where a hidden pokemon swarm(swarm of pokemon you cannot normally fid in the wild)is. This is a good chance to fill your pokedex.

2. In jublife city's tv station, talk to the woman at the counter for an id lotto ticket(a ticket with a random id no.). If the numbers on the ticket match a pokemon's id no. you can get prizes like ultra balls and exp. share. if all numbers are exact to the ticket, you win a master ball.

3. In jubilife's GTS, talk to one of the blonde girls on the first floor(wearing orange). She will give you a free accesory or backdrop for your fasion case.

4. Go to Floroma town's flower shop. The girl to the right(not behind the counter)will give you a free berry(it is usually a common berry like cheri or pecha)

5. In Hearthrome city, go to the pal park on the right entrance with a pokemon and go in the cave houses until you get to a fat guy in overalls. He will give you an accesory, 5 rare berrys, and maybe a backdrop.

6. West of Hearthrome there is a house just north of the exit. go inside and talk to the old guy and he will give you a free berry(usually a common berry)

7. South of Hearthrome is the giant mansion. go inside and go up the carpet and right into the open room. listen to the mansion owners boring story. At the end of the story he will tell you a pokemon will be swarming in his trophy garden.(after elite 4)

8. In solaceon town you can go into the house beside the pokemon center and talk to the guy in front of the computer. he will tell you to bring him a pokemon you have seen or caught to him to examine. If you do this he will give you 3 random pokeballs and a heart scale.

9. In Pastoria go the very bottom of the town and go into the house closest to route 212. The woman inside will give you a rare berry that weakens super effective attacks depending on the berry.

10. In Vielstone go down the stairs from the pokemon center's entrance, go right til you reach the blonde haired guy. go down til you reach the bottom of the road follow the road going left until you reach the stairs at the end of the road and go into the closest house. The person inside will give a free massage to your pokemon and... 

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Secret - The Three Legendary Orbs

by Jeator Jul 06, 2009

To get the Griseous Orb [the orb that if Giratina is holding it can stay in its Origin Form ] beat the Pokemon Leage.Then go to Turnback Cave [ it is in Sendoff Spring ].Then try to find a room were you see stuff sort of green.After that go up a little ramp and behind a portal to get to the Distortion World there will be a Rare Bone [an item that can be sold at Pokemarts for high prices ].Go through the portal and explore the Distortion World.If you see any items pick them up because one of them is the Griseous Orb.To get the Adamant Orb and the Lustrous Orb go to Mount Cornet.Proceed through the mountain untill you get to the snowy place.Go through all the caves and in one of them there is a waterfall.Go up the waterfall and there will be a dark cave.Go into the cave.There will be two items.One is Dialga's orb and the other one is Palkia's orb.

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Secret - Fun Facts 7

by Bramblefang Dec 17, 2009

*Spell Muk backwards...wait do that and change the k to a c...!!!

*Shuckle has the highest base Defense and Special Defense

*Dialga has a catch rate of 30. That's the same as Chatot's catch rate of 30!

I'm going to base the rest on the legendary Golems. (Regi's)

*Registeel's sprite in Diamond and Pearl kind of resembles the Nazi's greeting to each other. (You'll notice its arm is kind of stretched out.) I was kind of surprised since I recently learned how to greet each other. They would usually raise up their hand and say "Hail." This is somewhat like what the ancient Romans did. *Hooray for Social Studies!!!*

*Regice has the second highest base Special Defense.

*Regirock's foot print looks like a Scarab Beetle.

*However, Regirock's footprint is flat rectangles in the Anime.

*Regirck is tied with Steelix with the second highest base Defense.

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Secret - Pokemon can learn strength!

by Goldgary123 Dec 10, 2009

Lots of pokemon can learn strength!Som examples are geodude onix not only rock,ground or fighting pokemon slowking can too.I prefer machoke but jst ty and see! Dont thumb down it was a request

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Code - All items in pokemon platinum!!!!

by nnn1110 Dec 10, 2009

You enter in the code for the items and out of your bag hit L+R it will erase some items but will give you all the other items 995

94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E0000644 00000294 03E70044 03E70045 03E70046 03E70047 03E70048 03E70049 03E7004A 03E7004B 03E7004C 03E7004D 03E7004E 03E7004F 03E70050 03E70051 03E70052 03E70053 03E70054 03E70055 03E70056 03E70057 03E70058 03E70059 03E7005A 03E7005B 03E7005C 03E7005D 03E7005E 03E7005F 03E70060 03E70061 03E70062 03E70063 03E70064 03E70065 03E70066 03E70067 03E70068 03E70069 03E7006A 03E7006B 03E7006C 03E7006D 03E7006E 03E7006F 03E70070 03E70087 03E70088 03E700D5 03E700D6 03E700D7 03E700D8 03E700D9 03E700DA 03E700DB 03E700DC 03E700DD 03E700DE 03E700DF 03E700E0 03E700E1 03E700E2 03E700E3 03E700E4 03E700E5 03E700E6 03E700E7 03E700E8 03E700E9 03E700EA 03E700EB 03E700EC 03E700ED 03E700EE 03E700EF 03E700F0 03E700F1 03E700F2 03E700F3 03E700F4 03E700F5 03E700F6 03E700F7 03E700F8 03E700F9 03E700FA 03E700FB 03E700FC 03E700FD 03E700FE 03E700FF 03E70100 03E70101 03E70102 03E70103 03E70104 03E70105 03E70106 03E70107 03E70108 03E70109 03E7010A 03E7010B 03E7010C 03E7010D 03E7010E 03E7010F 03E70110 03E70111 03E70112 03E70113 03E70114 03E70115 03E70116 03E70117 03E70118 03E70119 03E7011A 03E7011B 03E7011C 03E7011D 03E7011E 03E7011F 03E70120 03E70121 03E70122 03E70123 03E70124 03E70125 03E70126 03E70127 03E70128 03E70129 03E7012A 03E7012B 03E7012C 03E7012D 03E7012E 03E7012F 03E70130 03E70131 03E70132 03E70133 03E70134 03E70135 03E70136 03E70137 03E70138 03E70139 03E7013A 03E7013B 03E7013C 03E7013D 03E7013E 03E7013F 03E70140 03E70141 03E70142 03E70143 03E70144 03E70145 03E70146 03E70147 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 E0000B60 000000A0 03E70011 03E70017 03E70018 03E70019 03E7001A 03E7001E 03E7001F 03E70020 03E70021 03E70022 03E70023 03E7002B 03E7002C 03E70026 03E70027 03E70028 03E70029 03E70012 03E70013 03E70014 03E70015 03E70016 03E7001B 03E70024 03E7002A 03E7001C 03E7001D 03E70025 03E7002D 03E7002E 03E7002F 03E70030 03E70031 03E70032 03E70033 03E70034 03E70035 03E70036 00000000 00000000 E0000D00 0000003C 03E70001 03E70002 03E70003 03E70004 03E70006 03E70007 03E70008 03E70009 03E7000A 03E7000B 03E7000C 03E7000D 03E7000E 03E7000F 03E70010 00000000 E00009A0 00000190 03E70148 03E70149 03E7014A 03E7014B 03E7014C 03E7014D 03E7014E 03E7014F 03E70150 03E70151 03E70152 03E70153 03E70154 03E70155 03E70156 03E70157 03E70158 03E70159 03E7015A 03E7015B 03E7015C 03E7015D 03E7015E 03E7015F 03E70160 03E70161 03E70162... 

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Unlockable - GBA slot

by Starting_Over Nov 02, 2009

How to get some new stuff for pics and contestes useing a GBA pokemon game. There may/may not also be a backround for emreald.

Crowntalk to a lady watching the catching show while you have firered in the GBA slot
Tirarado the same thing as the crown with leafgreen in the GBA slot.
sea backroundtalk to someone at catching show building with saphire in GBA slot.
backroundtalk to someone at catching show building with ruby in GBA slot.
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Secret - How to get a fully evolved gengar without trading

by TATALLE Oct 22, 2009

You go to Eterna forest, Cut down the trees (you'll need cut for this) enter the old chateau, go to the upper floor and through the middle room. And then go through the second door from the right,THEN there will be a purple painting with eyes on the wall. go up to it take one step back and turn around to face it (still one step away) and click A and you will battle a level 13 gengar (the level may vary).Catch it and you will have a gengar!

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Unlockable - All Roaming Pokemon

by Torchic13 Sep 28, 2009

This is a list of all the roaming Pokemon in Platinum and how 2 unlock them. Oh, and a tip 4 getting them: if u c them on the Marking Map and they're really close DONT cycle 2 them cos if u go up 2 them quickly then there's more of a chance of them running away i always find

P.S. Sorry if some1 else has already posted something like this cos they probably will have no doubt so im just apologizing now before i get shouted at

MespritGo to the Distortion World then go to Lake verity
ArticunoGet the National Dex, talk 2 Professor Oak at Pal Park then go to the house at the botttom of Eterna City and talk to him again there
ZapdosGet the National Dex, talk 2 Professor Oak at Pal Park then go to the house at the botttom of Eterna City and talk to him again there
MoltresGet the National Dex, talk 2 Professor Oak at Pal Park then go to the house at the botttom of Eterna City and talk to him again there
CresseliaGet the National Dex then go to take the boat to Full Moon Island
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Secret - What is 'score'

by pokemonmasterjustin Jul 30, 2009

If you look on your Trainer Card you will see a section the says 'score'. In order to raise your score, you have to battle as many trainers as you can. You will also get points by cacthing pokemon. Battle tougher trainers and you will get even more points. So the system is actually pretty simple!

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Secret - Clefairy strength

by griratinab Jun 16, 2009

This is just a guess *sniff* but on the slot's clefairy bonus,

2 pickachus = good strength

nothing = ok strength

goes into and out of ball = low strength

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Secret - How to get surfing pikachu!!!!! w/out cheats or AR

by pokemonrock2764 Jun 01, 2009

Needed:Pokemon platinum,pokemon battle revolution.Follow STEPS
1st:You need to beat master of the colloseums.
2nd:Go to Shop choose the things for your platinum not for the pokemon battle revolution.
3rd:Choose the Mystery Gift costs 0 coupons.
4th:Follow the instructions.
5th:Go to a pokemart.There is a guy in green.Talk to him.He will give you a pikachu.Then he will go away until you get another Mystery Gift.

See U

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Secret - You can get Drifblim (or Drifloon, I don't remember)!

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2009

One of my BFFs told me this. She got it from somewhere. Every Friday, there is a Drifblim (or Drifloon, I don't remember the name) in front of Valley Windworks near Floaroma Town! I checked it and it was level 15. If you beat it before you catch it, IT WON'T COME BACK AGAIN UNTIL THE NEXT FRIDAY! I hope this helps; especially for trainers who want it! :)

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Unlockable - How to get Porygon Z

by Gregro750 Oct 28, 2009

Ok first of all, go to one of the houses behind the Pokecenter in Jubelife city ( wherever the team galactic headquarters is) and get the porygon fromthe old man
Then find a Up-grade and equip it to porygon. Trade it to someone to turn it into a Porygon 2. Equip it dubious disc this time and trade it to turn it into a Porygon Z.

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Secret - Wi-Fi connection

by PokeMaster201 Sep 21, 2009

Need help with da wi-fi What I did is I just tested da connection by my computer and i got two different results. And dat means you dont need a laptop or anything like dat. If u want my friend code just register me in your pal-pad, im Bryan and my friend code is 3824-7871-4944. SEE YA, HOPED I HELPED U!!!

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Easter Egg - Get a Pretty strong Gyarados

by Pokemoncatcher5 May 11, 2009

Well first of All Go to the Day Care and Put a Gyarados and a Ditto *or two gyrados of opposite gender or two magicarps of opposite genders* Then walk until you get an egg, walk and do stuff until it hatches and then it will start at lvl 1, the most low the lvl of the user the most you can controll its growth, Raise his defence and sp defence stats with the medecine that raises it *forgot its name* and level it up, be sure to also level up his health with hp up as well to make it a tanker, if not then level it up and be sure to raise hisatk and sp atk stats with the appropriate medecine and also be sure to raise his hp for him not to always faint before it can crush his enemy with his good atk and sp atk stats. It also works on leafgreen but Hp up i don't think its available in leafgreen, i tried it and got my gyarados to lvl 56 with 192 hp while working on getting my dragonair to level up to his last form.
I think its a pretty good cheat if you have shiny magikarp to make it strong to show it off to people, hope itn works for you guys, works just fine for me, thanks for listening.

If the cheat was already there sorry but Atleast i'll have tried to help.

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Secret - Action Replay DS Help

by pikaherosavenger Apr 13, 2009

Lots of people don't know, so I'm going to clarify. An Action Replay, or AR, is a cheat device used to make games easier, usually through hacking. You do not need to have any computer skill to use this device. Nintendo, however, does not support the use of these Action Replays. This does not mean using one is illegal, just that your game may not react kindly to these cheats. So far, only my Pokemon Emerald does not work thanks to Action Replay. All the DS games work fine. So here's how they work.
1. You buy one at Game Stop, EB Games, Walmart, or any good local video games' shop. The Action Replay DS is the best one for Nintendo DS games. Since I am putting this Secret in the Pokemon Platinum section, I will use Pokemon Platinum as my example.
2. Take it home, open it, and install the given CD onto your computer. It does not take long and the on-screen instructions are pretty easy to follow.
3. After doing this, on the top right corner, click SoftWare Upgrade (it is the picture of a DS game card. This is important.
4. Insert your Platinum or any other game into the Action Replay DS. Next, connect your Action Replay DS into your Nintendo DS or DS Lite. Note that the Action Replay DS does NOT work with the all new Nintendo DSi (released April 5th, 2009 in America).
5. The screen will automatically take you to the Action Replay menu. If not, follow Step 4 again until it does.
6. Connect your USB cable, given with the Action Replay, to the computer. Make sure your Action Replay Code Manager software (the stuff you downloaded from the CD) is on before you connect. Insert the other end into your Action Replay DS (there is a slot for it).
7. On your DS, on your touch screen, click on the Mouse Button. It should say Connecting or something like that on your Touch Screen. On your computer, on the left hand side, it should say Nintendo DS or something like that. If not, make sure your USB cable is tightly secured into your Action Replay DS.
8. After that, do that Software Upgrade on the top right again. Doing these makes it easier to use this program.
9. To the left of the Software Upgrade button, click Quick Update. This will update your Action Replay with all the newest, latest, codes for your games. From now on, if you put a game into your DS, connected or not to the computer, it should recognize the game and automatically find cheats for it. The exception is if the game is new, because then the game just came out and could not have been... 

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Unlockable - Trainer Card Ranks

by xXMooseyXx Apr 27, 2009

complete any of these tasks to go up one rank,

Defeat the Elite Four
Win any one Master Rank Super Contest
Obtain all Battle Frontier Colored Plates
Earn a Platinum flag in the Underground
Capture all 493 Pokemon

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Unlockable - Uxie,Mesprit,Azelf and Giratina.

by PokeFan909080 May 18, 2009

This Unlockable will help you.....

UxieDefeat Or Catch Giratina Then Go to the Lake Bed Near Snowpoint City Then Use Surf.
MespritCatch or Defeat Giratina Then Go to the Lake Bed near Twinleaf Town Then use Surf.
AzelfCatch or Defeat Giratina Then Go To the Lake Bed Little Farther Of Pastoria City Then Use Surf.
GiratinaGo To the Distortion World Then Three Legendary Pokemon Will appear Then Fllow
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Unlockable - Extra Villa furniture

by dgmm7797 Jun 24, 2009


ChandelierWalk a total of 300,000 steps
Great PaintingHatch 30 eggs
Guest SetDefeat a total of 50 trainers in the trainer cafe
Music BoxPurchase Racks
PianoDefeat the Elite Four 10 times
Pokemon Bust #1Obtain one silver print from the Battle Frontier
Pokemon Bust #2Obtain 5 silver prints from the Battle Frontier
Tea SetPurchase the Guest Set
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Unlockable - Slowbro

by 5-Year-Old Dec 10, 2009

It's the Psychic girl on route 225 who has a Slowbro (you have to battle the psychic girl). In Diamond and Pearl, she even has 2 slow bros. In Platinum, she begins with a Slowpoke, and when the Slowpoke is defeated, she'll send in a Slowbro.

SlowbroBattle the Physic girl
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Unlockable - How to get Darkrai, Arceus, and Shaymin. AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

by Shadow011398 Aug 05, 2009

Darkrai: To get it, on a random day (screw around with your calendar) then get the Mystery Gift. Get the Member Pass from the guy with a green suit in the Pokemart. Then, go to Canclave City, to the Hotel Inn, and go inside. A dead dude will be in there. He'll make you go to sleep on the bed. You will dream that you are on Newmoon Island. Go to the woods, where Darkrai is. Either kill it or catch it, and you will be back to reallity. You will now be able to go to Newmoon Island anytime.

Arceus: On a random day, (again screw your calendar) then get the Mystery Gift. Go to the Pokemart, and get the Azure Flute. Then, go to Spear Piller, the Azure Flute will start making noise, blow into it. Invisible stairs will appear. This is the Hall of Origin. Arceus will appear out of nowhere. You need to use Wrap before you use a Master Ball. Then, go to Oregburgh Mine, there will be this Hiker dude there, talk to him. He will give you a Flame Plate. Give Arceus a Plate to hold, and Arceus will become that type of whatever Plate it's holding. Go to the Canclave Library, on the second floor. The same Hiker guy will be there. He'll talk, and says he wrote a book about the Plates. Then, go to Celestic Town. Go in the cave. Make sure Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus is in your party. Click on the painting, and Cynthia will go there. The three things on the painting are Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. The sphere is Arceus. Ok moving on.

Shaymin: Again on a random day, (you know what to do.) then get the Mystery Gift. Go to the Pokemart and talk to the guy in the green suit. He'll give you the Oak's Letter. Go to Victory Road, but where the fat guy was, and you need to go through to Route 224. Go to the rock, and Oak will be there. He'll ask you who you thank. Say ME. Seabreak Path will appear, and you'll see Shaymin. Chase after it, until you get to Flower Paradise. Battle Shaymin, and catch it.

Sky Forme: Make sure Shaymin is in your party. Go to Floamora Town, and talk to the blonde-haired lady in the middle of the town. She will give you a Gracidea. It is a Key Item though, so if you put Shaymin in a PC box, it will become regular forme. And at night, it will become Land Forme.

There are two other things the green suited guy will give you, the Secret Key will be needed with Rotom in your party. Go to Eterna City, to the Galactic Building. On the first floor, next to the yellow machine, is a little space where the Secret Key will unlock a... 

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Unlockable - New Quest!!

by Torchic138 Jul 06, 2009

In Pokemon Platinum, you will know that you have to complete the national dex. Well, when you do there is a special quest I think you should know about.

You know that cave that took you to the Pokemon League that time Well you might remember that at one of the doors there was a fat guy blocking the way. Well, now there isn't. So just walk in and a girl called Marley will ask you to help her to get to the other side of the cave.

Now you have a new, fun quest to do!! P.S She has a lvl 59 Arcanine to help you in battles and she will always heal your Pokemon if they get hurt in battle. :)

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Unlockable - Getting rare pokemon

by manaphy72 Jun 08, 2009

These are some rare pokemon to get if your interested. please enjoy

mespritafter you beat cyrus and giratina go to the lake near twinleaf be prepare runs away and random encounters
azelfafter you beat cyrus and giratina go to the lake near the suite area (near pastoria and veilstone
uxieafter you beat cyrus and giratina go to the lake near snowpoint.
giratinayou must go to the disortion of space
cresseliawhen you get the national pokedex go to full moon island and press a when you see cresselia it runs wild encounters
dialgawhen you get the national pokedex you go to spear pillar and see them and battle
palkiawhen you get the national pokedex you go to spear pillar and see them and battle
articuno, zapdos, moltreswhen you get the national pokedex talk to professor oak and he says 3 birds are flying around
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Secret - Focas sash where and how to get it,

by luckygirl343 Oct 28, 2009

You get it when you surf down from Sandgem close to Pal Park theres house if the Pokemon you have is the level the old guy is telling you he gives you every type of Sash for different purposes.
plz rate and thx

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