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Pokemon Platinum Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Platinum cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 495 cheats in our list, which includes 67 cheats codes, 4 passwords, 89 unlockables, 53 easter eggs, 14 glitches, 268 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Platinum on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Dialga and Palkia

by platinummaster8 Feb 08, 2010

In order to battle Palkia and Dialga, a few steps must be followed.

First, you must travel to Celestic Town after the events on Spear Pillar and talk to the Elder in the largest, most North house. She will reveal having discovered additional information about Dialga and Palkia. She will mention the Adamant and Lustrous orbs.

Now you begin your trek back up Mt. Coronet. Bring along a catching party designed for level 70s. Once you go through the inner workings of the mountain, you will, again, get to the first snowy area. After you Rock Climb, instead of rock climbing again or going to the left through the door, go right and through the entryway there. Surf up the Waterfall and enter the room, where you will obtain the orbs.

Now, go back and to the left, and continue to Spear Pillar. There will be a blue portal here, for you to fight Dialga in. It will be level 70. Now, go back south, back into Mt. Coronet, then immediately back through the door into Spear Pillar. There will be a red portal here, for you to fight Palkia in. Palkia is also level 70.

Dialgatext above
Plakiatext above
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Code - The Ultimate Seviper

by RayquazavsGiratina Oct 12, 2009

This code will give you a level 100 seviper (his names might be in japanese so dont freak out)
he has all 4 OHKO moves and compondeyes so the accuracy goes up to 60. Press L+R in game to activate
(WARNING: this pkmn will overwrite the first pokemon in your party) This code should work cuz its pokesav generated. This is my first code on any site so enjoy!

94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E00000B4 000000EC A81FB7FE 1D500000 2703058B 5E29A9CB 0D867397 7E783428 213FB1F3 D8C52852 CA46F902 DD2E30F6 6583EED6 80FE90F5 E517F28E 9BEEFBA3 259AACC2 3423FA69 C517535A D3E28929 9F0283EF 0E2E3A6A 88C1767A 55EC48C6 C1A2D299 1A1F57BD BAF93B8C 9615608A 6CF7D54F 58C7CA08 63737598 3C7CD8D5 D4BF9C00 D9C00D9F D24F4898 A68A4DC4 DDEB0C05 8D975366 A8E56BDE ECEE2331 CEEDF033 02F119C6 30E91467 383BAC3A A02BB94A B56CC51F 0FA254BA 8DCCFF8C 423F2599 DB1ED45C E26B8930 4929D143 23289A62 D5732D21 4F769024 C74F4D9A EBF78F2C 241A11E5 4ED5E2E8 23C0F6E4 D1E3D1B1 00000000 D2000000 00000000

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Unlockable - Ulockabel pokemon

by arceus501 Nov 24, 2009

These pokemon cannot be found anywhere else in the game but these locations.

Drifloongo to valleywind works and go inside talk to a girl and she will tell you about a baloon pokemon this means drifloon and it well only apera at valleywind works at night
Shieldonfirst obtain explorer kit. then use it. then you will be in sinnoh's underground. once there, you will find the map on the upper screen and the map will show golden sparkles theses golden sparkles will represent areas where there will be locations to dig. these exact locations are unable to see unless you use your stylis to tap the touch screen and then where you see the golden sparkles up against the wall, go up to them and press a. once there you will see on the side of the bottom touch screen that you have t he choices of red colored sledge hammer and blue colored pick axe. and then tap areas on the touch screen where you want to dig. but not every time you will find an armor fossil that will revive a shieldon. NOTE: the gender of this pokemon will be random. once you have the fossil, take it to the orebugh mining museum and then talk to the man in the white lab coat up near the desk. you will give him the armor fossil to revive shieldon. once there it will take some time to revive this pokemon. this will give you the opportunity to make space in your party for shieldon. then come back to the mining musemu to receive shieldon.
Darkraiin canalave city you will find a sailing hotel near the top of the city on the right hand side. this door will be locked so there is no way to get in. and this hotel contains darkrai and the key is lost. however, this key can be found somewhere mt. cornet once you find the key, go back to canalave unlock the door and inside you will find darkrai.
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Secret - Wi Fi!

by Chewi105 Aug 05, 2009

Okay this is really easy
first start up the game then once your at the options screen before starting the game, click set up wi fi. it will take you to another menu. click the blue one, not the orange.. then pick an unused file(one of the three). then click search for access point. if you have a computer and a working router, something should come up. if it has a black lock, the connection is incompatible. if its red, you need a WEP code. don't ask what that is, i don't no. ask your dad or mom. if its a blue lock, perfect!!!!! your good to go!! it might not work pitch perfect, depending on your routers condition. trust me, i tried everything else. and i read the manual (which i don't see why its so hard. its right there in the manual). so have fun!(hopefully). and don't give me thumbs down cause it dont work, because im no technical engineer.

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Unlockable - Gliscor

by 5-Year-Old Dec 10, 2009

First, you must find a Razor Fang (item). Give it to your Gligar and then level it up between the hours of 4am and 8pm.

GliscorGive Gligar a razor fang, level it up between 4 - 8 am.
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Secret - Hail rotom

by cheatchange Aug 17, 2011

Enter a code (Game instroctions shows where to put the code and shows what the code is.) Then go throuh Eterna forest until you find the haunted mansion. Then go inside. Next go to a t.v press A then rotom apears.

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Code - Good&Legit Pokemon(non ledgies/no AR used)

by PokeBeastTJ Jun 27, 2011

I am a HUGE Battle Tower fan.I played for a record of 100.Was Beat @ round 89 :'(.The best Pokemon(I dont reccomend action replay.Breeding works with Exp. share.All starters from all games work.When you level things,pay attion to stats it makes a difference on what moves to have.(Ex:Heracross has a phyisical basepower,so megahorn is your go-to-move,)LIst:Dragonit e,Waillord,Kangaskan(spel ling?not in front of ds),Electivire,Salmanance ,Altaria,Milotic,Alakazam ,Togikiss,Garachomp,and ALL legendaries allowed with good moveset.BEASTED DREAM TEAM POKEMON(I have all Lv.100 and yes it was hard but well worth it)I reccomend any of these:Snorlax,Dragonite,B lissey is a tank and can learn moves like thunder and flamethrower,Heracross,an d Metagross.If you want a tank or two try:Blissey(mine has 669hp so like 336 in tower for me)Snorlax 485 out side so about 247 in tower,and waillord which varies from 300-550 mine has 523 so about 260 in tower.NOTE: ALL POKEMON CAN WORK WITH A MOVESET/GOOD TACTIC/GOOD ITEMS.

First post :) Like if good and suggest more topics and tell me what floor you made it 2 and what pokemon :) more coming soon

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Secret - Kittylover's Guide To Gym Type Disadvantages

by Unregistered Jun 08, 2010

There is a trick that can make beating the Gyms of Sinnoh more easy for you.
At some Gyms, there are some wild Pokemon that have a type advantage against that Gym nearby. I will list them for you.(Not all Gyms have these, and this only works for the Pokemon Platinum DS Game.)
Roark's Gym: Machop at Route 207, Psyduck at Route 203 Cave.
Gardenia's Gym: Bug Pokemon at Eterna Forest and at Route 205.
Maylene's Gym: Girafarig at Route 214.
Crasher Wake's Gym: Tropius at Great Marsh.
Byron's Gym: Shellos and Gastrodon both at Route 218.
Candice's Gym: Medicham at Acuity Lakefront.
Hope I helped.

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Code - Action replay Event Jirachi

by hankola May 07, 2010

The first code that I submitted needs to be deleted.
This is a completely legal, trade-able, event pokemon.
It is a Lvl 5. WSHMKR Jirachi. It holds a Ganlon Berry, Knows the moves Wish, Confusion and Rest; and has a Bold nature. It took me forever to make sure it was exact. I know there will be those of you that wonder why not a shiny lvl 100. so to answer...that was not the event pokemon, therefore not tradeable and not legal.

94000130 FCFF0000In order for this code to work
B2101D40 00000000you will need to make sure
E00000B4 000000ECthat the first pokemon in your
673B963A 4C9F0000party is a deletable pokemon.
D2D12BE3 54DF8716-
29955CD7 ABAF1CDC-
40735467 D27DABEFnote: that the pokemon
1646A847 7D8D33BAwill not appear on your pokedex
6441DDA0 AAD7748Aand you can't request in trades.
88AB23F3 3CDEC4E3-
EC0ABB04 905E661D-
52753C3E 86B5F540-
1BBF6F94 BA1F600C-
C5A2AFE6 4E4B053D-
3C2E618C 3700DA00-
518F4218 FCF47E5A-
06B9403C 92E44F3E-
B6EEC059 23F2EFB4-
1E010701 0D886C37-
73A7A22F 34783DA6-
A391D2AB F6E6F0EB-
744C3E45 9789B0E6-
4D2D170F 2922AEE0-
26FB9C24 6AC7991F-
78638993 4658B789-
1F4A6091 1D784B9E-
3DEDB2AD 2549B0CC-
C648EC47 BA792E01-
57BC5242 F1824C82-
52EB26F8 00000000-
D2000000 00000000-
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Secret - Swarming Pokemon

by cupman Nov 24, 2009

After you complete the 210 Dex is you talk to Dawn's younger sister she will tell you about a swarming pokemon, each day this pokemon will change.

Valley Windworks: Electrike Eterna Forest: Slakoth
Route 201: Doduo Route 202: Zigzagoon
Route 203: Cubone Route 206: Larvitar
Route 207: Phanpy Route 208: Dunsparce
Route 209: Snubbull Route 214: Spoink
Route 215: Drowzee Route 217: Delibird
Route 218: Voltorb Route 221: Farfetch'd
Route 222: Skitty Route 224: Natu
Route 225: Makuhita Route 226: Krabby
Route 227: Spinda Route 228: Beldum
Route 229: Pinsir Route 230: Corsola

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Secret - How to get to valley windworks

by Unregistered Jul 06, 2009

Walk right from florama town to a factory-like building. thats the valley windworks. fight the TG grunt at the entrance and he will lock the door. go to the florama meadows at the top of the town. go in and fight two TG grunts. they will drop the key for the valley windworks. you will be able to get into the valley windworks now.

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Code - Shiny Pokemon Modifier

by Studman1996 Feb 06, 2010

With this cheat you will be able to get any pokemon you want and it will also be shiny. You enter this code into your action replay, and then do the following with the calculator. Enter the national dex number of the pokemon you want and press L. Now hit the clear button on the calc. Next, enter the level you want the pokemon to be into the calc and press R. Again press clear. Finally, enter the number for the type of nature you want into the calc and press Select. Now just walk around in some grass and wait for your pokemon to appear. Here ar the corresponding nature numbers.

0) Hardy
1) Lonely
2) Brave
3) Adamant
4) Naughty
5) Bold
6) Docile
7) Relaxed
8) Impish
9) Lax
10) Timid
11) Hasty
12) Serious
13) Jolly
14) Naive
15) Modest
16) Mild
17) Quiet
18) Bashful
19) Rash
20) Calm
21) Gentle
22) Sassy
23) Careful
24) Quirky
Here is the code. It goes right, down left, right, down left, and so on.

621bfaf0 0000000002073e44 47004800
02073e48 02000001e2000000 0000003c
6800480d 490b684088011808 9c0d8842
40510c24 2007406104244041 940d430c
21001c28 f074aa0d4801fe1b 4604700
02073e4d 000000e4021bfaf0 00000000
d2000000 0000000294000130 fdff0000
b2101d40 00000000d9000000 00111d10
c000000 0000000cdc000000 00000004
d6000000 000233e8d1000000 00000000
c000000 0000000ad6000000 000233e8
d2000000 0000000094000130 feff0000
b2101d40 00000000d9000000 00111d10
c0000000 0000000cd6000000 000233e8
dc000000 00000004d2000000 00000000
94000130 fffb0000b2101d40 00000000
da000000 00111d10d4000000 00002400
d3000000 00000000d7000000 0207404c
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Secret - Elite four tips

by chimchim1 May 04, 2009

This is basicly something that helps players who are stuck in the E4
Aaron:His pokemon are, Yamega, Drapion, Vespqueen,... I forget the rest but anyway I would most preferably use Infernape, Luxray, or Electrive. Basicly fire and electric types would be good. Don't bother using very strong moves if you have a fire or electic type with you.

Bertha:She has Wishcash, Graveler, Ryperer, Hippodown, and Mamoswine. I'd go with a Crobat for nonrock types and Flotzle or gastrodon for the rest. try to use speciel attaks. Do NOT use Empoleon because it is part steel and all Bertha's pokemon know earthquake and that will do a lot.

Flint:Do NOT use Empoleon for the exact same reason. Flints pokemon include Infernape, Magmortar, Flareon, Houndoom, and Rapidash. try to use any of the pokemon Bertha has. A Gastrodon would be very helpful too. Try to use a lot of speciel attaks and use a physical attak here and there.

Lucin:He has Alakazam, Mr.mime, Chimicho, Bronzong, and Espeon. I highly recomend to use a Spirittomb or Absol. Just be careful for that Bronzong. I would keep a fire type with me just in case. Always use speciel attaks.

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Secret - Pokemon platinum

by Unregistered Jan 27, 2011

you should level a garchomp till it reaches approximately lv 55 and he must have earthquake with him and then fight the 8th gym leader

sure to beat it

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Secret - Plant Mulch and a Berry poke app

by lillyana Jun 15, 2009

Fly to Hearthome city and go down past the church and turn right past the market and then go down and then left once you see the light stand and go left untill you get to the rest area thing with a map and continue left, you will now be on route 208, go to the guy with a green hat who is close to the grass once you get to him go upwards and you will seea house go in it, there is a man sitting at the tabl and 2 girls standing and a book on the table, go to the little girl and she will give you the berry poke tech app then go to the older girl and she will give you mulch that promotes plant growth.

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Secret - Dawn.

by sandmanwes May 28, 2009

Once you actually see Mespirit,, You need to talk to Dawn and I think she will point you in the right direction for the pokemon Tracker for the Poketch,, but be careful trying to catch Mespirit, is like trying to cath,, a Mespirit,, you have to be prepped and dont go after it with anything less then a Jigglypuff or somehing armed with taunt cuase it wont stay near you long enough to be caught.

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Secret - Kogye OWNAGE Stratagy

by PokemonAbsol Sep 21, 2009

I spelled it wrong i know, but i have a great tip. Kogyes special makes it rain and the move Thunder has 100% accuracy in rain 50 in clear and 30 in sun or something like that. so if u teach it Thunder (it works i did it on emerald) You have a pokemon that has a powerful move with 100% accuracy and no recharge. Have Fun Owning Water types. PS this works best on emerald because there is a water trainer in the elite 4

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Code - Cynthia's Arceus

by platinummaster8 Feb 17, 2010

(Press L=R to activate)
Info on the Arceus:
Infected with pokerus.
Caught in Cherish ball.
Moves are:Judgement, Water Spout, Eruption, and Outrage.
OT is Cynthia.

The code is:
94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
E00000B4 000000EC
D2B9E1F5 76310000
01D1FE34 76CE06C1
C7CC4EE2 B8C8110E
0286703E C4FEC161
4C4A6014 74844C19
55FF5392 9A3FF885
A446495D CDE0C77C
5257B8C5 FE6FD57F
1A313E3D E2167C0C
D36AD8A9 88C0B1EC
DFA514ED F2D24274
1F97754E FA1830BB
F05BB841 F19C2B9A
1BBB6B95 AC939C79
139F191D 09AE54BA
77AE8531 80FFB7FA
D0B3547C 7926A60A
23000FD6 AB273194
656C99D0 6687490A
8B3349CE FF9B5C50
9F72265B 41DD665C
21BC81D2 AC14575A
75A8D476 540AEF80
63A2606E 7381574F
B0FE8DA7 D067F818
25501FF7 744858C1
90FAAB85 670302C8
A905EB69 60C0B388
CC34DE8F 00000000
200000B0 00000006
D2000000 00000000

Got the code from:

Hope I helped.

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Secret - How to beat the Elite Four without battling anyone except Cynthia.

by Shadow011398 Jun 29, 2009

Step 1: Go to Best Buy. Step 2: Buy an Action Replay that works with PokeMon Platinum. Step 3: Put the disk in the computer. Step 4: Go to "Walk Through Walls" and select it. Step 5: Walk right through the closed doors in the Elite Four. Step 6: Battle Cynthia. Step 7: Win battle. Step 8: Game Over.

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Secret - Pokemon platinum make pokemon high level and obey

by phsyranger Apr 27, 2009

For this you must have either cheat or finished game.
First you trade the pokemon that you want to the completed game.
Next just train it untill the level you want.
Finally trade it back.try battling a trainer to check if it obeys.

I tried it before. It obeys every time< if not just comment
Hope it helps :)

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Easter Egg - Cutting grass!

by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 26, 2009

While you are out near the tall grass make sure you have a pokemon the knows the HM CUT, then go into the tall grass and use CUT, your pokemon will slice a few strins of tall grass!

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Secret - How to find your friend code!!! YAAAAYY!

by cab1214 Jul 24, 2009

Okay. In almost every post, I see someone asking, "How do I find my friend code" Well, here, I'm going to tell everyone how, once and for all. Here's what you do, in three easy steps:

Step 1: Go to you KEY ITEMS POCKET.
Step 2: Go to your PAL PAD.
Step 3: Go to the last section on your PAL PAD.

There you go. Now hopefully, there won't be any more, or a lot less, asking of how to find your friend code.

P.S.-For those of you reading this, say "FC" instead of "Friend Code." It's shorter and sweeter.

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Secret - Beating gym leaders

by PokemonFannumber1 Aug 11, 2009

Fantania:Have a pokemon that knows sleath rock a golbat a roselia first use sleath rock on duskull beat move on next haunter. A speedy pkmn that knows psybeam should work b/c hainter is poison ghost. and finally the royal pain mismagious. First have roselia muse grasswhistle mismagious falls asleep for like 6 turns. Alright now switch out golbat and use bite until you k. o . Mismagious and win your relic badge.
Maylene:All right you need to have a golbat/crobat/staravia a kadabra/alakazam/porygon/porygon2 or Z and a monferno. First maylene will send out meditite use wing attack/ aerial ace it should die next machoke switch to kadabra or such. Use psybeam it should die (i recommend alakazam because high sp atk and it's psychic type so that rounds up the power to a whopping180) finally use flame wheel on lucario though it probably won't die and lucario is faster use a super efct mach punch to strike first and win a cobble badge.

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Secret - Palkia and dialga the real way to get them (not mine i copy and pasted it) and a cool glitch that helps with it

by giradeaths_master Apr 01, 2009

1 Get National Dex
2 Get the two orbs (they are in a secret room in the water fall room of mt Coronet just go up the water fall and go into the room there)
3 Talk to the spirit drawings on the walls of the Celestic Ruins Cynthia will appear
4 Talk to everyone in Celestic town that looks old
5Go to spear pillar and Dialga should be there
6 Go back in the cave and go back out and Palkia will then be there

now you use the glitch and you will destroy the world of wimpy trainers who think the have a chance against you now

first if you don't believe me try it on pearl i don't no about diamond

so after beating palkia and dialga you need to walk down mt Coronet wrong! go back to the batch of snow near spear pillar and the map says your on route 207 but your not your on mt Coronet and you can use fly there but not in pearl and diamond probably is the same as pearl

hope this helps its a cool glitch i think

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Secret - Secret key and rotoms forms

by luckygirl343 Sep 02, 2009

After you get the secret key from a toys r us event or the wifi event go to the old chateau and get rotom then go to the team galactic building in eterna and go to the left side near the TV and use the secret key there should be a room where there is a fan ,freezer,oven, lawn mover, and washing machine.walk up to them with rotom in ur party and rotom changes form.

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