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Pokemon Platinum Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Platinum cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 495 cheats in our list, which includes 67 cheats codes, 4 passwords, 89 unlockables, 53 easter eggs, 14 glitches, 268 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Platinum on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Canalave City-Byron

by paleHorse91 Nov 13, 2008

This gym has also remained the same from D/P. Byron also has a pretty lame animation. The only upside is that the gym has better steel types. So you won't run into all the Steelix and Bronzor like in D/P. Also the random trainer with the Azumarill in D/P has changed.

Lv37 Magneton: Electric/Steel
Flash Cannon, Tri-Attack, Thunderbolt, Metal Sound

Lv38 Steelix: Steel/Ground
Flash Cannon, Ice Fang, Earthquake, Sandstorm

Lv41 Bastiodon: Rock/Steel
Metal Burst, Stone Edge, Iron Defense, Taunt

Pretty much all the starters do well here. Infernape with fire and fighting moves. Empoleon boasts its water type attacks and Torterra with Earthquake. Watch out for Bastiodon's Metal Burst. It's just like Counter and Mirror Coat combined. So any attack can backfire if you don't 1hko this pokemon.

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Unlockable - SHAYMIN!!!!

by Chewi105 Sep 23, 2009

Finally. today pokemon.com realased an article that tell about oaks letter. itll be out from september 28 to november 8. when you get it head to where that fat guy was standing near the end of victory road. head to the end of the route(224) and walk around. oak will appear. he tells you something. you write somethin(anything)then a path(flower meadow)appears you see shaymin and it runs away. chase down the path(a pretty long one)and finaly you meet up with it. i suggest you use a pinir from the mass outbreak with false swipe(bought at the veilstone apartment store)then put it to sleep.stock up with ultra balls.good luck!
this shaymin can change into sky form with the gradicea obtained from the blonde in floroma town with the shaymin in hand.
the word you wrote on the rock will forever
the path, like Newmoon island, you can always revisit it. (its also a good place to hatch eggs)


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Code - Any Pokemon in Battle Frontier

by patar123 Apr 06, 2009

This allows all legendaries and pokemon to be used in the battle frontier

120F05BE 00000000
C0000000 00000009
020F05C0 00000000
DC000000 00000004
D2000000 00000000

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Unlockable - Free Pokemon

by iMpErSoNaToR_280 Mar 25, 2009

During the game go to the given location and complete the following tasks or see the indicated person to receive the corresponding free Pokemon

Unlockable:How to unlock:
60 - Poliwag:When you have the Natonal Dex go to the Day Care Center and speak to the man in front (50% chance of being Shiny)
79 - Slowpoke:Show a child in the Seal shop a Pokemon with a caplse on it
133 - Eevee:Visit Bebe in Hearthome City
137 - Porygon:Talk to a man in a house in Veilstone
175 - Togepi:Rescue the Bike Shop manager from the Eterna City Galactic building to receive an egg containing Togepi from Cynthia
447 - Riolu:When you complete the mini quest with Riley and he will give you a Riolu egg at the end
475 - Gallade:Beat the 5th Gym and talk to the man out front
440 - Happiny:Talk with a Hiker at Hearthome City and he will give you a Happiny egg
441 - Chatot:Talk to person in Eterna city
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Secret - Where to get porygon

by josed Sep 30, 2010

This video will show you how to get porygon.

i am trying to help the starters so ig you need help in anything send me a messege on what you need help in and i will help you with it

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Secret - More money by battling wild pokemon

by jlittle007 Feb 22, 2010

You need two things
1: you need a meowth with the move payday
2: you need the Amulet Coin
put the meowth in the first slot then put the amulet coin io it. then when you fight a wild pokemon use payday.beat the pokemon and if you kill it in one move you will get 300 poke coins.please put thumbs up this is my first one ever.

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Code - Battle related codes

by platinummaster8 Feb 19, 2010

Your first Pokemon has 999 HP
42101DE8 02000000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
10047604 000003E7
10047608 000003E7
D2000000 00000000

Opponents first Pokemon HP is 0
94000130 FEBF0000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
100476C4 00000001
D2000000 00000000

Your first Pokemon has 99 PP
42101DE8 02000000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
000475E4 63636363
D2000000 00000000

Your opponents first Pokemon has 0 PP
+Opponent 1st Pokemon PP 0
42101DE8 02000000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
000476A4 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Hope I helped!

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Secret - Battle frontier

by smashbro101 May 14, 2009

First, heres some tutorials.

1. when you use rain dance, thunder wont miss
2. with the arcade star's zapdos, sent out a pokemon with the ability mold breaker, it will be weak against any ground type moves!!!
3. use sunny day before using solarbeam
4. DO NOT have moves of the same type, unless it is a move like rain dance or calm mind.
5.try to use pokemon of All different types of pokemon, it is most efective.
6. using pokemon that can cover your other pokemon's weakness' is a master technique that all pokemon trainers use

using those tips, heres some pokemon that i use

moves: dragon claw, thunder, rain dance, psychic

moves: sword dance, night slash, ice punch, brick break

moves: draco meteor, earthquake, brick break, flamethrower

moves: thunderbolt, ice punch, cross chop, earthquake

moves: sky uppercut, thunderpunch, night slash, blaze kick

moves: earthquake, body slam, water pulse, ice punch

note: to teach swampert body slam, you must teach it the move in battle frontier on pokemon emerald before migrating

hope this helps!!!

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Easter Egg - Another old chateau story

by mamadoodoo07 Dec 23, 2009

I know theres alot of story's about this place but on certain games them selfs somthing strang happens i had pearl but still have platnium.

on pearl something very strange happend some how i battled a trainer but it was a woman with grass types i didn't notice at first but then it seemed wirde.

in platnium there was a man in the biggest room with the massive table in it there was a man on the other side i went round then he walked off i chased him but he was gone. about a month later i saw him againhe was on top of the stiars the screen looked at him he walked into another room but when i went in therethere was nothing buta type of plate i think it was a dread plate but im not sure.

sos if some of my spellings are wrong but please comment if something like this has happend the you its just because i have spent a very long time trying to find way not to cheat but still get rare things.

thank you

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Secret - Pokemon that Evolve by Stones, Happiness, and Trading

by GleshClen Aug 31, 2009

Pokemon that evolve by trade

Poliwhirl - Politoad, if it's holding a King's Rock
Kadabra - Alakazam
Machoke - Machamp
Graveler - Golem
Slowpoke - Slowking, if it's holding a King's Rock
Haunter - Gengar
Onix - Steelix, if it's holding a Metal Coat
Scyther - Scizor, if it's holding a Metal Coat
Porygon - Porygon2, if it's holding an Up-Grade
Porygon2 - Porygon-Z, if it's holding a Dubious Disc
Dusclops - Dusknoir, if it's holding a Reaper Cloth
Seadra - Kingdra, if it's holding a Dragon Scale
Clamperl - Huntail, if it's holding a DeapSeaTooth
Clamperl - Gorebyss, if it's holding a DeepSeaScale
Magmar - Magmortar, if it's holding a Magmarizer
Rhydon - Rhypherior, if it's holding a Protector
Electabuzz - Electivire, if it's holding an Electrizer
Sneasel - Weavile, if it's holding a Razor Claw

Pokemon that evolve by happiness
Chansey - Blissey
Riolu - Lucario, while training in daytime
Pichu - Pikachu
Eevee - Umbreon, while training at nighttime
Eevee - Espeon, while training at daytime
Golbat - Crobat
Cleffa - Clefairy
Igglypuff - Jigglypuff
Budew - Roselia, while training at daytime
Buneary - Lopunny
Munchlax - Snorlax
Chingling - Chimecho, while training at nighttime
Azurill - Marill
Togepi - Togetic

Pokemon that evolve by stones

Fire Stone
Growlithe - Arcanine
Vulpix - Ninetales
Eevee - Flareon

Water Stone
Poliwhirl - Poliwrath
Shellder - Cloyster
Staryu - Starmie
Eevee - Vaporeon
Lombre - Ludicolo

Thunder Stone
Eevee - Jolteon
Pikachu - Raichu

Leaf Stone
Exeggute - Exeggutor
Weepinbell - Victreebel
Gloom - Vileplume
Nuzleaf - Shiftry

Shiny Stone
Togetic - Togekiss
Roselia - Roserade

Dusk Stone
Murkrow - Honchkrow
Misdreavus - Mismagius

Dawn Stone
Kirlia - Gallade, only if it's male
Snorunt - Froslass, only if it's female

Sun Stone
Sunkern - Sunflora
Gloom - Belossom

Moon Stone
Skitty - Delcatty
Nidorino - Nidoking
Nidorina - Nidoqueen
Clefairy - Clefable
Jigglypuff - Wigglytuff

If I missed any, tell me.

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Secret - Tips

by jacknhoho Jun 08, 2009

For the elite 4 instead of exspensive full restores and max potions, use hyper potions lava cookies moomoo milk lemonade water and soda, Why they're cheaper
and for starter pkmn: for infernape teach it shadow claw to kill phsycic pkmn, Empoleon teach it drill peck for fightin types, and tortera teach it earthquake or dig for Fire and poison types.
if aproaching a legendary pkmn (eg: giratina, azelf) save before batling them cause if u skrew up it's done.
and before battling da elite 4 the 1rst time make sure ur pkmn r atleast lvl 55-60.

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Easter Egg - How to get a strong Gyarados.

by Fireredboy Apr 15, 2009

Things needed:
Access to the RESORT AREA
and a SUPER ROD.
First, you need to fish using a SUPER ROD at the RESORT AREA. Then catch a Magikarp. BEWARE:The Magikarp in this area are STRONG. The highest levelled Magikarp i encountered was LEVEL 70(seventy). When you have a strong Magikarp, level it up once by battling or by using a rare candy. Then you will have a STRONG GYARADOS. This should work because my POKEMON PLATINUM is ORIGINAL and has NO CHEATS.

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Easter Egg - Hidden Items

by Unregistered Apr 06, 2009

Jubelife City-If you walk into the city from the southern route you will see a little area you can walk into and find a Stardust.
Eterna City-Behind the Statue of the legendary pokemon use the Dowsing Machine Application and when you find a Draco Plate.
Pokemon League-When you get all the way through Victory Road you will see a waterfall and 2 statues use the Dowsing Machine Application and you will find a Sky Plate.
Solaceon Ruins-On almost every small area with a rock you will find an item.Some include Water Stone, Fire Stone, ThunderStone, ect.
There might be more that is all of them I know of that seems tricky to find.Comment more secret items.

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Easter Egg - Get Mystery Gift

by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 30, 2009

Go to Jubilife City and go into the TV station Go to the 3rd floor where you see two people standing there talk to the man and he will ask what your opinion is on TV When he asks you say EVERYONE HAPPY Then he will ask your feedback on TV then you say WI-FI CONNECTION When you Save and turn off the game go back to the Pokemon Platinum menu and you will see the Mystery Gift event!

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Unlockable - Eeveelutions

by cab1214 Aug 31, 2009

Since there have been more than enough questions on how to evolve Eevee into whatever forms, I'm making an unlockable, to hopefully end the obvious questions once and for all.

EeveeA gift from Bebe in Hearthome city or after you get the National Dex in the Trophy Garden
VaporeonUse a WATERSTONE on Eevee
JolteonUse a THUNDERSTONE on Eevee
FlareonUse a FIRESTONE on Eevee
EspeonBuild Eevee's HAPPINESS during the DAYTIME
UmbreonBuild Eevee's HAPPINESS during the NIGHTTIME
LeafeonRaise Eevee a minimum of 1 level at the MOSS ROCK in ETERNA FOREST
GlaceonRaise Eevee a minimum of 1 level at the ICE ROCK in ROUTE 217
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Easter Egg - Chaining tips

by Unregistered May 04, 2009

There are in fact easy ways to chain.Have a Pokemon with the Magnet Pull ability in the front of your team and Steel type pokemon come more often.Have a Pokemon with the Static ability and Eletric Pokemon appear more often.I know these as facts because Icant even get a Bidoof chain to 40 but with a Flaaffy at the front of my team I was able to make 2 chains of Shinx(One to 46 and the other to 42)Both of them combined I found 2 Shiny Shinx.8)Also I am not a noob because I know that people call others noobs although they played longer then they have.I have experience of Pokemon since it first came out...IN JAPAN.I had all 151 Pokemon cards from the first generation in both English AND Japanese.Ive been playing the gamed since Red Blue and Green(Japan)so dont call anybody a noob.

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Secret - Steal Candy From A Baby!!!

by KittyLover Aug 30, 2010

How to do it:

Go to Mr. Backlot's Mansion near Hearthome city, and bring a Pokemon that knows Covet or Thief. (And isn't holding an Item)
Go to the Exact Turn Five Maid Knockout Challange thingy. (At the end of the left hall) Beat the Maids with the exact amount of turns required, and then they will send out either Richboy Liam or Lady Celeste (Both have a Level 35 Blissey)to battle you but it doesn't matter which person they send out to battle you.
They send out a Level 35 Blissey that's holding a Rare Candy. Use Thief or Covet on it and it gives up it's rare candy to you. -MAKE SURE THE POKEMON THAT KNOWS ONE OF THESE MOVES ISN'T HOLDING ANYTHING, OTHERWISE THIS WON'T WORK!!!-
And then you wait for tomorrow to fight them again and steal another Rare Candy (YAY)

-A TIP- Save before you take this challange, just incase you don't take the right amount of turns. Oh, and bring a strong Fighting type Pokemon to take out the five Maids' Clefairys.

-ONE LAST THING- The two people with the Blisseys give them another Rare Candy.EXAMPLE: So let's say that you defeated Lady Celeste today, and took her rare candy. And then tomorrow you battle her again. Don't worry; the same Blisseys holding another Rare Candy!!!

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Secret - Changing deoxys form

by hero44 Jun 28, 2010

To change deoxys form 1.goto veilstone city
2.goto in the right side you'll are meteors(4) go their and you will see
when you press the a button depending on the meteor you touch (have deoxy in party btw)

top-speed form
middle-normal form
2 other rocks(bottom)-attack and defence please thumb me up and comment

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Unlockable - Pokradar Pokmon

by Metagross555 Sep 21, 2009

Here they are!


MareepValley Windworks
NincadaEterna Forest
AronFuego Ironworks
TorkoalRoute 227 & Stark Mountain
WobbuffetLake Verity,Lake Valor,Lake Acuity
Nidorino/NidorinaRoute 221/Lake Valor
Nidoran Male/FemaleRoute 201
SentretRoute 202
SunkernRoute 204 -North
HoppipRoute 205
SlowpokeRoute 205 (NORTH)
BaltoyRoute 206
StantlerRoute 207
SmeargleRoute 212 (NORTH)
KirliaRoute 203 & 204 (SOUTH)E
Miltank/TaurousRoute 209/Route 210 (SOUTH)
TyrougeRoute 208 & Route 211 (WEST)
GrimerRoute 212 (SOUTH)
SwellowRoute 213
PoochyenaRoute 214
PiloswineRoute 217
FlaaffyRoute 222
PrimeapeRoute 225 & 226
VenomothRoute 229
VenonatRoute 229
MankeyRoute 225 & 226
TogepiRoute 230
BagonRoute 210 (NORTH)
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Unlockable - Pokemon acquired over the course of the story

by tailsprowler Jul 28, 2009

The Pokemon called Cresselia, Regigigas and Heatran can be obtained after getting the National Pokedex.
Hope it helps!

TurtwigReceive from Professor Rowan on Route 201
ChimcharReceive from Professor Rowan on Route 201
PiplupReceive from Professor Rowan on Route 201
TogepiHatch an egg received from Cynthia in Eterna City
RotomExamine the TV in the Old Chateau between 8 PM and and 4 AM
EeveeReceive from Bebe at Hearthome City
PorygonReceive from a man in a residence in Velistone City
RioluHatch from an egg received from Riley on Iron Island
Giratina (Origin Forme)Distoration World
UxieLake Acuity (after you've been to the Distoration World)
AzelfLake Valor (after you've been to the Distoration World)
MespritRoams Sinnoh after you meet it at Lake Verity(after you've been to the Distoration World)
DialgaMt. Coronet (middle) - Spear Pillar (post-Hall-of-Fame)
PalkiaMt. Coronet (middle) - Spear Pillar (post-Hall-of-Fame)
CresseliaRoams the Sinnoh region after you meet it at Fullmoon Island
Giratina (Alterated Forme)Giratina's room in Turnback Cave (if you didn't catch it in the Distoration World)
RegigigasSnowpoint Temple B5F (with Regirock, Regice and Registeel in your party)
HeatranStark Mountain interior 3 (after Stark Mountain and after talking to Buck in the Survival Area)
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Glitch - Dialga and Palkia

by tiger209 Apr 13, 2009

Dialga and Pakia

1) Get the eighth gym badge, and get the HM Waterfall.

2) Go to Mount Coronet

3) Go up the waterfall, and into the secret cavern. (Just go up the mountain, you will notice the waterfall.)

4) Get the two orbs that belong to Dialga and Palkia, they are inside the small cavern.

5) Talk to the elder of Celestic Town.

6) Go to Spear Pillar! (Very top of Mount Coronet where you found the Distortion World.)

7) You will see a blue light. That's DIALGA! (After you beat/catch Dialga, enter the Mount Coronet, then step back out, there will now be a Pink Light which is PALKIA!)

Note: You might have to beat the Elite Four first, I'm not sure. Both Dialga and Palkia will be Level 70.

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Secret - King's Rock

by Bramblefang Sep 09, 2009

To find them, fish for Poliwhirl's on Route 228 in the water, and there is a chance that they are holding a King's Rock when you catch them. There might be Poliwhirl's elsewhere, but I catch them on Route 228.

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by dragoniterulz Jul 17, 2009

PLEASE RATE HIGH..........................

B2101D40 00000000SUPER REGIGIGAS
70708187 0A27E360SUPER REGIGIGAS
D2000000 00000000SUPER REGIGIGAS
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Easter Egg - Gym Leaders

by Illumise27 Feb 23, 2009

1. Roark - Geodude Lv.12 Onix Lv.12 Cranidos Lv.14
2. Gardenia - Turtwig Lv.20 Cherrim Lv.20 Roserade Lv.22
3. Fantina - Duskull Lv.24 Haunter Lv.24 Mismagius Lv.26
4. Maylene - Meditite Lv.28 Machoke Lv.29 Lucario Lv.32
5. Wake - Gyarados Lv.33 Quagsire Lv.34 Floatzel Lv.37
6. Bryon - Magneton Lv.37 Steelix Lv.38 Bastiodon Lv.41
7. Candice - Sneasel Lv.40 Piloswine Lv.40 Abomasnow Lv.42 Froslass Lv.44
8. Volkner - Jolteon Lv.46 Raichu Lv.46 Luxray Lv.48 Electivire Lv. 50

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Easter Egg - Earning Easy Money

by Unregistered Nov 23, 2009

Do you own a Villa Or you're just trying to earn lots of money, but you find it too hard to make a lot Well, I'm here to tell you how you can make easy money.

HM Fly
Pokemon above level 61 [just to make things easier]
Amulet Coin
Vs Seeker

OK, you will need these [you don't have to have the HM Fly, but if you're a fair distance away from the place, it will be best if you had it]. I will give you the steps to earn EASY MONEY:

1. Check that you have all of the required equipment
3. Equip the leader of your party the Amulet Coin
4. Now, go down the hallway towards ROUTE 212
5. Go all the way down towards the entrance of the POKEMON MANSION [the gate]
6. To the left of the gate are 2 elders [male and female]
7. If you have not versed them, battle them with the Pokemon equipped with the Amulet Coin
8. If you have defeated them before, use the Vs Seeker near them
9. Both of them should be looking for a battle, but if not, don't worry
10. The second time you verse them they will give you around 18,000 Poke Dollars
11. The third time you verse them, they will give you around 24,400 Poke Dollars
12. Every other time you verse them, they will give you 24,400 Poke Dollars
13. So, when you verse them both, they will give you 48,800 Poke Dollars [with the Amulet Coin]

BEWARE: Every time you verse them, their level will increase. This stops when they are at level 61

I hope I have helped.
Please rate up, since this is my 1st hint I have done. I will also add other cheats some other time. :D

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