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Pokemon Platinum Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Platinum cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 495 cheats in our list, which includes 67 cheats codes, 4 passwords, 89 unlockables, 53 easter eggs, 14 glitches, 268 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Platinum on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How to get the three legendary birds

by kevsd Jun 29, 2009

After completeing your pokedex go to profeser.Oak will be with him he gives you the national dex next talk to him at pal park then go to his house in enterna city he will talk about the legendary birds after they will be scattered all around the region

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Secret - Pomeg Glitch

by Love95Legendz Dec 17, 2010

In pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, using a Pomeg berry on a Pokemon with low HP may cause its HP to become of negative value. Using this the player can cause other glitches. It is unconfirmed if this glitch is present in SS or HG. O.o

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Secret - Battleground-Battle Against Your Allies

by Bramblefang Dec 22, 2009

In the Survival Area, the Battleground will let you face your Allies and re battle Gym Leaders. Your allies (Cheryl, Riley, Mira, Buck, and Marley) will be standing in front of the TV on random days. Just go up and talk to them. Then, accept their challenge for a battle. Here are their teams.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Wobbuffet Lv.61
Hariyama Lv.62
Drifblim Lv.61
Wailord Lv.63
Blissey Lv.65
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Absol Lv.61
Salamence Lv.63
Metagross Lv.62
Ursaring Lv.61
Lucario Lv.65
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Porygon-Z Lv.61
Gengar Lv.61
Magnezone Lv.62
Togekiss Lv.63
Alakazam Lv.65
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Ninjask Lv.61
Crobat Lv.62
Electrode Lv.61
Weavile Lv.63
Arcanine Lv.65
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Shuckle Lv.61
Torkoal Lv.61
Dusknoir Lv.63
Umbreon Lv.63
Claydol Lv.65
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

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Secret - Three belts

by aurastorm64 Nov 04, 2009

In route 221 (near pal park) there's a house a bit north-west of the honey tree in the route. Inside an old man will give you one of three belts everyday if you show him the level pokemon he asks for and don't worry if you don't have the level of the pokemon he asks for it changes everyday. The belts are:

Black Belt: Powers up fighting type moves
Expert Belt: Powers up super effective moves
Focus Sash: The holder doesn't faint when hit by a one-hit KO move. (not just fissure, sheer cold, gullotine and horn drill but also lets say a one hit KO critical hit)

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Secret - Hydro Cannon, Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn

by GleshClen Aug 17, 2009

After defeating the Elite Four and obtaining the National Dex, fly to the Resort Area or Survival Area in the Battle Frontier. Head to the upper part of Route 228, and there should be a house with a man in it. Make sure you have the last evolution of any starter pokemon in your party. Tell him to teach a move to your last evolution starter pokemon. Depending on its type, he'll teach it Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, or Blast Burn.

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Secret - Change moves

by PokemonFannumber1 Aug 07, 2009

94000130 FEFF0000B2101D40 00000000DA000000 00111D10D3000000 00000000D7000000 020F0C1C
D2000000 00000000
It works like the Wild Pokemon Modifier code. You type the number of the move from below (example: 338) into the calculator on your Poktch, Press R, then go into the TM section of the bag and find TM17, it should be the move Frenzy Plant. I hope you guys like this one.
Here is the list: Num Move 000 No Move 001 Pound 002 Karate Chop 003 DoubleSlap 004 Comet Punch 005 Mega Punch 006 Pay Day 007 Fire Punch 008 Ice Punch 009 ThunderPunch 010 Scratch 011 ViceGrip 012 Guillotine 013 Razor Wind 014 Swords Dance 015 Cut 016 Gust 017 Wing Attack 018 Whirlwind 019 Fly 020 Bind 021 Slam 022 Vine Whip 023 Stomp 024 Double Kick 025 Mega Kick 026 Jump Kick 027 Rolling Kick 028 Sand-Attack 029 Headbutt 030 Horn Attack 031 Fury Attack 032 Horn Drill 033 Tackle 034 Body Slam 035 Wrap 036 Take Down 037 Thrash 038 Double-Edge 039 Tail Whip 040 Poison Sting 041 Twineedle 042 Pin Missile 043 Leer 044 Bite 045 Growl 046 Roar 047 Sing 048 Supersonic 049 SonicBoom 050 Disable 051 Acid 052 Ember 053 Flamethrower 054 Mist 055 Water Gun 056 Hydro Pump 057 Surf 058 Ice Beam 059 Blizzard 060 Psybeam 061 BubbleBeam 063 Aurora Beam 063 Hyper Beam 064 Peck 065 Drill Peck 066 Submission 067 Low Kick 068 Counter 069 Seismic Toss 070 Strength 071 Absorb 072 Mega Drain 073 Leech Seed 074 Growth 075 Razor Leaf 076 SolarBeam 077 PoisonPowder 078 Stun Spore 079 Sleep Powder 080 Petal Dance 081 String Shot 082 Dragon Rage 083 Fire Spin 084 ThunderShock 085 Thunderbolt 086 Thunder Wave 087 Thunder 088 Rock Throw 089 Earthquake 090 Fissure 091 Dig 092 Toxic 093 Confusion 094 Psychic 095 Hypnosis 096 Meditate 097 Agility 098 Quick Attack 099 Rage 100 Teleport 101 Night Shade 102 Mimic 103 Screech 104 Double Team 105 Recover 106 Harden 107 Minimize 108 SmokeScreen 109 Confuse Ray 110 Withdraw 111 Defense Curl 112 Barrier 113 Light Screen 114 Haze 115 Reflect 116 Focus Energy 117 Bide 118 Metronome 119 Mirror Move 120 Selfdestruct 121 Egg Bomb 122 Lick 123 Smog 124 Sludge 125 Bone Club 126 Fire Blast 127 Waterfall 128 Clamp 129 Swift 130 Skull Bash 131 Spike Cannon 132 Constrict 133 Amnesia 134 Kinesis 135 Softboiled 136 Hi Jump Kick 137 Glare 138 Dream Eater 139 Poison Gas 140 Barrage 141 Leech Life 142 Lovely Kiss 143 Sky Attack 144 Transform 145 Bubble 146 Dizzy Punch 147 Spore 148 Flash 149 Psywave 150 Splash 151 Acid Armor 152 Crabhammer 153 Explosion 154 Fury Swipes 155... 

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Secret - Easy lv up

by enton9 Jun 22, 2009

Ok so put two pokemon in the daycare then fly to floaroma town then go east to the bridge surf north till you reach the fuego ironworks in the ironworks you will find movement pads go to one and use a rubber band to hold down the directional button and the B button leave it overnight (put on charger) the next morning your pokemon should of grown a substantial amount.

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Secret - How to get lots of money without cheating!

by moates Jun 15, 2009

First go too turnback cave and you have to go in the doors and try and find 3 pillers if you find 3 pillers and have been in less then 30 doors then just as you have seen the 3rd piller go in the left door and there will be a portal to the destrution world and behind it is a item it is a rare bone when you get the rare bone save the game wait for a day when you go back on it there should be another one there get it you can sell these rare bones for $5000 so you will earn alot of money also if you go in the destrution world there should be a orb get it and give it to girtina and he will change his form
hope i helped.

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Secret - Re-battle gym leaders!

by pokemonmasterjustin Apr 03, 2009

After you team up with Buck at Stark Mountain and beat Team Galatic, go to the Survival Area. Go to the house that is left from the Pokemon Center and walk through the door. You will see Buck inside, he will tell you that you will be able to re-battle gym leaders and other tough trainers in there. Then after he leaves, you will see at least one gym leader or trainer there. If you talk to the gym leader, he/she will ask you for a rematch. If you wish to choose so, press YES, and you will be able to re-battle them.

NOTE: They will be A LOT tougher then when you last fought them ( there pokemon now are on Levels 61 to 65 ), so make sure that you have tough pokemon as well. ALSO, more gym leaders will come in as well looking for a rematch. Different gym leaders should come in daily.

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Secret - Fun Facts

by Bramblefang Dec 10, 2009

Here some Pokemon Fun Facts!

*Nobody in the Elite 4 *Even Cynthia* had an Ice Type Pokemon in their team.

*Spell Ekans and Arbok backwards. They spell Snake and Cobra.

*Rhydon can learn Surf

*ArticUNO, ZapDOS MolTRES, 1, 2, 3 in Spanish.

*In Pokemon Red and Blue, Lickitung couldn't learn Lick.

*Girafarig and Bibarel are the only Normal Type Pokemon to not have a second type that is flying.

*Dark/Ghost Pokemon do not have a weakness.

*Karate Chop and Gust used to be Normal Type Moves in the R/B/Y days.

*Dialga is the only Dragon Type Pokemon not weak to Dragon Type Moves.

*Deoxys is the DNA Pokemon. The DNA can stand for Deoxys's forms, Defense, Normal, and Attack.

*Ghost type moves weren't effective on Pyschic types in R/B/Y

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Unlockable - Different Evolutions

by GleshClen Sep 30, 2009

I submitted a cheat a while ago with Pokemon evolving through trading and stones and there were some comments about some other Pokemon. So I'm making this.

AmbipomLevel up Aipom to level 32 and teach it Double Hit, or teach it Double Hit and level it up
GlaceonLevel up Eevee near the snowy rock on Route 217
GliscorLevel up Gligar while it's holding a Razor Fang after 8 PM and before 4 AM
HitmonchanLevel up a Tyrogue to 20 when its Defense is higher than its Attack
HitmontopLevel up a Tyrogue to 20 when its Defense is the same as its Attack
HitmonleeLevel up a Tyrogue to 20 when its Attack is higher than its Defense
LeafeonLevel up Eevee near the grassy rock in Eterna Forest
LickylickyLevel up Lickitung to level 33 and teach it Rollout, or teach it Rollout and level it up
MagnezoneLevel up a Magneton on Mt. Coronet
MamoswineLevel up Piloswine while it knows Ancient Power
MantineLevel up Mantyke with a Remoraid in your party
MiloticLevel up Feebas with high Beauty
MothimLevel up a male Burmy to 20
ProbopassLevel up a Nosepass on Mt. Coronet
ShedinjaLevel up a Nincada to level 20 while it's holding a Poke Ball and there's an empty slot in your party
TangrowthLevel up a Tangela to 33 and teach it AcientPower, or teach it AncientPower and level it up
WeavileLevel up a Sneasal while it's holding a Razor Claw after 8 PM and before 4 AM
Wormadam (Plant Cloak)Level up a female Burmy to 20 while it has a Plant Cloak
Wormadam (Sandy Cloak)Level up a female Burmy to 20 while it has a Sandy Cloak
Wormadam (Trash Cloak)Level up a female Burmy to 20 while it has a Trash Cloak
YanmegaLevel up a Yanma to level 33 and teach it AncientPower, or teach it AncientPower and level it up
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Secret - How to win master rank pokemon contests

by PokemonFannumber1 Aug 06, 2009

First if you have all berries make poffins according to the contest type you are entering in max out that pokemons stat in that area. then when it comes down to the acting contest winning that is tough. I sugest that the pokemon knows a move that will: get two hearts if it goes first for 4 hearts, get two hearts if it goes last for 4 hearts, a move that will gain 2 hearts if the judges voltage goes up, and a move that will increase in value if the judges voltage is high. for visual use the game guide book for diamond or pearl and use the pages that tell how much a accessory will do in the catagory(colurful,ect) and for dance be alert and try to get the notes in the lines between the two white lines(the gray line) hope this helps please rate!!

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Secret - Shiny Giratina (Patience Required)

by dukeofhazzard421 Jul 31, 2009

In euther the distortion world or turnback cave, where ever you decide to slay the mighty Giratina it is possible this Giratina could be shiny (duh). now this is what i did with mine, i save right infront of it and kept restarting my game until it was a shiny giratina. This take ALOT of time since the chances of it being a shiny are 1 in 8008. but if you want a shiny giratina that bad it is worth it, you will also be able to get some good pokemon if you decide to trade it.

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Secret - Draco meteor

by Unregistered May 11, 2009

To get this super powerful dragon type attack,go to the foggy route above solaceon town.go up into the mountain right above the boy and girl pokemon trainers running around and use rock climb down the mountain,then back up the mountain.battle the trainer(he only has a gible),then enter the house.the grandma inside it will teach your pokemon draco meteor(only dragon pokemon can learn this move).

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Secret - Secret pokemon in the Shinnoh Reigon

by pokemonmasterjustin May 08, 2009

When you have beaten the E4 and completed the Shinnoh Dex, go to Prof. Rowan. After you talk to him, then go to Dawn's house ( the one near the beach ). Go to the TV in the house, the news reporters will tell you that there is a certain pokemon on a certain route. If you go to that route that was mentioned and use the PokeRadar, you will eventually find the pokemon that was mentioned!

NOTE: The pokemon and the pokemon on the route will change every day, so make sure you stop at Dawn's house everyday to check the news!

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Secret - Wha evee evolution is better for you

by josed Sep 24, 2010

ok you know evee has difrent evolutions it has a fire,thunder,water,g rass,sickik,dark,and ice. well if you dont know with one to get it depends on what other pokeon you hve in your party lets say yu have never beaten the elite 4. well i recomend you the sickik evee. because he or she can heal her self by a move it learns. and it can mostly learn any move. ad is spcial attack i really good. and the rest of the evee are your shoice. i depends how you journy is going to be are you going to work at water or fire.

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Secret - More than one Grisious orbs for Giritina

by BattleMeYanniMB Aug 25, 2009

If you have Ar= Action Replay it will work, if you have a code that will let Giritina in its Origin form to the wifi room you will have more than one Grisious orbs when you look in your bag well just 1 but if you take two Giritinas in its origin form you wilk have two Grisious Orbs
Hope I Helped

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Secret - Secret Box Wallpapers

by iMpErSoNaToR_280 Mar 25, 2009

Go to Jubilife City and talk to the TV producer on the third floor of the TV Station Tell him certain words when he asks you for your feedback on TV Go here: http://wwwfilbde/games/nds/pt/box?l=en to generate these words This will unlock a special box wallpaper in your game

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Code - FULL Pokemon Modifier

by Umbreon100 Aug 13, 2009

Alright... I realize that the past codes I have posted haven't exactly worked for all of you. Here's another one you should try, if you have anymore faith in me. I have tested it multiple times, and so I know that it works without a problem. (This is only for the US version)

This one includes the level and nature adjustment for all you picky people out there, so enjoy.

Step 1: Go on to your Calculator, enter the National Dex number of the Pokemon you want into the calculator and press L. Then click Clear (C) in the calculator.
Step 2: Enter the level onto the calculator (1-100), and press R, then once again Clear (C) the calculator.
Step 3: Set the desired nature number you want listed below and press select and enter a grassy area and there ya go! Good luck, guys.

Corresponding Nature and Number List:
0) Hardy
1) Lonely
2) Brave
3) Adamant
4) Naughty
5) Bold
6) Docile
7) Relaxed
8) Impish
9) Lax
10) Timid
11) Hasty
12) Serious
13) Jolly
14) Naive
15) Modest
16) Mild
17) Quiet
18) Bashful
19) Rash
20) Calm
21) Gentle
22) Sassy
23) Careful
24) Quirky

94000130 FDFF0000Full Pokemon Modifier
B2101D40 00000000Full Pokemon Modifier
D9000000 00111D10Full Pokemon Modifier
C0000000 0000000CFull Pokemon Modifier
DC000000 00000004Full Pokemon Modifier
D6000000 000233E8Full Pokemon Modifier
D1000000 00000000Full Pokemon Modifier
C0000000 0000000AFull Pokemon Modifier
D6000000 000233E8Full Pokemon Modifier
D2000000 00000000Full Pokemon Modifier
94000130 FEFF0000Full Pokemon Modifier
B2101D40 00000000Full Pokemon Modifier
D9000000 00111D10Full Pokemon Modifier
C0000000 0000000CFull Pokemon Modifier
D6000000 000233E8Full Pokemon Modifier
DC000000 00000004Full Pokemon Modifier
D2000000 00000000Full Pokemon Modifier
94000130 FFFB0000Full Pokemon Modifier
B2101D40 00000000Full Pokemon Modifier
DA000000 00111D10Full Pokemon Modifier
D4000000 00002400Full Pokemon Modifier
D3000000 00000000Full Pokemon Modifier
D7000000 0207404CFull Pokemon Modifier
D2000000 00000000Full Pokemon Modifier
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Glitch - Rare pokemon called --------

by Unregistered Aug 23, 2010

You need the poke modifier dont type in anything in calculator. Hold L+R and run in the grass. The wierd pokemon will appear. The only moves that effect it is 1 hit KO moves. It wont faint but it uses struggle and it faints. You can only catch it with a Master Ball. DO NOT IF YOU DONT HAVE THE MASTER BALL CHEAT, DO NOT CATCH IT. IT WONT BE IN YOUR BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Code - Max cash

by Pikarocks Mar 26, 2009

This code should work for english version of pokemon platinum I got it off of cheats guru press (L+R) to activate

94000130 FCFF0000 62101D40 00000000 B2101D40 00000000 00000090 000F423F D2000000 00000000Max cash
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Secret - Secret cave Pokemon platinum.

by pokemonmaniacsaxon Nov 21, 2011

if you go to the end of the first bridge on platinum underneath is a secret cave to get gible and much more! first you must go to the side of the first bridge on platinum right up this rock should be up from a tree maybe by a guy then you go right up to the far left rock keep going left underneath that bridge until you are certain that you have stopped go forward and you may be in the cave ps this is not a hack this is true. you may have to go back and forward to fond the right spot run around to find gible. HOPE THIS HELPS

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Secret - How to get evee

by josed Sep 29, 2010

This video will show you how to get evee.

so if you are a starter and you need help in the game always count with me i will put a cheat or hint to help you just tell me what you need help in.

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Secret - Get rich quick!

by Metagross555 Oct 05, 2009

To do this you must have an Amulet coin to get more,If you just want the normal money then don't get the Amulet Coin. The Amulet Coin is on the Right side entrance of the Pokewalking place,where you take your starter for a walk in Hearthome city.

After you have your Amulet Coin,head South[Down] Onto Route 212 [Next to Pokemon Mansion.] Make your first Pokemon hold the Amulet Coin.Keep heading South. And when you see this old Couple use the Vs. Seeker when you're done fighting. They give you 18k. [With amulet] 9k [Without Amulet].

And I think after the Elite four,you use the Vs. Seeker there Pokemon are now level 61. So They give you now 36k with Amulet. and 18k Without amulet.

Hope this helps if your planning to buy all the stuff in your Villa,or trying to buy something expensive!

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Code - Invincible pokemon without action replay

by darkrai7 Nov 12, 2010

First you need a sableye or a spiritomb, a shedinja and a pokemon with skill swap

now in battle send out shedinja and the skill swap pokemon first and then use skill swap

and then switch shedinja for the spiritomb or sableye and use skill swap again

Wonder Guard Only gets hit by super effective moves and spiritomb and sableye don't have super effectives


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