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Pokemon Platinum Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Platinum cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 335 cheats in our list, which includes 53 easter eggs, 14 glitches, 268 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Platinum on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Difference in pokemon

by Unregistered Mar 20, 2009

Secret - Difference in pokemon
Game Facts!
- Heatran is the only sinnoh pokemon with the ability flash fire
- Bonsly and Munchlax are the very first mentioned sinnoh pokemon
- Regigigas can adapt in any climate. In shadows of almia he lives in a desert in pearl and diamond a snowy temple
- Platinum has the largest normal pokedex ever. emerald is second
- arcues and shaymin will make a apperance in the yet to release game mystery dungeon explorers of the sky
- Rhyperior is the only non legendary with a signature attack
- In platinum, you get a regigigas level 1 making it the lowest leveled pokemon in any game
- in platinum's resort area you can get Magikarp level 1 to 100 making it the most highest leveled wild pokemon in any game
- your rival in platinum starter pokemon reaches to level 85 at most
- Regigigas has the most learned attacks on lvl 0
- If you transfer a emerald version pokemon in platinum there is a chance the nickname will not appear
- Crystal version is the only game with a non 1 in 8000 chance to get a shiny. instead if you get a special egg called the odd egg there is a 50 percent chance of a shiny

I'm am only 10 years old so rate well :)

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by Goldgary123 Sep 04, 2009

1. Repels (optional) (so wild Pokemon wont pop out.)
2. The HM move cut, already taught to a Pokemon.
3. Patience
First, fly to Eterna City and head left, to Eterna Forest.
Then use cut on the trees near the place you just entered from, walk inside the house.
Then walk in the kitchen. (Down Stairs room, in front of the entrance.) Keep walking in and out until you see a butler's ghost walk left. He disappears after.
Then walk in the door that's upstairs,center, and walk to the right. Enter the second to last room in and out until you see a little girl walk out the room to the right.
Some people say they see another ghost walk down the stairs, I don't know if that's true... anyway's rate and don't give me a thumbs down please

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by Goldgary123 Sep 24, 2009

Full incense - Snorlax breeds to Munchlax
Lax incense - Wobbuffet breeds to Wynaut
Luck incense - Chansey breeds to happiny
Odd incense - Mr. Mime breeds to Mime jr.
Pure incense - Chimecho breeds to chingling
Rock incense - Sudowoodo breeds to bonsly
Rose incense - Roselia breeds to bedew
Sea incense - Marill breeds to azurill -or- Mantine breeds to mantyke


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by NinjaUmbreon Apr 13, 2009

When you are in the Torn(Distortion) World,your Giratina will be in its Origin Form.But,Giratina turns back into its Altered Form when in the Real World.After you've defeated the Elite Four, you can go back to Turnback Cave and Giratina will be there in its Altered Form if you had failed to catch it in the Torn World.If you caught it there will be a portal.Go in there.You're in the Torn World!Go where you had battled Giratina in the Torn World.You'll see a Pokeball.The Pokeball is a Griceous Orb.When Giratina holds it,it will be in its Origin Form!If you want Giratina back to its Altered Form,just take the item away.Hope this helps!

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ThE Elite Four-Aaron

by NinjaUmbreon Mar 30, 2009


What you should have in team to beat him:
Togekiss-Flame Plate[ADAMANT]Heat WaveSky AttackProtectAincent Power

If you can't find a Flame Plate then search UndergroundHeat Wave and Aincent Power are learned by a Move TutorProtect can be bought at the Veilstone Department Store

Hope this Helps!

Elite Four-Bertha:Coming Soon!

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MaJor Welcome to Elite Four

by Aldermar Mar 23, 2009

Yanmega LV 49
Scizor LV 49
Vespiquen LV 50
Heracross LV 51
Drapion LV 53

Wishcash LV 50
Gliscor LV 53
Hippowdon LV 52
Golem LV 52
Rhyperior LV 55

Houndoom LV 52
Flareon LV 55
Rapidash LV 53
Infernape LV 55
Magmortar LV 57

Mr Mime LV 53
Espeon LV 55
Bronzong LV 54
Alakazam LV 56
Gallade LV 59

Spiritomb LV 58
Roserade LV 58
Togekiss LV 60
Lucario LV 60
Milotic LV 58
Garchomp LV 62

Improvements may change after beating first time

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PoKemon fun facts (About not just this Pokemon game!)

by metaknight527 Feb 09, 2009

*In generation 1, there were only 3 dragon types all in the same family and the same went for ghost-types. Coincedentally, they are the only 2 types that are super effective against themselves.
*Generation 3 is the only generation so far with pure steel-types (Not counting Arceus with the steel plate because it's not usually a steel-type).
*Even though dragons breathe fire, there is yet to be a combination of fire and dragon Pokemon.
*There is yet to be a pure Flying-type (Aside from Arceus because it's not normally a flying-type).
*Flying types have been a combination with every other type except for fighting.
*Bibarel is the only non-pure Normal-type that's still weak against fighting-types.
*There are more water-types than any other Pokemon.
*Each pachyderm Pokemon is a ground-type except for Drowzee and Hypno.
*If a Ditto was fighting another Ditto and they couldn't switch out and are still in Ditto form, the battle would never end because they'd keep transforming into each other.
*In one of the Pokemon Episodes (Specifically Haunter vs. Kadabra), Ash said ghost-types are strong against Psychic Pokemon, however, this wasn't true until generation 2 and at the time Ash said taht ghost-types are strong against Psychic types, they had no effect on psychic-types.
*Even though Magnemite and Magneton are steel-types, they couldn't learn any steel attacks until generation 4.
*Agatha is supposed to be a ghost-type Pokemon elite 4, even though she mostly uses poison-types.
*Some episode guides said that Princess versus Princess was the first Orange Island episode, even though Ash wasn't on the Orange Islands at that time.
*In the anime, Snubbull, Marril, Ho-Oh, Togepi, Donphan, Ledyba, Bellossom, Elekid, Hoothoot, Slowking and Lugia are all Johto Pokemon that appeared before the Johto season (Post any of the Johto Pokemon I missed that appeared in the anime before the Johto journeys).
*There are no Pokemon songs in SSBB that played the exact same way they did in the Pokemon games they were first heard.
*Each Pokemon that ends in the letters 'don' is a ground-type except for Shieldon and Bastiodon.
*If there were a GBA version of Pokemon Yellow (Like the one in Firered&Leafgreen) the player would be able to get Raichu unlike Yellow players because they'd be able to go to Four Island and leave Pikachu at the day care with a Ditto and it would have an egg containing PIchu that they'd be able to evolve into a Pikachu and then into a Raichu.
continue →

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HoW to get Espeon and Umbreon

by josed Sep 27, 2010

For this hint you will need only one or two things it depends:

1: You will need an evee or two if you want to get espeon and umbreon.

Ok if you want to get espeon train your evee during the day and he or she will evolve to espeon.

OK if you whant to get Umreon train your evee during the night and he or she will evolve.

Im am trying to help the starters so plzzz vote thumps up :)

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FuN Facts Part 2

by Bramblefang Dec 11, 2009

I hoped you like my first set of facts. Here are some more.

*Ruby, Saphire, and Emerald have the same first letters as Raikou, Suicune, and Entai.

*There isn't really a Pokemon that has a type that is JUST Flying.

*Latios, Latias, Cresselia, and Heatran have a gender. *Still being legendary Pokemon*

*Mantine has been drawn *Whatever you see it in battles* with a Remoraid under one of its fins.

*Aerodactyl is the only Fossil Pokemon to not have any evolutions.

*Cresselia's colors, pink, blue, and yellow can represent the three lake Pokemon, Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie!

*Ever noticed something with Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan

*Dragonair is taller than its evolve form Dragonite. *Check your pokedex on their heights*

*Dewgong Have you ever heard of the animal Dugong They look very much alike.

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HaPiness for your pokemon tips.

by Bramblefang Sep 15, 2009

1.If you want pokemon to be very happy, catch them in Luxary Balls.

2.Go to the SpaRibbon Club in the Resort Area and get their special treatment. Be sure the pokemon you want to be happier is in the first slot of your party.

3.Walk around and battle trainers! This is one of the unnoticed ways people don't see most of the time.

I hope this helps! :)

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by Chewi105 Sep 22, 2009

U guys have probably seen the video where a lvl 1 starly kicks a lvl 100 groudons buttwell i no the secret. first get some wimpy lvl 1 pokemon that nos edevanor(spelling)and nos quick attack. attach a focus band to it. now challenge your freinds to a battle with their best lvl 100.chances are...youl beat him up. no this may or may not work so dont thumb me down.


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PoKetch apps

by PokemonFannumber1 Aug 06, 2009

1. Digital watch- Comes with Poketch.
2. Calculator- Comes with Poketch.
3. Memo Pad- Receive from the Poketch Company president at the Poketch Company in Jubilife City after winning Oreburgh City Gym battle.
4. Pedometer- Comes with Poketch.
5. Pokemon List- Comes with Poketch.
6. Friendship Checker- Recieve from a girl on the first floor of the Pokemon Center in Eterna City.
7. Dowsing mechine- Receive from Rowan's assistant on Route 207 after you acquire the Bicycle.
8. Berry Searcher- Receive from the girl in the berry man's house along Route 208.
9. Day Care Checker- Receive from the boy at the Pokemon Day Care in Solaceon Town after checking in.
10. Pokemon History- Receive from a boy in Solaceon Town.
11. Counter- Receive from the receptionist on the second floor of the Veilstone Department Store in Veilstone City.
12. Analog Watch- Receive from a boy in a private house in Celestic Town.
13.Marking Map- Receive from the Poketch Company president at the Poketch Company in Jubilife City after winning the Hearthome Gym battle.
14. Link Searcher- Receive from the Poketch Company president at the Poketch Company in Jubilife City after winning the Pastoria Gym battle.
15. Coin Toss- Receive from a boy in the cottage along Route 213 after winning the Snowpoint City Gym battle.
16. Move Tester- Receive from the Poketch Company president at the Poketch Company in Jubilife City after winning the Snowpoint City Gym battle.
17. Calender- Receive after showing a Pokemon with a Serious Nature to a boy in a private house in Sunyshore City.
18. Dot Artist- Receive after showing a Pokemon with a Naive Nature to a boy in a private house in Sunyshore City.
19. Roulette- Receive after showing a Pokemon with a Quirky Nature to a boy in a private house in Sunyshore City.
20. Trainer Counter- Receive from Professor Oak at Pal Park along Route 221. (After getting the National Pokedex.)
21. Kitchen Timer- Receive after showing Snorlax to a girl on the first floor of Pal Park, alond Route 221.
22. Color Changer- Receive after showing Kecleon to a girl on the first floor of Pal Park, along Route 221.
23. Match-up Checker- Receive after you catch more than five Pokemon in one go at the Great Marsh at Pastoria City.

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DaY to day events

by Goanimalcrossingww Mar 17, 2010

These are the every day events.

Great Ball:Talk to man in Celestic Town Pokemon Centre
Common Berry: Talk to girl in Floaroma (spelling) flower shop
Rare Berry:Talk to man in house west of Hearthome City
Very Rare Berry:Talk to girl in house in South West of Pastoria City
Shard:Talk to man right of entrance to Great Marsh
Rare Pokemon:(after National Dex obtained) talk to Mr.Backlot (south of Hearthome)
Swarms:(National Dex obtained) talk to Dawn/Lucas's sister in Sandgem Town
Please Rate

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RoTom's Secret Key

by shadow1 Apr 30, 2009

If your DS or DSi is connected to the internet anywhere were you live then between the dates of April 20 - May 12 go on the Mystery Gift and choose get gift over Wi-Fi and you will get Rotom's Secret Key. To use it go to the abandoned Team Galactic Hideout in Eterna City and use the key in the top left corner of the first floor were there are no machines. Press A and a new room will appear and you will see 5 different machines lined in a row. Pick one and whichever one you pick he will either learn Overheat, Air Slash, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, or Leaf Storm. Afterwards Professor Rowan will talk to you. You must beat Jupiter first before doing all this though. Ta-da you can now change Rotom's Forms into either Heat Rotom (fire), Mow Rotom (grass), Fan Rotom (air), Frost Rotom (ice), or Wash Rotom (water).

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MiSsing Pokemon from D/P

by NinjaUmbreon Mar 25, 2009

There are a few Pokemon from D/P that cannot be found in Platinum

Missing Pokemon:

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HoW to get Mystery Gift.

by R3ignlasting Aug 03, 2009

Alright, first off, fly to Jubilife city. When there, head over to the TV Station. Go to the third floor.
Find a man on that floor that will interview you.

When he's interviewing you, for the first 2 words, put "Everyone" and "Happy".
Then, for the feedback, put "Wifi" and "Connection", now finish. Save, and restart your DS.

You now have Mystery Gift, my friend.

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EgG hatching route

by pyro777 Aug 04, 2008

At Solaceon town, go on the right-most side of the dirt road. (Still on the dirt road, though) You get on the bike's faster speed and keep going up until you can't, then down until you can't. Repeat until the egg hatches. (Make sure you've beaten all the trainers first)

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UnDerground secret

by dogslover2008 Sep 01, 2009

This is my first cheat so no cursing and it really does work
if you have like ten size 04 spheres don't throw them away instead barry them all in the SAME place then press A were you buried them and you'll get a bigger size sphere
NOTE: the spheres you barried HAVE TO BE THE SAME COLOR
doing this i got a size 79 green sphere
hope i helped

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FuN Facts 3

by Bramblefang Dec 14, 2009

Enjoy my third set of fun facts.

*When Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl, the swirl in its body will go the opposite way. Example:The swirl goes left from the beginning. After it evolves, it goes to the right.

*Rotom is spelled Motor backwards.

*You would think Mega punch and Mega Kick are Fighting type moves, but they are really Normal Type moves.

*Petalburg City was referenced in Paper Mario TTYD. A village in the Paper Mario game was called Petalburg!

*Jesse James, an American outlaw, gang leader, bank and train robber, has the names of Jesse and James from Team Rocket.

*Bulbasaur is the only starter to have two types in its first form.

*Butch Cassidy, an American train robber, bank robber and leader of the Hole in the Wall Gang, also contain the names of Jesse's and James's rivals, Butch and Cassidy.

*Groudon is the heaviest pokemon

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EaSier way to win contests!

by Bramblefang Sep 07, 2009

Now, remember Vielstone Department store Go to the bottom floor (B1) and talk to the person that sells poffins. Pick a pokemon you want to use in contests and check what type of food/poffins it likes (my Charizard likes sweet food). Buy as many of the type of poffins (Ex.Sweet/Sour). Give them to your pokemon and eventually their condition in Cute, Beauty, etc. will will get higher and higher. Remember what stat goes up depends on what kind of poffin you use. When one stat is very high, enter your pokemon in a contest where they have a high stats (Sweet=Cute) and they'll do better in the Visual contests! If you win the Master Contest check your trainer card and you'll get a surprise!

P.S. There is a guy in Pastoria city who checks your pokemons beauty. Bring your contest pokemon to him BEFORE you enter a contest and he'll give you a scarf that enhances your pokemons stats for contests.

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HoW the battle frontier works

by Tymebom90 Jul 27, 2009

Battle tower:The battle tower doesn't really have anything special.Its just simple battling.There are single battles that allow 3 pokemon,double battles with 4 pokemon,multi battles that allow 2 trainers with 2 pokemon.

Battle hall:In the battle hall you can choose the opponet's pokemon type.It allows 1 pokemon lv30 or up or 2 pokemon that are the same.

Battle castle:In the battle castle it allows 3 pokemon.Your pokemon dont get healed automaticly.You have to use castle points to heal them,restore pp,check opponet's pokemon,level up opponets pokemon(to earn more castle points)or level them down.You can also rent items with castle points.You earn more castle points on how well you did.

Battle factory:Its simple battling but with rental pokemon.You also chose if the pokemon will be lv50 or lv100.It uses up to 3 pokemon.

Battle arcade:The battle arcade uses up to 3 pokemon.Before every battle there is a board that shows up.Press a button to determine a battle's affect.Some of the affects are poison,renting a berry,a sandstorm,hail,and many others.

I hope this guide for the battle frontier will help.

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RaRe Candies!Two in one!

by WeavileNightslash Oct 21, 2009

Battle in Pokemon Mansion,you know,the maids
Make sure you get past their challenge,you know to get to the owners daughter or son
When they send out their Chansey,send out a Pokemon that knows thief
Use thief(make sure your pokemon doesnt have an item)on Chansey and steal her rare candy
Defeat the girl or guy and you will be given a rare candy,besides the one you stole from Chansey!
Thats two in one!
NOTE:Make sure Chansey doesnt use fling!

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EaSy Money and Exp.

by dukeofhazzard421 Jul 30, 2009

On route 212 you will find two older people looking like they would like a double battle, if you keep using your vs. seeker they will keep wanting to battle, and if you put in your pokemon with and amulet coin they will pay you up 24000 dollars at a time. the man has a chatot and the woman has a roselia, not sure on all of the moves but doijng this a few times will easily fill up your villa.

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F.E.A.R. pokemon

by ninjaboinick Jun 15, 2010

Ok, so this is basically a extremely strong level 1 pokemon.

What is it and how to get it: its a pokemon that can learn the moves endeavor, and quick attack (can be substituted with something that always goes first, example: extremespeed, sucker punch, etc.) and then you have a baby of it, making sure it knows those moves, and then give it a focus band,

Result: the focus band will leave your pokemon with 1 hp, no matter what attack, so lets say youre fighting a level 100 pokemon, it will attack you, and normally, you would faint, but, with the focus band you will have 1 hp, on that turn, return an endeavor attack, taking it down to the amount you have of your health, which is 1 hp, on the next turn, use the move that allows you to attack first, taking the other pokemon out of the game, i guarantee this will work unless the other pokemon uses a move that allows it to atack first, too

random facts: F.E.A.R. stands for 2 things,

1. Focus band, Endeavor, Attack, Rattata,

2. F***ing, Evil, Annoying, Rodent

please give thumbs up

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BaTtle Castle

by paleHorse91 Nov 14, 2008

The Battle Castle is similar to the Battle Tower, just with a few changes. Players must fight seven opponents in a row. Winning allows players to receive Castle Points, which allow them to buy items for use inside the Battle Castle or see future opponents. In the Battle Castle, Pokémon will not be healed automatically after a battle, so this is very challenging to both new and old trainers.

Cattleya and Kokuran are the Frontier Brains for the Battle Castle.

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