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jan 22, 2011Pokemon Platinum [ NDS ]   Submitted

i need help! How do you get all three regi's to get regigigas.{regirock,regiice,and registeel.}

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Code - HOW to Get legendary pokemon and How to catch them easily:

The easiest way to catch legendary pokemon is to one save before battling, two have TONS of Ultra Balls, Timer Balls, and even Dusk Balls, fo a few of them. next your pokemon to weaken the legendary to red or yellow then try and cause paralysis sleep or freeze, then try and throw your Ultra Balls, or Timer Balls, or Dusk Balls. By doing this you have a far greater chance to catch them. so remember to weaken , cause a status aliment then throw the balls until they are caught if you accidently kill them then shut off or reset and try again until succesful, I recommend saving afterwards.


These two like to play games, by running away so use Mean look first then weaken and use above steps, this will ensure a proper catch, BUT be careful since they appear anywhere you don't want to kill them so if you are looking for them constantly save the game to ensure that you will eventually catch them. they are legendary pokemon so be careful because they might wipe out your entire party.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

P.s. i would have submitted a better more detailed cheat but my time at the library is limited


and you can use Action replay for all these pokemon below

Regice Regirock RegiSteelmigrate from Ruby Saphire or Emerald
Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, MoltresMigrate from Leaf Green Fire Red/
Latios, Latias, Rayquaza, Kyogre and GroudonMigrate from Ruby Saphire, Emerald
Deoxys celebi Mew Arcuses Darkrai Shaymin, Lugia Ho-oHevent pokemon trade over wifi or Action Replay
Manaphy Phionefrom the pokemon dungeon games
Palkia, Diagla, Giratinafollow story and go on top the mountain for the other two
Regigassnowpoint temple need all regis
mespert Uxie azelffind at their lakes
cressilaits isalnd after national dex
raikou sucine and enteiAR
HeatranStark mountain after nat. dex
RotomMansion in eterna forest at midnight the tv