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aug 15, 2009Pokemon Platinum [ NDS ]   Submitted

What happens after you beat the brains?


Unlockable - Well...:

You get a silver print if you beat a frontier brain once and if you beat them twice you get a gold print.

Vs. the Battle Hall Brain(Agatha) and get a silver printget a streak of 50 (each time you do it you do 10 battles so do it 5 times without losing).
Vs. the Battle Tower Brain(Palmer/your rival's DAD) and get a silver printGet a streak of 21. So each time you do 7 battles so basically you do it 3 times.
Vs. the Battle Arcade Brain(Dahla) and get a silver printSame as Battle Tower.
Vs. the Battle Factory Brain(Thorton) and get a silver printSame.
Vs. the Battle Castle Brain(Darach) and get a silver printSame.
All of the 21 streak battle facilities:Gold printget a streak of 49
Battle Hall:Gold Printget streak of 170