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nov 01, 2009Pokemon Platinum [ NDS ]   Submitted

Where is the best place to train your pokemon?

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Secret - I have Some Places:

Lv.1-10 I prefer an exp.Share for this one

Lv.10-20 Route right from floroma town

Lv.20-30 Route under Vielstone City

Lv.30-40 Route under Snowpoint City,Route above and left from sunnyshore

Lv.40-50 Route above Sunnyshore

Lv.50-100 Elite Four,Battle Ground(Battle Ground can be for all of them)

Note:Use the V.S Seeker On following Routes

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Secret - Where to train pokemon lv 60 and up:

Here are my sercrets for leveling up pokes over lv 60. enjoy. share. do wat ever, but dont copy my sercrets, plez.

first step: get all of the pokemon you want leveled up in your party. if you want to be cautious, bring a higher leveled poke in case all trainees faint.

second step:go to the survival area.

third step: battle EVERY leader and/or trainer in the house with your friend on the left of da door (this includes him.).

fourth step: go to Victory Road. battle people and wild pokes (since you have battled all of the already, use the vs seeker.). keep battling until you get to the pokmon league.

fith step: battle the elite four and champion. win. enjoy the glory. honor your self and pokemon.

final step:do all that again the next day.

easy. too easy. in fact, even my brother could do that.