Pokemon Platinum Review

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Pokemon Platinum Review

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Pokemon Platinum Review :

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Aug 13, 2010

Pokemon Platinum is the sequel to the first 4th Generation games called Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond. Platinum stars a new legendary Pokemon called Giratina. This game features several new features that were not in Pokemon D/P. Gardenia's, Maylene's, and Fantina's, gym have been redesigned. The Elite 4 have their rooms redesigned. Teams of many trainers including the E4 and Gym Leaders have been changed. The Battle Frontier now includes the Battle Castle, Battle Hall,...

KittyLover's avatar

Aug 20, 2010

Pokemon Platinum is the next game after Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It features new things like the Wi-Fi Club, Egg Spin Trade, and cool new renovations to some of the Pokemon Gyms. It also includes many new Pokemon to the Pokedex, which makes it harder to complete. But it makes the game more fun. Lucas and Dawn also get warmer clothing. With the world's temperature supposedly dropping, snow can be seen along trees and on the ground. A new intro appears when you get your starter also. Poke...

Love95Legendz's avatar

Oct 08, 2010

#1 Pokemon Platinum: My opinion on Pokemon Platinum is that it is a good game to get. I should know because I can't stop playing it. You couldn't guess how many hours I've spent just on that one little game. It's just hourz of fun! =] I just hope someday the makers of Pokemon will try to do something new for change because all the Pokemon games are like the exact same thing from gba to DS Lolz! =] Although there is some new things but not so much an upgrade. I love how itz st...

skyp's avatar

Oct 18, 2010

Pokemon Platinum is another Pokemon game for the Nintendo DS and DSi system. It has the same story line as do the many other games before it. Like in Diamond and Pearl, The game is compatible with GBA games (Such as FireRed). Pokemon Platinum includes two new forms for Pokemon. Shaymin can now become a Flying and Grass type by become the Sky-Form Shaymin by using the Gracidia Flower. Giratina gets the other new form. The only ways you can access it are by going in the Distorsion World or by givi...

ckjkj's avatar

Dec 10, 2010

Following the release of Pokemon diamond and pearl, Pokemon platinum was expected to be a great game, and it was. With more challenges and pokemon to face, and the all new sky form shaymin and the distortion world girantina made it even better. Pokemon platinum gave you more wi-fi options, better graphics, better sound and a better game play. They added and all new distortion world where you must track Mesprirt, Uxie, Azelf and Girantina, this is the most fun thing about this game. Battling your...


Aug 10, 2010

Well I have been a fan of the Pokemon Game Boy series for a while. I don't like the show or the cards because those are a little much. (Plus Ash is a dumbass that won't stop pissing me off.) But the games have always kept me interested because I find it fun to go around and collect all the various types of Pokemon. And with all the new ways to obtain them it keeps a good challenge ch going and I don't have to worry about the game coming to a stop. So I thought I would see what was...

Angel138's avatar

Aug 18, 2010

Pokemon Platinum is probably the best pokemon game of the lot. Not only does it feature all of the newest pokemon (including Shaymin), but it features all the old ones too. You can play as Dawn or Lucas and, like in Diamond and Pearl, Barry is your rival. I like the game because it is fun, cool, and easy to play. It works especially well with Action replay, but if you don't have that the game still works fine. The only thing I don't like is near the end of the game were you have to c...

ziko's avatar

Sep 03, 2010

A 4th generation game that is the last of the games pokemon diamond and pearl. its is the best out off all the games up to the 4th generation and is almost the same thing as pokemondiamond slash pearl. But thanks to nintendo changed it a bit and redesigning some places it beats pokemon diamond and pearl by a mile! so congrats for that so any one that wants to buy this game i advise it....

Angel138's avatar

Aug 01, 2011

Ah, Nintendogs. A classic game nearly every owner of a DS has. For me, it was actually my first DS game, and I got the Chihuahua and friends one, Chihuahuas being my dream dog at the time. I must say, having Nintendog's almost is like having your own dog minus the mess, and as a child for me it was a dream come true, perhaps as you get older you'll grow out of the game and find it less realistic, I now have a dog and don't play the game as much, but I still think Nintendogs is a ...

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