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Pokemon Platinum Review :

Pokemon plantinum

by ziko Sep 03, 2010

A 4th generation game that is the last of the games pokemon diamond and pearl. its is the best out off all the games up to the 4th generation and is almost the same thing as pokemondiamond slash pearl. But thanks to nintendo changed it a bit and redesigning some places it beats pokemon diamond and pearl by a mile! so congrats for that so any one that wants to buy this game i advise it.

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10Story line
the story starts in twinleaf town but has a little snow around the town changing the atmosphere. on the routye next to town is where you find the case instead of finding it nextto the lake then you imbark on a jorney to become pokemon champion and stop team galactic.
the graphics are well done but arent changed ab it but you didnt need to change it because if ya did it would have been a bit wierd if your used to diamond.
the sound is yet again not changed but like the graphics there wasent any thing to change and it was okay as it was. so yet again nothing here to change
the gamplay is good because it very easy to play and entertaining so anotther time im just wastin my arm power so ya i guess i should finish this section and go on to the next one but just t omake sure i can let it pass.
10Lasting Appeal
well all and all its a really good game. the story line is perfecto and changed tomake sure you dont get bored and the graphics are yet again done well and the sound is left for the games one good so im glad that nintendo didnt waste their heads and did something nice and im finished see ya
(Out of 10)


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